Pokémon GO hits Android/iOS in Australia, Japan & MORE!

Pokémon GO, the augmented reality game developed in collaboration with Niantic Labs, has been released on Google Play for Android devices in both Austrlia and Japan. Although users can visit its Google Play page, most countries are currently restricted from downloading it. Below is a preview of the micro-transactions in Australia Dollars (courtesy of Acacia):

Additional Regions it has been confirmed in: Brazil, New Zealand

UPDATE: The game is now also available on iOS for the aforementioned regions

Excited to get your hands on it? So are we!

<3 PJ

  1. I’m just over here like,
    “Bruh, I mean, I may not play it often, but I still want it please thank you bai”

    1. Maybe don’t push your own interests and beliefs onto other people? There are plenty of people including myself that are interested to some degree. Sure excitement may have gone down, but it’s still a worthwhile project that if perfected could be really cool. Don’t doubt until you play it yourself. lol

  2. I finished coloring Javelance (name credits to @Ultron)

    Here’s the normal version

      1. Ah wow, that’s a really cool design and I love the spooky look of the shiny. 😀

    1. Hmmm looks more of a Steel/Dark type

      My Swardfish would be very Medieval inspired

      Long broadsword bill, suit of armor scales, red curly plume dorsal fin, falchion pectoral fins and to bring it home a rhombus tail fin that resembles a shield

  3. And yet what about America? I kind of am over Pokemon go because they put to big a gap in between then after i almost completely forgot about it… BOOM a beta test offer is seen and I didn’t get picked for it!

  4. i tried to get it off an apk, but by the time I figured my phone stuff out it was deleted by the google drive owner……I continue to wait! lol

    1. Where do you live? It looks like it’s only Japan, Australia, and Brazil right now

      1. Oh I must of interpreted it wrong it says users can see it but now download it

  5. If you’d asked me two hours ago, I would’ve said I couldn’t care less about this game. Now though, I’m actually somewhat excited (not too excited though).

  6. For the sake of my coworker, I hope it’s out tonight..he’s going to a cabin for the week and will have lots of walking and different pokemon available haha

  7. Though Im not interested in the game itself I am interested to see how it does, and how others like it

  8. My lame sea faring town would be the last place to find a Sandshrew or Rhyhorn

    1. I live by a giant canyon, and mountains, so if I get either I can trade you 🙂 when they get trading started atleast

  9. Oh yeah, it’s July! We’ll surely be getting this in the latter half of the month in the States, as always.

  10. I’m not ever going to get this, so I really don’t care about this game, or how it does. The only games I care about right now, are Sun and Moon, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Yooka-Laylee. LOL But if you want this game, and are excited about it, then good for you. And have fun I guess. 🙂

    1. My only needs this year are/were Kirby Planet Robobot, Yo-Kai watch 2, Pokemon Sun & Moon

    2. I’m also excited about No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 and (reservedly) PlayStation VR! I probably won’t get that for a long time, but I’m definitely happy that VR is entering the mainstream! Of course, Sun and Moon takes the cake though. Pokemon is on a tier of its own.

    3. I’m not excited for much, since I don’t play too many games other than Pokemon, but I am excited for Zelda and Ever Oasis (I dunno why, but I was so enchanted with it when it was first shown at E3)

        1. It kinda gives me Braverly Default vibes for some reason 😕 Maybe the way the 3D models look like?

          1. eh I couldnt get into bravely default as hard as I tried, I’m not big on classic RPG turn based fighting (unless pokemon of course) so I’m glad this game isnt turn based, its more of a FF: CC type of gameplay and I loved a lot of those games

          2. Yeah, I am not a big fan of those games too (I just feel like those are too much for me to do/too much to handle and I never make it to the end which sucks) I like games that I feel I can make it to the end with some challenge, and this game looks like it

    4. I’m not super excited for it honestly, but I’m really want to try it haha. I’m also very excited for the Zelda game, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII remake, Outlast 2 and Resident Evil VII <3

  11. Was this previously announced or was it a total surprise? Also, can’t wait for US! The best part of this is that I’ll probably have the game in time for my vacation, so I’ll get to catch a variety of Pokemon! 😀

  12. Well I am no longer the Peridot Popplio I am now an Aquatic Flygon but I am still working on my Avatar

  13. hello gamers it’s time for a Pokemon question: In Vikavolt’s design which weapon from Super Robot Taisen has the same design like Vikavolt?

  14. I see people saying they won’t get this but do some people forget your can trade the pokes to sun and moon?

    1. And you can probably get those exact same pokemon in Sun and Moon, and if not you can get them in X/Y and trade them up

  15. unfortunately i live in a village and not near a commercial zone so i rarely see pokeshops and gyms (((my friend lives in a hotel and has so many shops surrounding him lol))) bummer

  16. So I made a New Zealand account on IOS to get the game. I have it, and I must say. It isn’t unbelievable, but it’s still very fun to play while I’m walking and stuff. I live in Florida (I live on the water) and I have a ton of magikarps and dratinis. I get lots of pidgeys, rattatas, all that stuff. But once and awhile I got interesting stuff like Pidgeotto and abra. Didn’t catch it, but I saw it….. Although I don’t live in a city (but I’m not far), I still find that there are plenty of Pokemon. But the problem is, there are no pokestops even within a mile of me…. I wonder why, but there are actually gyms already set up and I’m surprised! Overall, I think the hate on this game is pretty upsetting considering it’s not trying to be main series and not for hardcore fans. It’s mostly for casual players who wanna have an easy good time. There is one thing though…. I’m still not sure if you can obtain the currency in the game without micro transactions. If you can’t get it, that’s messed up Niantic XD. And even if I’m hardcore, I still like the game enough to play it whenever I’m walking outside or going to the beach (I live in Florida, just a reminder XD)

    1. In my experience with Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, if a “rogue user” tries to buy anything on its in-app purchases when the product is not official out in their region, it will fail. 🙂

      (KHUX is now out everywhere except South America, for some reason.)

  17. I love how everyone is like “I’m not going to get this! I’m so not going to get this! You hear me? I’m not getting this!”, like it’s in their interests to let everyone know that they are not interested.
    It’s free to try. Try it out. It was never going to be a full Pokémon game, but they made some fun spin-off. People are so outraged because it didn’t turn out what they expected, but honestly, I don’t know what you expected then from the start.

    1. Dae droppin those sick realities on people XD

      *in all seriousness though I agree with you*

  18. I can confirm that it hit the iOS store in Australia when the Android version was released. Search for Niantic, it’s the third app. The app crashed for me a few minutes ago though, not sure why.

    1. In my experience things like Plants vs Zombies 2 strangely have released in Australia first before the rest of the world.

      What does Australia have that other regions don’t? Probably a large enough English-speaking sample size without being a huge-ass market like the USA.

      1. A friend of mine suggested that they might be releasing it in each region at 12pm local time on the 6th. Since that happens for Australia first, we got it earlier. Please note that 12pm is noon, not midnight, which is 12am.

        That’s probably why we get stuff early in general, because our Timezone is ahead. The only other Pokemon thing we got before USA is the Hoopa movie (but we were the last to have the Hoopa event confirmed).

        1. Well probably that too. We will find out in about 11 hours or less if it comes out in the Pacific Time Zone states.

          It’s 4PM here in the Philippines but it’s not in our Android or IOS store yet…

          Actually I have an Australian iOS account sitting around somewhere since I made that just to download Plants vs Zombies 2 earlier… heh heh heh. I could grab it and try GO now…

          All I need to do is remember the password. XD

        1. Australia is great, but they have low population density so despite the size of their lands, there’s less people to deal with in a beta test or initial release. <3

          Plus Aussies have enough wilderness, so devs can check how Pokemon appear in less populated areas, and maybe tweak it.

  19. I’ve been thinking about this. Since Freeze-Dry exists, I am thinking of something to give Poison types a little boost. How about a Poison move that deals super-effective damage to Steel-types? We can call it something like “Corrosive Acid”.

    1. That sounds pretty cool, poison needs a boost. Or maybe a poison type Aerilate.

      1. That wouldn’t be as great as helping out Poison’s poor coverage, but it helps a lot. I am a bit amused by the thought of a Poison-type Hyper Voice. XD

    2. That’s actually pretty innovative, or something like Rust Breath could work too! I like it when people dig down and get creative.

  20. alright Gamers listen up we’re going to see what will the Pokemon sun and moon,so I need my most best leak Hunters! are you up for the job?!

    1. Leak’s are always posted in the comments section by fellow Pokejunglers by either finding them on Twitter or Reddit etc

    2. leaks happen when they happen dude….? thats why they are leaks, you cant just expect information to come to you whenever you want it, what kinda fantasy world nonsense is this O_o

      1. Yeah I’d rather wait for leaks and one thing I do hope in any leaks reveal a gym leader and what its number is

    1. Yeah, these IAP are ridiculous. For $160, you better give me some real life Pokéballs, a massage and a fancy dinner with the developers.

      1. Er in kickstarters though, that fancy dinner with the devs usually starts at $10,000…

        Though I would agree that $160 is worth the real life Pokeballs, massage and fancy dinner (without the devs)… <3

    2. Thats tauruspoop!!! Ive started my game with 50 pokeball. Catched 10pokemon in the last hour. Im now lv. 3 and have 67 pokeballs XD

  21. Bored, wasn’t Masuda doing some kinda thing tonight maybe we could see a brand new poke….hopefully
    Maybe I’ll download Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga but I always get bored right around the water level

  22. Two things One is it in AMERICA YET?????!!! two is it available on the i pod touch 5?

    1. No, not yet in America (sadly), and I think so if the iPod has a front facing camera.

  23. Talking about Pokemon Sun & Moon ideas I have one it is a Ghost/Fairy type it is a small light purple ghost with a pink wisp on head with a Halo and Little wings almost like a Ghost Cupid

    1. Well, the camera is a battery drainer in general, recording a video already kills the battery real hard. Imagine an app on top of that.

  24. First, let me say this: Rogue User. As someone who tried to play it early, take my advice and wait for the actual release, because it has a ton of problems right now for the version early users are using. With that being said for what it is, it’s pretty fun It got me off of my butt and walked around the neighborhood. I live in a suburban area and thought there’d be nothing here in pokemon and pokestops. But there were a couple stops, a nice variety of pokemon (Pidgey, eevee, nidoran male and female, caterpie, weedle, tangela, oddish, bellsprout, koffing, poliwag, etc) and even a couple of gyms. The problem I had though was that the game kept losing me and when i walked towards tall grass, it wouldnt recognize it. So I stupidly used a lure, thinking that would help. However, when a pokemon would approach me, the game would crash. Plus… Yeah, sadly, it’s a gigantic battery drainer v.v I walked around for a half hour and my battery went from 100 to 50. Dont know if it’s my phone, the game, or what, but there it is.

  25. Regarding the battery drainage issues, the Pokemon Company can work on the next logical thing: Charjabug power banks.

  26. I need help, for some reason I’m getting “GPS Signal Not Found”, but I downloaded the game legally from the Australian App Store on my iPhone 6S. Right now I’m in Thailand for a holiday and it was working yesterday for half the day, but then it stopped and it hasn’t worked since. Can anyone help me?

  27. I’d like to just inform everyone that my entire facebook feed and social circle is going mental over this game rn


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