E3 is coming…

E3 is just around the corner and it’s shaping up to be a big one!

Here on PokéJungle we’re going to provide live coverage of the Nintendo E3 event where we’re expecting BIG Pokémon Sun & Moon news. For reference, E3 in 2013 revealed: the Fairy-Type, Sky Battle, Pokémon Amie, Rhyhorn Riding, Horde Battles and a handful or Pokémon.

Our live coverage will take place at 9AM PT on Tuesday 14th of June, after which we will provide timely updates should more information arrive. On Wednesday June 15 and 10AM PT, there will be a live Pokémon GO developer Q&A session. You can expect a live stream of the Nintendo event and written updates both here and on Twitter for those who can’t watch live.

As we said, we’re expecting some big stuff next week, but we really have no idea what could be revealed. Could it be the Synergy Evolution we speculated about earlier in the year? A handful of new Pokémon? Let us know your ideas and thoughts in the comments!



To summarise:

Nintendo @ E3 live coverage: Tuesday, June 14 at: 9AM PT, 12PM EDT, 5PM BST, 6PM CST, 1AM JST.