What do you think of the Rotom ‘Dex?

rotom-dex2What are everyone’s opinions on this unique Pokédex/Pokémon combo? Not only will it record your Pokémon, but it also guides players to the next objective. This is feature is remarkably similar to Yokai-Watch and may have been the inspiration.

Do you think it will be a good addition to the games? It already seems to be popular among fans, but I hope it won’t end up being too annoying (ala Microsoft Office’s Clippy). Some have expressed hope that it may carry your HMs for you, eliminating the need for an HM slave while adventuring.

I’m just curious if we can use it in battle.

<3 PJ

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  1. Personally, I love the idea. I was never the biggest fan of Rotom, but I will always take a cool idea that integrates an old pokemon and makes it feel fresh. Plus, it turns our pokedex into something more useful (because I hardly ever use the pokedex on my initial run through besides searching locations). Hopefully, this is where the dexnav and entire lower interface will be, creating a seamless system with all of the features in the past games, all with Rotom’s charm.

  2. I’m cautious of it, I love the idea, I love the features they have announced, but Nintendo (and I’m sure its not much of a stretch to say Pokemon/Gamefreak) don’t view gamer newcomers all to highly, they cite kids having issues with the first Mario, players getting bored of games too quickly, people not knowing where to go or not remembering what they were just told etc for why a almost literally every game they make has these annoying save alerts, pop up tutorials, “helpful” characters etc

    And from watching WAYYY too many let’s players lately, they’ve only proven time and time again Nintendo is right to put these things in game, to have the annoying Navi remind you where your going in OoT3D after 15 seconds of the last (unskippable) cutscene or immediately upon booting the game up (been playing it for the last few days and its noticeable how often she just has to chime in, even in dungeons about where to go, even if your steps away from it) The vast ,majority of people I see playing games rush through cutscenes, click away until tutorials are over, or mock characters telling them how to play, but when left to their own devices after ignoring all that, still take hours to figure out how something works, or ignore a function clearly explained to them

    So my fear is that Rotom is going to chime in randomly to tell you, hey you need to go to blah blah every few minutes because Gamefreak is afraid if new/modern players put the game down for even a few seconds they’ll absolutely forget what they were doing and get bored and never play again (something I guess they’ve focus tested and proven {In Japan at least} so I can’t blame them)

    It has potential though, I know playing Skyrim I absolutely needed the Quest Menu, I ended up with so many things to do, even if I knew where to go, and what to do for my current quest, I couldn’t possibly remember the 2-3 I picked up along that route for later. So hopefully Rotom is necessary because these games will have some sort of side-questing system so you have other things to do that aren’t just plow through these dumbed down Gym Leaders and get to the plot right before the Elite Four

  3. I adore the look of the Rotom Dex; I think it’s something new and refreshing to the typical PokeDex. This time the Dex is actual and essential tool, it guides you, talks to you, and assists you with various functions. I doubt Rotom would do much other than suggesting stuff on the bottom screen, so I love it so far. If only we could use it in battle…

    Additionally, he’s art of Link riding Epona!

    1. That’s not Epona that looks like different horse.
      They said wild stallions are all over the overworld

        1. Jeez I know Epona is in the game and you use her
          I’ll I’m saying that this artwork does not show a red coated silver bay breed
          This one’s mane is black,

          And who knows maybe the guy thought it was Epona, but the mane isn’t white

          1. Aonuma would have correct Miyamoto when he stated Epona’s name. Also, I do not even understand what your talking about at all.

          2. He’s stating that the pictured horse is a certain breed and has a black mane to prove it wasn’t Epona.

            Though shadows may be involved in why it looks black.

      1. By this logic, i agree, the mane might not be right here, however… If you go to the english E3 website for nintendo, i noticed something even stranger… The closeups of Link, look like Linkle, i have a few claims to support this.
        1- Linkle wears a hood in hyrule warriors legends at first and concealed her face for a bit in the first scene, just like the link in question here, Link, on the other hand, rarely disguises his look with a hood, if at all, to the point of now. (he always wears the hat or goes without.
        2- IIRC, Nintendo owns the rights to Linkle, Not the other publishers due to being of the same universe as for example, Link and Zelda, even if indirectly related, all the other people in that game are from another Zelda game, except her, which leads me to think she might appear later, especially given her popularity now. Lana, Cia, Volgera and Wizzro were designed specifically for Hyrule warriors, but there are very clear links between them and both games, It would make zero sense to waste her potential in this one game if she was never going to be used again.
        3- Look closely at the hair on “Link” on the website for E3, it’s braided, not spiky or wild, akin to the link we all know and love. This in itself, should be a hint to something big, Linkle or not, because his hair is fairly recognizable, unless… by some other chance, he is hiding or trying to escape something like the monster we first saw in the teaser.
        4- Nintendo has given a slight slip-up about the idea that “This might not be Link” and then covered up up quickly with confirmation, how many times… has Nintendo covered up an important element like that this quickly? They could have waited and said “no, it’s not true” after a lot of buzz, but they jumped on it in panic.
        5- We know so little about this game, and nintendo always makes a big annoucement for these kind of games that usually shocks or wows us, they wouldn’t wait this long for so little, but then again, it is nintendo, so it’s up in the air.

        These are my thoughts on it, but you can’t deny some of them have credibility, even if my theory is wrong.

    2. I LOVE rotom dex. And i mean, LOVE him. Like, in a crush kind of way. Hes cute and inspiring!

  4. It makes sense they’d get inspiration for it from Yokai Watch since that’s more popular than Pokemon in Japan. Holding Hm’s for you would be awesome and practical graphics-wise because they would just need to animate Rotom-dex for all the Hm’s. Like imagine surfing on a Rotom surfboard. Not as cool as seeing a Lapras but it would be easier for the animators lol

    1. I do love the HM idea. I’m assuming that Rotom would not control Surf, Strength, or Fly. It does have the Rotom Wash and Fan forms though. I feel like it could potential use moves like Cut and Rock Smash, still GameFreak could just not include annoying HMs.

  5. I really hope they implement PSS, Wondertrade and SuperTraining into this thing
    Otherwise I’ll bear though having them big Ol’ eyes starin’ at me

    1. I really want it back. At this point, I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring it back though.

      1. I’m just more concerned with EV training and getting rid of my leftovers

    2. Not just the 3 bottom screens but have them improved. Why direct copy and paste when they can be made better? (because Gamefreak thats why)

    3. Why would these features be removed? They were implemented in X/Y and OR/AS, so GameFreak would only improve them for the better. I’m sure PSS, Wonder Trade, Amie, and Super Training would all come back in S/M.

      1. Why would they remove running shoes that last forever? Because GF they do this a lot

        1. Are you talking about HG/SS? I just got used to holding B to run. It’s never been a major issue for me, but it could be a simple toggle in the options.

          1. Why would they ever get rid of move tutors in some ganes and have it in others? GF likes to play this guessing game with its fans and its annoying

  6. Stop??comparing??Pokémon??to??Yokai??Watch??

    I understand that they’re similar but Pokémon came first. Anyway, I like RotomDex! I love robo-companion characters (Fi from Zelda is my fav) so this is a welcome change.

  7. I love the Rotom dex! *bzzzt bzzzt* I’m curious to see how it will impact the game.

  8. I like this very much and i really do hope it doesnt become super annoying and such. It would be cool if at certain points it got kidnapped and we have to receive it back. I hope it also has cool features with it too. But my biggest fear it will be really annoying

    1. I think it would give you tips or tell you potential locations from the bottom screen. So, you could ignore it’s information if you wanted to. Additionally, I don’t think the Rotom Dex would be taken. It would make kids who depended on it to become lost in the game. Still, it would be a neat idea though.

  9. Okay so Junichi Masuda tweeted an article on his blog about a Pokémon seminar for people interested in the process of creating pokemon games. He tweeted an image but I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be Pokemon or what. There’s one that looks like an alternate Porygon-Z evolution but that’s all I can go by…

      1. One of my twitter followers said it was examples from one of the new designers on the team.

          1. Maybe for the one sheet with the Lightning creature we could see similar designs, but the rest are all so different (like what appears to be Mr. Toad…) from Pokemon designs.

          2. Also, I’m having a hard time making out whats in the top right picture. Looks like a white animal of sorts, a tiger, and feet? Anybody else?

            Also, these just appear to be artwork to showcase a designers abilities, a portfolio all laid out.

    1. I highly doubt any of the characters on those sheets have anything to do with Pokemon. I’m sure they are just character ideas and designs in general. Sure the seminar may be for people interested in Pokemon games, but Game Freak make more than just Pokemon. The picture is probably just a general shot to show on the post.

      1. It was specifically for Pokemon. They’re pokemon designed by a new team member.

        1. Hmmmm even still I stand by my opinion that none of these designs will be related to the new games. If they were then it’d be the most anticlimactic reveal ever. lol

    2. Its says NeonBunny and doesn’t seem to be Pokemon related. The bit that looks like PorygonZ’s head is actually the body.

    3. When did he post this & does it have name or something or like you’re saying is just an example for people that create fakemon games.

  10. I feel like there isn’t enough information at this time to have any opinion on it aside from its aesthetic. Looks cool, conceptually I guess I’m alright with it. It looks like an attempt at competing with Yo Kai Watch.
    I usually don’t care about the “thing that isn’t battling” mechanic/feature aside from the HG/SS stuff. Pokelathons and the tv station with info was pretty good. If the rotom-dex acts like the pokegear, I would be happy.

  11. Though never going to happen but
    What if you can give these Rodex’s their very own personalities
    Instead of that chipper buzzing helpful kind
    You can have them act more

    Just a thought

    1. Wouldn’t it be even better if it was determined by the rotom’s own nature? Yeah they’re probably not gonna make the rotom an actual in game pokémon sadly, it’ll just be forever stuck in the pokédex… But one can dream… I honestly doubt the pokédex rotom will ever be a batlle form, but it would be hilarious. Wouldn’t it be cool if at some point in the plot you lose all your pokémon and you’re forced to use Rotom as a last resort?

      1. I rather have that be part of the plot
        You get stripped of your team (don’t worry you’ll get them back same with personal effects) and they dump your sorry ass in a dense forest but with some luck you scrounge up a single Pokeball and you randomly encourage one of 5 different Pokemon to capture to aid in your escape (no running u must catch the first thing you see)

  12. I really hope rotom doesn’t spell out every single next step we need to take, otherwise the game will become even easier and more obvious than already is, and we don’t need that at all.

    1. I’ll probably end up either chucking it into the ocean or burying it into the sand if it bugs me too often

    2. I will be furious if that happens. If I pay over forty dollars for a game I want to play it myself, not have every little step spelled out.

    3. I don’t think that it will be like that. I think that it’s an option that you can select, if you get lost, or you want to know where the nearest Pokemon center is, in a hurry, because all of your team are K.O’ed except one and its only got like one HP and you ran out of healing items. Ya know. 🙂

    1. It should read: “PokeNews: What am I doing with my life, Let’s check the RotomDex!”

      1. Btw, for you Millennials out there, we had these objects that told us how to live and what to do as kids called “Magic 8 Balls” Google it.

  13. I love the concept! As long as Rotom isn’t annoying and doesn’t force you to follow a specific route then I’ll be happy. I would love it if Rotom is super rude and gives you a lot of attitude when being asked for simple things lol

  14. Sometimes it feels like GF just refuses to acknowledge that there are people over 12 yo playing pokemon, so they keep oversimplifying the whole thing instead of putting up a challenge. Let’s hope that’s not the case with the Rotomdex.

    1. It’s probably intentional. They think we can come up with our own challenges or figure out how to turn off Exp. Share anyway.

  15. from what I can teell it will be the gimick object for the game like the poketch. So it likely won’t hold HM’s and it also will probably be ignored pretty easily as long as you don’t interact with the dex.

  16. I think it’s an interesting idea and hopefully doesn’t get too annoying. I really don’t think it will be a HM holder and I think we will always have HMs since it’s the game’s way of a plot wall.

    1. But they can do other things to act as a plot way.
      In fact, change out HMs with items and it acts the same way.
      You get HMs at a certain point, same with items.
      This guy could be the same way, like someone is like ‘Here, let me upgrade Rotom for you’ and it would be allowed to cut down shrubs.
      Heck, maybe people give you the other forms and they are used for HMs. LIke they give you the lawnmower so Rotom could use it to cut down shrubs.

      1. How can a lawnmower cut down a 6 foot prickly tree
        The best they could do is a flash light

        Otherwise HMs are to stay

        1. Most games take liberty about how big it is. And I was just using an example on what they can do.
          They can just do the updates and then Rotom is somehow able to cut it down.
          You can do other things, new things, without breaking tradition 🙂

          1. You find the HM
            Teach it to a Pokemon
            Use it in the overworld

            No power gloves, chisel, magical surfboard or some other maguffin

          2. You can do the same with items.
            Literally I can replace HM with item and it functions the same, without the annoying grips about it.
            HMs waste a moveslot until you get to the Move Deleter or you have to have an HM slave which ruins any team you want.
            It’s less annoying with items.
            Simple, as you just said.

          3. Yeah like what
            You can’t give a ten year old power tools or some kind of boat at command

            It’s logical that your Pokemon can perform these feats to assist their trainers

          4. Yet 10-year olds can have Legendaries and powerful Pokemon that can easily kill them? Yeah, makes sense…
            You can make it so Rotom does it. There, no power tools needed, and it can act like a plot wall. People help program your Rotomdex when necessary to help you with these obstacles.
            Heck, you can give the player a Swiss Army knife. Attachments are unlocked later when needed. Maybe you get a laser to crush rocks, an attachment to push rocks (I’m thinking a lever type thing, cause it would work that way), surfing can stay really as it is, maybe it holds a breathing tube so you can dive, waterfall can also stay. Attachable Flashlight. It’s not gonna have something for everything, and some of it is stretching it a bit, but this is a fantasy world. You can suspend your belief a little.
            There are other solutions than just HMs.

          5. Dragging legends into this is a low blow
            But still cramming all those attachments into a tiny device or a Swiss Army knife with a laser and a lever to shimmy a 3 ton Boulder all in one tiny thing is just asinine

            And besides Rotom can’t learn any HMs nor will assist you in battle since it’s basically an A.I and its just a pokedex not a multitool
            Only flash would be somewhat viable since it could brighten your room slightly,

            Just keep HMs the way they are, it’s been like it since the very beginning and not once ever changed,

          6. But it’s true, and you know it. Regardless if it’s a low blow or not.
            You have to suspend your belief. Having legends and this is fine because we do suspend our beliefs a little. Same thing here. And A Swiss Army Knife doesn’t have to be tiny, it can be larger (obviously not too big, but you get the idea)
            How can Rotom be an AI when it’s a Pokemon? That doesn’t make sense to say that! Maybe in Pokedex form, it’s able to do the things that HMs can. We don’t know cause we have no info.
            Right, but you can change things. You don’t have to put things just for traditions’ sake. They’ve been limited before and have less use outside of battle before. It can happen here.
            I’m basically repeating myself, so I’m just gonna be done here and move on.

          7. So have your god damn Legendaries cut down your bush or smash the rock
            And how could that tiny pokedex body do these things
            And when I said A.I I meant it lives in there, helps the trainer and dispenses information like a decent semiartificial intelligence

          8. You can’t give a ten year old power tools but you can give them giant fire breathing dragons as well as other carnivorous and violent animals??

  17. Watch it be pokemon’s version of Navi >.< I'm excited to see all of its functions though! I hope I can just talk to it randomly

  18. I love the idea! The Rotom is probably gonna be stuck in the pokedex forever sadly, knowing GF. But how cool would being able to use it in battle be. Maybe through some plot contrivance? (ex:you lose all your pokémon but have to fight a member of team Blahblah, or a wild pokémon, so rotom pops out of the pokédex as a last resort… I wish pokémon was more plot driven and surprising sometimes, à la Mario and Luigi series). Even then I doubt the pokédex form could be used in battle… Though that would be sick. Electric/psychic maybe?
    That actually begs the question of wether we could get more rotom forms… Yeah, not gonna happen, but it would be amazing.
    I’ve always wanted to see what Rotom inhabiting Charon’s toy robot looked like. The manga’s take on a toy robot form was pretty neat.

  19. I wish it floated and followed you around like the mask in crash bandicoot. Could be used as a torch at night or loads of things, could be upgraded and more personalised too. I feel like poke balls should be changed fir a gem TOOO, we could have poke discs ( like frisbees). These small changes to core aesthetics inject freshness into the whole series.

    Loving the Rowlett theme, aesthetically best Pokemon site by far.

    1. Yeah, new gameplay! 😀
      Next week can’t come sooner than I want it to!

    2. Oooh the Q&A seems interesting as well.
      Too bad my orientation is exactly when E3 is, so i’ll have to see it all afterwards 🙁

      1. Sneak in whenever you can! 🙂
        Hopefully your orientation goes well 😀

        1. I have a super old phone because I’m too cheap to buy a new one, and it doesn’t have internet access :<

          1. Aw that sucks D:
            Well, when you do get back, you’re probably gonna have tons to come back to.

  20. I really like it. I dunno, it find it adorable and I know it will be super helpful to people who need a little extra help.
    I’m just hoping it won’t be too annoying or there’s an option to minimize the help you are given, for the people who don’t want it.
    The HM holding part is genius, so I hope that it actually happens 🙂

          1. Yes, it is. Especially with its dialogue, I just wanna know what else it will say.

        1. The theory doesn’t exactly match up for me unless the rotom dex can transform so it’s sort of just wishful thinking

          1. Not when I got Seismitoad on my side, also Gastrodon’s Storm Drain helps

          2. Still applies
            You hit Donphan
            Activate Weakness Policy
            I use endeavor
            Then ice shard

          3. Good strat. Just gotta hope that the ice shard is enough to take out what ever is out. Also, yes! It is Lapis

          4. Well unless it misses which it doesn’t
            Endeavor reduces the opponent to Donphan’s single Hit Point
            Then unless something has higher priority then Ice Shard it snuffs it out

          5. But wouldn’t the other pokemon outspeed you? You’d have to predict the one hit KO for endeavor to be useful

          6. Well FEAR usually is a one kill but that’s why you put the weakness policy on and Ice Shard whatever you can, honestly these FEAR breeds are meant to have low hp def and sp def to be effective
            Reminds my the time I taught it Head Smash big mistake but still unless the fearie is on to you you would just retaliate with a any attack because this is purely a gimmick run

        1. I’m just desensitized to yours at this point. I’ve had mine for a very long time as well, since I made it myself. I don’t plan on changing it.

          1. Speaking of avatars, does anybody know of anybody who makes them? I could use one! 🙂

          2. I could always try my hand at it! I’m pretty proud of the ones I’ve made in the past. You’d have to give me until this weekend though, I’m currently owned by Finals Week.

    1. Omg that’s funny, my old username from 2 years ago was also CharizardKing. What are you, my doppelgänger? ???

    1. I used the male one in my first play through and I enjoyed it! I like the design and name a lot.

  21. Ughhhhhhhhh I’m bored
    I’m also extremely antsy about new Pokemon being potentially revealed I truly hope they make plenty fully evolved Pokemon of each type
    Diggersby alone just isn’t enough for a Ground Mono

    1. The electric and ground options for Kalos were super limited. I always have both so making a team wasn’t exactly fun

      1. Ice too. It’s my favorite type and we only got two new lines in gen 6.

          1. Avalugg’s line and Aurorus’ line were great, strong additions to the ice type, and while every type only got a few, I will always want more since its my favorite type!

        1. Yeah. I’m not sure if I like avalugg either. I live aurorus’ design. Two x4 weaknesses is a shame though

      2. Come to think of it
        My X team was very fighting and rock heavy

        1. I think I had

          My team was rather unconventional for me, since kalos had limited new choices

          1. My first Y team was also fairly mixed.
            HM: Linoone, Talonflame

    2. Poison too. Types like water always get too many, but Alola being tropical will likely do that again.

    3. Does it have to be limited to new Pokemon?

      XY had (in order of acquisition) Bunnelby, Hippowdon, Golurk, Nidoran, Roggenrola, Gligar.

      1. It has to be native Pokemon no exceptions
        And Roggenrola is pure rock

        But I had to settle on Kanto Pokemon because sad story
        I wanted to do a LeafGreen Mono on a physical copy because I needed the credentials since I last did it on a Rom, but turns out I bought a bootleg LeafGreen, I was just about finished with the Pokemon mansion and was raring to throw dirt on Blaine’s fire but when I started up “The save file was deleted” naturally crestfallen I decided I wouldn’t stop there, but I couldn’t do it on that copy due to bootleggedness so I did this, I hatched the team I was using and gave them to my newly deleted Y and played through that with this Kanto Ground team

        But one day I’ll have to either have to download a copy of Blue or buy a real LeafGreen, but something tells me that doing it on Blue would be easier…… Honestly I would’ve needed to grind to like lvl 60+ to get past Lorelei’s surfing Pokemon in LG

        But I’m not out of the woods yet, I still have a few straggling Ground types to use on a main game, and honestly might need to redo HGSS since SS didn’t have Donphan and Pupitar, but if I can do a main game with Donphan, Pupitar and Wormadam sandy lve officially have used every Ground Type in existence. But there are so many more hopefully out there

        1. Oooh I thought Roggenrola line was Rock Ground just like its brother Geodude. <3

          So bootleg carts just randomly wipe out saves, huh? Tough, but I suppose it was hard to tell if it was a good GBA cart. (I have a bootleg Emerald myself for some reason. Naturally it didn't have a wireless adapter.)

          I've been thinking on how you can get past Lorelei but you'll have to go off-type with Poliwrath (and you probably won't) since grass/ground or water/ground haven't been invented yet back then.

          As for new Ground types (or anything else), we can only hope Gen 7 ain't a barren wasteland of new Pokemon just like Gen 6 was.

          1. If I go off type it’s taboo, I work too hard to be a Ground Type master
            I only did it in the Rom because I could throttle and power level, it took me like a hour of smashing Victory Road Pokemon until I got to 70 each, and the lack of Rock Slide and Rock Tomb repeat, God the Leviate…..Dig was the only decent attack I could use…..dark times Mal, dark times

            But my imagination runs wild, because with a new Mono I hopefully find a new partner who started when it began
            Quagsire (was going to be Donphan but SS no has Donphan)

  22. I have a feeling this feature will only tell you what you previously heard from another NPC, sort of like a quest log. So you are told to find a key from the evil team to get into their secret base (for instance) and so until you’ve done that, the pokedex will have it listed as an unfulfilled mission on the screen. I don’t think it will give us advice on where to go and what to do, more of a reminder. All in all, I hope it has the ability to be toggled on and off.

  23. I think it’s going to be handy for the quest log and for viewing maps etc. However I don’t expect it to do too much else other than the usual touch screen features such as Amie and PSS etc.

  24. So turns out that Ash Vs Wulfric rematch battle hit a million views
    Which makes me wonder if Goodra rejoins the team for the Kalos League since we’re bound to have a full 6 on 6 match which we haven’t seen in forever

    1. Ugh….If Goodra rejoins the team Ash’s team will be so over saturated…..He already has 3 different flying types….does he need 2 different dragon types? The Pokemon on his team are great, but I would have liked to see a little diversification for his last Pokemon.

  25. To everyone complaining that it would make things too easy, consider this: everyone would’ve been more than glad to have a convenient RotoDex map for Lumiose City. We may need that again if there are places on the map that are more confusing than they may appear.

    1. Well Lillie came off as more stuck-up than timid to me in the original art and the trailers… and I guess that’s one reason some people thinks she’s the rival.

      1. When I saw her scene at the bridge, that’s what gave off the scared and somewhat timid feeling. Plus I felt her art was her trying to be brave and tough, so I dunno
        Still think she’s a rival of some sorts. Or at least gets the stronger than yours starter.

        1. Oh that bridge scene, it seemed like “oh hi there! sorry, but I have to go do stuff” in a noblewoman’s voice to me, though. But we’ll see how it ends up.

          1. True, I forgot to mention the dialogue. I roughly translated the dialogue, and it seems like she is very polite, humble, and caring for Pokemon, at least from her words.
            But who knows 😀

          2. Without voice acting (or more lines) we may never know with the info we have right now.

            But I guess it’s Japanese you’re translating it from, and tone of voice isn’t as important as the additional respectful words and suffixes inserted, so it seems to me she’s leaning towards “actually genuinely nice”, for now.

          3. I suppose it could be!

            Like fans can suspect the nicest looking characters of being psychos just because they look and act too nice. Like Villager. :p

          4. Fehhhhhh I hope she snaps and becomes a psycho
            I swear dangerous sociopaths are so hard to come by these days,

          5. Trust me, I know.
            I’m kind of studying to be a psychologst. Sociopaths are rare.
            Sure, not all statistics can be solid because of various reasons, but it’s still not common.

    2. Her droopy eyes speak to me
      It like “yeah I’m a smart gal, but y’know whatever, I could throw a sarcastic quip here and there”

      1. I’d probably say it is one of my major inspirations when I draw. Guess my style shows that 😛

        1. Oh speaking of Gems
          I’ve been working on my Homeworld Gemsona “Obsidian”
          I wanted to be a raging quartz warrior but I went for a different direction

          A towering Homeworld gem with a command of molten earth that I blacksmith into crude gem constrcts, the body is bloody Crimson with black coloration, a apron and a helmet that hides the face, also the gemstone is located in the base of my spine and I pull out a massive smith hammer that not only causes eruptions it can also compress minerals into gems to briefly come to form

          1. That’s a dumb sounding gem
            Obsidian plays into the molten earth motif
            I take a handful of magma, grip it, it becomes a rough gem, and they gain a fiery form

            That’s way more interesting then just a standard Quartz

          2. Eh, not really. They are more of just a fun fan character than a character you take on as yourself if that makes sense

          3. Woo! Gemsonas are fun!

            I had an idea of a light weight kind of scout gem. Probably a bit bigger than little Peridot. I dont have a name for her but she would wear a hood. The weapon would be a short bow. She usually sneaks into rebel bases to spy but will occasionally be sent to kill unoticed

          4. Thats cool my gemsona is a fusion of jet and brown topaz called andalusite, topaz weapon is a battle axe and jet has a katana while andalusite fuse the two and creates a scythe idk how to describe its appearance other that unlike other gems it is more male looking lol but here are pictures of the gems

          5. Also i forgot to say that topaz controls fire and jet controls smoke as andalusite is a fusion of the two it naturally controls both

  26. The rotomdex is actually a wise idea for guidance, the reason for this is text that people don’t repeat in the game, i cannot tell you how many times i missed cues in black and white and the sequels. and x and y due to people saying stuff once, then leaving, i had to look EVERYWHERE… for certain plot points to continue the story. The best advice i used to be able to give was “Talk to everyone you possibly can, go anywhere you can think of.” which is also mentioned it the game, but only by once person… Now we do have better help, the only concerns i have are fuzziness of the hints (“fuzzy” meaning cryptic or puzzle like, Think Zelda) the frequency of the hints, and the ability to toggle the hints for less aggravation. If the hints are too frequent, it will be annoying, but i still want them just in case… so they might as well be there, this include the dex talking about story events, maybe even with other trainers or people.

    1. Well speaking of Zelda, I hope it’s not the Pokemon version of “HEY, LISTEN!” 😀

      But I’d want to ping my Rotomdex buddy once in a while (manually of course, please don’t interrupt me) in case it says something funny.

        BZZZZZZZZzzzzzzrrrrrrrrr…..low battery, you should take a break

          1. It’s blocked by a Tree
            And reminds you every .5 seconds you aren’t attempting to get it

  27. I know I said I wasn’t going to nuzlocke Platinum…
    So I’m doing Pearl instead 😉

  28. Best thing from the trailer. Buuut, I hope it doesn’t get too annoying and there’s a setting on DexTom to limit its convos and tips.

  29. Wow gf is naming so many things after flowers lately, i just found out that hau is hawaiian for a type of hibiscus i wonder how all these names and the interview about the future of pokemon being flowers fit together

  30. Before I call it a night I have something incredibly important to say
    I just had a stroke of genius, I should let my chest hair grow out, and I’ll shave it in the pattern of a desert cow skull
    That is all

  31. Anyone wanna guess the town naming theme? Maybe plants since Game Freak loves flowers this gen

      1. Well, it seems that they’re naming something after Hawaiian names for colours. Possibly the islands.

        Seems like the player may start on Melemele island (which is yellow).

    1. I thought that the only town naming theme was in Kanto, and after that there was none?

  32. So when I wrote about Rotom being refreshed in this gen, I thought of my top ten most forgettable pokemon. They are based on my own playthroughs but also based on what I have/haven’t seen in the community. These are pokemon I just never hear anything about, haven’t really ever been heavily featured in the anime, etc. #10 actually is one of my favorites as it was the first pokemon card I ever received, but I think it is severely overlooked. They are also based on the fact that there might be a better pokemon of the same type like with #10, or they may not be the most helpful in a playthrough).

    Here goes: (I tried picking at least one from every gen too).
    10. Dewgong
    9. Durant
    8. Swoobat
    7. Binacle
    6. Carbink
    5. Stantler
    4. Volbeat/ Illumise
    3. Porygon2
    2. Lumineon
    1. Mothim

    Agree? Disagree?

    1. I usually remember a large majority of Pokémon, including everything on your list with the exception of Stantler. Stantler was definitely forgotten.

      1. Lol right? I mean, I knew of all of them (I have a pretty good memory) except Porygon2- I always forget about him. I was also hesitant to put any gen 6 pokemon on this list, but I feel that twenty years from now, those two will be flying under the radar of every player.

        1. I won’t ever forget about Porygon, Porygon2, or Porygon-Z because they’ll never be showcased on the anime.

    2. Agree for most part except porygon 2. Now i know you may not see it a lot but its there very frequently. Porygon 2 is on same level as Porygon Z competitively. Porygon 2 has amazing bulk and with eviolite it just sooooo good. So i wouldnt say porygon 2 is forgotten. But hey you may not play competitive that much. I would replace porygon 2 with maractus or heatmor.

          1. Im just now realizing how many bug types are on this list. Most unused type until gen 5? I think so.

          2. I hope Alola has a Bug-type specialist in its Elite Four. Make us remember though frustration.

          3. I kinda want it to be 100% unique Elite Four member types, and we’ve already had Aaron.

    3. I always remembered Dewgong cause it destroyed me when I first tried to fight Lorelei in FRLG.

      Lumineon is so forgettable it’s memorable to me, same with a bulk of that list.

    4. I think this is highly subjective. I don’t find mothim forgettable because there was a week in DP where I absolutely loved it. I still love swoobat and woobat, and their signature heart stamp, I thought they were really cool. Dewgong is more memorable for me than Walrein, I adore it its absolutely beautiful. And I remember stantler, though I don’t like it, because I thought deer Pokemon had much more potential ( which then came through Sawbuck and was perfected in Xerneas)

    5. Carbink features highly in the Diancie Movie, though…

      It’s a movie that isn’t well received, however, can’t blame you for not seeing it…

    1. We will probably get minimal news items. I heard Corocoro has been de-emphasized as a source of pokemon games info because they have to print their mag before street date and sometimes someone gets an early copy, which is the source of the leaks.

  33. I’m fine with it considering tons of RPGs have the same feature. Some people say it’s hand holding but at least it isn’t a free legendary like in ORAS.

  34. I wonder if sun/moon are gonna have a good place to hatch eggs like XY and ORAS

    I was also wonder if it was gonna have an underwater bridge like black/white two cause of all the water but then verlisify had to ruin it for me

  35. I dig it, it’s refreshing and I love the QR function to share with your friends.

  36. So Goodra didn’t rejoin by the looks of it
    But a interesting note that Alain totally smashed through the Shalour city gym, and I hypothesize he is on a gym leader warpath annihilating each gym with his M. Charizard to gain enough badges to enter the Kalos league to fight more Megas

    1. Goodra will be battling in the league but isn’t available for battle now. But that’s why ash cheered as Goodra agreed to fight in the league.

      1. Well I only had episode pics so I couldn’t see that
        But nonetheless they’re delaying the episode by a week

        1. That’s only from what I saw on Twitter haha. Yeah that’s a pain what are u hoping for in the Kalos league ? 🙂

      2. Lol you’re literally talking out of your arse. There isn’t any proof or indication Goodra will be battling in the league.

        1. Considering there isn’t enough time for Ash to catch a 6th, I assume Goodra will be fighting in the league.

          Unless of course worse case scenario, Ash doesn’t even need a 6th cos he doesn’t get far enough in the league, which would be a shame.

          Of course he could always call on his reserves at Oaks, something I would love to see.

          1. He should have won the Sinnoh league, but the writers decided to drop the most irrelevant cunt Tobias upon us. Unova league was meh, but I still think he should have won that one too.

            Winning the Kalos league would be the ultimate reward for his hard work and dedication to his mons. But yeah, there’s the issue with the 6th pkmn. Personally, I dont think he will catch one, the league starts after the next 2 episodes, and unless they have something planned like having him catch a fully evolved mon, or one without evo line, I dont see it happening. I think its either Goodra or one of his reserves at Oak (Glalie or Heracross my preference) that will join his team.

          2. Honestly I didn’t mind him losing in Sinnoh. While I agree he was arguably at his best during Sinnoh, I think him losing after having done slightly better than previously was good for him.

            However what occurred during Unova never should have happened.

            Right now I think is a good time for Ash to win the League, however I wouldn’t be disappointed if he loses in the final to Alain, provided we get some epic battles.

            As for his reserves I’m hopeful he will rotate with his reserves for each battle, however I’ve heard he will only be using his Kalos gang…disappointing 🙁

          3. Well, his Goodra is a massive tank, almost impossible to defeat because of its incredible endurance, so in that light I wouldn’t mind it if it returns. But personally, I have issues with having the same type more than once in your team. Ash already has 3 flying types (albeit dual) and personally I find it rather overkill if he added a 2nd Dragon to his team, regardless of how powerful Goodra is.

        2. Lol you must be new, usually we don’t attack people for nothing here. Anyway it was what was on Twitter. Calm down or the Mods will ban you. Idiot

    1. I found it difficult to find a real theory in there. I just found many small connections. The video was all over the place with small connections, so it was hard to follow. If you would tell me exactly what the theory is then it would be much appreciated.

      1. Did you watch the whole vid? He sums it all up at the ending. Basically they believe the evil team’s plan is to use Solgaleo/Lunala for Harmonic Convergence and use the Planetary Alignment to destroy all life and create a new world peace.

        1. I got that part, but many of their points had nothing to do with that. Points such as the HGSS connections, the starter mineral references, and much of the azoth research.

          1. Well tbh, I do think its odd both Azoth and Eliphas (hopefully I spelt it right) are in the same movie, and both are connected to alchemy. Not to mention Azoth is mentioned in both X/Y and ORAS. It wouldn’t surprise me if GF decided to explore the whole alchemy thing, and how it would work within the Pokémon universe.

          2. They pretty much already paved the way for it with Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde, who represent the myth of the Tree of Life, which also happens to be connected to alchemy.

    2. Great connections, but didn’t really come together as a whole.

      Maybe the theme is alchemy? And I think a lot of Kalos plot will be cleared up in these games

    3. I’m about halfway through the vid atm, but from what I’m hearing, are they implying Mega evos are basically temporary mutations?

      1. Since the symbol is a DNA symbol, I kind of figure it was a mutation where the pokemon [at hand] is able to express genes that it could not have normally express.

    4. I think that the whole Ho-oh and Lugia thing is a product of confirmation bias, and nothing more. Our minds work to create patterns out of fragments; It seems that the clouds, and other “connections”, seem to only vaguely depict Ho-oh and Lugia, not wholly.

    5. Btw, at the end of the vid, they sort of make the suggestion Synergy might very well be in S/M, even though you are firmly against that.

  37. I hope Mega Evolution returns once again in S/M. I’m rather confused by the rhombus-shaped stone in the bracelet. I believe it’s something that relates or controls Solgaleo and Lunala (kinda of obvious). I think it would act as a pseudo Key Stone, allowing the trainer to access Mega Evolution. I swear, I hope it doesn’t become anything that relates Ash-Greninja. I’ve had enough new features for Pokemon. Mega Evolution should soak in a bit before an entirely new concept is revealed.

    1. I think its pretty safe to say that Mega Evos will return in S/M. It is a highly succesful formula, so I see no reason for GF to abandon it (yet).

      The bracelets the protagonists wear look like fancy Mega Bracelets, but the stone in them are different, they’re roughly the same diamonds Jarvis has in his staff, and he uses that staff to force a Pokémon to mega evolve, without actually using a Mega Stone.

      1. He is corrupt and aims to take control of the Azoth Kingdom by exploiting Magearna’s powers. Jarvis is also a brilliant scientist who has used the practice of Mystery Science to create his own dark arts called “Neo Mystery Science.” With these dark arts he then created a technique dubbed “Mega Wave” which, unlike Mega Evolution, ignores the bonds between trainer and Pokémon and can Mega Evolve many Pokémon at once.
        Utilizing Mega Wave, he has constructed an army of Mega Evolved Pokémon and placed it under the supervision of his subordinates Dohga and Ether.

      2. I hope we get some new megas on Pokémon that don’t evolve at all this time around. I love mega evolution and I’m glad it stuck around.

    2. I feel that it will be something cliche with the rhombus stone bracelet. Hau will give it to you and he will be “I got it as a gift from my grandpa pretty sweet right? you can have it you want” and then when confronting the legendaries the bracelet will start shining and he will be like “oh granda wasnt kidding when he said the bracelet holded a special power huh”

    3. Exactly. It is way too early for another battle mechanic, much less another Pokemon form change. It would seem like mega evolution (and the supposed synergetic evolution) was rushed. We do not need another metagame changing mechanic like Megas.

  38. Having a full roster. Close to E4.

    *whistles a happy tune*

    Walks into Route XXX!


    “HEY, LISTEN!”

    x_x ‘

  39. Hes much too nice. Rotom is supposed to be a trickster pokemon not a buddy. I think you should be able to remove him from the dex

  40. I understand that Nintendo wants to attract new and younger fans to the series and a Pokedex that’s actually a Pokemon is cute for the first and second graders Sun and Moon seem to be aimed at, but that being said I didn’t like RotomDex, it was another thing that kept holding my hand and beating me over the head with hints about things the game could have let me figure out in a less annoying and obvious way. This was my least favourite instalment of the series since Ruby/Sapphire, which with its Pokemon that looked like Digimon or Transformers, beauty contests and short length compared to the previous generation also seemed aimed more towards younger children than the 10-11 year-olds the generation I games targeted. Rather than fixing the issues we’ve been waiting to see addressed since G&S came out nearly 20 years ago in Japan, particularly the lack of a good post-game to make finishing the Pokedex less monotonous and provide more immersion, a more developed Pokemon League championship and features that use the game’s internal clock, Game Freak and Nintendo keep rebooting the franchise, as if they’re not sure what they really think Pokemon should be. In Black and White they finally gave us the closest thing to a sequel to Gold and Silver, but in generations VI and VII they’ve completely changed a lot of the things that made those games good and spun off in totally different directions.

    One good thing about Sun and Moon is that in a sense you can finally defend your championship, although functionally it’s the same as all the previous games, the only difference being that when you redo the Elite Four you face a random trainer rather than your rival.

  41. The rotom dex is stupid. It’s an annoying mess. This is the “new advanced” dex, and it doesn’t even have a national dex. Not to mention that the one really helpful thing, the map with an objective marker, is constantly obscured because the stupid thing won’t shut up. And it’s not helpful talking, it’s just repeating exactly what was just said in the last cutscene. I know to go to the place, they just told me, how about you do your job and TELL ME HOW TO GET THERE!
    Beyond that, there’s a camera function (which isn’t even a part of the actual dex, its an addon you get a little later) but there’s like, what, 5 places to use it in the entire region? I honestly forgot it existed because there was never a reason to use it outside of the one trial near the end of the game. The rotom dex is junk.

  42. As someone who has played every single pokemon game, except Trozei and any PC / Console related ones, who has also grew up alongside Pokemon and plays the living hell out of each game my overall feelings on it are well… I love it! Its something new to do and interact with and play with and it sure as hell beats a static bottom screen with nothing at all or something like the PokePhone cx ( not saying that it was bad or anything 😛 )

    It kinda reminds me of what they did back in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and I really love Rotem Dex.. Only thing I hate is that recently RotomDex doesnt want to shut the f up about giving me “hints” even after Ive been doing the hints for a long time. Overall I love this feature and its something new that I really enjoyed and hope to see in future games!

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