Rockruff & Komala Featured in New Trailer

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon was shown during Hong Kong’s Pokémon National Championships and was recorded by a fan. It featured the newly revealed Rockruff and Komala in battle with their animations and also showed two Kanto Pokémon, Arcanine and Electabuzz, which may be available to capture in Alola.

I have to say, these two new Pokémon are quite adorable!

<3 PJ


  1. what move did komala use? wood hammer? it cuts off before you can see if it takes recoil

    bite has a new animation i think

  2. Isn’t it kinda weird that Rockruff doesn’t really look like a Rock Pokemon? They haven’t mentioned giving it Rock moves/showing it use Rock moves yet either..

      1. Really, earthen? I guarantee if it wasn’t a type that you personally liked you’d be asking the same question. I think it’s a valid point

    1. Well there are a couple of Pokemon that don’t really look their type anyway. I bet all of the types will get one someday.

      Like Goodra. Or Corsola.

        1. Goodra is obviously dragon shaped if dragons were dinosaurs. (Depending on what work of fiction it is, dragons could be dinosaurs and vice versa.)

          Corsola? No it doesn’t look like rock… and neither does it look water-type either. It looks like a pink balloon with arteries… 😉

          1. The dragon Dino defense just don’t work for me I can always tell Dragon v Dino

            And those rocky protrusions and peg feet just screem part rock

          2. Corsola looks like a living coral monster, which it is. And some western dragons look like dinosaurs. Have you seen Puff the magic dragon?

      1. Yeah but that’s very little. A few small stones around its neck and being brown. Just wondering what that means for the evolution.

  3. That scene with Kukui and Rockruff was just adorable. If Rockruff has a cool evolution, I might consider using it. (Dat starting game music tho.) Also, it’s nice to see some of my Kanto favorites making a potential comeback. The animations of Bite and Slam just look amazing in the game. It’s a huge step up compared to X/Y. Overall, S/M are giving off too many good vibes. There is nothing I hate so far!

    1. Ooooooh that was slam
      Right right uses a tail or a limb to fling the opponent to the ground….
      I feel ashamed I didn’t see it

    2. Was Komala using Slam? I honestly though it was a new move xD
      But yeah, that music is so lovely <3

  4. I was kinda expecting Rockruff to jump on Kukui’s face for comedy once his “World of Pokemon” speech was over…

    1. I believe it makes it impossible to inflict status conditions to Komala other than sleep.

      1. You’re right, but I think that when a move that causes a status effect is used by the opponent, Komala falls asleep to protect it from other statuses.

  5. good morning Gamers it’s time for a new segment:remaining Island Guardian guesses,in this little bit we need to figure out remaining Island Guardians for the other three islands of Alola is. 😀

      1. I think it’s because since Melemele means yellow and Tapu koko is electric/fairy, our guess is that the remaining islands will be an homage to the original games (red, blue, green, and we’ll yellow).

        Sinc Tapu koko is part fairy, we also hypothesized that the others will be part fairy. This is further justified by the face that Magearna is part fairy and will most likely be on the artificial island as it’s the artificial pokemon

    1. We talked about this before. I believe it’s going to be Grass/Fairy, Fire/Fairy, and Water/Fairy for the remaining islands.

      1. yeah now we just need to figure out what will be the abilities for the 3 remaining Island Guardians.

        1. Probably auto-terrains too. Fire/Fairy guardian will have to be a new terrain. (Imagine Lysandre’s battle, that kind of terrain.)

          1. I think the water guardian can be using auto-Misty Terrain. (Hey, it’s water, it can be Misty, right? Right?)

            And the fire one may or may not overlap with sun. A theoretical fire terrain can do, say, the opposite of grassy terrain and deal damage each turn to all grounded Pokemon. And instead of making fire moves do double, it’ll probably halve fire and ice moves, for example.

  6. Bored. Fan-made/Theorized hidden abilities for the “leaked” final evos of the starters.

    Rowlet line : Sharp-shooter
    Projectile moves are guaranteed to hit and does 1.3x damage

    Litten line: Friction
    Moves that make contact increases the power of Fire-type and Electric-type moves

    Popplio line: Charming Voice
    Sound-based moves have a 30% chance to infatuate targets

          1. That’s true. Moves like Bullet Seed, Energy Ball and well.. Leafage probably

          1. I like
            Rowlet keep Grass/Flying for a prim and proper look on its behalf as an Owl

            Litten a Fire/Dark I mean come on a Black cat Fire starter it Screams Dark and out of all I it should be the female it’s a cat an animal that tends to be female more than male in some speicies

            Popplio a only Water type and if I notice it acts more like a hard working seek who shouldn’t be feminine or I suspicion Water/Flying due to Acrobatic skill it just might be like Hawlucha who can glide but not actually fly

      1. Doubt it haha they have started giving starters a bit more unique abilities since XY

        1. You do realize…..that only happened….once right… one generation… that Logic ORAS starters should have unique abilities

          1. I mean yeah, but the Hoenn starters have already had Hidden abilities prior to X and Y and with them giving early route Pokemon Skill Link and Strong Jaw as their standard abilities, you’d think the starters would have a much more unique Hidden abilities

    1. what leaked starter final evos? dont remember seeing a litten one that looked part electric.

  7. Ah, Rockruff is so cool, So much potential after evolving, can’t wait to see what they go for.
    Gotta use one for sure, and I’m glad there’s an early game rock type that I actually like, had enough of constant geodude or nothing in so many games.

    Komala has a pretty cool design, but unless it has amazing stats or gains a typing, I can’t see myself using it for long. Never usually use a normal type in my team.

  8. Hey guys! A few days ago I posted an idea for a pokémon I had, just to know if people would like it. Now I made a (really bad) sketch of it, and I thought I should share it with you aswell 😀 They have no names btw so suggestions are always welcome!
    (P.S.: All hail Lord Cutiefly)

    1. It’s not bad but the way Komala is going is most likely going to be Normal/Psychic……..holy balls Komala is Alola’s Munna

      1. I’m just curious, what about it is Psychic? Wouldn’t mind really, but other than its sleepiness, I don’t really see its future Psychicness?
        Just wondering

        1. Well isn’t obvious
          Dreams are mental images in your sleeping unconscious, Since Komala is quite literally asleep 24/7 if or it evolves it’s sleeping mind would have grown much stronger that it can harness its dreams are an energy source

          1. But nothing about Komala’s info mentions dreams or how it uses them for power. There’s only one mention, and it just mentions how its expression changes based on its dreams supposedly.
            Plus, Snorlax is mentioned to sleep a lot (heck, you gotta wake it up in a few games), but it’s not Psychic type :3 Sure, they don’t mention Snorlax dreaming, but there’s some similarities there.
            I mean, anything can happen, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not something I’d put weight on exactly. Still love the typing though 🙂

          2. Snorlax is a sloth bear they do nothing but eat and sleep

            But this is much more likely to happen
            It’s not going to fuse with its log and be some warrior koala, it’s prime theme is sleep and I think Normal/Psychic would be good

          3. Not saying it’s not possible though, I really like the typing and there is something there, even if it’s just a little so far.
            But yeah, I agree with you. I don;t think it will fuse with its log. Might keep the log though or get a bigger one, I feel. They mention it a lot with Komala’s info, so it’s definitely important.

          4. Im not sure it has much to do with dreams, personally. I just don’t see how you can literally be unconscious and still attack unless you have some sort of clairvoyance. Whether that relates to dreams remains to be seen.

          5. Sleepwalking sleepclobbering and my personal favorite Sleepgrabanak-47and shootuptheplaceing

          6. Yeah, I’m neutral about it. It doesn’t mention dreams, but I dunno what else it can go, to be honest. I can see it going that way, but there are a few ways it can go.

          7. On the contrary, I personally strongly believe that Komala will end up with a normal/psychic type and I believe indications to this future typing manifest throughout the unconcious of its flavor text. Remember that Komala isn’t itself psychic, so it’s flavor text will only contain foreshadowings to its future typing, not direct implications. Sorry for the essay reply 😛

            “No one has ever seen a Komala awake. It eats, travels, and even battles while sound asleep! Its saliva can be used as medicine for the sick or sleepless, according to ancient people. They say if you take a small amount of the saliva remaining after it eats leaves, water the saliva down, and drink it, you’ll be able to sleep well.”

            This paragraph contributes to constructing a sense of mystique around it, right from “no one has ever seen a Komala awake” to its mysterious healing powers. As Earth mentioned, the sleepwalking and sleepattacking aspect of its design strongly implies a heightened state of consciousness during sleep, which could easily be developed upon evolution.

            “Komala clings to a log pillow that its parents have given to it. Once it has grasped this log, it almost never releases it. If it does lose hold of its log, the Pokémon will be unable to sleep well and will thrash about wildly. Apparently it will sometimes cling to the arm of a Trainer it trusts.”

            This part is actually a psychoanalysis of Komala itself, revealing a childish psyche, right from its log fixation and its trust issues.

            “The ever-sleeping Komala’s expression sometimes changes, as if has awareness of its surroundings and the talking of people nearby. But it appears that these changes in expression are actually just a result of the dreams it’s experiencing.”

            This part, as earthen said, is merely foreshadowing its possibly dream based design.

  9. I saw this before I went to bed and it’s so great! 😀 So glad to finally have in-game footage of them even if it’s not in English.
    I would love an English video of this but it might not happen, but regardless, really nice to see Rockruff in action since I’m definitely using it!
    Now, I wonder what move Komala is trying to do…hmm…

  10. So Komala’s Comatose keeps it “asleep”, but it isn’t really? That’s great, because it can still use moves (without having to use Sleep Talk), but not get statused! I wonder if things like the Toxic/Flame Orb would still work, and if moves like Rest would still put you to sleep or just heal you…

    1. I’ll bet that it’s just a status immunity to all other statuses except sleep and that sleep will still effect it the exact same way, even if it’s caused by rest or by the foe. Making it have a free heal would be unlikely for sure, especially on a presumably early route normal type. I’d also guess the status orbs would just have no effect.

    2. Toxic spikes would probably still work, otherwise it’s ability is kind of op in the stall game

  11. So this time, the first pokemon we see, the one the region’s professor shows us to explain what pokemon are, is Rockruff. I doubt that’s why it’s supposedly special, but it’s a nice lil tid-bit.

    1. Yeah, but i definitely know Kukui mentions Rockruff having an important story to play in one of the lines in Japanese, although I dunno the full extent of it, as I cannot fully translate it at my level :3 So showing here is not, in my opinion, the reasons its special but something else.

      1. I already replied to your comment in the previous thread but I guess you didn’t see it. What Kukui said is something like this: “Rockruff, this is an important conversation. We’ll play later.” The second sentence isn’t perfectly right because I’m still struggling with some English sentences sometimes, but it’s mostly correct. The thing is that I didn’t even learn Japanese but thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I can read everything (except for kanji of course) and watching loooots of anime really helped me to understand the language. So I hope I could help! 😀

        1. Aw thanks 😀 I really couldn’t translate it well, but that also makes sense too, considering Rockruff is interrupting with its cuteness xD
          Totally helps considering I was able to get most everything but that one part, for some reason. I was only able to pick out talk/convo, important, and play and the rest was not there for me.

  12. Has no one noticed Prof. Kukui is showing the islands in a different placement than they are on the official artwork for the Alola region?

    1. It was shown before when Kukui was officially announced, so it’s nothing new. I just think the official artwork takes liberties so we could see the whole thing, that it won’t look exactly how it is in-game.

      1. Makes me wonder which direction we’ll go towards as we explore this region.

  13. I’m trying to figure out what would be better for Rockruff during PvE
    Keen Eye or Vital Spirit (if they even keep it after evolution)
    Keen eye stops the ever annoying Sand-Attack (ever had a Scraggy horde just assault you with sand attack)
    And Vital Spirit stops Yawn and Sleep Powder but usually situational

    Ughhhhh I’m just so bored we’re entering another drought

  14. I would like litten a fire/posion and Rowlett a grass/ground and popilo a water/fairy

    1. Me I want
      Litten (Fire/Dark)
      Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
      Popplio (Water) Leave Water/Fairy for a guardian!!!

    1. If all Pokemon and evos. Will appear in Alola then so far confirmed to be there are
      Pikachu, Meowth, Pancham, Salamence line, Gengar line, Arcanine line, Electabuzz line, Wingull, Zubat, Ledyba, Caterpie, and some more possibly I forgot.

        1. Just adds support to the theory that the pokemon they’re showing will have megas

          1. Or whatever the new mechanic is. Still dunno how I feel about it. :/ But they showed Electabuzz which has a evolution still so…

      1. You could catch wild Steelix in B2/W2.
        I can’t remember if there were any other occurrences of this sort of thing though…
        And I don’t know if I’m convinced Arcanine can be found in the wild. At this point in time, the only move it learns upon level-up is Extreme Speed, so you’d have a limited move pool throughout the game before obtaining good TMs/HMs.

          1. I think its more their way to show the obvious seize differences. I dont think we Will see arcanine in the wild

    1. It’s not under the sleep condition itself, it just can’t be affected by any others such as burn or paralysis, only sleep

      1. I thought like that at first time but then I change my mind for some reason …don’t know y?

      1. oh really? and the big question marks on the piece of paper and computer screen than?

          1. Tapu Koko was on the piece of paper, and I think Rockruff was on the computer screen.

  15. Concept for a Cutiefly evolution. I’m not good with pokemon names so I just called it Angelfly. It would retain its Bug/Fairy typing. Angelfly would have mixed defenses and a decently high speed stat. It would have access to alot of status moves such as Recover, Heal Bell, Heal Pulse, ThunderWave, Sweet Kiss and Protect.

    1. BUUUUUUUT my hyper creativity sparks
      Keep the body structure
      Make the eyes extremely glossy and anime and have three long eyelashes each with a golden dew at the tip
      A fluffy scarf that stretches all the way down its back
      I say the wings are ok for now but spread them out
      And the proboscis long like really long
      And lastly the limbs ehhh the wirey ones work

  16. I forgot to mention in last video with Drampa, ect. that they show a temple with Tapu Koko and a Litten at Lv. 60?

    1. I wouldn’t play too hard on that it just might mean you can’t actually battle Tapu til later

      1. That’s how it should be. As much as I love Tapu Koko and want him on my team, giving legendaries away before the end game is just stupid.

          1. All the more reason I want it to die
            It’s probably going to have Energy Ball or Surf or something to counter ground types easily instead of them being the bane of its existence

  17. I don’t understand how Komala can be affected by sleep status…it’s already “asleep” when you send it into battle. So you can put it in double sleep? That doesn’t make any sense.

    1. I was thinking that would be in SLP status forever, but I guess they decided free powered-up Facade was too broken..?

        1. Sleep is a status condition so yeah. People use self inflicted statuses like flame orb and/or toxic orb

        2. Facade works with any non-volatile status in general, and that includes Sleep.

          What isn’t confirmed yet is if it’s counted as asleep while “awake”.

          So Facade doesn’t necessarily directly work with the Comatose ability, but I’m guessing people will think of Sleep Talk strategies with this. (It is unconfirmed if Comatose ability lets us pick the move we want while asleep and still have it work, but I guess that’s a bit OP.)

    2. i don’t think its asleep, it just has its eyes closed, more of a drowsy state

      1. But the dex entry states no one has ever seen it awake. “It eats, travels, and even battles while sound asleep!” I really think they shot themselves in the foot on this one, or just did a piss poor job of explaining it.

          1. They should’ve just made it this: “Comatose: This pokemon cannot be put under the sleep condition. Sleep related moves are able to be used from the start of the battle. (Sleep talk, snore, etc.)”
            1) It doesn’t make sense that you can’t burn, paralyze, or freeze it…it’s only asleep, it’s not like it has a forcefield
            2) IT’S ALREADY ASLEEP


          2. it can only have one status affliction at a time, and if its already asleep or even half asleep or in a sleep state then nothing else can effect it

          3. yeah, so whats not to get?… think of it this way, it may be asleep but it can attack in its sleep perhaps, like sleep walking of sorts, and the sleep status affliction would just put it deeper into a sleep so that it couldn’t use normal attacks anymore

          4. That still doesn’t explain why you can’t at least freeze it. How can it attack while its body can’t move?

          5. Not everything in Pokémon makes perfect sense. Remember it’s brain activity and vital bodily functions are still active

          6. idk dude thats up to you, 😛 I have no problem with it, don’t hurt yourself trying to explain it XD

          7. It just bothers me. If you’re going to make it constantly asleep, you need to explain it better.

        1. Disregard my response from above.

          We’ll, the ability is comatose, so I’m guessing that it’s appearance is asleep but it’s brain activity and vital bodily functions are still active.

          This supports @EarthenWarrior hypothesis about it evolving to Normal/Psychic

          1. Yeah evolving into psychic is pretty obvious, it just doesn’t make sense how you can put something that’s asleep to sleep again. A deeper sleep doesn’t make sense either.

    3. I just wish we get an English clip for Komala so we can see even a glimpse of its ability in action. That way we can know sorta what it does.
      Cause right now, I’m just really confused like you are

      1. So when it wakes up during battle it just goes back to regular sleep? That’s just dumb and nonsensical.

        1. It goes deeper into SLEEP I never said it wakes up it goes even deeper sleep than already where it can’t sense its surroundings

  18. Komala is just like a sleepwalker. It is indeed asleep, but it can function regardless. Don’t overthink this or you’ll ruin all the fun.

  19. What starter do you you think is gonna be Ash’s in the anime. Since we had a water overdose, I think he’s having the cat this time.

    1. As long as he brings that overpowered ninja frog with him, I dont really care which starter he gets lol.

      1. Ash leaving Greninja behind will be the dumbest thing ever (because we all know it will happen). There’s a Pokémon that bonded with Ash this much, the description even said that their bond reached the maximum or something like that and then he leaves his most powerful Pokémon at Oak… That doesn’t make any sense especially with Pikachu being ignored now for some time (to be honest I’m happy about that because I’m so tired of it) thanks to Greninja…

        1. Watch him leave him at the Ninja Village to live up to be the defender of the land

          1. I’d go and outright kill Ash myself. Greninja has a big role to fulfill in the anime. He has to teach the Synchro Evolution mechanic to every other Pokémon.

          2. Of course. I’m not saying that it’ll be introduced in the games. I admit that I quite like this Pokémon looking like its trainer thing but it’s not going to happen anytime soon and it’s really just an alternative to give Ash something cool without handing him a mega.

            EDIT: That being said, how the heck will Greninja mega evolve in the future? It’s not like that this form makes it impossible, but it’ll be strange. I mean, they could’ve introduced Mega Greninja instead of this thing.

        2. His Charizard, Infernape, Sceptile, Snorelax, Heracross, Krokadile, Swellow, Torterra, Staraptor, Donphan, and Gliscore were all his best and he left them behind I think it’s for the best to leave all of them from Kalos at the lab.

          1. It’s not about power. The Synchro thing is a proof of their bond that surpasses limits or something like that. I don’t think that Ash ever had a bond this strong with any of his Pokémon (excluding Pikachu) so leaving Greninja behind is a somewhat dumb thing. I mean… I mean… You have a chance to travel to a far away country of your choice and you are allowed to take your best friend with you, would you leave him/her behind? I’m talking about the so called “strength” of their bond. If Greninja’s really that important to him then he wouldn’t go to Alola without it.

          2. I think of what I’ve heard he gives them a break yet I don’t think Kingler who was in only about two battles and left out of 17 seasons needs a break

    2. honestly I can only see him with Popplio or Rowlet, they always give the most feminine looking starter to the female companion of his, in recent seasons, so I feel like litten is off the table for him

        1. its the most feminine one of the three, and remember this is a japanese thing, and the japanese tend to always see kittens/cats as feminine so they will most assuredly give litten to whatever female he travels with

          1. Meh, I think they’re all pretty gender-neutral compared to other regions. I doubt he’ll get Rowlet though, he always has the regional bird.

        2. also I didn’t say girly, I said feminine theres a huge difference

      1. Oh, I don’t think so. Based on the game trailers the cat seems to be the one too cool for school. It is like the snivy and treecko of this generation, but fire type. On the other hand Ash did already have two funny waters too recently, i don’t think he’s gonna have a third one so soon.

        1. Yeah, that’s a good way to explain it. He’s like Snivy/Treecko. Also, Snivy was the “feminine” one of Unova and he had that 😉

          1. that is true, but he also had all three starters in that region, I don’t think that will happen again in the S/M anime

          2. yeah and it was a bit of a fluke in Johto and Unova when he did have all three, because he had to catch them, and I don’t want to see him have all 3 personally because it would be boring and take up room in his team for some other cool pokemon in the region, I think there are a lot of things the anime should mix up but like, its never really been of great quality programming to begin with 😛

          3. I think the Kanto journey is pretty good (despite him being handed gym badges) but that might be because I grew up with it and have a special place for it in my heart. I would like to see him have an electric type that’s not pikachu though…. :/

          4. honestly I think they could redo the whole anime and get rid of him as the protagonist and everything and make a great anime, sort of like a combination of origins and the current anime, and with each new generation they could follow a different one of the protagonists from the games and have a female lead for half and male for the other (female though for S/M because the male looks too generic) also to do away with ash’s terrible training skills, like I’m not saying all his pokemon should evolve but, at this point it seems like he only ever evolves like two of them, the bird and the starter he gets

          5. I wish there would be an ongoing series that followed Red. I really enjoyed Origins. I know Red and Ash are *similar*, but Ash’s story follows similar beats. At least we have the manga I guess

        2. I disagree with it being the cool one, but thats subjective so its not important, but idk I still think that the japanese will give the cat to the female character, it just seems too much like something they would do, but honestly my money is on Rowlet

          1. You really think rowlet and poplio beat litten in a cool contest?
            Rowlett is cute
            Litten is cool
            And poplio is silly/fun

          2. yeah but like I said its subjective so like, me not thinking its cool doesn’t mean I don’t think others should find it cool, its just not my style idk 😛 but maybe its evolution will change my mind, who knows

        3. I only want two things out of it
          1. Bring back him always catching the Grass starter until Kalos every region he had it!!!!!
          2. Bring a new Male companion to spice it up it’s annoying we have to have a new female every season that somehow is just starting her journey with the fire (excluding dawn with Piplup) starter!!!!

    3. Litten. He’ll probably get Pikipek so that rules out Rowlet in my opinion.. perhaps Litten and Popplio

    4. I feel like Popplio is a guarantee.. He has that Oshawott personality and work ethic but seemingly sweeter and more naive
      If not it will go to the girl to be a performer.. and he will get Litten.

      1. I hope he gets for a team so far
        Rowlet (only to get his legacy of choosing grass always back)
        A water of some kind not Bruxish

        Male trainer I want to go with him


          1. Actually no there’s one more (and those red grey and blue don’t count)

          2. two, I don’t think the ones on its little hand things are actually eyes

          3. The mini noses though have eye shapped markings but they do not serve as functional eyes

            I’m talking working eyeballs

          4. Don’t worry, bacteria utilize iron a the time lol it will disintegrate in no time

          5. I feel disappointed now since claydol is my fav ground type and I completely forgot about its many eyes, derp

          6. nah, just goes to show how much I like ground types when I forget about my favourite ;P the only 3 I actually like are sandshrew, sandslash, and claydol (that I can remember)

          7. *regenerates and skips away into the flower field full of fairies who will feast on your soul if you follow*

          8. this aint supernatural, and if it was… iron doesn’t kill fairies

          9. I find it actually super cool that the fae are always seen as weak in most cases, yet in supernatural and other forms of art they have the least weaknesses and are super hard to kill 😉

          10. Still it’s a fucking axe
            Weilded by me no doubt so obviously I can dish out some major damage

          11. KK
            *Casts Earth Grip*
            *earth sinks around your feet and grasps your ankles*

          12. yeah, I just forget their existence or rather that they are ground types, like I also love quagsire, krookodile, and cubbone but I forget that they are ground types

          13. This reminds of another Ground Fakemon
            What my goal for this one is to create a living, walking Earthquake but how to do so is the question
            Either a turtle with shifted plates in its shell, or a floating earth core that pulses with seismic pulses

  20. Can we all just take a moment and ask ourselves… why tf does the move hold hands exist

    1. To trick your opponent into letting its guard down and when the moment arises you disembowel them

    2. To, uh, “entice” people getting an event pokemon? Idk, I guess similar to why shiny legendaries were distributed, because they were special. Except…a move that does nothing isn’t really special.

      1. Like I said a ruse to get close enough for a swift Disemboweling or evisceration maybe a few lacerations

  21. hello gamer it’s time for a new topic called ALola ALola! alright guys this topic is all about the Aloha region,which means we need to figure out what will be the names for the remaining three islands of aloha,so anybody got any ideas?

    1. I’m thinking, based on something that other people have proposed, that the other islands are named after the Hawaiian names for Red, Blue, and Green (forgot what they are called), in order to pay homage to the 1st gen games, RBY (plus Green)

          1. Yeah, like Ulaula, Polu, and Omaoma from what I can see when I look it up.

      1. Also, each one of our main islands are assigned a specific color (see picture). Mele mele is based off of Oahu and its real-life assigned color is yellow. I’m a little confused though, looks like game freak combined Molokai, Lanai and Maui into one island. If each island is going to be named after it’s real-life assigned color, I wonder what that island will be called? I would say that the biggest island (where I’m from irl) is going to be called ula ula because it’s actually our island color and we have an active volcano, but the active volcano isn’t on the biggest island on the alola map… so I have know clue what’s going on with that… I guess all we can do for now is wait for official news!

      2. Y ppl forgot about 5th island I mean the artificial one? , it could be have guardian too.

        1. No, I didn’t forget, although I dunno what it would be called, to be honest. Maybe after grey?
          But totally, I think Magearna is the guardian of that island, but who knows?

        2. I think seeing as Magearna rolls up into ball, she is the bass of the totem pole being the guardian of the artificial island

  22. Omg, the new proffesor looks like someone you would desperately do a name search hopefully to find his porn.

    1. Or more like, you will easily find his porn if you “accidentally” type his name on the search bar.

      IMO the official art doesn’t make him look too hot at least. Fan arts just… exaggerate… his stuff.

  23. I want a Eyeye
    Some kinda smallish monkey rodent with a gigantic pair of peepers

        1. I know this animal but didn’t know he called like this , I think it’s kind of lemur.

          1. Because its called an Aye aye
            But the Pokemon would be called something like Eyeeye referring to its very large eyes

  24. I can just tell Hala is a boss. But of what gym leader? Elite 4? Frontier brain? Champ? What do you guys think? And what type

  25. Man komalas ability is just confusing (i get it but it takes a bit of explaining) but the footage is pretty good. This game looks more and more fun, but the more and more new pokemon i see the less and less i feel we will have 100+

    1. Why? I’d feel the more they show, the more likely there is more.
      XY didn’t necessarily show a lot of them, so that’s why I feel we might get more than 100 with SM

        1. oh ok 🙂
          Well, I mean, it is a valid point, but I feel they haven’t shown too many old Pokemon, I dunno, that’s just me.

  26. regarding to Komala ability. based on the trailer there was no status condition icon or next to his name nor animation so i believe that the way the ability work is that komala is awake when you send him out and he will be immune to every status except sleep

  27. Komalas ability is confusing but I don’t really care because I have no plans on ever using it anyway. However, it’s nice to finally get a kowala Pokemon. Maybe next generation, we’ll get a region based on australia. That would be so cool

    1. I’m hoping that to with a Platypus Pokemon I’ve been wanting to have a Wallaby, and a Kangaroo that isn’t so big it can’t even hop and isn’t a useless wannabe Kangaroo

        1. I was thinking that too for the types
          For platypus Water/Poison for a male Platypus has a poisonous spur on the hind foot that can kill a small dog

          1. I am aware of that minor bonus but honest I just can’t see a Platypus being a full fledged Poison type
            Maybe learning Poison Sting or Poison Jab somewhere in its line just to a nod to that detail but just not enough to be one
            Like pure water or Normal/Water

          2. That sounds good
            And for a Wallaby I thought Grass because they are much more a Vibrant color than a Kangaroo so I thought why not make it a Light green color with some floral patterns on it.

      1. So like Disney’s Tsum Tsum toys but with Tharja’s face…

        I’m not sure if that’s… more attractive… than the other option. 😀

    1. I don’t know it’s exact legitimacy but I have a shiny eevee lvl 18 docile with adaptability. I got it traded to me a while(years) ago on Diamond. He goes to the Pokebank just fine though.

      1. Would you be willing to trade with me, I don’t really know if i have any shinies i could give you though

        1. Yeah of course. My FC is 113471270529. I’m good with anything you want to trade me 🙂

  28. I am really loving the new pokemon revealed so far. favorites so far are rowlet rockruff and vikavolt for sure!!!! bruxish is my least favorite but it is growing on me some.

    1. Vikavolt is awesome!! I agree that Bruxish is very derpy. I will give it a chance but I doubt it will ever grow on me. Basculin never did

      1. I liked basculin but was disappointed it didnt get an evo. hoping bruxish might get one but i really doubt it will.

  29. happy Fourth of July! I can’t wait to see what Pokemon sun and moon will bring us Next!:D

    1. Happy 4th of July! I’m hoping for a big amount of bugs this generation: Spiny Orb Weaver, Silverfish, and an Assassin bug Pokemon would be nice

      1. We do need some more bugs, hopefully we’ll get at least two more bugs

        1. We only need more bugs if they’re useful. I don’t need some more Volbeats or Wormadams.

          1. nah, i aint about that life of needing pokemon to be useful, never understood that myself as i often state, i don’t really give wormadam (see what i did there? ;P) about a pokemon’s stats, not everything needs to be powerful

          2. Yeah that’s true but it’s just that I use those Pokémon less often. However, Vikavolt doesn’t have to be useful, it already had me with its design.

  30. I’m trying to come up for a pre-evolved form for my Normal/Rock Mountain Goat Precibex
    Something either like Lilbex or somethings young pertaining to goats and mountains

          1. Well isn’t a baby goat a kid? You could go as simple as Rockid. Or Xebex. (I just started spelling it backwards like some Pokemon do and then made it a palindrome.)

  31. Question: Do you guys think Core Enforcer is a special move? Or that Zygarde Complete is a mixed-attacker? I’m having trouble deciding on what Nature to get for Zygarde

  32. So I just woke up and when I checked my phone I saw a youtube notification for a video on the japanese pokemon channel. When I click it, it’s a dumb ad for Pokenchi 😐

  33. An idea for all of us what fossils might we have my hopes are we get one based off Pachycephalosaur if you have no clue what that is its the picture and one based Ankylosaurs also at bottom

    1. Uhhhhhhh Cranidos is a pachy
      And I already made a Ankylosaur Anklub and Quakelosaur both Rock/Ground (spare me the gripe) which uses its massive tail to create terrain splitting Earthquakes

      1. Then how about Raptor that I’ve made Fire/Rock it’s fangs and Claws are made of Obsidian to ignite fires and sprays a liquid substance from its mouth and ignites it with fangs to uses attacks like Flamethrower and Fire Fang

        1. Well….not too far off
          Either a Tar oil Dino that can secrete a oily wax throughout its body and ignite its body and hunt down prey

          1. I don’t know why you think Fairy typing is so farfetch’d. I know of 3 prehistoric creatures I’d love to see get a rock/fairy typing from a fossil.
            Josephoartigasia: a prehistoric capybara
            Sharovipteryxe: a winged reptile with the wings on the back legs
            Longisquama: another reptile with feathers on its back.
            All could easily get the fairy typing IMO.
            PS Deviantart credit goes to for the pictures.

          1. That’s weird lol anywho, a stegasaurus fossil would be awesome. What type? Rock/Grass?

          2. I was thinking Rock/Grass, Rock/Fairy if it were pink, or Rock/Steel

          3. Why the hell….would a Stegosaurus be a Fairy
            Either the plates are gigantic ferns, lightning rods or crystal/glass

          4. And I think you need a extremely good reason a fairy would ever be a dinosaur

          5. A type of small rodent or something you would find inside of an Amber (Bugs, Plants, ect.)

          6. And how is a plant or bug trapped in petrified tree sap be remotely fairy

          7. Dang it! Hmm they did make certain Kalos Pokemon that were plant like (Cotonee, Florges) into Fairy type

          8. Well Whimsicott I get (but honestly I think they slapped it on just to give each gen a fairy)
            Nymph like appearance and a habit for mischief which other cultures view as common for Fairies
            Riding whirlwinds, they appear. These Pokémon sneak through gaps into houses and cause all sorts of mischief

          9. You have a point with each gen. Getting fairies example
            Kanto- Clefairy
            Johto- Granbull
            Hoenn- Mawile
            Sinnoh- Togekiss
            Unova- Whimsicott
            Kalos- Florges
            Alola- Tapu Koko

          10. Well we have seen unexpected things before mabey we will again *Vanishes*

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