RUMOR: Final Starter Evolutions Leaked?

We CANNOT confirm these images and we also encourage readers to assume things are fake until proven otherwise but I’m sharing these because it is reminiscent of the anime leaks which occurred in Gen V, but then again it also looks like fan art.

There are no names listed for the Pokémon (just Owl 3, Tiger 3, …) but there are some details about each (including color palette):

Rowlet  evolution:

  • Stores arrows in its wings (orange tips), uses the vines from its bow as the string
  • “Hood” closes around its face when it is unhappy

Litten evolution:

  • New attack or fighting style “tiger swing”
  • Fire attacks come from belt

Popplio evolution:

  • Attack seems to be listed but too hard to read

You be the judge:


Thanks Crystal Creatures for the heads up.

<3 PJ

ps- this was Noivern’s reference art for the anime in Gen V for comparison


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