Top 5 Most American Pokémon (Besides Braviary)

Hey Americans, happy 4th of July! Hope you get to set off lots of fireworks, enjoy a nice barbecue and spend some quality time with people you love. Or enjoy the day off by playing Pokémon; whatever floats your boat. And if you’re not American, I still hope you have a great day 😉 Without further ado, let’s look at the top 5 Pokémon that represent the US of A!

braviaryUndisputed Champion: Braviary

This king of the sky is so American it fills the air with the smell of freedom whenever it so much as spreads its wings. Therefore, we are including it as a bonus and not part of the 5 on our list as it is really a give-in.

We salute you, Braviary!


bouffalantThis Pokémon has two great American icons in one: buffalos of the great Midwestern plains and the iconic afro which arose during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Both touch upon important parts of our heritage and make Bouffalant one of the most American Pokémon in the Pokédex today. Also, ever tried a bouffalant burger? They aren’t too bad…


snorlax Fast food is almost an American tradition at this point and what’s the result of that? A growing weight problem in our nation. It may not be the most positive stereotype, but it is certainly somewhat “American”, for better or worse. But hey, who can say no to a delicious Lava Cookie or two right?! I’ve got quite a fondness for them myself…


xatu-aniAmerican history encompasses people from many different cultures and many different places, but we gotta give respect those who came first: the native people of the Americas. Although it is mentioned in its Pokédex entries to be connected to South American myths, it is not hard to guess that its inspiration came from the many tribes that inhabited both North and South America.


basculinNot much more American than going to the local lake and doing some good old-fashion bass fishing. Basculin is also an aggressive, somewhat ‘masculine’ fish and it is no surprise that American guys are somewhat more rugged than their Eastern or European counterparts. Every culture values different things in their men and Basculin does capture a certain aspect of the male scene in the US.


scraftyScrafty’s design definitely draws from elements of urban culture and the way in which it wears its shed skin is very reminiscent of the style of clothing you might find in any American city. It also has a great mohawk which seems like homage to the active punk and rock culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Urban kids are also pretty damn resourceful, or crafty, so there’s that connection too.

Do you think my list was accurate? Any changes you would have made? I’m eager to see your thoughts down below in the comments!

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Pokémon from Important Original Trainers

  1. Victini!! ‘Murica!!!! Well it does live in the pokemon version of the statue of liberty 😛

  2. Completely unrelated: I think it would be interesting to give Togedemaru an evolution. It would just be kind of like a surprise – none of the other pika clones have an evolution, and would kind of be like a more refreshing take on the idea of pikachu clones in general?

  3. Braviary to this day still my second favourite Flying type, right behind Starraptor.

    1. Same with me. Top 5 flying types are

      1. 5: Noivern
        4: Hawlucha
        3: Braviary
        2: Gliscor
        1: Aerodactyl

        Aerodactyl is a Pokemon that just always found itself on my team, but hopefully in Sun and Moon the give Aerodactyl a physical contact Flying move and Rock move they gave it insane speed and a badass ability just have it squandered

        1. I usually use Pokemon I’ve never used before when I do playthroughs of Pokemon games and I’ve never ever used an Aerodactyl. I’ve wanted to and think it looks awesome but I just haven’t used one yet. I’m getting ready to play HG again and maybe I’ll use it then.

    2. 1. Braviary
      2. Staraptor
      3. Charizard
      4. Dragonite
      5. Crobat

      Wow this was really harder than I thought, there are a lot of awesome Flying types.
      Honorable mentions: Ho-oh, Salamence, Togekiss, Honchkrow and Rayquaza.

    3. Well since everyone else is doing it 😉
      1. Honchkrow
      2. Staraptor
      3. Talonflame
      4. Togekiss
      5. Crobat

  4. Dookieshed put out a video about this exact same thing last night 😛 A couple of these Pokémon made his list as well.

    1. Man this guy was part of my childhood! I hope they dont ruin him like they did with the powerpuff girls and the teen titans

      1. I’m pretty sure if that thing happened to Samurai Jack there WILL be riots

    2. Also can japanese and asians for that matter even grow beards? Sorry if it sounds stereotypical its just that ive never seen an asian with a beard xD

      1. Yes we can lol but I haven’t seen many SEAs, including myself, have them. It seems to be more upper continental Asian countries

        1. Cool! I cant grow a beard myself sadly, been trying for 8 years to no results :,(

      2. Then how can you explain those old Asian masters with a long white beard

  5. Yeah… no I don’t really see these as american. The only real “american” Pokemon is Braviary and that is it.

    1. Well I mean Xatu is based on Native American totem poles….how is that not American.

        1. Well it’s still based on various elements of the natives from the Americas..North and south

  6. God bless America… It needs better standards…
    I should know, I live there…

    1. Hi. Are you new here? Sorry, I didn’t see this before. If you are new, welcome to Pokejungle. I’m Green (but you know that) from Illinois. I’m sure you’ll have a great time here! 🙂

    1. Someone could try to combine all three starters.
      I wanna see that monstrosity

      1. Theoretically, you could make six different combinations. A whole team of monstrosities!

    1. Of the things I’ve experienced in the breakdowns, Valium was probably the best.

  7. Oh when I posted Pokemon that if shown in videos of Pokemon Sun & Moon so far then update of Pokemon known to be seen are (the Pokemon evos. Seen pre evos put instead)
    Pikachu, Meowth, Caterpie, Ledyba, Pancham, Eevee, Spearow, Bagon, Gastly, Emolga, Electabuzz, Growlithe, Sandile, Trapinch, Feebas, Zubat, Wingull, Slowpoke, Dratini! this is I’m pretty sure all so far unless I missed one cause then speak up!

  8. Lol I think the list is pretty accreate. I like how Braviary is smiling while it’s basically kidnapping a drilbur. But I hope everyone is having a good day Independence or Regular day

    1. There’s three people on my street doing illegal fireworks. They’re putting on a great show, almost like they’re competing.

    2. As an BTW that is from the episode with the Double battling brothers in a tag team battle v.s. Ash and Cilan

  9. Is it possible for pokejungle to have its own version of the “what’s the best pokemon” contest that Japan just had? Smaller sample size but at least it wouldnt be for a giveaway and we could rank every pokemon.

  10. So this is off topic, but can someone tell me if there is credence to something happening on the 7th. I thought I saw someone mention it somewhere, but I don’t remember.

    1. Junichi Masuda is doing a pokémon masterclass at the Japan expo in Paris, whatever that actually is. Last time he was there he revealed Honedge, though with Kalos being based on France there was more of a tie-in, so it’s possible but by no means officially confirmed… Fingers crossed we do get something, since I’m there it’d be nice to get some live awesomeness!

    1. I hope so too.
      But they’ve been pretty good at having different encounter themes in the past, so I don’t have too much worry about it. Perhaps some of them aren’t done yet or it’s just these two have the same themes.

    2. I am sure it is a permanent member. And yes I am sure it was meant to counter. As to what he would use for the the other choices I dunno. Azurill and Magby make as much sense as anything else.

    3. Well, both the lass and kindergartener are “cutesy” type trainers, so perhaps they just share the cute theme?

  11. So I just realized something that probably won’t be true, but I’d like to throw the idea out there anyway. Kalos is said to be the new Kanto, so you could say the franchise “started over” with Gen 6. This is why there weren’t any Pokémon related to older species (excluding Sylveon who was obviously just a gimmick to sell the Fairy type). And now we have Alola, the new Johto. I think it might be possible that we’ll get new evolutions related to Kalos Pokémon similar to how Johto have us evolutionary relatives to Kanto Pokémon. What are your thoughts?

    1. I’ve always been behind Alola being the new Johto long before SM were announced, so I think that could make sense as well.
      We just don’t have too much proof yet because none were shown.
      I’ll keep it in mind though :3

    2. What I’ve heard is the whole XY are colored blue and red. Plus the Kanto starters got megas.

      If SM are related to alchemy, then the claim that SM are the spiritual successors to GS holds plausible since, in alchemy, gold relates to the sun and silver relates to the moon

      1. There’s always been this Red vs. Blue subtheme. Bit more pronounced in Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl, but still present in logos like Black 2/White 2, HeartGold/Soulsilver, X/Y and now back in Sun/Moon.

    3. Johto is where my heart lives, and if we were to get more evolutions I would love that

    4. I always thought this would be the case for alola. Kalos just has so much left undone i just feel like alola may be 6.5

  12. man I just love listening to the fireworks:D so when’s the next info on Pokemon sun and moon going to be?

    1. And I “love” listening to the wayward howls of my high anxiety dog

  13. I hope some of the more forgotten or looked over pokemon end up with megas at some point, like vileplume/bellosom or primape or something

  14. hey guys so i was just scrolling through YouTube when I saw this war between Verlisify and other Pokemon Youtubers (esp. HoodlumScrafty) and I guess things are really getting out of hand am i right

      1. Lmao are poketubers really hated that much I mean I see some mostly ones that talk about the Pokemon lore and explain things with actual facts

        1. No poketubers in general aren’t hated, there are just some that aren’t that popular amongst the community

          1. I can legitimately say I genuinely hate TT and Verlis. If I encounter them on the streets, I would probably assault them with a baseball bat.

          2. EliteTrainerXeos, Jan Itor and Dein. But they hardly ever make vids about the games, they’re mostly anime-focused. The Pokeraf is decent,

            Jan Itor has sources in Japan, he was one of the first who was able to confirm Ash will get to the Kalos league final.

          3. Yeah that’s why I don’t know any of them. I don’t watch the anime anymore…

            I like GameboyLuke and Bird Keeper Toby

          4. I like metrotechuniverse yeah he doesn’t have a lot of vids but I still like him I also like the dex mostly cause they spend a little bit of time on Pokemon one by one and it’s not just the starters I like bird keeper Toby also and more like him but I’ve seen a lot of poketubers use others ideas and take it as theirs I understand of competition but most of them use the same format and I do understand why they get away with it since the majority of the viewers are 10 year olds and they think they’re watching something different just cause different people made it but it’s the same content overall

          1. What’s your problem with TyranitarTube? I know why you hate Verlis, but could you explain your hate towards the other as well? I don’t watch any Pokétubers tbh, I’m just curious.

          2. Well, you think that about a lot of people so that’s not a really satisfying answer… 😀 Could you explain in detail?

          3. He just never has any original ideas, usually the common theory circulating the clogged arteries that is the internet

          4. Yeah I don’t like Tyranitartube either mostly because his videos are boring to me I only look at the auraguardian because he’s entertaining to me

          5. Because TyranitarTube takes known facts from other sources, and deems them as his. Like, how he made a vid where he showed how to ”hack” into the Japanese S/M website which revealed a ground typing for one of the starters. He claims that little trick was his, while it was actually someone else’s and he just stole it and made everyone believe he came up with it.

            Plus, he’s a cunt, he sounds like one and looks like one too. Bored little virgin spastic.

          6. Wow… That’s so lame. I don’t know why people do these things anyway. I mean, if you discover it yourself then be it, it’s cool. But if it’s not a known fact then you won’t look dumb even if you credit the original founder because you couldn’t find it yourself. This is just pathetic and pointless in my opinion…

          7. Because in this pitiful world everyone just steals and claims as their own regardless of authenticity
            Also these smegmas usually get away because the person is either likable or the viewing public are stupid and gullible

    1. I saw that too, and now Verlisify is also replying to Hoodlums videos and it’s actually pretty pathetic and childish

        1. Yeah they’re adults fighting over a children’s game… It went wrong somewhere

    2. Lmao yeah one friend told me verlisify made an hour long vid on his live reaction. Also another of my friends that LOVES watching YouTube drama showed me his twits saying all hoodlums Vid didn’t make a dent on his “image” and when he started losing a lot of subscribers that’s when he claimed he was being attacked

    3. The state of Pokemon on YouTube is disgusting. It’s just one channel attacking the next for attention.

  15. It has taken half a dozen tries but I finally beat Darkrai in Explorers of Sky
    Thank you save states


        1. You should be able to evolve now. I think you just head to the evolution spring place and you can do that. That or the ursarings will tell you

  16. “American guys are somewhat more rugged than their Eastern or European counterparts”

    No, they are not.

    That notion sounds very, very silly.

      1. I mean that us Americans do have a little more crime at one time but other countries are pretty Ruged themselves

  17. I am going to be to repost here of Pokemon that will probably be in Sun &Moon because they have appeared in the Videos so far I’m putting the first evos. Of them though they are:
    Pikachu, Meowth, Caterpie, Ledyba, Pancham, Eevee, Spearow, Bagon, Gastly, Emolga, Electabuzz, Growlithe, Sandile, Trapinch, Feebas, Zubat, Wingull, Slowpoke, Dratini. Yet my bigger guess is where will some appear in Alola?

  18. Since I’m super freaking bored I just feel like throwing some ideas
    Dynaceros Bug/Ground Rhinoceros beetle, body of a rhino with the shell of a beetle
    Tarseye Normal tiny monkey rodent with a gigantic pair of orange eyes can change the color of its eyes to frighten foes
    Smoldoom Fire/Poison a Black red and purple burning smog cloud (though may bite me in the butt later but) will have Levitate
    Rustacean Steel/Water Brown and silvery crab with a spiny metallic carapace extremely territorial and aggressive

  19. Got bored so created a middle stage evolution for the “Dunsparce Drampa evolution”

      1. It’s not bad but I feel the design leans a little too much on the Drampa side but I can see it being real good work

        1. Yeah I couldnt think of how to link the yellow color and the teal color of dunsparce and drampa. It was kind of hard to think of what it would look like with legs as well haha I guess i’ll just have to stick to drawing other stuff

          1. It’s still good it’s better than lots of fan art I see floating around

      2. DUnsparce and Dramps aren’t related and never will be. Trying to make this happen people. It doesn’t even make sense. The only two things these creatures have in common is coloration and have normal typing. If they were related, this would’ve been established during Drampas reveal for this isn’t a connection game freak would want to hide

    1. I want to see a evolution to Drampa that it is beyond old and a walking white beard

    2. I like it! You mind if I trace over this on Photoshop? You know, to make it look more ‘official’.

    3. Do you mind explaining the name? I understand the Dra- part but the rest just isn’t clicking for me.

  20. Digging through my old photos I found some pokemon I designed myself :)) None oft them have names though..

    These are like 5 years old

    This ones a swordfish and is water/steel

    Could you guys help me think of names and potential abilities/moves

    1. This one is a Ghost/Psychic
      it has long ribbon like arms which float and extend quite a bit they can slither and shoot out really fast etc.

    2. And these are the starters that i made
      Fire – Koala
      Water – Seal
      Grass – Flying Squirrel

  21. For the few that care, I got a 5 in AP Calc BC. Now it’s time to wait for IB Judgement Day…(July 6th) 🙁

      1. AP Calc BC is a college (in UK, University I believe) level course that is the equivalent of Calculus II. I actually skipped AP Calculus AB (which is Calculus I), so I was really learning all of Calc. I and Calc. II in one year.
        IB [International Baccalaureate] is a highschool program I was in, which basically makes you take a bunch of college level courses, community service, and a 4k word research paper. I guess it’s similar to A levels.

        1. Lol. Interesting.

          I got awarded a First Class Honours for my MPharm degree. That’s 4 years of University and the highest grading possible.

          Time to consider whether doing a PhD is a good choice or not. Maybe a couple of years from now.

      2. I never took ap classes but u had friends who did, I think a 5 is the best you can do on the test 🙂

  22. okay guys it’s time for a new topic called Pokemon guesses, in this one alI we have to do is figure out what we’re going to see next and guess what’s going to be in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    1. This corocoro I think we’ll see maybe the first gym leader, if anything.

      Next month I’d guess evil team and starter evolutions

    2. Tomorrow night, we may get a new Pokemon reveal at the event Masuda is attending as a “special guest”. Honedge was revealed at this event back in 2013. That’s my guess!

    In PMD my ultimate goal is always to evolve and now I’m a insanely powerful Infernape and with Donphan by my side we’re unstoppable (except when Water is involved)

    1. You cant evolve easily in that game? Thats why i dont play spin offs i cant be stuck with a basic until level 50 no way

      1. Honestly, it isn’t too bad. Using first stage pokemon is viable for the entire story line. Evolving isn’t really needed until the post-post game

        1. Oh then i guess its ok. Confusing how you cant evolve until later though

      2. I don’t mind that. Evolving is a post game reward, plus I feel that I get more attached to my Pokemon that way.

      3. Well they make you do a bunch of post game shite
        But now the magic screeches to an end
        I’m furious with the competitive meta, Smash is filled with for glory spammers and now I finished my explorers of sky (kept me busy for a good week and a half now I need something new to keep me busy

        I need a new computer soon Warcraft Legion is almost here

        1. I guess whatever makes you happy though. I love playing smash and pokemon and splatoon. I can play them for a long time without being bored. So i guess im occupied until sun and moon.

          1. Well honestly the smash and showdown is more of an crippling addiction
            I battle as early as 6AM Mono NU and OU until a losing streak either frustrates me or I get a good win or two, but as I said before the Showdown meta is just so unoriginal, and since they don’t do a non-legends ladder (and always the Legends do me over always) it’s no fun
            And Smash is no different; Spammers, hiders and overall high tier wanabes
            So yeah….it’s a mess

          2. I personally Dont have with unoriginality. So pokemon doesnt mess with me. I dont care if i see the same 6 pokemon on each team. What the other team has doesnt affect me. Its just me and my pokemon.
            And smash fg only real problem is lag. I like playing people. Sure there can be spammers but thats all in peoples head. Its not filled with spammers and stuff like everyone says. But it depends on your level of play too. Some people are amazing at smash can perfect pivot and execute advance techs like that. Im at a level in smash were im not too good for fg so im fine. Personaly i love fg it made the game much better than fighting cpus all the time. All that really needs to be fix is internet but thats just nintendo that cant host two people without lagging but sony and microsoft can host 16+ lagfree.

          3. Also another problem with smash 4 is cloud. Take him out the game is 25% better ?

          4. That honestly a load of bull, it infuriates me to see the same bleeping thing over and over again, I try to be unique but honestly that morality is spat upon when they have a whole team of op legends and mythicals that just overpower anything
            And the spamfuckers never get any action hiding or just spamming counters are even worse, I try to fight when they can just duck out and pick off others in a pinch

          5. Lol why dont you just worry about yourself. Whats the difference between a non legend and a legend. Theyre both pokemon. You use what you want to use they use what they want. Why shouldnt they be allowed to use what they want just because you lose to it. Its your fault to lose so just worry about what YOU can do to improve rather.
            Lol again spammers do exist but they arent as common as you think. Also spammers are the easiest to take out. Just read them. If they are spamming something you think of a counter to that and theyre done. And so what they dont get “action” they chose to be like that so they obivously ok with it. You care too much what others do.

          6. Do you just not understand something
            All of them, and unless you have a direct counter for them you’re basically done

          7. “Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people.” (Karen)
            Again you try to use excuse of others rather look at yourself. Oh well you wont be able to get better until you can point one owns fault

          8. You always play that card,
            It’s always the Legends
            You can’t stop a Scarfed Kyurem, or a freaking Keldeo once you get that calm mind
            And the ever freaking Heatrans hiding in the clouds

            They need a pure no legends ladder to truly fix this

          9. “I always play this card”
            Earthen buddy you play the legend card basically every single day.
            Scarfed kyurem-Fast fighting types or fast dragon types
            Keldeo- Talonflame.Azumarill.
            Heatran- water fighting moves. Knock it own. Eq
            Cmon. You can play the blame game all you want but it wont make your problems any better. You must like losing to the same pokemon.

          10. So why should we punish people who want to use legends? You want to use unique pokemon. Some want to use legends. The only difference one has a label.

          11. That’s not the fuckng issue
            They use them because they’re powerful and you freaking know it
            And the sheer difference is stat and movepool significantly better

          12. So? They still want to use them. They want to use certain pokemon you want to use certain pokemon. I dont see a problem. You use what you want. And they use what they want. The wprld doesnt revolve around you buddy just because you dont like something doesnt mean it goes away.

          13. Your ignoring EVERYTHING I said
            Legends stronger and give them an edge
            And u can’t beat them they walk all over you

          14. Then why arent they banned? Smogon would have banned then by now. Why hasnt even the official banned all legends then?

          15. They brought them back by popular demand
            And they even the vote tells them to ban them unles it reaches a high enough vote even if it was the majority that’s how effed up the system is
            If it were me, OU non-legends and regular OU plain and simple

          16. But its not you. And they wouldnt vote for it because they know it isnt overpowered. Anyway im done here its been clear you dont want to reason. Oh well. Enjoy blaming legends. And remember what i said. You wont get better until you point out the flaws in yourself. Have a good day.

          17. youre just against me 100% aren’t ya,
            Example they were going to ban Mega Sableye in OU even though the Ban vote won it didn’t pass the “banning number” so it stayed that’s how effed up smog is

            And I blame legends because they’re just op,

          18. I am, how you feel if you got flinched by Jirachi, or have Mega Latias just absorb everything and easily kill you off, and the freaking Heatrans never stop

          19. hey earthen i have a really good idea for u
            make a counter to them
            ikr it’s almost unheard of in the competitive community but u can do it pokemon master

          20. I had a Jirachi counter Garchomp but that’s only if they’re not running scarf
            But the rest are just not do-able in a Ground Mono

          21. kek if you do ground mono then that is 100% your fault. If you’re gonna bitch about getting rekd by legends maybe mention the fact you use one type only lmao

          22. That changes nothing
            Example a Krookodile should easily best a Mew or Jirachi right? Wrong they win because of their insane bulk and op abilities

          23. Spoiler alert: Jirachi is part steel type
            Make better counters instead of going freaking ground mono lol it’s only a recipe for disaster
            there’s a reason you get destroyed by these things but you don’t create counters for them and just go ahead with the same crappy ground team.

          24. And being part steel doesn’t stop its 100 bulk and serene grace flinches

          25. They’re usually scarfed but Garchomp usually easily beats them
            But still I’m just so tired of the same old sets everywhere I look

          26. Then stop running Mega Garchomp. It loses speed to the point of being slower than regular Jirachi.

          27. I never go mega unless Jirachi is gone, but usually it when they switch for a freaking Latios which they ice beam down

          28. No, I’m sick of legends, is it such a crime to want to fight without legends taking up 75% of a team,

          29. Nah man all this bitching of yours is because you run freaking ground mono. Use your damn brain and make counters that can’t be weak to ice beam. Change it up a little.

          30. Still the following in competitive are banned Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Genesect, Keldeo, Melloeta, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion

          31. I think he’s talking about Smogon, which only some of those are ubers, while some are in lower tiers.

          32. Oh I only play in Online tournaments and the official tournaments on the official website!

          33. Yet Jirachi is still banned Mythicals are banned and why not look at normal Pokemon overused like Mega Kangaskahn and Greninja I see them on 90% of competitive teams I face

          34. They may be powerful but if you teach your team the right skills and use them efficiently any pokemon can beat a legendary

          35. I think all Pokemon have purpose and roles to play Some are power houses, some focus on Technique, some are speed Demons, some are fillers that are overlooked but have potential, babies to raise stats and move pools, some are shields to be protectors but they all have potential!

          36. And if get a crappy team or just picked off by the same mutherfuker again and again i don’t

          37. That just makes me feel like a thousand times angrier
            That if I CANT do so then I don’t have skills

          38. Well everybody losses so idk how still cant face that fact. Try improving yourself before you blame others

          39. Lol of course there are situations out of control but not all of them are out of your control. Oh well once you realize ones owns problem you will fall for the same thing. Shame.

          40. Stop saying that zen crap, you know the legends are too much of a problem when they let you have whole team of them

  24. So I kinda wanted to expand on my living asteroid belt Pokemon Astrorbit Rock/Psychic
    The goal is a floating cluster of space debris orbiting around a psychically charged core
    The main body is a irregularly smoothed spherical Meteor with 5 long golden pointed prongs jutting out in the shap of a star, with two jade green circles for eyes, and all around it is a swarm of about 20 tiny rocks orbiting around it. it can control the objects in its gravity field and use them to attack or defend itself
    Sample moves: Gravity, Cosmic Power, Power Gem, Barrier, Future Sight, Psycho Shift, Stored Power, Rock Polish

    A speedy Special Rock Type that hopefully won’t die easily

    1. Hah, that does immensely cool, and sounds pretty cute too, like a mario star. Love it, if only I had any artistic skills. 😛

  25. Sun and Moon needs to come out soon, more and more my 3ds Top screen goes completely black. Just last 6 more months Please 3ds

    1. Lol… Mine does that too.. plus water damage.. I’m gonna have to buy another one

      1. Mine had internal water damage, so I had to get it replaced. It was half the price, though.

      1. Yeah. Mine too. I think I need to start using my brother’s charging cradle, maybe that’ll help.

    2. Yeah, Mine won’t stay on unless it’s plugged in, Sucks.

      Think I’m gonna try and get a New 3DS XL for pokemon though, it’s worth it. 😛

        1. Yeah, the battery’s screwed clearly, but it’s far out of warranty, got it on day 1.

    3. Sucks to be you
      Mines in pristine condition, daily cleanings and optimized usage and zero drops, this baby will last forever if treated like royalty

      1. I’ve dropped mine a couple times and it’s still fine as well. Had it since 2011 I believe.

        One time I picked up my headphones and the 3ds swung off, still connected to the headphones and whacked against the edge of the table.

        I’m surprised it’s still alive.

          1. I don’t think 3DS’ are as durable. It probably hit in just the right spot that it didn’t break.

          2. Haha, yeah definitely. Pretty lucky, I’ve always worried the top screen would break off if it fell even slightly.

          3. I turned it on right away to make sure it was ok.

            Speaking of broken handhelds, one time my brother did throw my DS up the stairs against a wall and it was held together by a small amount of the hinge. I think the bottom screen still turned on but that was several years ago so I might be wrong.

        1. I’m in zero mood for empathy
          All that matters is mines still working,

    4. Mine is a normal 3ds from 2013 but was used before I owned it and only once it refused to do anything it just stayed black but I keep it in tip top shape and might it get cleaned up a bit soon.

  26. hello gamers it’s time for a new topic I like the call Mega thinking! in this one we figure out what new Mega Pokemon will be in Pokemon Sun and Moon!

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