Pokémon Sun & Moon Alola Region High-Definition Map Download

Since a lot of you asked for this, I created a Dropbox account and uploaded it so that others could download it. This is an official map straight from Pokémon PR and depicts Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Alola Region in high-definition. It is 14,192px by 10,032px and 151mb so it may take awhile on some internet connections.

Download it here! (Dropbox suspended my ability to share files; moved the file to Mega now!)

Thanks for being part of the Jungle family 🙂

<3 PJ


    1. It’s based on France like others have already mentioned. France’s known as “l’hexagone” because of its shape.

  1. The Alola Region is definently one of the largest we’ve gotten. I cannot wait to explore the numerous and suprising diverse locations. I’m stunned they managed add a lot to Hawaii without keeping it simple.

    1. Hawaii is a lot more diverse than people think! We have deserts, rain forests, lava fields, sandy beaches (duh… lol), snowy mountains, valleys, a mini canyon and much more!

  2. With The Alola Region being a big area i bet we will get a big number of pokemon!:D

          1. Still waiting for Pokémon Z, doesn’t look like that one is happening either…

  3. Apparently we got more or less the same amount of cities than Kalos, but the region will take more time to be explored due to the surfing / ferry trips that may will be required. Probably we will get HM Surf as the first or second one.

    1. I’d say it’s unlikely, given that all of the other regions that had a battle frontier or battle frontier-esque facility (i.e., a battle tower) prominently display them on the region map.
      The only exceptions are some Sinnoh maps, which doesn’t have any buildings on the Battle Park part (or that entire upper area), and both Gen VI maps, which don’t show Kiloude City (X/Y) and the Battle Resort (ORAS) at all.

        1. All I’m saying is I don’t think it’s on that part. It could be on that artificial island, it could be somewhere that isn’t even visible yet! 🙂

  4. So hyped to see how they’ll explore the possibilities of such a vast terrain. SO MANY NEW POKÉMON!!! And the design of the locations looks amazing.

      1. Now we just need the plot to be equally awesome. It’d be a pity not to have a story worthy of such an interesting setting.

          1. They better not pull something like that again – -‘ *traumatized sigh*

  5. I’m a bit concerned. I assumed they’d use the same 3d engine from XY so they could have more time to focus on plot, but seeing all the forward steps in graphics and features, I think we might have an XY-situation in terms of plot

    1. GameFreak has a rather large team for a studio. They could devise a proper plot while having another team work on graphics. S/M are using the same battle engine of X/Y (from the trailers). So, I’m quite sure they have time to make an indulging plot.

  6. It is highly possible that the eclipse version (if there is one) will have the two legendaries combined as its mascot, given fusions, change of form and stuff like that is becoming more and more frequent in the franchise.

    1. Not to be rude, but that’s an extremely obvious observation. It was in the trailers and you could easily pin-point it on the map.

      1. i just thought i’d point it out, in case some people didnt notice. its not like i thought i’d made a big discovery or anything

  7. Thx for this Pokejungle! So the central island looks like it has some sort of Battle
    Chateu and anothr stuff.

    The 2nd left island,probably starter island from the first promo, has like a trainers school or something next to the pokemon center. I guess maybe even the first gym. Guess the beach Slowpoke scene from the latest happens in the next city and it has a big store building
    Guess we have to find the 2nd gym l8eader on the mountain forrest with the lake

    The left first island probably has the legends and last gym. That tree at the docks looks weird. Could suggest a grasss gym but not sure.

    The 2nd island from right, has 6 poke centers probably 3-4 gyms. The watterfalls and volcanos looks stunning. Cant wait for the visuals on that. The light tower reminds me of Johto and that steel gym tower.

    The 1st island from the right looks interesting aswell. With the, fortres, Samurai/Ninja tower, Weather station and that ice berg without an ice gym hopefully should be really interesting as well.8//

    So much to look forward to. Hopefully in 7 days we have a neat trailer with a lot of locations.

  8. One thing I just noticed on the larger image, I thought the snowy mountain and the observatory were on the same mountian, but looking close you see a path between them. Not important, but something I hadn’t noticed

  9. I love the tiny details the added. The trailers parked by the Oasis next to the slaking hotel, the broken down road around the black sand beach, the little wagon by the barn. So awesome to see such detail!! 🙂

  10. I don’t want to look at the map. Especially detailed version like this. It feels like it spoils something for me.

    1. Okay so I haven’t look at this thing, but my wife mentioned how it’s like the old platformers and now I need to watch this trailer

  11. I just created two gym leaders as to what I hope for in Sun and Moon. The male surfer is the gym leader that specializes in Water-Types and owns an aquarium/rock pools and his staff recieves admission fees from customer to enter his gym/aquarium/Rock pools to battle him. The female mechanic is the gym leader that specializes in Steel-Types and owns a automobile repair shop as the Alola region features more cars now. She has a tomboy feature and don’t mind getting dirty. I chose water and steel because they’re both my favorite types!

  12. How interesting that there is a VERY large tree near the Legendaries monument…

    Perhaps this could have to do with Zygarde in some fashion? Wasn’t there a massive tree in Norse mythology where Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde are based from? Perhaps Zygarde will actually play a role in the post game…?

  13. Has anyone noticed how there are a lot of random platforms everywhere?
    I’m wondering if they have to do with the crystals on the PC’s wrist and Synchro Evolution or if they are just a new form of battling to show off the graphics

    1. I thought those might be gyms, as I have located around 9, but I think a few of them are construction sites.

  14. I was looking at what I assume to be the Pokémon league and I was thinking “where is victory road?” Well my guess is that if this is the league, then victory road might be underwater because if you look at the water around the island, it seems to be a deeper blue, much like that of a dive spot. I don’t know, just a prediction, but I think it would be amazing.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. I thought the Victory Road would be an underwater cove teeming with strong trainers. That area looks like the Pokemon League and I cannot locate and area like it on the map. Yet, I hope diving isn’t need for the whole league.

      1. Or what if victory road is the south west or part of the south west island and that would allow you to ferry to the manmade Pokemon league.

    2. What if that is just the “Tip of the iceberg” And there is more to the structure underwater?

    3. When you zoom in more, it looks like there are more floors underwater, so that would make a lot of sense 🙂

    4. What if the large building is a man made victory road “cave”, before the small building to the north being the Pokemon league?

    5. What if you have to climb/go down the building as your victory road? that’d be pretty cool

  15. Hey lads, finally time to relax a bit after a long day. I’m probably gonna start a new SoulSilver playthrough, and I’m picking Chicorita as my starter. What team should I be aiming for?

    1. You should go with something like

      1. Since Nintendo Wifi doesn’t work anymore with gen 4 games, I can’t trade mons from 1 to another anymore. Can I catch all of those on your list on SoulSilver?

        1. Ah okay. I forget that they shut down the WiFi for those games and yes you can catch all of the other ones I mentioned

    2. I usually try to keep teams balanced in terms of typing. My teams usually consist of: Water, Fire, Grass or Electric, Rock or Ground or Steel, Flying, and a random type (I usually go for a Dark or Psychic or Fighting Type Pokemon). It typically allows me to create an equally balanced team with many combinations of Pokemon!

      1. I usually do mono teams and pretend I’m a gym leader haha even if that isn’t the best option

      2. I like the use of colors, italics, and bold. I remember you used to do it, but it has toned down recently.

  16. These islands give me post-game vibes. One looks like it has a huge sprout growing, the other is off to the left of the southwestern island, and the last is shrouded by the clouds to the south. I just hope S/M has a decent Pokemon similar to OR/AS.

    1. I hope there is extensive post game exploration rather than the delta episode, which felt like a chore. I want to explore new places without a long story of running around doing errands.

  17. I restarted Y and need advice… What water Pokemon should be on my team???
    I don’t like to go outside the version (so only Pokemon found in Y apply).

    Banette/Absol (haven’t decided what mega yet)
    Ludicollo/Dragalge(yes, not a water type but can learn surf)/Barbaracle/Corsola. I’m open to other suggestions too…

    1. Lots of good water Pokemon to use ingame. Along with your ones:
      Azumarill, Sharpedo, Starmie, Kingdra, Lanturn & Poliwrath
      Spoilt for choice tbh

    2. Ludicolo is pretty good and a Poliwrath would also be a great choice for your team

  18. Hey what if…the tree is the pokemon league and the canyon, geysers and jungle around it are the victory road?

  19. So I have a personal question
    Say if you could start with any first staged Pokemon (try to limit PseudoLegends and legends)

    1. I’d go with Eevee, that would evolve into an Espeon.
      …totally not surprising, I know.

    2. I’ve always thought Eevee would be the best starter. 8 different evolutions to choose from

      1. But the problem would be that it’d be hard to choose lol. I’d probably go with Leafeon though.

        1. It definitely would be a tough decision to pick which evolution to use. Jolteon would be my pick most of the time

    3. I would have a Rhyhorn Calf that is extremely stubborn and bull headed but has the heart of a warrior

    4. Bagon just for shelgon
      Probably Torchic because I like the torchic line a lot. Who could resist a fire chicken

    5. Hmm… Either Litwick or Solosis tbh. Was going to say Eevee, but it’s too mainstream 🙂

  20. I feel sorta sad that I did have an Action Replay.
    Cause now, my Diamond cartridge is so far gone, it won’t even let me access it anymore.
    Which is sad, cause there are some days, like today, where I really want to play Diamond to remember the game that got me back into loving Pokemon, but I can’t.
    I mean, I have Platinum and Pearl, but sometimes, I just want to play Diamond.

      1. Ruddeeeee
        Sorry that my younger self just wanted all the cheats.
        And sorry no, Diamond > Pearl.

    1. I love Diamond and I’m currently replaying it. Sinnoh was the last good exploration region… I wish I had Pearl though. JUST for Shieldon…

  21. Finally we advance in our Anon pic. Honestly it has less personality than Chespin. It would be so much better as simply a face rather than a whole body shot.

  22. Alright another little poll
    Say you were stranded in the middle of this wilderness
    You only have one Pokeball
    And each of the regional rodents shows itself to you

    What do you catch

    1. Sentret.
      I fell in love with Sentret and Furret due to one of my Y playthroughs.

      1. Bunnelby
        Only because I love the face, ears and it was the first thing I caught in X

        1. I like Shiny Diggersby way better than the normal. Also it has a pretty good movepool. Too bad they didn’t give it good stats

          1. Dude with Huge Powet it has a base 112 attack which is killer for a regional rodent
            So combine that with Quick Attack, Earthquake and Wild Charge it’s a star among Rodents

          2. That is pretty good. Its other abilities are trash though, like most starter rodents

          3. Cheek Pouch isn’t too horrid
            I think it can stack with Sitrus Berries

    2. #SentretFTW
      I really love it’s design <3 Plus, it's one of my favourite shinies.

    3. My favorite is Zigzagoon all the way. It’s so adorable and it’s STAB headbutt was always helpful in playthroughs. However, if I was stranded, I would probably go with Bidoof considering Bibarel has the secondary water typing and could give me fresh water. It also has a good movepool and can surf.

        1. Well if I was stranded and couldn’t find clean water.. :/ You do what you gotta do

          1. *shudder* it’s probably secreted from a “Water Sac” which mixes with bodily fluids

            It’s essentially drinking water that was in their stomach

          2. Ehh I mean I’d find out pretty quickly if it was drinkable lol. I’d rather risk that than take a chance with water I find and have no chance to boil

      1. Linoone can Surf too, and can already take in more HMs than Bibarel, so the only tradeoff for going with Linoone is having to find fresh water, I guess.

          1. I guess how useful Waterfall and Dive are over Cut and Strength in a survival situation depends on what “wilderness” this is about.

            Waterfall has extremely niche uses in general, but can make climbing cliffs easier assuming a waterfall is running down that cliff.

            In a desert island scenario, the goal would probably be to stock up food supplies then Surf to civilization. Dive gives a survivor access to undersea Pokemon for food should they be stuck on a deserted island and not be above eating Pokemon. While Cut allows access to more areas and can probably be used to harvest herbs as well.

            Strength can help havigate a badlands/rocky area or cave.

    4. Intresting question….
      Patrat. It most likely has some berries in those pouches and it’s good at finding stuff.

    5. I’d go with Patrat. Patrat and Watchog are my favorite rodents design wise

    1. its hand reminds me of the ultimate weapon from XY

      speaking of xy I’m still holding out for that AZ floette event that we never got 😛 (lol probs won’t happen now)

    2. I recognize that flower from the trailer for the movie. I believe it doesn’t have anything to do with the ultimate weapon other than appearance.

    3. Many characters have been named after flowers in the past generation. The clue confuses me because flowers are nothing new to the series.

  23. I hope they create a Pokemon Specialized in Flying. .. maybe it will get it’s own special Fly animation. Like Lapras and Gogoat.
    With all the water, it seems reasonable.

    1. I think it was in the Gamexplain analysis video where someone pointed out on the first island, South West there’s a building with a little pool that potentially could be it

  24. I just saw the “leaked” Final starter evos… CAN I JUST SAY THAT POPPLIO FINAL EVO THO? I love both Popplio and Rowlet’s “final” evos but Litten’s is.. yikes

    1. Am I the only one, who doesn’t like either if those designs? I’m telling you if those turn out legit, I’ll probably cancel my Sun and Moon preorders. Thats how much I hate them.

  25. Hey guys, the results of the Pokemon Election are in. The winner gets to be on a customised 3DS XL, Merch and will be the in cinema distribution gift for the Volcanion movie.

    And the winner is…. Greninja.

      1. It IS partially affected by the fact it’s also deciding the giveaway at the next movie. Which explains the numerous mythicals in the top seats. <3

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