Most Popular Pokémon Crowned in Japan

ash-greninjaLong live the King. Although I stuck Dunsparce up top, the results collected in Japan for the most popular Pokémon out of all 720 where as follows:

  1. Greninja
  2. Arceus
  3. Mew
  4. Pikachu
  5. Sylveon

Court jester, ie: least popular Pokémon, went to poor Simisear. Results were perhaps unsurprising given the frequency at which Greninja and Pikachu appear in the anime and promotional goods, along with Sylveon. What do you think of the results?!

<3 PJ

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      1. Then his Majesty shall punish ye through hanging ye with his Majesty’s tongue instead of a rope in front of his royal subjects.

        1. It would be hard I’m 1,505.8 lbs 17ft beast not to mention resists normal,and water

          1. Are ye stating that His Majesty, the great and powerful Greninja, can not hold 1,505.8 pounds-eth with his Majesty’s all powerful tongue-eth.

      1. Greninja has knocked Pikachu of its throne in terms of popularity, and is basically now the face of Pokemon in Japan. You’d be surprised how sensitive corporations (in any branche) are to that.

        Charizard has never been as popular as Greninja, and also doesn’t have a unique transformation (not counting mega atm) like Greninja.

        Why wouldn’t be possible?

          1. Pikachu like level resets every region, but greninja can’t do that as it will turn into froakie. Argument can be made that pikachu doesnt turn into pichu every region, but back in the kanto region, pikachu was the primary evo, and they can’t change that.

          2. Pikachu being the Primary evolution and also, you can have a level 2 Pika because Pichu evolves by Friendship+1 level.

          1. Ash’s Charizard is popular, but has never been as popular as his Greninja. Not so hard to figure that one out. Ash’s Greninja is basically Ash but as a Pokémon, not even Pikachu is that similar to him. I think thats why Greninja is so popular, because he truly reflects what Ash stands for.

      1. I mean… some might say Dunsparce is better than Stunfisk and some might say otherwise. Competitive-wise, I don’t really know.

  1. I don’t think this is entirely a popularity survey. It’s also partially a giveaway survey, which prooooobably explains the multiple mythicals in the top 5. <3

        1. Yeah it also has piss poor stats
          Anything it can do is outclassed by any other final fire type

    1. Simisear reall isn’t that bad for 2 real reasons, 1. you get access to it early in B&W so it’s simple. 2. it gives you a fire type to deal with them pesky bug, grass, ice types which two are used in gyms. I would say that likely Gorebyss should have been lower yet even it still has it’s perks.

  2. Honestly sorta surprised by Arceus, I didn’t think that many people really liked it much. I’m pretty neutral on it myself

    1. This was for an event giveaway so I bet a lot of people voted specifically for legendaries because they wanted another legendary giveaway. I’d be interested in seeing what the list looks like with legendaries removed.

        1. Hmm, Archeops surprises me. Maybe it’s because being a fossil it’s harder to get…? Or maybe it’s legitimately popular and I’m out of the loop. Not surprised at all to see Charizard, Lucario, Pikachu and Eevee up that high though. Look how high up Arbok is!

  3. I can’t say I’m really all that surprised and can’t say I really care. I will say I’m a little disappointed that Simisear was the least liked…… I actually really like Simisear a lot! and the fact that it’s last makes me sad……lol

  4. Hmmm, why can’t amparos or Dialga be there, al least sylveon made it, I wonder what would happen if this went to other countries.

  5. Honestly, who is surprised by these results. Greninja is extremely popular in Japan due to his abilities, Protein, and Ash-Greninja. I’m just stunned that Charizard is not on the list or the Top 5.

  6. Not surprised. The ones I like are never the popular ones. I really don’t like it 4/5 of this list.

  7. I really wish Pikachu would go extinct. I’ve never liked that stupid little mouse

    1. I dislike Pikachu not for who it is, but for overshadowing Raichu, one of my favorite Pokemon.

      1. Poor Raichu. Overshadowed is an understatement. They should’ve given Raichu a mega or something to help it out.

    1. Honestly I’m surprised that after all the complaints it got Trubbish isn’t last.

    1. You can’t, that’s how

      You should focus on Mega Ninjask
      Hp the same
      Attack +50
      Def +10
      Spdef +10
      Speed +20
      It’s ability would be either Speed Boost or Technician or Adaptability
      It’s body would be relatively the same with the exoskeleton sharper and leaner, it’s “helmet” get two sets of horns facing back, and it’s little arm things grow these cool-ass Katana Blades as claws
      And it gains a third pair of wings and they’re pointy and vaguely resembling a Shuriken

      “After Mega Evolving its speed is off the charts, it can quickly strike an opponent in rapid succession in the blink of an eye”

      1. That actually sounds nice i would give it a different type than flying BUT its the only type that matches so flying can stay. Ability wise i would give it a new ability that power ups slash and claw moves. Any names?

        1. I was going to give it Dark typing because y’know ninjas and they’re much more relentless now, they could probably land 100 slashes in the time it takes to blink
          Tough Claws?

  8. #BetterNerfGreninja
    Lol i used simisear on one of my black runs. Relooking it i dont like simisear just its stance with its hands to the sides just makes it look weird. But there are worse options but people probably forgot. IE Maractus

        1. Probably because it was based on giveaway poll. Therefore top pokemon would be given away so people probably voted for that reason

          1. ok that make sense cause meloetta is literally one of the most irrelevant legendaries

        2. The survey also determines what pokemon will be given away at the theater for the Volcanion movie, so people (or at least the more mature players) are trying to get their favorite mythicals and events in so they get a free one. <3

          The kids are probably just voting what they like, so here's Greninja and Pikachu and Charizard.

  9. Starting up Pokemon Black later. Need a good pokemon for surf, any ideas?

    1. Panpour… Ducklett… and I guess that’s it for early game thingies.

      Panpour is great when it levels up to get Scald or finally grabs Surf but it’ll be really poor for a while.

    2. I just replayed it, panpour is excellent if you wait for evolution, but you could get a better hm slave out of ducklett for fly and surf, iirc

    1. I am happy Regigigas scored somewhere in the top 50, so my concerned are laid to rest and my expectations exceeded.

  10. tea and tea only. Which one is the simisear the water pre evo or fully evolved

  11. This is also off topic, but if I wanted a shiny starter in XY (literally any) would it be easier to soft reset my X or MM my Y? If O SR it would give me a reason to play through the game again, so I’m leaning toward that, but I haven’t decided yet.

    1. I imagine it would be faster to do the masuda method. You do have to go through the entire intro sequence if you’re SRing.

      1. True, but I can save right before the starter selection. I have had no luck with MM so far. I did it one time and it took me ~2500 eggs to get one shiny with the charm and everything.

        1. The closest you can get to right before the starter selection is before the long conversation with your “friends”, and if you want to nickname your character it’ll take a while too. Then you have to wait till the battle with Shauna.
          It takes a while. Far longer than doing the masuda method. MM is the safer route.

          1. I’m going to MM. Thanks for the facts. I thought you could save after the conversation.

    2. Masuda is definitely easier, but I think it’s less rewarding. I SR’d for a shiny Fennekin on my X version, Chicorita on SS, and for a shiny Treecko on OR. It’s really up to luck — It took me nearly full odds (7000+ SRs and 4 months) for my Fennekin, 3 days for Treecko. I’ve hatched a shiny Buneary in D/P/PT at full odds in 39 eggs, but seen others take so much longer using the Masuda method.

      It doesn’t help that each SR on X/Y is ~2 mins

      1. Alright. I’m going to MM something and play through with that. Thanks for the response.

  12. I feel sad for Simisear. I am using it on my Y Wedlocke playthrough and it’s putting in work. It’s also kind of cute as well. <3

      1. A Talonflame. Yeah, I know the type pairing is totally bad, but they are my power couple.
        My naming theme is various mythologies/gods, so his name is Koujin and she is named Pele.

        1. Naming themes are tough for me to come up with. A few of my ideas are flowers, minerals, I don’t really know. I’ve used snack foods, candy, and mythology so far.

          1. I usually like naming themes, I just like that part about Nuzlockes, but yeah they can be pretty tough.
            I’ve used this one plus Disney characters, Colors, Band/Music, and ATLA/LOK. I’m definitely gonna have to do food, dessert, gems, and flower themes soon. I think I will save the flower theme until I do a SM Nuzlocke/Wedlocke, since I think it fits so much.

          2. I have considered colors, but I always thought it would be bland. Especially since some of the more exotic colors are towns in Kanto.

          3. True, but there are a ton of shades of colors. I haven’t even used half of them, so I might revisit the theme once I run out of ideas.
            The fav of that playthrough was a Minccino/Cinccino named Alabaster. Sadly a crit Aqua Tail from a Basculin did him in. I stopped playing for the day, that’s how bad it was.

          4. I think it is more difficult for wedlockes because I would want polar opposite categories for different genders and that’s harder to come by.

      1. I like them better than a standard Nuzlocke, it’s the story aspect (I’m kind of a shipper myself)
        But I play both of them depending on the game/what I feel like doing.

        1. I’m bad enough at a nuzlocke. Isn’t a wedlocke the one where you can only switch between two pokemon?

          1. Yeah, only one pair in battle at a time. Basically your team is divided into 3 pairs of two Pokemon.

          2. In my noob days(emerald) I had truoble getting past the game normally, as I was only training sceptile like an idiot. So it was like lv 75 at the elite 4 and my other pokes were in their 30’s(exp share)

        1. If you read the next few comments, it says, but I’ll explain it.
          Nuzlocke is just a standard one, when it faints, it is gone, nicknames, and one per route.
          Wedlockes, however, are a variation started by Marriland, one of the first Poketubers I know, really. Basically, it’s standard rules plus you pair one female and one male Pokemon togeher. So your team is divided into 3 pairs of two Pokemon of opposite gender. In battle, you use only one pair until they faint (you can switch between pairs between battles but not during a battle). It makes it a little difficult.
          If you look up Wedlockes, you can get more info 🙂 Google is your friend.

    1. Also what ruleset do you use? I usually play 1 item per battle, set battle style, and then the normal rules.

      1. I don’t do anything else but the standard rules (aka I don’t add anything difficult to it). I’m not fond of too difficult playthroughs, I like doing them for the story/adventure aspect.
        I might start doing restrictions with items in future playthroughs, but it depends on the game.

        1. I use the rules that I use because (as psychotic as it sounds) I love the loss aspect, as it makes the game more emotional and hooks me in.

  13. I was gonna start a nuzlocke of Platinum but no fast forward so definitely not

    1. I did one once and lost to Fantina. In terms of nuzlockes it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

    2. Platinum is probably the hardest game to Nuzlocke.
      I should do one sometime, but I’ve just restarted my game and I just wanna play a normal run.

      1. I think DIamond/Pearl would be cause isn’t the Elite Four higher leveled?

        1. I dunno, but I’ve always heard that Platinum is a hard game to Nuzlocke.

          1. I do love the diversity though. I hope they do that again in Sun and Moon. It means you can’t sweep the battle with one Pokemon.

          2. I think it was because you could literally get only two fire pokemon in the main game lol

      2. It is fairly hard if you arent prepared
        Its my first nuzlocke and im heading to victory road and it has its moments. Like cyrus gyarados killed all my pokemon except 2

  14. Hey you guys. .. I posted this really late in another article but..

    I think we need a Signature flying Pokemon this Gen. Especially because some may prefer to fly from island to island if possible.

    Lapras is the Surfer, Gogoat you ride, both have special animations for this..
    Now we need a big Bird who does and has the same.

      1. Oh shoot. .. true. But I was hoping for a non legendary. One who gets prime use in anime. Legends are never plentiful in those things

        1. Yeah, talonflame, staraptor, braviary, ho-oh and many other bird-like pokemon should get their own model if soaring returns or at leats if it doesnt return they should get it for the little flying animation

          1. Yeah but I was hoping for a new Pokemon who gives rides, like skiddo barn, but this one flies

  15. Watch, because the top 50 or so pokemon are bursting with legendaries, Gamefreak will be like, “They must want a ton of legendaries in the next gen! They’re all so popular! Let’s make twice as many more!”

    1. Not really, it’s not just a popularity survey but determines a giveaway which is why people are voting in events. <3

      1. I know, I’m just saying I hope Gamefreak keeps that in mind when they look at this survey. ALSO…why magnemite!?

        1. Yeah. That is surprising. Archeops is the first non-mascot, non-legendary Pokémon on there.

  16. I got an interesting idea for a gym, it will never happen, but here goes:
    The gym leader is a cop and the gym is a prison, you have to get to the cop by finding a jail key which one of the officers has, who are the gym trainers. You could put past villians in the series into the cells which will mention little blurbs of their life or teams. (Like the arrested Sages from plasma or Charion from platinum)

    He would be a steel type gym leader with these appropriate pokemon:
    Magnezone, Klefki, Aegislash, Lucario, and a new Pokemon.

    The cop turns out to, once you beat him, reveal some info related to an old friend who helped arrest all these criminals, revealing he was in fact Looker, except he would use his real name!

    This concept is entirely for fun, do not take any of this as fact, but feel free to leave your thought on the concept~

    1. My gym leader would be deranged and sociopathic lunatic, hell bent on world domination and won’t stop until the world is under his heels
      But good luck getting that past the ESRB

      So a tiny pale blind violinist kid with a knack for Ghost types
      And his main Pokemon is a spectral hawk

      1. Wraithawk
        This Pokemon shrieks are said to be bone chilling, they’re relentless predators who strike in the dead of the night

  17. Alas we are but a mere week until E3
    So a better question remains, will Corocoro beat E3 to the punch with leaks

    1. Definitely. E3 isn’t till the 14th. Though CoroCoro promised to have exclusive news, so . . .

      1. Isn’t coro in 2 days?
        I feel E3 would show in motion everything coro shows pics of

      2. No it didnt. Unless you can provide proof beyond serebii because they have been known to provide that false info.

      1. Lots of info has already been revealed in trailers. It’s very possible corocoro could have information now

        1. They were the ones to reveal a trailer with that new scene with that supposed new Pokemon. 🙂

  18. You know what I’m Really looking forward to.. .
    Those Epic Animation Trailers they’ve been making Since black and white…
    I think they skipped making one for X & Y but I’m sure they will fit these with all the Hype!

        1. If Megas are back, the bracelets suggest something else while different will be similar and I’ll likely hate it, but eh. I want to see the actual new mons. But I don’t Corocoro has much.

  19. I finished Y version today and made a little review thing about it on the forums. But it was cool! I love that ending so much. I love AZ and his backstory and all that. I want more of him!

  20. I can not understand for the likes of me how or why greninja has become anyone’s favorite Pokemon let alone voted the new most popular. It’s tongue is WRAPPED AROUND ITS OWN NECK. How is that apealing? Mind. Fucking blown.

    1. I also dislike its design. It really makes no sense, especially from an evolutionary standpoint.

  21. Maybe Children have voted Greninja as the number 1 Pokemon in hope that Ash’s will become available, I mean there is a lot of event Pokemon on this list.

  22. I got so freaking hyped seeing Dunsparce in the thumbnail…

    Darn you Paul!

    – RanDumb

      1. Why u pick Dunsparce of all Pokemon to put a crown on?

        Wait, I was thinking of something more trollish like Luvdisc but I guess it’s too unbelievable that it won’t fool Ran at first… 😀

      1. Back Cover really gets me psyched, I’m still sad I’ve never been able to play Unchained X. Without a doubt a crucial game in the main story of KH.

        1. I play Unchained X right now. What’s keeping you from playing it, region?

          Here’s a hint: Android emulators are legit. <3

          1. Yes I’m in Europe, and I’ve used the install guide from KH13 if you’re in another region, but my phone crashes after I clear Dwarf Woodlands, so I stopped bothering. I’ll just wait till 2.8 hit the shelves probably.

          2. Ah I see. Why not play it on Nox or Bluestacks? If you are able to log onto facebook via the game, you can transfer your save data.

    1. OmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmg What is this??? They made a 2.8 and i didnt even know about it?? And it has new characters?! Where are they from? The animal masks tho! What is this??? I need this in my life omg i need a ps4

      1. 2.8 Is a HD PS4 remake collection of KH Dream Drop Distance (the 3DS title) and a 1-hour playable chapter of Aqua in the Realm of Darkness utilizing the Unreal Engine, the playable chapter is by the way completely new, and not a remake of the Final Episode in Birth by Sleep. Additionally, it contains Back Cover, which is Unchained X (the mobile title, and a prequel to BBS also) remastered in Unreal Engine style cutscenes, its not playable though.

        The new characters are The Foretellers, who were Keyblade wielders prior to BBS and one of the instigators of the Keyblade War.

        1. Omg thank you!! I played DDD so I realized that Aqua chapter was new. I heard of Unchained X but it was in japanese so i didnt play it. So all the scenes with the Foretellers are just cutscenes? The only gameplay is DDD + Aqua chapter?

          1. Yes, Back Cover will be cutscenes only (kinda like Re:Coded in 2.5 and 358/2 days in 1.5) And DDD+Aqua chapter are playable

  23. So I had a very obscure idea for a Fakemon
    i wanted to experiment with Pokemon consisting of multiple entities
    I.E. a small school of piranhas
    So basically three of the same ravenous eating machine that work with its triplets to take down much bigger prey

      1. You could actually line them up in formations for attacks as objects or patterns though, that would be cool.

        1. My thoughts exactly imagine three feeding frenzy fish that just go wild, latching on to prey and quickly tearing off chunks of the prey all working together
          But the problem is writing the biology on how they always stay together

          1. Uhhhhhh that’s more of detecting objects
            I need more of a instinctive bond or unity

            My original concept was literally a stack of them, they would be conjoined at the top and bottom and they would just feed

          2. Fish like the anglers for example use chemical colors, maybe they line up according to colors which mean different things. Like green means “ok, swim together” (idle), Purple Means “Scatter!” or Blue means “Defend us!” or red means “Attack!” and they could be markings more or less than Lumineon’s or Finneon’s.

          3. Hmmmm maybe I’ll up the anti
            They would consist of three-four deep sea fish cross between a Piranha and a Fangtooth
            Dark green and grey coloration with bright white teeth, on top of their faces is dorsal fin tipped with a flashing lure, they communicate and send battle formations by flashing various colors
            They work together to take down their prey

          4. If you want, i got some free time, i could design your fakemon if you can link me to the fish you wanna use and tell me how many of each.

  24. Holy crap! I love the theme change and the color! (I was hoping you would change the theme sooner or later)

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