Top 5 Most American Pokémon (Besides Braviary)

Hey Americans, happy 4th of July! Hope you get to set off lots of fireworks, enjoy a nice barbecue and spend some quality time with people you love. Or enjoy the day off by playing Pokémon; whatever floats your boat. And if you’re not American, I still hope you have a great day 😉 Without further ado, let’s look at the top 5 Pokémon that represent the US of A!

braviaryUndisputed Champion: Braviary

This king of the sky is so American it fills the air with the smell of freedom whenever it so much as spreads its wings. Therefore, we are including it as a bonus and not part of the 5 on our list as it is really a give-in.

We salute you, Braviary!


bouffalantThis Pokémon has two great American icons in one: buffalos of the great Midwestern plains and the iconic afro which arose during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Both touch upon important parts of our heritage and make Bouffalant one of the most American Pokémon in the Pokédex today. Also, ever tried a bouffalant burger? They aren’t too bad…


snorlax Fast food is almost an American tradition at this point and what’s the result of that? A growing weight problem in our nation. It may not be the most positive stereotype, but it is certainly somewhat “American”, for better or worse. But hey, who can say no to a delicious Lava Cookie or two right?! I’ve got quite a fondness for them myself…


xatu-aniAmerican history encompasses people from many different cultures and many different places, but we gotta give respect those who came first: the native people of the Americas. Although it is mentioned in its Pokédex entries to be connected to South American myths, it is not hard to guess that its inspiration came from the many tribes that inhabited both North and South America.


basculinNot much more American than going to the local lake and doing some good old-fashion bass fishing. Basculin is also an aggressive, somewhat ‘masculine’ fish and it is no surprise that American guys are somewhat more rugged than their Eastern or European counterparts. Every culture values different things in their men and Basculin does capture a certain aspect of the male scene in the US.


scraftyScrafty’s design definitely draws from elements of urban culture and the way in which it wears its shed skin is very reminiscent of the style of clothing you might find in any American city. It also has a great mohawk which seems like homage to the active punk and rock culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Urban kids are also pretty damn resourceful, or crafty, so there’s that connection too.

Do you think my list was accurate? Any changes you would have made? I’m eager to see your thoughts down below in the comments!

<3 PJ

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