Is This Another Island Guardian Pokémon?

Some fans have noticed that the sticker located at 1:36 of the new trailer looks like it could be of a new ‘Tapu’ Pokémon similar to Tapu Koko. It doesn’t seem to match any existing Pokémon character and does have a similar ‘shell’ like structure, but this could be a stretch.

Thought it was worth sharing though!

<3 PJ

  1. AND!!!!! There we have the the squid looking Tapu the 4Chan guy talked about!!!! Can we believe the leaks yet…….? lol

    1. Idk if it’s a squid, but IF it is, that could easily be a coincidence, since that’s just Hawaiian lore.

        1. Just look up Kane, Kanaloa, Ku and Lono, they’re the four deities of the four Hawaiian islands. Tapu Koko is based on Ku.

    2. I’m sorry but it’s not hard to guess a Squid Tapu, you can easily find a major deity that embodies squid after a 2 minute google search. Some people here including me did this and found what Tapus may be based on weeks ago.

      1. Exactly many of the things in the leaks were obvious guesses like the video, everyone knows a video comes after corocoro, the riding pokemon and special moves were hinted at the official site so it also was an obvious guess and the tapus like you said can be speculated on upon looking on hawaiian folklore

  2. Well it looks green so maybe this is the speculated grass/fairy one that summons grassy terrain, as for what animal is it i cant tel but it seems to have two antennae at the top of what i assume to be the mask so maybe an insect

    1. I dont believe them and wont believe until we get the details in english because i just think this “leaker” got lucky guesses by stating the obvious but who knows

      1. For me it’s the other way around. At least with the starter Pokemon’s final evo’s anyway. And if the second stages turn out to look somewhat like the final’s designs then it will solidify it for me all the more. LOL I will believe that they are legitimate until proven otherwise. 😀

        And yes I am aware that you can’t always go by their looks. (Oshawott’s evo line for example. LOL

  3. I’m so gonna post it again, what guardian deities may be based on:

    “Ku is the God of War. In Hawaiian mythology Ku is one of the four great gods. He is worshipped under many names, including Kū-ka-ili-moku (also written Kūkaʻilimoku), the “Seizer of Land”.
    Kū appears in various kinolau. His animal forms include a kanaka, ʻio (hawk), ʻīlio (dog), and moa (chicken)”
    Also, Ku is often called feathered god and represented with following form:
    Tapu Koko is most probably based on Ku. It has similar appearance as above and it has a chicken mask which is an animal form of Ku. Also there is seizer of the land-land spirit connection.
    Also in japanese trailers, dialogues show that they offer the Pokemon battle to Tapu Koko, and they battle in the name of Koko, which can be seen as connection to Ku being god of war (also sacrificies are made in order to offer for Ku).

    “Kanaloa is one of the four major akua (gods) of traditional Hawaiian religion. He is associated with the ocean, long distance voyaging, and healing. Kanaloa is lord of the ocean. In fact, the ocean itself is thought to be one of Kanaloa’s bodies. It’s appropriate that he has many sea creatures, such as in the octopus and squid, as his kinolau (body forms). Other ocean-related kinolau of Kanaloa are the naiʻa (dolphin) and the koholā, or whale.”

    “Lono is the Hawaiian god of agriculture and rain. He appears in hoʻoilo (the wet season) as rain clouds and winter storms. Some poʻe kahiko (Hawaiians of old) describe Lono as the “akua poʻo huna i ke ao lewa,” or the god whose head is hidden in the dark clouds. The water he brings, especially to the dry, leeward regions, helps keep the land fertile.
    Legend has it that Lono is responsible for bringing cultivated plants to Hawaiʻi. This solidifies his important role in agriculture. Lono also is associated with the makahiki celebration. Makahiki is a time of peace and recreation. It’s a time to celebrate the hard work of farming and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.
    Many different plants and animals are said to be forms of Lono.
    Lono’s kinolau include sweet potato, gourd plant, candlenut tree, fern, tree fern, banana. Kamapuaʻa is another kinolau of Lono. So is the puaʻa hiwa, an all-black pig. The dark rain clouds sitting on top of a mountain are sometimes called ke ao puaʻa, or pig clouds.”

    “Probably the best known of all Hawaiian gods and goddesses is Pele. She is the fire and the heat, the smoke and the steam, the goddess of the volcano. It is Pele that sparks the eruptions and adds new land to our island home. Pele is the volcano and the natural forces associated with volcanic eruption.
    Pele’s physical forms include lava, fire, and other natural forces. She can appear as a beautiful young woman or an old lady. She may also appear as a ball of fire on the mountain. She may come in dreams where she appears in the form of a woman in the prime of life, dressed in white.
    Pele is said to have come from the faraway lands of Kahiki, along with some of her family. She made stops on all of the Hawaiian Islands, but only Hawaiʻi Island proved to be a suitable home. So it is there at Halemaʻumaʻu, in Kīlauea Caldera, that Pele resides. Because of this, Pele is known as “ka wahine o ka lua,” the woman of the crater.
    One of the epithets of Pele is sharp-lipped goddess.”
    Also it was speculated that Lillie’s mystery could have something to do with Pele, since Pele appears in forms of white dressed young woman. Lillie does not like to see Pokemon battling and there is a possibility that she is not a trainer. Pele is known to test human beings with tricking them in human form. Maybe, Lillie is testing the protagonist throughout the journey. It is reaching but description of Pele says “she devours forests” while description of Lillie says “she has devoured many books.”

    1. A dolphin was mentioned in the 4chan leaks. Might be one of the island guardians then.

      1. Why are you so attached to these leak ugh man like everyone mentions something interesting and you and that sunny guy quickly associate it with the leak sorry if i sound rude lel 😉

        1. Because I wont disgerard a leak simply because I dont like the idea of what it is they’re leaking.

          1. Pfft there is more than just not liking it, ive studied the leak and have my reasons to call it fake but its ok i dont mind it

      1. I actually work for Gamefreak. I’m a janitor who’s responsible for taking out the trash and you know one’s trash is another’s treasure. If we have Squid looking Tapu later on, then whole community will be worshipping me and hanging on my words. Can’t wait…

  4. I don’t know if it’s just my phone but I can’t make out anything from that green blob, also if it is a guardian do you guys suppose we will be getting a set of 3DSs based on the guardian quartet?

    1. Its the best i could do without it looking like a green blob lel(refresh if you cant see it)

      1. It definitely looks like a Tapu Koko with its shell closed. The three tufts protruding from the bottom of the shell and the two protrusions on the top of shell make me believe that this has to be one of the guardians. It’s too blurry to make out, but I think it looks somewhat like a vampire squid.

    1. Typhlosion
      Idk what represents Journalism lol
      Teddiursa (brown)
      Charizard (red) Reshiram (white) Pikachu (yellow)

    2. Blaziken
      Tapu Koko (theatre… Masks…)
      Bronzong (Liberty bell)
      Feraligatr or Krookodile.

    3. Infernape
      Klinklang(mechanical engineering)
      This one is though as im puertorican nationality and latino ethnicity so i guess Pikipek
      Man again idk what goes with puerto rico but i guess Scrafty
      Lelelel Sawk?
      Serperior(gotta love dem snakes)

      1. Instead of Pikipek, why not Politoed representing el coqui.
        As for the island of Puerto Rico, I’d say Tropius cause it’s tropical.
        Fellow Boricua here~!

    4. Charizard
      Chansey (Medicine)
      Vanilluxe (White)
      Rapidash (Kentucky)
      Gurdurr (Because my nose is very swollen right now)

    5. croconaw
      Unown (Im a writer)
      Xatu or Perhaps Beartic (Metis and live in Canada)
      Basculine (Small fishing town)
      Infernape or Lopunny (idk)

    6. 1.Torterra
      2. Either Smeargle or Alakazam (or i guess Unown since that’s what The Lavender Swirlix said)
      3. Chansey? or something with Super Luck
      4. Garbodor
      5. A lean Ursaring
      6. Donphan/Chatot

    7. 1) Sceptile
      2) Smeargle (Fine Arts)
      3) Meowth (not too white)
      4) Tropius (tropical part of the Philippines) or a Magnezone (Manila, Philippines)
      5) maybe a Zorua or a Pancham or a Throh
      6) Raikou!

    8. Blaziken
      Weezing (Pharmacist)
      Arcanine (UK)
      Scrafty (lots of chavs here)
      Metagross (I’m a computer nerd)

    9. Torterra
      Rotom (computer programming)
      Braviary (American)
      Sawsbuck (Illinois state animal)
      Blazekin (this question is odd, there are only so many Humanoid Pokemon)
      Kecleon (chameleon)

    10. 1. Swampert
      2. Alakazam? (Mathematics)
      3. Abomasnow (White, my people come from the Alps)
      4. Cherubi (I live on a grove, summer job picking fruit)
      5. Gallade? Idk I’m pretty skinny
      6. Piplup

    11. 1. Bulbasaur
      2. Magikarp (I’m in the useless portion of the population right now but behold my power)
      3. Unown (I don’t believe in nationalities)
      4. Arceus (I came from heaven baby)
      5. Garbodor (Usually I feel like trash)
      6. Machamp (Bodybuilders are my favourite animals)

    12. 1. Prinplup (Generation 4)
      2. Glameow (Performance Arts)
      3. Toucan Pokemon which we don’t have
      4. Sawsbuck (Michigan)
      5. Roserade (I dress “girly” even though I’m a guy)
      6. Fennekin (Fennec Foxes)

    13. 1.Pikachu but I prefer Raichu. But in terms of actual starters, Feraligatr.
      2.Chatot (or Exploud I can’t decide)
      4.Pineco! (or Forretress ?)
      5.That ones tough… Sharpedo since I have a beard and Archie has a beard? 6.I’m scrounging.
      Ill probably go with male Pyroar

    14. 1. Raichu (if not Chikorita)
      2. Espeon (Psychology)
      3. Furret (When I think of white, I think of normal type, not the actual color xD)
      4. Krookodile (sure, it might be more of a crocodile, but es close enough ok gimme a break geeze)
      5. THat’s tough D: hmm…Jynx I guess (totally look like that :P)
      6. Kyogre (I love orcas and es the closest one ^^)

    15. 1. Pikachu
      2. Rotom cook form (Patissiere)
      3. I’d say Shaymin represents the grassy highlands of Scotland quite well.
      4. Jumpluff for this windy little village that has lots of flying seeds in Spring.
      5. Meowstic male form for sure.
      6. Swirlix for a Pug. :3

    16. 1. Typhlosion

      2. Reuniclus (Molecular Biology/Microbiology)

      3. Breeloom (I’m Lao and it reminds me of our bamboo hats we have)

      4. Tauros (moved out of the bay area and now in a majority farming

      5. Ursaring

      6. Pancham!

    17. 1. Infernape
      2. Exploud (I’m still a teen and my fav class is band)
      3. Braviary — the most American pokémon ever
      4. Koffing — It’s Japanese name is NY as in New York
      5. Lombre
      6. Tyrantrum

    18. 1. Typhlosion
      2. Alakazam (Neuroscience)
      3. Excadrill (Brownish Asian American)
      4.Furret (suburbs/prairie)
      6. Malamar

    19. 1. Charizard
      2. Smeargle (I’m an artist on dA)
      3. Boffaulant (African American)
      4. Scrafty (Da Bronx, NY)
      5. Clefairy (Female)
      6. Miltank (Because Cows gives us meat and milk)

    20. Blastoise
      Smeargle/KlingKlang (Artist/Engineer)
      Braviery (MERICAN)
      Trubish/Charmander (The town is trash/ people can spit so fire (rap))
      Hitmonchan (cuz I’m scrawny)
      Wailord (Whales RULE)

    21. Empoleon
      Porygon 2 (going to study Animation)
      Togekiss (White I just choose my fav. White one)
      Klefki (Keystone State)
      Diglett (Weird but Cute)
      Sandshrew (Armadillo)

      Do you Like?

  5. Hmm what i said to be antennae upon closer inspection seem to be curled horns so maybe a ram or goat?

  6. Do you guys think that the “synergy” dance incorporates all the crazy moves we saw, or do you think they’re customizable? I think it would be interesting if we could choreograph our own dance similar to the old PR videos.

          1. Ah okay, I was thinking wookie like chewbaka from Star Wars and I was really confused

  7. It just all came to me. The fifth moveslot, the “synergy dancing”, the typing symbol; synergy is just going to open up a new moveslot for a more powerful move.

  8. The 19th film in the Pokemon anime franchise is out in theaters this Friday (In Japan) and critical reception seems much, MUCH better than the last two films. It seems the team behind the Pokemon films have finally learned to incorporate plot and character development. However, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont are still nothing more than sidekicks and barely do anything. On the other hand, Team Rocket has a larger role and are apart of the story in an interesting and unique way! 😀

    1. Well that’s good to hear. The Pokemon movies have been in a weird limbo the past number of years and i’d like them to start doing well and actually living up to the trailers they put out. lol

  9. I think this definitely a new Guardian. Notice how this one is green: that means this might be Grass/Fairy! I’m guessing this is going to be revealed in August as part of the “Southern Island Alola Guide”.

    1. Am I the only on that thinks the Pokemon sticker might be a generic color? Like maybe it’s not the color of the actual Pokemon? I definitely think it’ll be another Tapu Pokemon, but the color doesn’t scream actually being green to me. It might just be a matter of lighting and distortion due to it being a screen shot of a video frame that’s not in focus I could be wrong tho lol

      1. It’s hard to tell. The 3DS is definitely black, and the sticker is a slightly lighter color than that.

  10. Earthen bored
    I hope Friday pokettchi whatevers shred some light on this
    Also I hope we get another info schedule

  11. I will throw in that I like the new Pokémon catching animation with the beam of light like in the show.

  12. ok heres the thing if that is a pokemon on the 3DS its upside down in that picture because tbh thats how they put the graphics on the 3DS’ so they are right side up closed but become upside down once opened

    (tbh though i feel like this is a lot of speculation for a blob on a 3DS in a commercial, its all kinda meh to me)

    1. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it the other way though. I know one of the Super Mystery Dungeon plates was upside-down when closed.

    2. Yes, I feel like it would be weird to have guardian deity on 3DS. Nevertheless, if it is upside down, the extensions could be a boar tusk and it can be based on Lono to be grass pokemon.

    3. I flipped my picture, it still looks like a guardian upside down, maybe even more so because the orange is in the right place.

  13. um I just noticed something. when it shows the starters using those gems, they are all highlighted gold in certain areas of their body. im not sure the significance, but I thought id point it out

      1. I just rewatched the trailer, the trainer does a dance, and the pokemon is infused with a golden aura.

        1. Then again, in the background of your player dancing, it is gold, so that might be the representation of the synergy energy maybe

  14. Do you guys think we’ll get an English trailer tomorrow and a reveal of Pandamon + Pikaboo?

    1. I’m not sure when the English trailer usually comes out, but if it’s not tomorrow then it’ll definitely be soon!

      1. Usually CoroCoro information is covered on the 14th in America. That wasn’t the case with Komala and Rockruff, though. This time I think it will be earlier since they showed them in this trailer.

    2. I just hope it’s not another repeat of Rockruff and Komala where we have to wait a few more weeks.

  15. so I was over on the king nappy’s channel where he cuts out the live action part of the trailer and slows down the gameplay parts. 2 things I noticed:
    1) the part where the player is riding a tauros, we see a green object on the ground, which we’ve all noticed by now. however, the green object slowly fades to being invisible after passing by it.
    2) theres a moment when the trailer clearly shows the bottom screen. on it, we see 6 options that I cant make out, maybe someone could check them out for me? the first option clearly looks like a pokeball though, im assuming that’s “party”.

    1. Yeah Nappy is cool 🙂
      1) Yeah, I noticed it too, it’s a leaf, but it would have been awesome if it was a berry
      2) I know people have brought it up before, and I definitely see Pokedex, Pokemon, Bag, Save, Trainer Card, and the Pokemon Amie button (I think). Which makes me wonder where the options are at, if there is not button for it. I think there’s more (like extra buttons), although I can’t make it out myself

      1. Hopefully the Trainer Card equals Gyms confirmed which equals those Chinese “leaks” and those supposed final evolutions for the starter Pokémon are fake.

    2. Other minor thing, to do with the Lapras riding scene. I’ve tried to locate it on the map, and I absolutely can’t! In the background, you can see two waterfalls and a cave entrance on land; Nowhere on the map can you see waterfalls that don’t directly dump into the ocean.

      1. Maybe it’s behind something, I don’t know…. Maybe it’s really small or on the back of something…

    1. really hope so. and if there aren’t new ones, I really hope they aren’t a removed mechanic. altaria really doesn’t cut it without its mega stone.

    2. I honestly hope they nix megas. I don’t hate them, but I preferred the game without them.

    3. I don’t think they’ll do new megas, but If they did, I hope it’s just the Johto starters. Other than that, no more please lol

    4. I absolutely love the megas (save for Kanghgaskan because its a murderer in battles :P) so I really really hope they have new megas otherwise I may be a little sad, unless they add new evo’s to old pokemon, then I will be content

  16. Does anyone think they’ll show anything interesting on pokenchi???

    I’m hoping its gameplay of mimikkyu and kiteruguma.

    1. I’m thinking whatever they show will probably be shown in a English trailer that will come out before then, personally.

    2. I doubt they’d show anything we haven’t seen
      Our only hope is a gameplay showing Huggagrab and Pikkaboo

      But maybe they’ll banter on the whole super attacks

  17. GUUUUYS! Found something interesting. Try playing the new trailer with 0.25 speed and watch the water attack closely. This might be a stretch, but if the thing I see isn’t only my imagination, then Popplio’s (and the other two as well) evo from that picture is fake. I don’t want to say that it’s the real deal, but I see something. Refresh for pic.

      1. Just try watching the trailer at 0,25 speed. You’ll see this darker blue thing dashing into Ledyba. The pic isn’t the best to show what I’m talking about tho.

          1. Well, that might be true. Sorry for being so irrational. I think I’ll delete the post cuz I don’t want to mislead anyone.

          2. Don’t be sorry, if you think you see something it’s worth bringing up, even if it isn’t anything 🙂

          3. Yes, how dare you discus potential rumours on a Pokemon rumour website, you fiend? 😉

    1. All I see are purple splotches…care to elaborate? I’m just failing to see a connection, is all

  18. I’m trying to update my avatar but disqus is just not having it today. Anyone else having issues?

    1. Huzzah no more shirtless Kukui!! but sadly i had trouble logging in to disqus a couple minutes ago so maybe disqus is just slow now.

  19. Ahh so many articles no time to rest. Anyway it could be a new guardian i guess it makes sense. It seems strange theyd put it here but i guess anything they show on a trailer is supposed to be seen

  20. I did pick up on something while watching the trailer in .25 speed. I dunno if this was found earlier or what now, but I found this weird thing. It could be nothing, but it stood out to me in some way (refresh if you don’t see it) (sorry for the poor screenshot, I used paint to help me out I am a noob :P)

      1. Could be, but there’s something colorful around it that doesn’t look like a Trainer. There is a NPC nearby tho

        1. It looks more like a poke ball or small Pokemon than a trainer to me.

        2. Hmm, zooming in, all I can make out is 3 colourful circles, I don’t think we’re gonna get much else out of such a low-res screenshot sadly, though it could well be a Pokemon.

          1. Yeah, it was the best I could do in that clip since there was a lot of movement during it 🙂

          2. It’s so small I think we’ll have to go find it ourselves when the games out. 😛

    1. I zoomed in(refresh) it looks like a stump with something under it, I have no idea what.

  21. Hmmm… Anyone notice anything interesting in the trade screen, refresh for picture, it sure looks different.

    1. It looks different sure but doesn’t look like it has anything interesting going on. They are trading Popplio and Rowlet it looks like.

        1. Hm… I can see Pikaboo but I don’t see Pancham. Either way nothing interesting really.

          Edit: After looking at it a bit more I can indeed see Pancham but like I said nothing really interesting.

  22. That image is really hard to decipher. I don’t even know what the image is. Still, it’s obvious there are more Tapu Pokemon.

  23. Uhhh isn’t that a sticker of Mega Tyranitar?. Look at it upside down. It’s Mega T

        1. its all good, I don’t hold grudges, I just let things go immediately

      1. Sorry to shut down this article D:
        I was surprised no one noticed before… I just came and saw it and was like “Arent 3ds stickers oriented the other way” and I looked at it upside down and saw what it really was c:

      1. It is. Notice the color on its belly. Or the number of those spikes. Even the black little hole on its chest. It’s Mega Tyranitar.

        1. Right, but there are very small details that are different. You talk about those spikes, but those spikes have weird red circles at the end. If it were Tyranitar, it also looks like his limbs are gone for some reason. I think this likely is Tyranitar, but it seems like a really odd one.

      2. Yeah I don’t see it. It’s similar but the body is to off to be a mega tyranitar.

  24. I posted something earlier under another article but I guess you didn’t see it, so I’ll post it here as well. I made a screenshot of the menu screen which seems to have 2 pages. The first we saw has the party button, the Rotom Dex, our bag, the save button (called Record in Japanese), our Trainer PASS and the expanded amie feature, named Pokéwafure. The Trainer Pass piqued my interest. So far every generation had a Trainer Card and the name’s also the same in Japanese. Could this Trainer Pass mean something new or is it only a minor change? I wanna know your opinion about this.

    The Pokéwafure feature looks really nice imo. If you’re interested, the name might come from the combination Pokémon (wow, it’s totally unexpected…) the Japanese particle “wa” and the Japanese pronounciation of Friends (furenzu). Do you think that this feature will have any connection to the new attacks we saw?

    I hope that the other page of the menu will have things like Wonder Trade and stuff.

    1. If Eevee is #123, then Sylveon is likely #131. And if the Dexes all have the same number of Pokemon like they do in XY, we’re looking at at least 524 Pokemon. I sure hope there aren’t that many crammed into 4 islands though.

    2. GamexPlain are also leaning towards Synchro. Seems more and more people are doing this

  25. Ok so, the bracelet definitely doesn’t have to do with evolution. I say this because we see that it has the super move in this trailer. The professor is researching pokemon moves. We had that 5th slot a while ago and extra detail has been put in to make it easier to understand what your pokemon’s move does. I’m pretty convinced.

    1. GamexPlain also stopped the vid at the part were the PC turns his arms, and you could see the circle print (where a keystone could fit into) on the bracelet, so Mega Evolutions are most likely returning.

      1. Yah, I don’t think Mega Evolution is going anywhere…. But I am curious if any new ones will be introduced….

        1. Probably I’ve heard from rumors of Mega Butterfree, Laturn, Sunflora, and some others may be a thing

  26. My one hope is that for once the shiny pokemon that you are riding will have their shiny colorations, I want to ride a pink shark~

    1. I hope that the small sprites for Pokemon in the box, party, etc. show their shiny palettes. It seems ridiculous that this hasn’t already happened.

  27. The new game mechanic with the symbols and super moves. I think it might be called Synchronicity.

  28. I’m happy that the next CoroCoro releases on August 12th. It could leak as early as the 7th, 8th or 9th. I’ll be heading off to Hawaii right around then, which is ironically a northern island 😛

  29. I wonder if this has any significance. GF has a tendency to be sneaky.

    “You can go ANYWHERE as long as you have Pokemon helping you out.”

    Multiple regions? Fully explorable map? Who knows.

      1. Be all down for that. HGSS are still my favourites games, simply because you could also explore Kanto. I’d love it if they do that again.

      2. I’d prefer it if they return to Kalos, but Unova would be great I guess 🙂

        1. It doesn’t mean we have to go back, but it’d be strange if they didn’t mention it at the very least considering Alola and Unova are both in the Pokemon version of the U.S.

          1. There’s unfinished business with Kalos. Yes, I hope we get to go back there.

  30. In addition to all the shirt references in the video, when I slowed down to .25 speed I saw that the girl had a Pokemon charm hanging from her 3DS, but in all the scenes she was in, I could never tell what the Pokemon was. From some angles it looked like Plusle, and from others it seemed like Magearna, but maybe it’s another new Pokemon altogether.

  31. my fellow Gamers,in order to make sure we keep having the power mega Pokemon, we need to bring a sacrifice to the Mega gods!

    I’m now fairly convinced we’ll get dexnav/areanav back, like we did in ORAS. In the picture of the bottom screen we see not only an arrow, probably to switch between this, pokemon amie, super training, and the PSS, but also a back arrow indicating something to exit out of in the display. you can see a back arrow like this in ORAS, but not in XY, so I’m hoping dexnav/areanav is back. Sorry if this makes no sense, or I’m reaching to far

    1. It could also mean that the map screen that we saw at E3 is just the default bottom screen and then hitting the X button brings up the main menu like normal

        1. Yeah I really like using Dexnav to shiny hunt a lot. I’m actually hunting for a Throh right now lol

    1. Meh……yeah it does seem that it is what it is…..well either way I’m still excited to see the other Tapu Pokemon. I’m sure we’ll get another by next month as they are going to cover south Alola next CoroCoro

        1. Bruh, I know, cause I want this so bad.
          I’m a claw machine master, I’d try to get everything xD

          1. Yep, I spent so much time at them as a kid due to the fact that I always went to places that had them in my area. 🙂

      1. Well technically Pokenchi promised new stuff of some sort, but they typically only show stuff that was revealed before in some way. they do this as it’s meant to be more for younger children who don’t keep up with the news like we do lol

        1. Ughhhh I hate to admit if any Ground type could get prankster that would be insanely helpful

  33. I hope that the bear and Mimikkyu aren’t held off forever like Rockruff and Komala and that we get a trailer similar to the Japanese one (probably minus life action segments) and more information on the two Pokemon from CoroCoro on Friday.

    1. It’s what I hope for too, as well as an update on the Pokemon Sun and Moon sites

      1. I think we will get an update. Under the “Cool Features” section, we’ll probably get images of that Synchro/Bond Attack feature that was shown in the trailer and a tease of “More information coming soon!” or like the last major update, we could get even more info than what the Trailer/CoroCoro gave us (we got Zygarde’s forme’s official artwork and information on them too and the initial image of Stoutland and Pikachu unleashing the Ultimate Attack thing).

  34. It’s hilarious that people are complaining about mimikyuu by calling it a “pikachu ripoff” given that that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be

    1. I noticed that irony too. People are stupid. It’s a completely new Pokemon cleverly disguising itself as the most popular Pokemon. This is both smart and very meta of game freak. Pikaboos evolution will silence the haters

  35. I have some questions about this ppl think that pkmn who Panthster making impact with is Machamp …I am not sure he seems have 4 arms ,but wat about the other one he look like human for me ???… this mean this is the girl of 7 gen?……for sure we can’t be 100% this is would be real wat make me had a doubt about this is foot claws y he should be can release this claws ……hmmmm maybe to make some cheap move with it ….this pkmn ability seems counter fighting type pkmn ….last thing I like his face expression.

      1. You may hate it, but some may like it…….me…….I like it……sort of anyway lol

        1. It’s not bad at all I was shock when I saw him at the first time but now I am ready to choose him and I told u ppl Litten evo will be bipedal no one listen at least this one is better than any Litten’s fake evolution even mine (actually I was draw the mid stage) if he’s real I defiantly choose him.

          1. I don’t mind that it”s on two legs. Sure it’d be cool to have a four legged fire starter, but it is what it is I guess. All I want is for it not to be part fighting type. If that can happen then I’ll be more than happy to pick Litten like I originally planned lol

          2. all these fakemon evos make me hate four legged idea ….but trust in GF if they would make that.

          3. The problem is that even if they are decently cool enough they aren’t capturing what Pokemon are about. Their looks just aren’t right. In general they’re cool, but as Pokemon not so much.

          1. Ummm just because someone likes something that you don’t like doesn’t mean that there wrong. LOL Maybe YOU’RE the one who is wrong. 😀

          2. I’m just kidding. Although I do detest the idea of a tiger turning into a wrestler. I want it to be sleek, powerful, and intimidating.

          3. LOL Yeah I get where your coming from, I was hoping that it was going to stay on all fours. 🙂

          4. Yeah, that’s another hope of mine. Maybe if this was on all fours I’d like it more. Smaller hands and take away the random gray chest plate and I’d like it a bit more.

          5. Yeah, that would have been really awesome. 😀 I probably would have liked it a bit better myself, if its design was a little different, and it stayed on all fours. 🙂

          6. I’m interested to know if these are real. I like the Rowlet one a lot and the Popplio one isn’t bad, although I wouldn’t mind it going in a different direction either. I will definitely have to name it Ariel though if it’s real.

          7. I did not. I’ll have to reevaluate my likes and dislikes now hahaha

      2. I don’t particularly like it, but it is slowly growing on me, and to be honest, I actually really hope that this and the other two final evolutions turn out to be real, because I definitely LOVE the other two. And like I said this guy is slowly starting to grow on me, so my dislike is starting to turn into tolerating/sort of liking it. 🙂

        1. You kidding
          If these end up real I’ll gladly pick this
          Obviously I have a thing for physical attackers and I love the design
          Very straight forward and displays a strong will and ferocity for battle, something I have in common
          But what really sold it is the belt of flames

          Sure the obvious crotch jokes but what really speaks to me is just such a interesting idea quite befitting a fiery wrestler
          I hypoithize that the belt grows hotter and bigger the more it exerts itself in battle

          1. I think he could have some kind of ability that make him countering fighting type or maybe Prankster …….and Will-O-Wisp this physical attackers and make them useless.

          2. They just don’t hand out prankster to just anybody
            And I’m still holding out for Water/Fighting Popplio evo Cirquedeleo

          3. My english is simple but I can figure out when his name is Panthster ..that teasing Prankster also he looks spiting green thing from his moth maybe toxic one ….he is Heel by the way and like to cheat.

          1. The design and coloration are just cringeworthy to me. But I’ve ripped on the kalos starters too much on this site so I’ll stop lol

          2. Chestnaughts design is impeccable. What is there not to like? Greninjas the one with a fucking tounge scarf wrapped around its triangle face.

          3. Yes I know, we have different tastes 🙂 Pokemon designs are what I look for most and those don’t click with me.

          4. You know I did it just for you, baby. If we’re talking about Bulky starters though, Torterra is such a better design.

          5. Stats aren’t as important to me, but it is my favorite grass type so I need to train a good one soon…. I just love everything about the design. Probably my favorite Sinnoh starter if I absolutely had to rank them. That ice shard weakness is unfortunate though.

          6. Actually tigers in real world r strong an trickster in the same time so this pkmn is a good presentation for that.
            Fire-Dark type ,wrestler,badass and tiger at the same time that mean he will be my best starter.

    1. All I ever wanted was a black panther with a lean and muscular pitch black body, a medium length tail splitting in two at the end with the yellow whiskers design on each end, and 3 red stripes along the middle of the neck, and the yellow whiskers be replaced with black ones that are barely visible. Basically a black panther with a split tail with yellow bomb-like fuses on each end and 3 red stripes similar to the greater than symbol. I WANT IT SO BAD, but it will probably never happen.

    2. All of u guys talk about the design instead of talking about my points …….urrrrrgh.

      1. Sorry but I could hardly understand what you were trying to say. The only thing I got out of it was that you were saying something about the fighting pic’s, how it didn’t look like Machamp. To me it also doesn’t look like Machamp, to me it looks like Machoke. And I had absolutely no clue what you were talking about when you said, “is this mean this is the girl of 7 gen?” Nor did I have any clue what you were talking about when you said, “for sure we can’t be 100% this is would be real wat make me had a doubt
        about this is foot claws y he should be can release this claws
        ……hmmmm maybe to make some cheap move with it ….this pkmn ability
        seems counter fighting type pkmn.” Its a Pokemon, a made up creature, it doesn’t necessarily need to have retractable claw’s, and it probably doesn’t have any on his feet.
        And as for his facial expressions, I think that there fine, it makes the rest of his design work. LOL

        1. When I said the girl of 7 gen i mean the girl who travel with Ash lik Misty and serenea, May……etc.
          – look at the pic carefully he have claws on his feet in details drawing.

    3. I am still wondering wat those numbers should be mean ?
      the strips on his arms while he sleeping is not the same amount as the main one ………could be approximate drawing though.

  36. okay let’s see what’s on my checklist:

    1.18 totem poles that has different Pokemon types

    2.Hawaiian mask

    3.shrunken heads with mega stones for eyes

    4.local sacrifice for Mighty mega stone ritual

    5.a book of ritual words for dummies

    don’t worry megas i will get you 😀

  37. Hmmm…. Does anyone know how serebii got these pictures of legendary Pokemon in Pokemon go? Are they available?

  38. What I want the evolutions for the starters and other Pokemon to be:
    – Litten: black panther with the typing Fire/Dark with red/orange stripes on the middle of the neck, whole entire body is black apart from the stripes, and a split tail akin to Espeon with Litten’s whiskers design on each end and are fast, physical attackers
    – Rowlet: an archer with the typing Grass/Flying who uses the grass quils from its wings to launch multiple attacks at once and is secretive, stealthy, and wise beyond its years and are speedy, mixed attackers
    – Popplio: a mermaid with the typing Water/Fairy with a long, powerful tail capable of launching the Pokemon in a jet of water to attack prey, the Pokemon has flowy hair and a voice capable of luring men to a quick demise
    – Pikapek: a large bird of prey with a metallic beak typed Steel/Flying and is capable of rotating its beak during assault and can use its large talons to grasp onto prey much larger than its own size
    – Salandit: a large, komodo dragon Pokemon which retains its typing and is capable of infusing its poison with a flame residing deep within its body to launch poisonous fire capable of eroding away at even the toughest material
    – Rockruff: a giant wolf/werewolf with large rocks as its collar and long, sabertooth-like fangs capable of ripping prey apart and although very loyal, they are known to leave their trainers during the full moon and are thought to hide a deep and menacing secret
    – Mimikkyu: a shadow demon Pokemon and is only achievable through high friendship and is capable of rendering any Pokemon immobile by possessing their shadow

    1. I would like u to make some sketches of those ……I don’t mind childish one though.

    2. My only desires
      Rowlet keeping this idea
      Litten either ending up the Fire/Ground lava tiger
      And Popplio never ending up that thing, I still like the Chinese acrobatic martial artist
      Pikipek I don’t care enough to speculate
      Salandit fat slimy Komodo dragon with flammable mucus and fumes
      Huggagrab turning even larger with a imposing 8 feet with massive arms that could probably knock over the Washington monument if it grazed it (oh and a red coloration)
      Spookloth a tattered stitched ball of cloth with gleaming red eyes and a shadowy tendril

      And that Georilla, a hulking muscle ape with brawling arms and and thick patches of skin, a Donkey Kongesque face with a underbite with a shock absorbing helmet, this thing would just be Warhog 2.0

      1. And technically Fennekin is a fox and not a dog lol Yes Yes I know foxes are canines, but it’s still not a dog per say lol

      2. I kind of have to be honest here, as much as I love the Chinese zodiac theory, it stretches a little and it more or less sounds like a convenient explanation.
        Like Sunny said, Foxes may be related to dogs, but it’s not exactly a dog. Cyndaquil is not exactly a rat, it’s a mix of a porcupine, shrew, and echinda (only the porcupine is related to rats, but it’s still not a rat). I could also say Charmander is not a dragon, but a lizard, but that connection is closer than the ones I listed above.
        Also, people thought the grass starters had reptilian based origins…well, guess what, both Chespin and now Rowlet break that pattern.
        Patterns can break, heck, there might not even be a pattern for all we know, it just ended up being something that is somewhat true.

  39. So do we think we get and English trailer tomorrow or do they wait until the actual 15th. I don’t think they will ignore the two new Pokemon and on top of that whether we saw a lot of them or not we did get actual footage of the riding Pokemon function and new bond mechanic. I don’t think they would completely ignore all that and not do an update on them. With or without the rumors we still did get new stuff this week right? lol

    1. If it’s anything like the rest we won’t hear hide or hair of any of this until August

      1. I hope not. I can’t imagine the national side of things would be completely left out. If there wasn’t a Japanese trailer then yes I would agree with you it’d be like Rockruff and Komala, but there is footage to be shown this time so I don’t think they’ll do that again. At least not for this.

    2. It’s either tomorrow or the August update. Impossible to say which right now.

    3. I doubt it will be tomorrow they would’ve done something today if they were doing it this week they will probably wait for a while like they did with Komala and Rockruff for whatever stupid reason.

  40. Corocoro for next month will have a special “Southern Islands Alola Guide” … that mean all pkm we got in this gen r belong to Melmele island?

      1. I was initially sad it couldn’t hug it cuz it’s dead and a ghost but then I realized hugging would kill it so…


    1. Prolly not all to MeleMele as Salandit seems to be from the island with the volcano, but maybe they’re all from those two islands and now we’ll get the Pokemon the island with the ice mountain and the other island on the far left

    2. Not likely but what it does mean is we will be getting more details about island other than Melemele like the one with the walled city and the Japan looking city and the weird science-y stuff at the summit of the mountain etc.

  41. I got asked by like 15 different people at the hospital where I work if pokemon go is as good as the first pokemon games. I know I should be happy that GO, despite having next to no fun value is bringing more people into pokemon, but I feel they are getting into it for the wrong reasons. they try GO, then ask me to show them my pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and they hate it because its too hard and the pokemon aren’t pokemon they know. its sickening and disheartening as a pokemon fan to hear this.

    1. Although this might have been your experience, I showed some of my friends that suddenly got into Pokemon in the past 4-5 days (hmm…. I wonder why lol) the Sun and Moon footage, and they actually said it looks really good and the Pokemon look really awesome too. I also showed Pokemon Alpha Saphirre to some college kids who were playing the app and they happened to be impressed and said that if they didn’t have to buy a 3ds they would play it….. That’s the thing, mobile apps reach a wider audience and its free, which is why you see people everywhere play it…

      1. well im happy to hear that sort of response, that makes me feel a lot better. im the only person in our small hospital that really knows a lot about pokemon, so im kinda the go to guy for all information and ever since it came out, with the controversial news surrounding GO and what not, its kinda been getting stressful. its not what I felt pokemon should be known for. they also cant ever seem to understand when I tell them it isn’t made by gamefreak, but Niantic.
        anyways, your response really makes me feel better about the whole thing, thanks!

        1. No prob! Btw, a lot of this “controversial stuff” is fake, and are just trying to sue Niantic and Pokemon, but they have nothing to sue them for 😀

    2. Many people are playing the game because it’s “in”. They’ll leave within a few months, and we’ll be left with true Pokemon fans who intended on playing the game before it became so mainstream. I’m happy that Pokemon is getting lots of exposure again, but we all know that 90% of these people don’t care about Nintendo or Pokemon like we do. It’s fundamentally the Wii all over again.

    3. This is why I wish Game Freak would stop the casualization of these games. The people who think it’s too hard obviously don’t care enough about it to put effort in at all.

      1. Yet the same casuals will never have started the core series anyway.

        So either you reach them with a casual game, or you never touch them at all.

    4. That’s why niantic should update it and add the other Pokemon gen by gen. It’s a good way to keep profit while telling casuals ” these are Pokemon”

      1. They probably started with one generation so new players won’t get too overwhelmed with the roster. <3

        (Of course, besides budget and stuff.)

    5. Little story! I went to an allergist today, and while I was in the waiting room there were two groups of people: A family, and a teen about my age. The family went in, and I saw them all run about and the mother have her phone on with Pokemon Go open. The teen went in shortly after, got some shots, and came out. I figured she was playing too, because she had her phone out and exclaimed something like “Where is it?” Apparently whatever she was catching was on me, and she felt weird about it and said “I know this may seem odd, but I swear I’m not taking a picture of you.” And I’m just like “I know, Pokemon Go. It’s cool don’t worry.”
      When I left the allergist, I heard all of the nurses and receptionists talking about it. Man did it really blow up! (for now, at least)

      [Side note: It turns out that I’m allergic to dust, dust mites (these two I assumed already), dogs, and cattle?]

    6. The same people who said the core series is too hard would not have started the core series anyway regardless of whether or not GO exists.

      So don’t worry about whether they transition to the core series or not. They wouldn’t have gotten in to Pokemon in any way anyway (heh) without GO.

      1. not sure if you are still here, but id like a nice pink Grabbabear/kiteruguma pic! thank you!

        1. replying to myself lol. I guess kinda like the one I have now, but with more pink, and more Grabbabear. the “E” can stay. if that’s not possible, just do what you can im sure it,d be great regardless!

  42. Well. I just wanted to get this off my mind, but I’ve been watching Late Night Shows and the News a lot and I literally CAN’T WAIT until the media stops talking about Pokemon GO. There’s so much about accidents that happen to STUPID users who cross the Highway to catch a Pokemon and their parents blaming it on the game. It scares me because they might ban the game even though there’s a agreement before you start and a warning during the loading. Every time I see news about an accident and the parents say “Don’t let your kids get this game” I feeling like screaming into a pillow and then burning the pillow while shredding it in a Garbage Disposal. }:(

      1. Don’t worry, anything popular will always be the work of the devil to certain groups of people. That includes Pokemon, Frozen, My Little Pony, Steven Universe and Call of Duty. <3

    1. Idiotic people…. I’m pretty certain they won’t ban the game, since most people are smart enough to understand that it’s the person’s fault..

      However, if you were put in the position of the parent, you want to protect your kid, so you don’t blame it on them (especially if they passed away or got injured :/)

        1. Of course. And if you ever want to burn pillows together, I’ll start the bonfire.

  43. okay everything is Place,time to start the mega ritual! oh hear me my all Mighty Lords of Mega Evolution,take this master ball as a sacrifice to bring back Mega Evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon please and thank you. 😀 *dancing around the 18th totem poles,while wearing a mask,while holding the book of ritual words of dummies and holding shrunken heads with mega stone for eyes*

      1. once I see an English version of the trailer we just saw,I could stop the ritual so I can go back to me ever normal but hype related comments.

  44. I’m just forever waiting for Pokemon Go to be released in the UK
    I’ve caught a Zubat, Fearow & Meowth for my friend cause she changed her App Store to American, but I really wanna play it for myself ahhhhh
    I do like the little foreshadowing that they do in these real life trailers. Just shows how Pokemon brings people together, especially now that Go is out

    1. well its out now there…. meanwhile in canada I’m still waiting :c

      1. I’m also waiting!

        With the update they finally detected where I live so they put up a screen saying I can’t play. Not that I found any Pokemon before that…

    1. you need to stop asking questions that no one has the answer to, you cant pull info out of thin air, unless of course you mean what do we *think* the names will be for them in which case idk a lot of people say Pikaboo for Mimikkyu

        1. Idk lets call it DeathBearComesHer *bonus points if anyone gets a reference* 😛

  45. Ughhhh this is a trait I hate about myself
    Waking up at the crack of dawn to find little to no information

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