August CoroCoro Leaking {UPD1}

The latest edition of Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro has been leaked and we are currently translating it for any new information 🙂

  • Bear is called Kiteruguma. It is described as cute yet deadly. It is classified as the powerful-arms Pokémon. It’s hug is dangerously strong and people in the Alola region regularly put warning signs out. It is Normal/Fighting with abilities Fluffy/Klutz. It’s name is possibly a play on words for “to wear” and “it’s here!”
  • Deflated Pikachu-esque Pokémon is Mimikkyu. It is a Ghost/Fairy type with the ability Disguise and is said to lurk in the darkness. It is classified as the bakenokawa (a veil hiding a monster) Pokémon. The body is black and the Pikachu-looking part is actually cloth-like and covers it from the sun. The article warns people about looking under its veil. It’s name seems to come from ears, mimic and ~kkyu (cute/timid sounding),
    UPD1: A clearer scan of a section with Mimikkyu’s information has surfaced:The reason that Mimikkyu resembles Pikachu…!? It modelled itself after Pikachu goods that were all the rage 20 years ago?! It seems it wants to make friends with humans just like Pikachu“.<3 PJ