E3 is coming…

E3 is just around the corner and it’s shaping up to be a big one!

Here on PokéJungle we’re going to provide live coverage of the Nintendo E3 event where we’re expecting BIG Pokémon Sun & Moon news. For reference, E3 in 2013 revealed: the Fairy-Type, Sky Battle, Pokémon Amie, Rhyhorn Riding, Horde Battles and a handful or Pokémon.

Our live coverage will take place at 9AM PT on Tuesday 14th of June, after which we will provide timely updates should more information arrive. On Wednesday June 15 and 10AM PT, there will be a live Pokémon GO developer Q&A session. You can expect a live stream of the Nintendo event and written updates both here and on Twitter for those who can’t watch live.

As we said, we’re expecting some big stuff next week, but we really have no idea what could be revealed. Could it be the Synergy Evolution we speculated about earlier in the year? A handful of new Pokémon? Let us know your ideas and thoughts in the comments!



To summarise:

Nintendo @ E3 live coverage: Tuesday, June 14 at: 9AM PT, 12PM EDT, 5PM BST, 6PM CST, 1AM JST.


  1. GET HYPE.

    Also, guys a friendly reminder… We have forums set up for discussing all things not relating to Pokémon. This includes other games, TV series and you can even use it to share your shower thoughts with us.

    As we head into the E3 and Corocoro period our comments are likely to go crazy. We’d appreciate it if you talk all other non-Pokémon discussion over there to help us keep on top of things.


  2. Ryhorn is spelled rhyhorn:)
    Anyway i dont expect big news at e3 MAYBE A new pokemon. But i think we will get be getting gameplay so maybe some music and routes

  3. I’m not sure what kind of game play footage they can show that’s not cut up like a trailer. Maybe they’ll do what they did for XY and have the tree house people play a section of a single route and just fill it out with stuff that’s not typically in said route. Like the Skiddo on route 4. That way they can show us what the game is like without giving us too much of the actual game. Also isn’t there suppose to be a special thing on Thursday as well? I’d be willing to bet any organized info we get will come from that. I definitely think we’ll get a new Pokemon. Maybe two if we’re lucky. I also saw somewhere that apparently Masuda said that in CoroCoro we’d get a look at a special move used by Magearna. June is such a great month for Pokemon news lol

  4. Couldn’t you only ride 1 Ryhorn for 2 seconds? -,-
    But I guess Skiddo and Gogoat made up for that.
    I Really want the anime like action trailer to be released!

    1. Don’t they only do those anime trailers for the “in-between” games. They did one for B2W2 and then one for ORAS, but I don’t remember them making one for X and Y.

      1. Yeah, I was going to say that was a possibility, but we all know this. I think it’s too soon to find a pattern and say only for in between games because it’s relatively new anyways.
        But yeah, that also makes sense.
        Maybe they do that because they know how hype it gets us.
        And by then all the gym leaders and Pokemon are well known.
        Maybe it’s more so to get people excited to play the same game twice! ?

  5. I hope they show us a new feature such as the Pokémon Riding or Soaring feature in ORAS. I’d also be happy if they revealed a few new gen 7 Pokémon 🙂

    Give me more Pokémon I say haha. (Well Pokémon that are actually useful in design )

    1. Same i fear the lack of pokemon revealed means there wont be very many new ones. Honestly the only reason why i think there will be 120+ is because its an odd number regioned. I know relying on patterns isnt the best idea but what else do we have

      1. Strangely. .. I feel their kind of done introducing a lot of Pokemon in any new region again.. at least not on a relatively medium looking region of islands..
        I think the test will stick to maybe a little more than Kalos.
        Unless they get desperate to get more players again..

  6. As I said before
    I am extremely excited to see Zelda Wii U, we are in dire need of a megaton blockbuster game and Zelda Wii U could be it
    With all the time spent on this and the complete secrecy this will be in no doubt be amazing
    also Yooka-Laylee is looking phenomenal

    And lastly if the Skylanders trailer wows me I’ll get it

    1. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are the real stars of this E3, but yeah I’m really looking forward to Zelda Wii U and Yooka-Laylee as well.

      1. I was about to say ‘Well, didn’t know they were going to start at 3 AM over there, good luck’ xD

  7. To anyone curious, the “handful” of Pokemon revealed at E3 2013 total to 9, and were Talonflame, Clauncher, Skrelp, Litleo, Scatterbug, Spewpa, Vivilion, Noivern, and Flabebe. The pokemon were not all revealed at once, as I believe Litleo and Flabebe were showcased at the round table on the last day after CoroCoro had leaked. I hope we can expect a similar amount of Pokemon this time around. Personally, what I am most looking forward too is the music we will hear from the demo they are showing off. I hope we get some time when the people from the treehouse aren’t talking so I can get a good feel of the theme.

    1. Exactly, I’m super excited to hear more music 😀
      Just hearing the theme in the trailers gets me too hyped

      1. Well, E3 2013 is when we got the first new music of XY, being Lumiose city. What I really hope is that we get a trailer with new music so we don’t have to listen to commentary.

        1. I remember 🙂
          It was one of the early route musics if I remember correctly, and it sounded so classical and French to me. It was March-like
          It might have also included Lumiose city, but I know I heard the early route music too

    2. Actually just to clarify, we got Talonflame, Skrelp, Clauncher and Noivern from E3, while we got Litleo, Flabebe, Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon from the Corocoro leaks a day later. But we could totally expect a similar setup this year!

      1. Actually, we got Vivillon and Noivern from the E3 direct, Talonflame, Clauncher and Skrelp on the show floor and the rest (Scatterbug, Spewpa, Litleo and Flabebe), although I believe Litleo was shown in a private conference at E3 as well.

  8. Also isn’t there supposed to be a special presentation on the 16th or did I misunderstand?

      1. I could’ve sworn that there was something on the 16th (the last day) though.

          1. I didn’t catch that. My apologies. And Masuda will be appearing too during the timeframe of E3, a blog post on Twitter confirmed he’s flying out tomorrow.. So I’m sure whatever it is, it will big. Oh god. I’m nervous about the 16th.

          2. No need for apology, you were just trying to answer a question. 🙂 I think the special will be when we get the real stuff, while the demo will just be footage of what we already know.

  9. I wonder if they’ll reveal the supposed final starter evolutions to combat the leaks

      1. He bloody implied Noctowl and Honchcrow could possibly be Rowlet evolutions ffs

          1. YES EXACTLY! Just check his channel mate, all of his vids are just complete frauds and make zero sense.

          2. THAT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER!!!! The fact is they are completely different Pokemon…….sorry just the very fact he said that made me angry……didn’t mean to yell at you…..lol

    1. Like there’s absolutely no substance in this video lmfao. I learned literally nothing new.

    2. Yeah I too am not a fan of his, saw that he implied Rowlett evolutions could have been Noctowl haha. The man is an idiot haha. 🙂

      1. I think he was using them as an example of how the evolutions might shape up compared to the position of the Pokeballs

    3. I hate majority of the annoying PokeTubers. They all have click-bait issues and are simply in it for the money. Verlisify is the nasty furry of the pack.

      1. Verlis and TyranitarTube are #1 and #2 on my shit list, I absolutely despise them.

        1. Yes. I couldn’t agree with you more. Toss giancarloparimango11 onto that list. Together they make the Triforce of Horrid, Click-baity Youtubers.

    4. I saw this yesterday and thought, “…or they’re positioned as such to fit the sprite…”

  10. I did not know about the E3 Special Presentation on the 16th and was misinformed and was told the Treehouse Sun and Moon thing would be the 14th and thought for some reason it was a Wednesday then followed by the Pokemon GO Q & A on the 15th. I’m nervous about the Special Presentation on the 16th. What will it be?

  11. I’m looking forward to Sony and Nintendo’s E3. I believe Nintendo will reveal the actual name of Zelda Wii U and show a huge amount of gameplay and features. I just cannot wait for the Sun & Moon reveal. There going to show a huge amount of Pokemon and show how the battles potential work. This is about to be a good E3 this year!

    1. Watch Dogs 2 (dont hate), Zelda Wii U, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and S/M and who knows what else. So psyched for this E3

  12. Actually, what I’m most looking forward to is hearing the pronounciation of Rowlet to see if my Rowlet theory (that he will be an archer) holds up or not. Though I’m guessing the treehouse people aren’t told how to pronounce things.

      1. I mean from what we know this is the most plausible theory to me, and we really don’t know much.

      2. It needs to happen.
        If Rowlet does evolve into an Archer, I would totally name it Oliver 🙂 I WOULD FINALLY HAVE A NICKNAME FOR IT 😀

    1. I just say Row-let. If the “leaked” final evolution is anything to go off of; it might actual be rather plausible.

          1. Oh. The theory is the it could be (ar)rowlet, the Leafage is a barrage of leaves, like arrows, and looks like an arrow tip, and Rowlet is the grass quill Pokemon. Going off of what we know, I think it’s possible.

          2. By (ar)Rowlet I mean that Rowlet’s name could be a combination of arrow and owlet.

          3. Actually someone else came up with Quivoot I can’t remember, maybe it was shady but I thought of Bowinowl

    1. I hope the Rowlet and Popplio ones but Litten’s is disgusting. Either way, I don’t think they will because they don’t really look like the style of pokemon.

  13. Alrighty everyone, for those of you who saw the latest Gamexplain theory/stretch, I have confirmation from some friends that the AZOTH analysis stuff is (partially) incorrect. While A does correspond to Alpha, which represents the beginning, and Z & O/Omega represent the end, all the stuff about Tav is wrong. Although it is the end of the Hebrew alphabet, it isn’t pronounced “Th”, like how Theta is pronounced. It’s pronounced just like the letter “t”, which is the same pronunciation of the letter Tau in the Greek Alphabet. Sry m8s

    1. I don’t get why they felt the need to shoehorn in the stuff about the name. There’s enough evidence supporting the use of Azoth, didn’t really need to try break it down into being Alpa, Omega etc.

      1. I know, it just seemed like so much filler stuff, that’s vaguely related to everything. For all we know, it could be AZoth, where it was supposed to be Moth, but the M got taken out and replaced by AZ b/c it’s the “middle” letter of the alphabet. There’s just no point in theorizing about what the oth/th part means, because it likely means nothing!

    2. I still found it interesting regardless and it sill has some major points to it, even with some of the stretching.
      It’s interesting to think about, and the connection is somewhat there already.

    3. I’m sorry, but Theta and Tau are pronounced the same for their t in Ancient Greek. It’s only in Modern Greek that it changed but it has no important scientific or philosophical value anymore.

      That said, native English speakers are very bad at trying to pronounce the correct vowels and consonants in other languages, that’s why all their words sound so unlike what they originally are.

      1. Really? That’s interesting because it doesn’t make much sense to me why there’d be two different letters with the same pronunciation.

        1. Modern Greek changed quite a lot from what it used to be, for example, Beta is actually pronounced as a v nowadays. There’s a very small difference, but Theta is not the th sound it is in English (and especially not an ee sound)

          1. Sorry for butting in but that’s actually a pretty neat thing to know ! Thanks 😀

    4. As someone who speaks hebrew myself, I can guarantee that Taf is not pronounced TH, but T. There is no th in the Hebrew alphabet.

  14. All right guys, With E3 5 days away i think to build a new way to get to Alola And E3 i give you the Plans for the Hype-Plane-Train! 😀

    1. We’ll just hijack a cruise ship and crash into any island that isn’t Alola

  15. I just noticed the site change to a rowlet and the teal colour, and I must say its very nice. Love it.

  16. Hey everyone while we are discussing the sheer idiocy of some youtubers can I suggest one that is still fairly unknown but honestly he puts so much work into his stuff ( fact wise ) he is called MandJTV Pokevids. If your geeky or into science you will love some of his videos. The only ones I’m not a fan of are the Pokémon Talk ones all the rest are very good.

    Also a shout out to GameXplain while they are not Poketubers they are good for analysing videos and pointing out easy to miss details. Be warned tho as they tend to be a bit over zealous and get some things totally wrong. Still a good channel however 🙂

    But yeah defo give MandJTV Pokevids a watch 🙂

    1. I like Alex Ogloza because he’s just so, cute, and melts my heart. I also like Jimmy Whetzel because he’s pretty funny. (Although jimmy only does pokemon sometimes) But ill deff be checking out this MandJTV person 🙂

      1. I love Alex! His videos are informative and entertaining, and like you mentioned he’s cute!

  17. here’s the list that i want to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

    1. I like to see some new mega evolutions for Johto,Sinnoh and Unova.

    2.more fire types and more fighting types

    3.Legendary Trio based on Hawaiian gods since alola is based on Hawaii

    4.prehistoric Hawaiian creatures

    5.a new type of evolution: Fusion Evolution or Synchro Evolution.

    6.over 100 new Pokemon hopefully.

    7.changing your players clothes

    8.the return of unity Tower!


      1. If we had fusion evolution, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to it as long as it wasn’t permanent. But, I’d probably still never use it… so therefore I’d hate for it to get too much attention.

        1. *Spits* as I’ve shouted in the past
          The only bloody reason everyone is getting synchro boners is that people are really really stupid and rush to think some little wristwatch is automatically a fusing device and peg Ash-Greninja as a thing when everyone should know this was explained in the Anime site that this happens every 100 years with special Greninja “Special” meaning descendents of the Ninja Hero’s Greninja which Greninja might be,
          (Not to mention writer laziness to avoid giving Ash a traditional Mega so they gave him a pseudo-mega)

          And what possible flipping benefit would come from our Pokemon mega evolving into a form of us, it’s basically Mega Evolution without a type or ability change and without a stone which is kinda bull because if Megas didn’t have to hold stones it would tear the meta several new orifices

          1. My post was mostly anti it, though, it was mostly targeting fusion. I don’t like it much. It would take one of my nicknames away.

          1. To be fair, I think the idea I have in my head is a bit different to what everyone else things. I don’t want no weird fusion crap.

        1. THAT’S IT
          *starts maniacally pulling your limbs from their sockets, blood gushing and bones breaking*
          *Screams of agony flood the room*
          *Pulls the meat off with my bare teeth*
          *Kicks your battered body onto your chest, pulls out a dirk and carves out the word WELCOME into the back flesh*
          *a long line of gigantic Sasquatches lines up*

          1. If only…I’d be the sexiest welcome mat ever!
            *walks away with limbs intact*

      2. I’m surprised you can get away with threatening people with physical violence over the internet on a regular basis! 🙂

      1. The amount of hatred I now possess is now so deep it cannot be measured with current science

    2. Bleh. The mention of Synchro and Fusion Evolution. Why do people even want these features. Mega Evolution is good enough. Anyways, Unity Tower is not coming back because it’s based in New York, like the actual United Nations. Also, changing clothes is basically confirmed due to the main male character changing to a black and white striped shirt in the first trailer.

  18. Luckily, the only E3 event I’ll be missing is the PC Gaming Show on Monday, since I’ll be taking my drivers license test at that time. I play games from every company, so I will be tuning into every conference I can…especially Nintendo! I personally hope we get another Pokemon like Noivern revealed (in other words, a fully-evolved, well-designed example of an Alola Pokemon). I also want the new Zelda to have an awesome title, in addition to amazing gameplay!

          1. Yeah I know, lots of people here are strictly Nintendo, and I totally respect that. I will always be a Nintendo (and Pokemon) lover at heart, but I branch out to every type of game. The E3 2016 Pokemon Special has me more excited than everything else!

          2. Sadly Pokémon is the only thing I’ll be watching the Nintendo broadcast for. 🙁

            What’s your PSN by the way?

  19. This has nothing to do with E3 but I’m hoping that once again we get a region map poster as a pre order bonus, as I love having those on my wall.

    1. Ehhh I painted my pad so I can’t do any posters
      I’m thinking of getting a big nature inspired tapestry

      1. That sounds nice. I have lots of video game posters on my wall, so I want to add sun and moon to the wall of fame.

        1. My wall of game (see what I did there) is on its last mantle space, just enough for Sun and Moon but that’s it

      1. You should’ve done my Excadrill as Kamina
        And I can’t stress this enough just the cape and glasses

        Also fun fact my two star Pokemon are based on Drills
        Which is one of my favorite weapons

  20. Corocoro leaks during this days right do you guys think we’ll finally see new pokemons? Before the E3

    1. I don’t really know. I kinda hope we don’t because if it shows off what we see at E3, that will make E3 disappointing to me.

    2. It’s currently 1:54pm on the 10th in Japan. Corocoro could leak as early as very late tonight, but will most likely be some time over the next four days. For reference, the E3 Treehouse is at 1am on the 15th in Japan, I expect Corocoro to leak before then.

      However, I do feel the need to put a disclaimer here. Corocoro will leak before E3, but it may not necessarily have new information. The Corocoro issue released in June 2013 had different info to the E3 that month, but TPC seems to be keeping everything close to their chest, so it’s possible Corocoro will only be a recap of the site update earlier this month.

        1. You’re off by almost a week. Only the September issues (that come out in August) come out on the 10th. This month’s issue is out on the 15th just like every other month. If it’s out on the 15th, it leaks on the 11th to 14th. If you’re right and it is released on the 10th (which, again, is today in Japan). we should have had leaks 2-3 days ago.

          But yes, as I said in my previous post, Corocoro will leak before E3.

  21. So, I wanna watch E3 from the very first day, but I’m not sure which site to watch it on. Any suggestions? Also, anyone else gonna watch it from the beginning?

    1. Pretty much all the big sites have streams set up. IGN, Gamespot, I think maybe Kotaku would have one, and Giant Bomb does a stream as well.

    2. I’d recommend getting on Twitch or something and just following along on there. Are you interested in the conferences of EVERYTHING? Because there’s pretty much something going on for the entirety of each day.

      1. Yeah, I wanna check everything out. It used to be on TV, the G4 channel about 2 or 3 years back. Since then, I just try go all over. I wanna find a solid site. I think I was on GameSpot last year. My issue is that not every site has a great live video player. Thanks, though.

  22. Honestly it’s kind of disappointing that all you get for mastering all contest ranks is a lucarionite..

    1. I think the mega stone hunt is getting tedious, especially if they keep adding Megas at this rate.

        1. Misuse of this gif! You only use this after someone gives such a sassy retort as to “body someone”

  23. Looking back at the E3 trailer for pokemon x and y. And omg I miss Iwata so much.

    I got to meet him in Japan, and he is so kind and has such a gentle personality.

  24. will guys start the Majora’s Mask countdown,because we are just four days away until more Pokemon Sun and Moon info! 😀

    1. Well, there’s no “96 hours remaining” graphic, by the way. It only works when 3 days (72 hours) remain.

      1. E3 2016 Pokémon Special – 16th June at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 3pm UK / 4pm CET
        An exciting development, this will be focused entirely on Pokémon, though beyond that details are slim.

  25. @movingg:disqus you put June 9th as the date for the E3 coverage. That was yesterday ;3;

  26. hey guys I need some help upgrading the hype train for upcoming ride for E3 and some more info on Pokemon Sun and Moon!

  27. So can people explain what exactly we should be expecting (not in terms of speculated content, but like are we expecting CoroCoro to leak any day now, and what exactly is going on at E3?)?

  28. well guys start the Majora’s Mask countdown,because we’re just three days away until the information on Pokemon sun and moon a lot more.

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