Pokkén Tournament Reveals New Fighter: Darkrai!

The latest Pokémon to be added as a playable character in the arcade-style fighter Pokkén Tournament is none other than the Pitch-Black Legendary itself, Darkrai. This is confirmed for the Japanese arcade version of the game and we await more news about whether or not it will come as an update for the Wii U version, which I’m sure many of you will want to see.

We’ll update the post with a trailer as soon as we can find a high quality version!

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Shiny Pokemon Stories!

  1. That’s pretty amazing, I just bought the game as a gift for my bf, and I’ll finally be able to play it too

    1. My only hopes
      And nobody saw this but Braviary

  2. I’m not gonna lie I bought pokken and i thought with the small fighter selection was disappointing and ppl saying there weren’t gonna be any DLC but now seeing Darkrai I’m pretty pump again for it!!!!

  3. One of my favorite legendaries! I’m very happy about this. I should really revisit this game, since I abandoned it for no real reason.

    Now, I’m going to hijack this post for BIG NINTENDO NEWS! I can’t believe what I’m saying, but Nintendo is releasing an “NES Classic Console” on Nov. 11 for $60, which includes 30 classics. Additional controllers are sold for $10. They want us to discover “why we fell in love with Nintendo”. This is definitely connected to the NX somehow, so the ball is now rolling!

      1. Worst Zelda game (ignoring CD-i and those small bs titles that aren’t even remembered for the most part). As a game it is good enough for the times but it isn’t a good Zelda game. ><; Just like Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is a decent enough game but it is not a good Castlevania game.

    1. Oh, what this is way better news than Darkrai!! I’m totally picking this up. Alot of games I have never gotten to play so I’m really excited for this to come out!

      Also maybe they will make a SNES mini one day because it is one of if not the best Nintendo console

    2. No this isn’t connected to the NX are you high? This is just something to steal fans’ money and have something for the holiday system console-ish-wise.

    3. At first I was like, November 11th, that’s a holiday for us, so we get a delay again. But no, it acutually releases November 10th here! Thanks, Nintendo!

  4. I swear tomorrow better have some kind of info
    And since Saturday is going to be a bum day I’m going to finally finish breeding my Fire Mono and hunt down that Sap Sipper Miltank

    1. You haven’t got it yet? Well I got one… but I put it in a dusk ball first, thinking I’ll get another in a week after that. Well guess what? Still no second herbivore… I swear these things are rarer than shinies.

      1. Didn’t someone want something in a Dusk Ball or whatever
        I kinda gave up that project when I learnt that I can showdown on my iPad which re-reclaimed my life
        But if you’re spending hours In a beach parking lot doing nothing no better place to hunt fat cows

        1. Well I did, but I got greedy and decided I wanted my own Dusk Ball HA Miltank first. But I know ya prefer Heal Ball.

          (Sweet Scent, Run) x20, use Petal Blizzard, bulls and cows die, rinse and repeat until the cow doesn’t die…

        2. You can Pokemon Showdown on an iPhone/iPad!? Okay, I will now do that on my couch for the next hour or so.

  5. I ‘m so sad about Pokken…..I got it at launch and played a decent amount, but the game controls are so weird that it lost me….It certainly isn’t your typical fighting game….I just wish I had more incentive to play the story mode. It just felt like a drag to go through the tournament s with almost no pay off. I do like Darkrai and if it comes to the Wii U version I’m sure I’ll power it back up and download at the very least.

    1. Honestly I lost interest the very moment the meta totally became one sided
      The Shadow Mewtwo daily rapeings
      Chandelure death beams
      And Gengar spam

      And the constant spamming of grabs and throws

      1. It’s just got very weird controls and the balance is pretty off. I feel like the only way to really do anything is to spam moves and anything else is just ridiculously complicated to pull off. I think there’s a way to fix it, but I’m not quite sure how. Tekken is a solid game with sort of similar fighting space….kind of anyway so Idk where they went wrong.

      2. AFAIK the first three issues are all patched.

        Well except the grabs and throws, which are beaten by just plain attacking them while they attempt to throw.

        1. Also those campers who hide in defending
          Sure you can get them via grab but you know the excessive guard spam just gets annoying

    1. God the first two posts seemed somewhat believable, but after that it just becomes so bad and so weird. I hate all those fake leakers, they annoy the shit out of me

    2. What is this supposed to be the same guy from before? I may believe the other guy to some degree, but without some kind of proof that it’s still him I can’t say I believe this dude lol

    3. Yeah, and I rather hope I don’t need a Yellow Pikachu in order to get my Mimikyuu D: I’d rather just see them in the wild.

      1. Speaking of which
        (Kinda wanted to air this out)
        I truly hope they [Gamefreak] don’t oversell Spookloth
        I get it it wants to be a Pikachu, but what I hope they still remember that this a completely different Pokemon with absolutely zero ties to Pikachu in every single category except the obvious visual representation
        No Pikachu sounding name
        No electric attacks except by TM
        No Raichu themed evolution
        Absolutely nothing to do with the yellow rat
        This is a Ghost who uses a stuffed animal as a protective shield against the sun’s rays and hopes to be as beloved as the toy it represents

        My two cents

        1. I can agree with you there 🙂 I’d also like that since I want Mimikkyuu to be its own thing and not be related to Pikachu except by its cloth. If it did have an evo, I’d expect something like it tearing the cloth except for the PIkachu face maybe and have more parts of it exposed. But at the same time, it wants to be Pikachu for love, so I can see it trying to be like Pikachu as well, but failing since it is not (maybe finding a different Pikachu merchandise to achieve this or something)

        2. Honestly I agree with many of your points. It”l be better for the Pokemon in the long run if it’s only ties to Pikachu are that it wants to be popular like it. If it depends too much on Pikachu then it won’t do well on its own.

      1. But they never will
        Because of this extremely logical response
        (they’re hella gey) just kidding
        Mega Evolution is supposed to bring out the Pokemon’s truest capabilities and enhance their powers
        But something as erratic as Eevee clearly shows that no mega stone could ever peg down one true form
        Eevee’s volatile mutant DNA just cannot bear a Mega Evolution for any of its forms

        (And freaking honestly this thing has 8 muthafracking evos it don’t need Megas)

    4. lmao he said that Typhlosion becomes Fire/Posion and gets POISON HEAL, it can’t even get poisoned if it’s a poison type. It’s very probably fake

  6. The game is aiming to be different, which is okay, but they are over doing it now. I will not buy the game until a Hitmon or Hawlucha enters the scene. I am tired of all of these gimmick characters. I am more of a punch and kick dude, not fire bender voodoo magic crap. I would like the punching/kick dudes they have, but Machamp (from what I’ve seen) is too slow, and Blaziken has dumb fire throwing trash. I WANT HITMONCHAN! Darkrai ain’t terribly bad, but c’mon.

  7. Maybe darkrai could have been in smash in replaced lucario. Honestly a gen 5 pokemon should have replaced lucario since lucario is no longer relevant

    1. He got his mega first, and is the poster child for mega evolution,he is still relevant.

    2. I was really hoping that Zoroark would replace Lucario tbh, I like Zoroak more

      1. Yeah I really wanted Zoroark in Smash bros as well. Not sure why it didn’t happen :/

  8. Ugh, I hate seeing stuff like this:
    The Pokemon games from gens 2-7 are completely ignored in favor of a bare bones mobile game :/
    I mean I like Pokemon Go and I have been playing it but it is hardly the Pinical of the Pokemon franchise…

    1. Yeah I’m not sure I get the point of the video. By all means people can critique the series for all its flaws, but it barely even touches any of the games. Most of the ones it even actually looks at are side games not developed by GF. Which are irrelevant to say the least. What they are really saying by posting this kind of video is that they have no critiquing skills and are really only hating on the series( if that’s what we are even looking at here) for the sake of hating. I found no value in watching this video at all. Even negative videos have some merit, but this was useless. Whelp that’s my critique of what is apparently a critique? hahaha

        1. So only the TRUE pokemon fans play it, we have all these hypocrites who made fun of me when I was little for playing pokemon playing it. Geez, I hate em.

    2. This is how I see it, the pokemon Franchise is like a restaurant, when this hypothetical restaurant first opened they had an amazing first round of menu items and it brought so many people in, now after a while less and less people came some even going on to say that the food just wasn’t as good anymore, now the food’s consistency remained the same quality its just the many droves of people that first arrived contained a lot of people that were only in it for the hype of it all. Now you (us, the fans) continued to come in everyday and order various things on the menu and enjoyed relatively all of it and continued to come back even when we got things we didn’t like, and now, the restaurant has advertised that its bringing in new features and additions to the opening menu and the droves of people came once again for the hype of it all and to remember what they thought they loved about it when it opened… now what is important to remember is that these people will repeat the cycle soon enough and leave, and yet we will still be here, the loyal and loving customers.

      The restaurant is pokemon, and the droves of people are coming back again for Pokemon Go, but they won’t last and certainly most of them will not care about a lot of the main series games, or any new gen pokemon the put into go if they ever do

    3. See? This is why I want the Pokemon Go Craze to die down. I hate it when these idiots made videos like this making it seem like GO is the best game Pokemon has ever had. I mean, come on, it’s called a (rough) evolution of POKEMON GAMES. Geez. (I could go on and on about this, there’s so much rage in me)

  9. What pokemon do you guys want to ride in sun and moon? I’d love to ride a scolipede or an arcanine (I have a shiny one too in my box, so it would be cool to ride that one).

    1. Mamoswine since my in-game persona uses my Mamoswine as a primary means of transportation (honestly most overweight trainers won’t make that far walking town to town
      but Mamoswine is big and tough enough to easily trudge through any terrain while ferrying its trainer

          1. Well they’re both pachyderms
            Also interesting note
            Almost all major pachyderm Pokemon are Ground types
            Rhyhorn, Donphan and Hippowdon all which I immensely love

        1. That maybe so
          But Mamoswine has been hauling my fat ass since it was a little Swinub (flashback to me sitting on a Swinub clearly crushing it ordering it to “go faster”)
          But my vision is it has a huge quilted tarp with saddlebags (oh and a Expert Belt tied around his ankle)

          Mamoswine is all I need

    2. So I went a little overboard

      Soaring: (Assuming it comes back and we can put saddles on pokemon)
      -Drifblim (It’d be cool if we could hang from it’s arms)
      -Magnezone (Could also be a riding)

      -Legendary dogs
      -Arceus ?


        1. I was only listing my favorites at first and then I was like….I have to go all out.

      1. Why a ‘?’ after Camerupt, breh. HE BE MY FAVORITE, I DON’T CARE IF I DIE FROM MOLTEN LAVA!

        1. Just cause idk how you would put a mount on it without sitting dangerously close to the active volcanoes on its back… 😛

    3. Ok, here’s my list…



      Tyrantrum and Aurorus

      These aren’t all gonna happen obviously, but at least a few from each list would be awesome!

    4. On the ground: Bouffalant, Arcanine, Girafarig, Raikou

      In the sky: Dragonite, Pidgeot, Gliscor, Moltres
      Surfing: Wailord, Avalugg, Blastoise, Kyogre

  10. I hope the new ghost gets a split evolution. I think it would make for a great dynamic. My idea is one evolution through happiness where it sheds its cloak because it knows you truly love it. The other evolution is with a thunderstone and it replaces its cloak with a Raichu cloak because it thinks you only love it for its resemblance to Pikachu, and it only tries to make you happy because it thinks you want a Raichu.

      1. I mean, I don’t either if it’s the only one. I like this because there’s choice, really. If the Raichu route is the only way, I’ll be slightly upset cause I want Mimikkyuu to be separate from Pikachu and be its own thing. But I understand why it might go that way.
        It make sense to go that route since it wants to be as loved as Pikachu and if it’s the only love it gets, of course it wants to continue being Pikachu-like in order to have your affection, so it’ll evolve as a ‘Raichu’.

    1. I decided to have a go at the “Raichu” evolution. I tried to emphasize the fact that the thunderstone didn’t affect the Pokemon at all; it just made a new cloak, so it looks largely the same. However, I made it’s eyes give away its sadness from its trainer not loving it for what it is. And the tail is just its shadow claw extended, holding the stick, to make it appear longer.

        1. Dunno why it didn’t show all of my comment (at least for me)
          but I said ‘awesome drawing :)’

          1. I can’t see the rest either, but thank you! I hear Disqus has been acting up lately, so I’d chalk it up to that.

          2. yeah, cause when I click ‘edit’ it shows my whole comment, but when I click ‘save’ it just goes back to showing only the first part (without the </3 as well D:)
            Ah well, at least it's only one comment so far


      Heracross is the most important Pokemon to me in my Fighting type circuit (and I was a gigantic Heracross lover the day I saw it in my youth)

  11. This is a stupid question, but is there any difference between a fire/ground type and a ground/fire type (just examples)? I never thought there was but I’ve heard some say there are.

    1. I don’t believe there is competitively. It just means that design-wise, a Fire/Ground type takes more inspiration from fire, while a Ground/Fire type has more ground elements in it.

      1. Basically this. A Fire/Ground is also usually one that evolved from another Fire, while Ground/Fire has more roots in Ground. Doesn’t really matter for the rest though.

      2. Thanks for the clarification. I heard someone say that stab only works for the primary type, and so I was confused.

    2. Yes
      To me it should ALWAYS have primary type be what the Pokemon should be about
      Secondary types is more of an add on that further helps the theme

      Like Camerupt’s theme is volcanoes and lava, and yes lava is molten rock but only got there from intense heat which explains why it is Fire/Ground, and Aggron is Steel/Rock because it itself is iron but with the impurities of common worthless stone which is why it drops its secondary type in mega

  12. Remember when we all discussed whether this was a leaf, an item, or just some random sparkle? Well Tuoko over on Serebii Forums pointed out that it may be a Zygarde cell. I don’t know if I quite believe it, but if it’s true, it just makes me all the more excited for the games!

    1. I could see that. When the player passes it the glow goes away and it seems to disappear entirely. I could see them glowing from a far and then becoming invisible when close and you can collect them as you go around the region. l

    2. Maybe. It still looks very much like a leaf to me. Es leaf-shaped and it flutters down like one in that clip.
      Time will tell, though, what it really is.

    3. I could definitely see that, but it could also just be a fancy leaf. It would be very neat if we could collect zygarde cells all over Alola though!

    4. Maybe there’ll be a radar, like dexnav or is dexnav, that functions like Pokémon GO…..maybe

    1. It’s people like you that give us safe trainers a bad name hahahaha

    2. Are we about to see you in the news? 😛
      “Local Pokemon GO trainer crashed their bike, Pokemon GO seen as dangerous, tonight at 11”

      1. Haha that would be great but nah. I was just in my neighborhood and tried to make a quick turn but landed in the grass and my bike threw me onto the concrete so that was fun. Someone drove past me when I fell too so I’m sure they had a laugh because it probably looked kinda funny

    3. “the show must go on
      inside my heart is breaking
      my makeup may be flaking
      but my smile still stays on”

  13. Ok I’ve already got a complaint about Pokemon Sun and Moon! In the trailers you got all these kids enjoying the nice weather and being outside while playing the game. In reality the game comes out during a time of the year that is basically winter for many people……I wish it was coming out in the summer so I could enjoy it as a “vacation in the warm sun” kind of game rather than an “it’s cold outside and I gotta go out and shovel” kind of game lol

      1. I’m fine with the beginning of winter, but I like playing Pokemon when I’m on vacation so it give more of the feels lol

      1. This is a fair point, but I’d still like it in weather that doesn’t make me do work hahaha

    1. I think it will have a different taste. Playing hot summery game in winter, just like California dreaming!

    2. Then again, the trailer is set in hawaii, and the temperature is essentially always 70 degrees fahrenheit with high humidity

      1. Yes yes I know different places have different climate…..I just want to play a Pokemon game in nice weather for once is all hahaha

  14. well guys looks like tomorrow is going to be the English trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon,hopefully to reveal some good information and some English names of the two new Pokemon We just Saw.

      1. serebii did said there’s going to be some information on Pokemon Sun and Moon on July 15th.

          1. We mean, where did Serebii say there was going to be info? I just looked on the site, and I don’t see that mention on there.

          2. That one mentions Pokenichi on the 17th, which is not tomorrow and most likely will be repeat info.
            They mention it might have to do with CoroCoro info which will be out in a few hours since it’s the 15th there already (early morning tho, which is why I said in a few hours)

    1. Well….there’s no guarantee we’ll get anything tomorrow. It could be a Rockruff and Komala situation.
      But considering we had a Japanese trailer show them off a day after CoroCoro leaked, I’m certain we’ll get something, but I could be wrong 🙂

      1. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten anything yet fro the international side of things at this point. Usually they release on the 14th as by that point it’s basically the 15th for Japan. I’d be surprised even further if we really don’t get anything on the new Pokemon. If there wasn’t a Japanese trailer then I’d say it could be like Rockruff and Komala, but why would they do one trailer and not the others?

        1. Yeah, CoroCoro has become not as guaranteed as it was back in the XY/ORAS days. We always knew that it would be localized when CoroCoro officially came out, but now it’s going off pattern. Something weird is going on…

          1. Yeah and the way they’ve been revealing stuff in general has been weird. With or without CoroCoro the news has been very oddly paced for the past few months. We got 15 new Pokemon reveal in the span of a month 15!!!!! that’s so many Pokemon to reveal in such a short amount of time. And if just IF the leaker from 4chan really is correct about those other two, which at this point I’m slowly losing faith, being revealed we could have a total of 17 new Pokemon in a month. That seems crazy to me. Not even during XY when we had the whole ting at E3 did we get this many in such a small amount of time.

          2. I sure hope so because if we aren’t then they are showing us a crap ton of them already lol

          3. Yeah, it’s crazy. I really doubt we’ll have less than 100 Pokemon by the rate they are revealing mons.

          4. You’d think, but it’s not impossible that they didn’t learn their lesson from the last few releases hahaha

          5. True, it’s always a possibility. I doubt it’s possible, but I can’t deny it can happen 🙂

          6. Doubtful. By XY’s release we had fewer confirmed pokemon than we do by now, so I’d be surprised if we had less than 100

          7. This is true, but during ORAS’ release they unloaded almost all the megas before the games came out lol It doesn’t have to be an exact copy of what happened. I’m just saying that they could very well be very dumb as far as marketing goes hahaha

      1. Not from the way they pronounced it, but when they asked why they are playing the game: “I dunno, cuz everyone plays it.”

    1. ugh… but on the plus side, it really is bringing a lot of these people together and I think thats great.

      But oh god that pikachu suit XD

      now I just need it in my freakin country -_- I feel like they forgot about Canada since they stopped mentioning us like completely

  15. Does anyone know if the new NES has gone on sale on Amazon US yet? It’s listed but not currently available.

  16. Yuck Tyranniter Tube is claiming that mimikkyu is a guardian poke, something tells me it’s not, what an idiot

    1. and I quote from around the 0:20-ish mark “this bear pokemon is a bear pokemon”. He also said “the bear probably isn’t an evolution of komala” like NO REALLY?

      1. It’s like thanks captain obvious I thought it was a squirrel Pokemon hahaha

    2. Listen I’m all for thinking of ideas and discussing stuff, but I really hate it…..HATE IT when people just make stuff up and then start acting like said stuff could actually happen. Without ever looking at facts and basing their theory on real stuff. Sure the Pokemon could be a guardian, but then again there is absolutely no proof to that and he basically just made it up. It doesn’t make me happy that’s for sure hahaha

      1. Tell me about it…
        It’s a mockery to those who actually put time and research into these things

    3. This is why we should secretly advertise that his viewers should find his address and hurl javelins at him

    4. I’ll just take your guys’ word on how bad it is, since I don’t want to give the guy my view xD kind of encourages him to keep at it, you know? 🙂
      (Not saying you should do the same, it’s just how I run really)

        1. True xD I just know from the title es bad so it’s really not worth watching xD

      1. he had absolutely NO usful or productive insight, aside from the theory that the abilty disguise might give it an automatic substitue when it goes out (that would be cool). But still thats just a drop in an ocean of nothingness

    5. Speaking of bad YouTube
      Everyone everywhere are making shitty shitty theory videos on Spookloth thinking it really is Pikachu, and the wads who think Mega Eeveelutions and Flygon are ” guaranteed” based on sheer desire and no actual facts
      This is why we need the ability to digitally beat sense into the vast stupidity that is the common internet goer

      1. Well Flygon is highly likely though, considering they were actually working on it.

        1. idk I’ve seen a lot of good LoZ theories, they were really well thoughtout and made you go “huh thats cool” but I have yet to see a good pokemon theory video :/

  17. Soooo…. How is Pokemon GO Pokemon GOing for you guys?
    I have 19 unique Pokemon and I am a level 5 member of team valor.

    1. What? It doesnt work for me still how is that possible? Do you live in the metropolitan area or something?
      Ive been to caguas, ponce, yauco, cayey, mayaguez etc and nothing not even pokestops 🙁

      1. I don’t live in Puerto Rico anymore :/ I moved to the continental USA.

          1. I can imagine :/ There is a pokestop request form if you want to get their attention. Hopefully they’re working on it.

    2. I’m currently am level 14. I have currently caught 58 unique pokemon and my highest CP pokemon is a Tentacruel with 708 as its CP

    3. I’m on Team Mystic, level 9, 38 unique Pokemon caught and 40 seen in Pokedex. Highest CP for the time being is Jolteon CP472.

    4. I’m on Team Valor, level 20, 71 unique Pokemon caught and seen in Pokedex. Highest CP is Vaporeon at 1150. Please mind my profanity but leveling up at level 20 is a *beep*.

      1. You guys are all so much stronger than me but I guess I don’t exactly live in the best place to catch Pokemon and I don’t play very much compared to everyone else.

    5. Team Mystic, level 12, 42 Pokemon in my party with 50 caught and seen in my Pokedex. Highest CP is my Vaporeon with 753, the rest are below 500 CP (I don’t do battling all that much so yeah 🙂 I just happened to hatch a really high CP eevee in one of my eggs)

    6. Team Mystic. Level 14. Best CP is 800 something. 78 unique Pokemon. Going to Florida on vacation soon and hope to catch more.

        1. Thanks! I’ll try my best (I’m going to be with some extended relatives that I don’t really get along with). I’m hoping for a few dratini!

  18. *Belch*
    I swear Gamefreak better not just phone it in with new attacks
    I mean right off the bat Leafage is insignificant since we’ll scrap it for Razor Leaf (could you imagine if instead they let Rowlet use Vine Whip with its little bow tie)
    I really fear that they’ll pool all their creativity into these super attacks then actually introduce genuinely new attacks

    1. It’ll happen sadly. We know because the same thing happened with Megas being put before real evos in gen 6.

    1. Those look great! I wouldn’t mind if they actually looked like that.

    2. My main excitement with these guardians is the possibility of watery terrain and fiery terrain getting introduced

      1. I am thinking that guardian deities may get different abilities based on their myth.

        Tapu Koko got Electric Terrain and it is the land spirit Pokemon. Ku(what Koko is based on) is named as “the seizer of the land” and basically Tapu Koko seizes the land in its favour with Electric Terrain .

        Lono is the god of agriculture and it brings fertility to land by bringing rain clouds. So I guess an ability that brings Grassy Terrain could work or it can have ability that brings Rain.

        Kanaloa is associated with healing, so it can have ability that has something to do with healing.

        1. Lono should have Drizzle and Kanaloa a new ability that heals allies at different rates based on their HP. For example, if you have 75% of your hope, the amount Kanaloa heals is smaller compared to if you have 25% of your HP. I don’t all of them to have ______ Terrain.

    3. I think the only problem I have is with the pigs crotch area……it’s….too odd lol

      1. Yes, it is just a bad implementation of an idea. I couldn’t find a better way. Maybe nose could be at the belly instead of crotch.

    4. who did that ? I like it …..squid have really tricky design I should tink about that at the beginning.

  19. I love Pokemon Go and how it has brought gaming/casual gaming communities together, inspired people to go out more instead of penting themselves up in their homes, and overall is a great experience for ANYONE: true fan or not. I don’t however agree with attacking people who only got on the train due to hype; this world has become too attached to instant gratification and most of us are non-proactive. I believe what Pokemon Go has done is not onoy significant for the world of Nintendo, but for the mobile industry as well. Of course there will be repercussions involved with a children’s game basically asking children and teens to go out and explore! So what? The news can babble all they want, parents and the Westborough Church can vent and rail all they want but in the end, Nintendo just keeps printing money from this game. I don’t care if you pronounce Pokemon incorrectly or just got into playing Pokemon Go because it’s the next hit thing. What matters is the true fans will stay when all the hype has died down and most of them leech onto another product. Don’t waste your energy and time attacking or complaining about people that are minute to win-its! Additionally, as a last note, some of these players coukd maybe join the fan club as sales for the earlier games now available on the Nintendi E-Shop are skyrocketing and Pokemon merchendise are coming back in full force! Don’t worry about stupid trainers who kill themselves while trying to catch a Magikarp, just be happy you’re not a leecher in the Pokemon world.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂
      While I understand the frustration of some people with all these new people coming in, it’s beneficial for all. Your next Pokemon friend could come around thanks to GO, so I’m open-minded to its possibilities.
      As for me, I’ll be in my corner with my BFF riding around hitting Pokestops (there’s like none near walking distance) and going slow enough in our neighborhood to hatch eggs because Florida heat be crazy.

  20. Pokemon GO is cool right now but I can’t wait until they add trading and non gen 1 Pokemon because as cool as it is to see Pokemon in the real world, I’d rather be seeing Pokemon I actually like. I’m as nostalgic for Pokemon Red as anyone but I just would love to see things like Pumpkaboo, Cofagrigus, goomy, Sewaddle, Aron, Absol and rotom in my neighborhood. What Pokemon are you guys hoping to see?

    1. Patience my friend. They should first work on making this game available worldwide and fixing server, data, and in-game mechanic issues. But yes, they did say that trading will be avaliable soon and will eventually add all of the known Pokemon in-game.

      1. This game could eventually give Nintendo enough money to do more with their consoles so they can actually be considered competition for Sony and Microsoft

  21. This might be an unpopular opinion here but I’m going to say it anyway. I’m glad that Pokemon GO only has gen one for two reasons. Firstly, it brings in fans who quit after gen 1 (I know some people don’t like that but it REALLY helps for the games success in the long run. Secondly, I’m getting enough duplicates that I can level up and evolve my Pokemon with little trouble. Imagine 721 Pokemon day one. Evolution would be a nightmare.

    1. Yeah, and plus, what better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary than with the originals? 🙂
      I know they’ll put it the others later, but I’m quite content right now with gen 1 so far

    2. Well they had to start with the first gen. If they had put all one time and the game had issues that would be a bigger mess to try to fix. Now is a testing period for them

        1. I’m the same Natsu, I just constsntly change my avatar pic! ;3 I’m 14 now! :0 Time flies!

          1. Yeah. I first came here when Black 2 / White 2 were released and I went by the name PrinceAzulon and then I went away and came back during XY and I believe I was 11-12 and now I’m 14! I think I first talked with you when I was 13. I went by the names CELEST, CELESTIALFAIRY, LUCAS, NATSU, NATSU DRAGNEEL, PRINCEAZULON, etc…

          2. Natsu!! You were too young to be online 😮 What if someone was mean to you >.<

          3. Nobody was mean to me though. I was too kind… NOT! I would tear them apart whilst giving undertones of me being superior due to having access to better education and correct their spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary base… Heheh! 0///0

          4. I still remember when I first met you and called you senpai! Awww that was sooo kawaii!

    3. I definitely agree, Im just excited for when they add more to the game, not that the sole inclusion of generation one Pokemon was a bad idea on their part.

      1. How will it work with 721 Pokemon though? Like, I could never get 50 Doduo candy, just as an example. I still don’t know how it’ll work though they’ll figure it out I’m sure.

    4. Forgot to specify that I’m glad that for now it only has gen one. I’d say add a new gen every 3 months or so.

    5. That’s why they need to probably update their evolution methods. How are going to evolve so many pokemon?

  22. @belmad is it okay if I screenshot your previous response to my statement a few pages back and save it on my computer? PLSS?!

    1. Neither were seriously hurt… when falling off a 75 ft. cliff! DANG! HOW STRONG WERE THESE MEN?!

      1. That’s why I’m calling fake on this. No one falls that far and just gets up and walks away. Falling that long would likely kill anyone.

      2. They obviously had eaten their Wheaties before going out and playing Pokemon GO

    2. Either that’s fake or pokemon go needs to come with an iq test before you play it…

    3. I keeping hear stories of people running into things playing GO or getting hit by a car. Am I the only one who actually stops walking when they find a Pokemon?

    4. I swear the general public’s stupidity and widespread carelessness are going to tarnish Pokemon’s image

    5. People need to be more careful. There was no reason for this and you can’t blame the game. It didn’t “make them” do anything so it’s their own faults. Notice how a lot of these incidents are happening to grown ass adults? lol

    1. I wanted empoleon too. I’ll share the pain. I can cry twice as many tears. ???????

      1. It’s still cool I guess. Proves the people that said it wouldn’t get “any sort” of extra characters/DLC wrong.

    1. I immediately thought of Tyrantitartube’s condescending tone when he said that “obviously fluffy has to do with flinching”

        1. Hmm I actually like that name. It’s the opposite of true colours. Okay I think False Colours is an ability version of Topsy Turvy maybe? So not effective would be super effective and vice versa.
          Fluffy would prevent flinching I think

      1. I was but with all these things often get reclassified based on translation

    2. Special Fur Coat
      And though a bit of a stretch False Colors would temporarily put up a fake typing that would reset after getting hit

          1. The panda has potential…there’s no way they take one of the cutest animals and make it not that cute. *prays to arceus*

          2. The Red Panda/Bear is growing on me, in fact it is at the top of favorite Sun and Moon Pokemon for me.

          3. It seems too bland to be fully evolved for me, although the size of it is troubling on that front.

          4. I’m just so surprised all the time by people that don’t like the new Pokemon and new gens in total. If these Pokemon were in gen 1, and you just now discovered Pokemon, you would maybe find faults, but you would accept them as part of the franchise. We accept Jynx and muk despite weird designs. These new ones are designed by a lot of the same people and go through an extensive screening process. You don’t have to use them but definitely don’t put them down. They are all Pokemon after all. (Ultron, this was not a reply directly to you or even really to you at all) 🙂

          5. This thing is sort of a special case for me though. Red Pandas are my favorite animal so I want the design to just be really awesome and adorable. I really like the concept behind it with the hugging/huge crushing power, but given how vibrantly scarlet Red Pandas are and stuff, there’s just a small part of me that hopes it evolves and is better. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but I just have high expectations for it. There aren’t a lot of pokemon designs that I truly dislike anyway 🙂 Only a select few

          6. I agree! I’m not the biggest fan of this one either and there are a lot of gen 5 Pokemon I don’t like unfortunately. It’s totally cool imo for us to talk about our opinions of new designs. But like for people who don’t like any of the new ones, it’s like, just be happy new ones are being made!

          7. Exactly! I’ll take new pokes over no pokes any day. Each gen has good ones, bad ones, and ones you learn to like.

          8. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
            I am just so freaking fed up with waiting
            That Pokketchi better shed some light on that walking death trap

          9. Speaking of which
            I was thinking that it would definitely learn Bind or Submission
            But I wanted it to learn a new attack based on a move of my own ability
            I in real life am an extremely powerful hugger, having one of the strongest and tightest bear hugs in high school, and I had the thought of being able to magically drain life force from the hugged target
            So Huggagrab would learn a new Fighting or most likely normal attack which hugs and sucks out hp

          10. Watch it literally be called “bear hug” lol. A hugging move seems inevitable though…

          11. Fair enough. You can’t reasonably expect to like evry pokemon that’s released though. I’m happy to have anything at all

          12. I like other things but there honestly hasn’t been any eye catching physical powerhouses
            Which is the cornerstone of my entire being

          13. As long as you on this planet I’ll find you
            I gots GPS
            Geological Possition Searching

    3. I think Fluffy will reduce damage of either crits, physical attacks, or super-effective moves. False Colors probably has something to do with setting up a type illusion or something.

  23. To bring back the discussion to darkrai….

    What was your first mythical Pokemon?
    (Glitches don’t count)

    Mine was the aforementioned darkrai or manaphy. I don’t remember which.

    1. Mine was articuno from some pokemon game where the starters were articuno, zapdos and moltres. I cant even remember the name of that game. Im starting to think it wasnt made by GF -_-

          1. Numel evolves into Camerupt at level 32 (Somewhere around there) It is WAAY too powerful for the second gym.

          2. Bug being the first gym is so easy to assume considering there are quite a few bug pokemon already. I call BS on this rumor

          3. Yup. Unless it’s like Falkner’s Pidgeotto in gen 2, which was level 9. Although I highly doubt that.

          4. This is just beyond fake to even think about it
            As of Gen 4 all Gym leaders use Native Pokemon as their strongest

          5. Pardon my language but

          6. Well until I saw the dumb names I believed it (sorta) then when the Bug gym hit I was skeptical, then once I saw Camerupt in the 2nd gym, I was done. Unless you got Popplio that thing would be indestructible (the Camerupt) Even Rockruff would struggle because of the ground typing. It’s fake 100%

          7. Fire is too powerful for a second gym. You really don’t get a lot of water types early on and ground and rock don’t always make it onto everyones team.

          8. Camerupt counters litteraly every Pokemon you throw at it (that you get off the bat) except for Poplio, gg

          9. Fake fake fake. They stole the whiskers from the “leaked” Litten final evo just to try and give themselves credibility. Plus, what the hell do coconuts have to do with fire?

          10. I can’t find a gif worthy enough for the sheer amount of unyielding carnage I want to unload onto you at this moment of time

          11. Keep your mind out of the gutter
            Can’t I have something as wholesome as first degree murder without someone turning into some dirty

    1. I thought it was confirmed that you came from Kalos?? Unless I heard wrong there..

      1. I think you definitely heard wrong, your reagon of origin is unknown.

        1. Ah ok, I know we moved there, but I thought for sure it was mentioned somewhere that you came from Kalos.
          Oh well, don’t mind me xD

          1. There were rumors because of the protagonists’ flimsy resemblance to the Kalos protagonists but nothing confirmed.

      1. I don’t recommend going to the thread anymore. It seems to have devolved into a rather racist argument of whether Spain or the US is the better country or something.

          1. For the Hipsters who are too weak to handle the struggle between teams. You need enemies to have allies.

    1. Dude I binge watched that bitch in like a day
      I’m eagerly waiting for the next season in the fall

      1. They’re really drawing Vigo out. I was expecting him to be wrapped up this season. I think that hooded “special guest” from the penultimate episode will come back into play.

        1. The Defenders of the wing are definitely a good pivoting point
          You should’ve seen my face when Gobber got Grump I was speculating he would’ve gotten it this season or the next but I was so happy to see it

          1. I like the little things they put in there from the movies. Nice to see how things happened. I’m interested to see where they take Heather though..

    2. Ah, My sister and I just finished the second movie, we were thinking of watching Dragons, how is it?

      1. The show is actually pretty good. I really enjoy it. Most of the original voice cast is back too, which really helps it feel like it’s a part of the movies. Stoic’s voice actor is pretty bad though haha

        1. Nice, I’ll give it a go for sure, Quite surprised at how many episodes it has, I figured it would just be 6-parter or something, but this particular movie spin-off is huge! Happy to have so much to watch. 🙂

      1. It’s like darkrai, it has legs but you never think it would actually use them.

    1. All that Ash abuse
      Finally that happy go lucky dope is getting the kick to the pants he so desperately deserves

        1. O god, it does. Idk, it’s just weird looking, and the way it flies around is too much like Iron Man for me.

          1. I will be honest I thought it was cool when it used pressurized steam to fly

        1. I like him less in the anime, the anime made me realize how weird it looks.

          1. That would make the fact that it’s in a movie with magearna very interesting….. *illuminati confirmed*

        2. Usually everything looks better in the anime 😛 And I know this is something that stupid genwunners say and I never say it, but it doesn’t look like a pokemon.

      1. It’s hideous and makes little sense. I cringed when I saw how it moves in the movie trailer and how it uses its tube arms as a means to fly? Like what? There is nothing legendary or mythical about that monstrocity and I really wish they would start putting effort into the legends ties again because it seems like the only ones they give a fuck about are the ones on the cover art.

        1. Glad I’m not alone. Overall I think the legendary trio from Kalos was poorly designed and made little sense. I didn’t even like Diancie until its Mega. Hoopa is just a NO and its form is a bit much for me. Volcanion should go away, the only good thing is the typing.

    1. If you consider nothing to be too far in this game. I recommend finding and beating possible players to submission before they have the chance to take your gym. I feel like my response was very Earthenlike.

    2. Being serious now, I also am having difficulty keeping my Pokemon at gyms and would like to know if anybody had tips.

  24. ugh you all have no idea how much I hate summer!!!!
    anyways, who wants to make me a Grabbabear disqus id pic?!? anyone???? no? ok… 🙁

  25. Late, SLOW, night in the new lab. How’s everybody doing.

    Wished Scizor got the spot. Wishful thinking that I want Slowbro up there haha.

    1. I kinda wish mienshao was in the game. when I had it I mained sceptile but I got bored of I quickly haha.

      1. I’ve been hesitant to buy it. I wanted to try it out first before I made a final decision. Mienshao would have been an awesome addition. I probably would have bought it by now if it was in it.

        1. Nice. I sort of work in a lab. Well it’s not really a lab I guess but we do studies with cats whose samples are sent to a lab 😛

          1. Um, I’m not entirely sure. We do contraceptive studies and a lot of the data comes from decals, but I don’t work on the collection end of it, so we might. I work on maintaining the subjects and making sure they’re getting what they need.

          2. It’s not so bad. I’m just doing it as a résumé booster because it’s volunteer work but maybe it’ll lead to something

    2. Was Scizor or Empoleon already confirmed as assists?

      If not, just cross your fingers and hope you’ll get an announcement soon.

  26. Flash Results!
    Show you top 3 proudest/favorite species catches so far in Pokemon Go:
    1. Gastly
    2. Tangela
    3. Pinsir

    1. I’m just waiting for it to be officially out in my place so that Pokemon will actually appear on the map instead of making my city a desolate wasteland! XD

  27. well guys today is the 15th,I wonder what Pokemon sun and moon will give us this time?

    1. I don’t think anything is confirmed for today. We may still get something, but I think it’s more likely that it’ll be like last month, and we’ll have to wait like we did with Rockruff and Komala.

    2. Usually we get something by this time and since we haven’t, I’d say it’s a no go 🙂
      Aw well, next month here we come 😀

        1. I’m not putting too much into Pokenchi, but perhaps there might be something 🙂

  28. Pokescans are out. 100% confirmed Ash will reach the final.
    Upcoming episode titles:

    August 11th – XYZ37 – The Finals! Ash vs Alain
    August 18th – XYZ38 – Kalos League Victory! Ash’s Ultimate Match!
    August 25th – XYZ39 – Team Flare Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower

        1. Realistically he shouldn’t, but then again the writers can do anything..

          Alains Team consists of Mega Zard X, Metagross, Tyranitar and Weavile.

          Ash could beat him in a pretty damn good match if he uses his heavyweights, but if his Kalos team wins, I can only call ‘plot power’.

          1. Greninja beats Charizard
            Talonflame beats Metagoss
            Hawlucha beats Tyranitar and Weavile
            And Pikachu is just a meat shield

          2. Yeh, the same way Abomasnow beat Greninja. Seem legit.

            The anime is not the same as the games.

      1. I’m rooting for Alain just for his Weavile he will probably lose but Still rooting for him

      2. HOLY SHIT
        if everything goes canonically
        I’ll finally see Sand Stream in action

      1. Op nothing this is the exact same team I always used
        I just fought this same exact team and knew their every move
        Always the froslass to taunt stealth rock but into a clean knock off
        Then the rest was just pure Mamoswine power
        And as soon as I got sandstorm up with Excadrill he was basically finished
        Also note the Weavile going for Ice Shard on Nido instead of Icicle crash everyone assumes every Nidoking is scarfed or orbed and feared out speeding

  29. Wanting to go out and try Pokemon GO. Raining. All Pokémon 3 footprints away.

    Nice one Niantic/Pokemon Company. Release GO in the the UK when the weather sucks.

      1. “Woh was cutiefly this adorable… Were all these fairies this pretty??? Omg i think… I think im in love!!!”

  30. Does anyone notice that Pokken was made by the same people that created Digimon Speculating in off topic possible sign Digimon will be in the next Smash bros.?

    1. If they ever made another smash bros I am like 99% sure there will never be a digimon in it, I also am pretty sure that they are not going to make another smash as Sakurai said he didn’t think he would, he doesn’t want to sit takes up all his time and he doesn’t have any time to spend with his family

      1. I’m pretty sure Nintendo isn’t gonna stop making new Smashes just because Sakurai won’t be around to direct. I fully expect someone else to take the helm. Someone who’s just as much of a troll.


  31. Cutiefly is such adorbz. I cant wait to have one myself and kill off everything that blocks my path!

    1. Evolves into a unstoppable monster. 😛
      Nah, I kid, I wonder if and what it will evolve into all the time 🙂

          1. I am sorry 🙁 I just had high expectations for the little flamingo..and then it got all fat instead of tall :/ Plus no flying type.

          2. I kinda get that, although I never saw it as a flamingo, more of an avian living sachet with a plague doctor mask, so naturally I expected it to turn into some creepy doctor creature, however when it was revealed it became one of my favourite pokemon, it just has such an interesting concept, although Slurpluff eventually stole its spotlight somehow in my eyes but I still love it

          3. It’s just weird how it goes from small bird into a powder puff and then loses its ability to fly. The design isn’t bad, it’s just not what I wanted I guess 😛 I like it way better than that fat rejected cupcake though

          4. ok …. that fat rejected cupcake is my favourite pokemon ever though…

      1. Doubt it. They did that since male bees work for a queen. I don’t think these flies do anything similar 😛

        1. Actually that’s a myth
          Truth is there are very little male bees in a bee society
          The majority is like 95% Female with a 5% male ratio since they only keep males to mate with

          1. Interesting. Well they still need a queen, which is why they did the split evo, even if the gender ratio isn’t accurate

          2. Watch until you either lose control of them and they rise up against you or you get a whiff of their phenomenons and you become their loyal slave

        2. Heh, just a thought.

          I’d love it if they became Hoverfly-like, they’re really cool insects. 😀

    2. Too teeny tiny not to evolve…this thing doesn’t look like it could take more than one hit without fainting.

  32. I have a feeling cutiefly, Bruxish, and peekaboo will all be one stage Pokemon. They’re a little too complete in their design. Although I would have said that about nosepass too but oh well. They remind me of Pokemon like spinda, smeargle, alomomola, quilfish, etc. while I would love for any of these mentioned to get an evo, they’re very complete, focused designs so yeah… Just some speculation. I would love to be wrong.

    1. you can say that about a lot of the new pokemon revealed though, like Salandit is really polished but I still hope it gets an evo, I’m also really hoping that all the ones you mentioned get evos too :3 I can just see the amazing potential for them

      1. Yeah. Something about them is different than salandit or rockruff where I see more they could do design wise for a bigger evolution. Bruxish feels a little too over designed and cutiefly so closely resembles it’s inspiration, it could however pull a surskit and evolve. Peekaboo is very gimmicky too and those hardly ever evolve.

        1. idk I see cutiefly as more able to evolve then Salandit but I still think they will both evolve, however I can see Mimikkyu and Bruxish being a single stage easily, for me though cutiefly is more hard to wrap my head around being single stage

    2. I’d say Peekaboo and Bruxish probably are, but I would bet high amounts of money that cutiefly definitely is not.

  33. That’s bullcrap!!!! My Pokemon go keeps logging me out and keeps freezing and my wife’s still works fine, we have the same phones the only difference is that I logged in using my Pokemon trainer club and she used her google account I wonder if true what some ppl told me that that’s what they want for you to use google account instead. ????

    1. The trainer club accounts are having A LOT of problems. I don’t think they planned for it well enough.

      1. Yeah I guess you’re right but it’s a pain to see my oldest son and my wife having fun and I’m over here struggling with mine. OH THE AGONY!!!

        1. I had the same problem. My friends did google accounts while I did trainer, and of course while we were out hunting for some, they decided to shut the trainer club servers down for maintenance. I was pretty pissed

          1. I know the feeling we’re trying to “be the very best like no one ever was” and become Pokemon Masters but I guess our real test isn’t to catch them it’s actuall to get the damn app to work

  34. Just so ya know, the poll says “Who is your favorite Kanto Gym Leader?” But lists Johto ones…

    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking. I think it’s pretty likely at this point since they’ve shown surfing and riding on pokemon. Time will tell

    2. If they somehow made an animation for riding atop a Golurk I would lose my shit

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