RUMOR: Final Starter Evolutions Leaked?

We CANNOT confirm these images and we also encourage readers to assume things are fake until proven otherwise but I’m sharing these because it is reminiscent of the anime leaks which occurred in Gen V, but then again it also looks like fan art.

There are no names listed for the Pokémon (just Owl 3, Tiger 3, …) but there are some details about each (including color palette):

Rowlet  evolution:

  • Stores arrows in its wings (orange tips), uses the vines from its bow as the string
  • “Hood” closes around its face when it is unhappy

Litten evolution:

  • New attack or fighting style “tiger swing”
  • Fire attacks come from belt

Popplio evolution:

  • Attack seems to be listed but too hard to read

You be the judge:


Thanks Crystal Creatures for the heads up.

<3 PJ

ps- this was Noivern’s reference art for the anime in Gen V for comparison


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  1. Yeah, these are certainly interesting. Fake or not, dig how Rowlet turns out quite a bit. Even like Popplio. Litten, though. Litten, man. Litten. Stop this.

    1. and why not? we already have a few starter pokemon with feminine attributes so I don’t get what you’re saying…?

      1. Thank you. Totally agree with this and there’s nothing wrong with having a “feminine” starter

        1. Well because starters have been mostly ambiguous. Even ones like the chikorita and fennekin line could be seen as male.

          1. yeah they can be both male and female, all starters can, its not like we have to enforce gender stereotypes on pokemon… or anything really. My point was really just that there is nothing wrong with a starter pokemon having a design that can be perceived as feminine. Its hard sometimes to put what you’re trying to say into type, but i think we’re on the same page here thatoneguychris at least about the starters?

  2. Woah, thanks for the credit. as a fan of this site it means a lot to know i’m part of it, in some way.
    As for them looking like fan art, i could not disagree more, the amout of thought put into them is incredible and i have never seen fan art looking this close to the official one. As an artist i have been hours looking pokemon art and fan art so yeah… The only thing is it seems too early to get leaks like this, and it’s not even blurry or something like that

    Also now that i made a disqus account, i can comment more often. Yay

  3. I’m surprised some people are reacting negatively to this. I certainly would not be disappointed by ANY of these if these happen to be real!

    1. Fan art wise, they’re great. If they were real, they’d be trash. The Popplio Evo is creepy, the Litten is cool but looks like in belongs in one of those mobile pokemon ripoff games, and the Rowlet gives me Yu-Gi-Oh vibes.

      1. Trash? And why is Popplio evo creepy?? It’s a freaking mermaid pokemon. It’s gorgeous!

        I guess this is an opinion thing, so I’ll let you hate them. But I love them. I wouldn’t be sad at all.

        1. The one that really turns me off is the Popplio. It doesn’t look like a Popplio evolution. I don’t see a clown/acrobatic seal evolving into a mermaid. However I would love a similar design for a Dewgong Evo or Mega. I think that’s what it makes me think of.

          1. YES! And not only that, if you look at most of the final evos and their starting forms, a lot of them don’t look like they match. But I get a definite popplio vibe from the mermaid either way. We have no clue what the middle evo looks like to turn into that.

          2. I honestly think that people want to think these are fake. But they are the most legit looking leaks i have ever seen in pokemon. And i’m not saying it’s real cause i don’t know but their designs are very, very professional and the artwork is clean as f*ck

  4. I really wanted these designs. They look so good. I dont really buy the litten one, it seems off to me.

    1. The Litten looks great. The Popplio looks too much like a trashed Oshawott/Dewott concept.

  5. I really like them all – I’d be pleased if they were real. Hopefully the fire starter isn’t a fighting type -_-

    1. also, the evos for the kalos starters he made were very simple and predictable, and i knew from the first second i saw them they were done by him, i can recognize the way he draws and the kind of designs he makes. not bashing him btw he makes cool stuff

  6. I just don’t want my little nugget owl to turn into that digimon tbh… Litten was never even on the table for me so I couldn’t care less about it. But if these are real I won’t be too upset because that Popplio is very pretty and would make an acceptable substitute. Not the first time that the finals have made me change what starter I wanted *cough* Oshawatt *cough*

  7. Lol no they all look hideous. I would box my starter if these were real. Especially litten and popplio

  8. I don’t know..I feel as if they’re just fan art. Part of what gives it away to me is how they’re very gendered. Most starters look either gender neutral, or more masculine. And if they look more feminine, it starts with the first evolution, which I don’t see popplio looking very feminine. Cool ideas though

    1. I’m in love with the final Popplio and Rowlet evos, but Litten becomes the very definition of “furbait”.

      1. Agree with this. I think Popplio and Rowlet look very good. Litten is borderline offensive. Why would we want a second wrestling Fire starter. Who thought of this. Why.

  9. I believe these 100%. They are too “calculated”, if you get what I mean. No fan artist in the world can emulate Game Freak’s style as if they worked for them. Even if they did use the Noivern sheet as reference, there is no WAY the art style could replicated. #TeamReal. I’m almost certainly wrong, but something about this case is unique in my eyes.

    1. The artist I think is doing this just in time for E3 to catch our guards down. Because the Noivern sheet was shown at E3 2013 at the roundtable. I think they’re using it as a base and are just really good artists and are fooling a lot of people. If these evolutions are real, especially Litten’s, I will choke Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori and ask them what the hell is wrong with them.

      1. an artist who is so smart and talented to make this ”fakes” by himself is gonna think it seems logic for gamefreak to reveal the starters final evos like this at e3? lol NO

      2. The thing is, they didn’t stop at design like other artists. They went far enough to establish a “gimmick” for each of them, one that is very reminiscent of previous Game Freak behavior. These layers are unheard of in fakes, such as the fake Fennekin evo posted below.

        1. but just because of the fact it hasnt been done before, doesnt mean it couldnt be fake.

      3. except, the leak happened before they revealed that Female character with the Flower that is shown in the Litten Final evo picture. There is no way a Fan artist could have known she would be revealed.

    2. I believe this too. look at panthster the litten evo. there is an art where he is sleeping and theres a kettle in his fire belt and ash and i think his region companion (girl) is waiting for the water to boil, that girl has an alolang accent with a flower in her ear. The color hue and combo also is very lit bet the three, no similar color or hue of green from other starters,blue also and red. it gamefreaks pattern not to copy collor hues from region starters before them.

  10. Stop ? Making ?The ? Fire ? Starters ? Bipedal ? And ? Fighting ? Type ?

    1. Apparently it was leaked that littens final form is suppose to be fire/dark. I am not sure anymore though after seeing these 😛

    2. Charizard- Fire/Flying
      Typhlosion- Fire
      Delphox- Fire/Psychic
      (These were not Fire/Fighting and besides they were that type for very good reasons, because their concepts were perfect for it)

  11. They’re all so ugly. The only one I’d be able to even use without barfing would be Popplio’s final evolution line. Rowlet and Litten’s final lines look like Digimon. There’s been so many fake Starter Evolution images making the rounds and for this to come right before E3 is very suspicious… Especially when there was a similar looking concept art sheet of Noivern that was shown during the E3 2013 roundtable.

  12. honestly maybe IF they are real, their 3d designs will not be bad ( except flopplio gawd it looks so bad and litten is so *snores* )

  13. Besides, there’s that evidence of Litten being pure Fire, Rowlet being Grass/Ground, and Popplio becoming Water/Fighting. I don’t any of those elements in these three designs at all. I’m sorry but these designs are just so awful and if they’re real and I’m really going to question Ken Sugimori’s ability as an artist as well as his team and if this should be Pokemon’s last set of games.

    1. That evidence isn’t concrete. The type images on the site are uploaded for the purpose of any and all Pokemon. I know its been passed around that they’re sorted under a starter-specific category, but that isn’t true.

      There is a list, internally, of Pokemon that will be revealed, and in what order. Makes sense to upload type images based on that. Starter evos come much later, so why upload those now?

      1. Exactly. I’m very suspicious. A very skilled artist could of just easily took Noivern’s sheet from the E3 Roundtable and warped it to make it look different yet comparable. I mean, this is the most convincing fake yet (if it is fake, which I hope to the Lord Arceus that it is). E3 is right around the corner and with the news of gameplay being featured at the Nintendo Treehouse on June 15th, what better time than to pull a prank?

  14. Popplio’s final evo looks Water/Fairy and reminds of Florges.
    Litten’s final evo look Fire/Fighting (obvious) and reminds me of Emboar.
    And Rowlet’s final evo looks Grass/???? and reminds me of Hawlucha.

    1. These types of comparisons are exactly what people defaulted to during the whole Unova final starter leak back in 2010. I believe they compared Emboar to Lickilicky, Serperior with Milotic, and Samurott with something else. I suppose it shows how repetitive Game Freak can sometimes be 😛

      1. exactly. to me seeing similarities like these just confirms me these are real. because they are done subconsciously by their designers. for exacple the popplio evo has similar hair to keldeo’s form

  15. One big difference between the Noivern sheet (which was for XY, presented at the E3 roundtable to demonstrate how they translated their 2D art into 3D models – not for the anime) is that it breaks down the finest details of the body. The purpose is to do as was just mentioned: best translate Sugi’s 2D artwork into a fully three dimensional model.

    Comparatively, these starter pages just show the concept and actions, and various poses the models could never pull off on the 3DS. Popplio’s final evolution’s page is the most similar to Noivern’s page.

    Still, that doesn’t mean they’re *definitely* fake, just something to consider.

      1. Was there one in particular you were thinking of? I’m looking through them now – the Kalos starter lines – and they do indeed consist mostly various angles of the Pokemon and finer details broken down..

          1. Chesnaught’s shows it at various angles, then shows it using its signature move. It’s exactly what I mean, just not as detailed as Noivern’s (which was going to be *the* most detailed, since that’s the one they started with). Fennekin’s is more like the Alola ones, yeah.

          2. Not trying to counter your point, but all three of the starters have a signature move being used. For Litten it’s the flame spiral thing, for Rowlet it’s the arrow, and for Popplio it might be the pose on the bottom left (since bubbles are coming out: a new type of health-regenerating move, perhaps?) Just something to think about.

          3. Oh, yeah, I agree they’re showing some sort of move each. My point is more that they go beyond that, start showing dynamic posings or anime scenarios, and just in general don’t seem to share the same focus/purpose.

            For the record, I’m more convinced they’re real than not. Just brought this up because it’s worth considering, imo.

          4. That’s trainer art. They always design gym leaders alongside of their signature Pokemon.

            I agree they could be evolving their style/detailing/etc as the games go on. Again, my point is less about content total or anything like that, it’s about purpose. What is the purpose of a lot of what’s presented? Litten’s page especially. If they WERE fake, this is maybe the type of mistake that could have been made. Do you get what I’m driving at?

          5. i get what you’re saying but i don’t agree at all. if i were to make a fake sheet i’d make it look similar to the other ones, and not more full, also because that’s more work. and even if it’s trainer art, if someone faked it, it means they also had to see trainer art, which… honestly this is too much work for one person

          6. Nah, because you can make fakes without knowing what the original purpose of the sheets were, at least according to Masuda. It’s not like they say it on them, and I’m sure these images are passed around sites like tumblr without commentary. Thus, room for a mistake like this appears. Not sure what you mean when you mention trainer art. What I was saying about trainer art was in response to the image you shared, based on what they said in interviews post-BW release (gym leaders are designed alongside of their signature mons, both inspire each other).

            The “too much work for one person” argument also never really works with game fakes. People go to extremes. They open MAYA and make their own 3D models and everything. There have been more extensive, but fake, leaks than this.

          7. Seems to me like the detail varies in relation to the amount of necessary explanations for each design. For example, Noivern is just a bat and doesn’t really have any special gimmicks. Chesnaught does, which is why it makes that a focus. As for the Alola starters, Rowlet 3 and Litten 3 each have a special gimmick while Popplio 3 does not. This is reflected in the confidential art for these Pokemon. I think it’s a pretty solid reason to believe these leaks.

  16. I believe these are legit and I am so in love with them. They just look too damn official. Nothing like I’ve ever seen. Fake leaks don’t really impress me but this one really impresses me so much. I hope they’re real. I just absolutely love the owl <3 It's brilliant. PLEASE BE REAL.

    1. I think they’re real too and I agree with you, I love they’re design but I was planning to choose litten but I don’t want another fire/fighting dual type but if it is and popplio’s final evo is water and fairy, I’m going with that

  17. They do look real to me, I’m convinced by the small details like the Rowlett evos arrow and the Littens evo drawn with the kettle on its belt- it just looks very game freak. I like both Rowlett and Poplios evolutions a lot, definitely. Popplio goes from goof to goddess though ( which I do have issues with because I like some cohesion in starter Pokemon designs). I would like the Litten design if it wasn’t basically every other fire evolution there has been. I really do love Littens scrawniness and if this is it’s evo, then I’d defo choose popplio or Rowlett, and happily because their finals to me look very good ( definitely better than the disgusting creatures which were Greninja, Delphox and Chestnaught)

  18. my delusional self will still believe they are fake even though the receipts shown in the comments makes me think they they are real

  19. Okay. The Popplio final evo is growing on me a little. Very quicky. But Litten’s final evolution I HATE! Why da fuq would Game Freak do that? And Rowlet’s final evolution looks so weird. What the hell is the basis behind it’s design?!

    1. I almost agree but I don’t hate littens final evo, I just didn’t want it to come to a fire/fighting but popplio’s line is growing on me too. It reminds me of a Siren

      1. I hate it overall because it is standing bipedial (on two legs), every single Fire-type Final Starter even since Generation 1, has been bipedial. I want it to be quadpedial (standing on four legs).

        1. That’s true and maybe that’s why I thought about changing starters after seeing this

    2. Rowlet’s description on the site emphasizes its eyesight, and being able to strike its prey from afar. This final evolution looks like a hooded assassin, with glasses, and uses arrows. It continues the idea.

      “It flies silently through the skies, drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks. It can also attack from a distance using the razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers.”

      I agree Litten is terrible but I like the other two.

  20. I’m a little thrown off by the Popplio image, now that I look at it closer. It seems to lack a lot of the detail in the other two images. It doesn’t say “Seal 3” anywhere on the sheet, for instance, and only has a little bit of text. Perhaps that’s because it’s more simplistic and doesn’t need as much explaining through demonstration images.

  21. More evidence ( not really). Like last year, these evos for the description given for their first forms ( Fennekin ate twigs etc.). Fire coming from the oily fire belt, the logical side of Litten gone completely and replaced with this roaring beast. Rowlett goes from throwing knives to a bow and arrow. Popplio retains its sense of performance.

    1. I’d like to make a comment about Litten 3. In the bottom right, it is carrying what looks to be another wounded Litten 3 away from a crash of some sort. It’s lighting itself on fire along with its cohort, in my opinion, to help share life energy. In other words, it could light itself on fire using its fur and use that to keep its buddy alive. It would align with what we already know about Litten. Who knows, really.

  22. Dang it, I just thought about this now, I can’t choose popplio’s final evo if there’s gonna be a dolphin Pokemon introduced in this game

    1. Popplio’s final evo on this sheet looks more like a mermaid and kinda reminds me of Florges. I take back what I said earlier. That Evo is kinda growing on me. Rowlet’s final evolution is kinda a in the middle for me. And I HATE Litten’s final evolution completely. Whether or not this is real, remains to be seen.

  23. I’m not gonna believe anything until they are officially release and to tell you truth I think these are fake but I’ll give props for originality especially with Popplio and Rowlet evos but Litten’s looks like slimmer Emboar.

      1. I know that’s what’s weird but I know everybody is already turning into a hype train but I’ll just sit here and wait if they are real oh well

  24. Based on the descriptions of the starters on the official english pokemon website, these seem possible. Rowlett is described like a ninja, quick in the trees and throws leaves like razors. Litten has oily flammable fur which makes it pretty explosive. And Popplio is very showy, so it still has that element whether shes clowning around or showing off her beauty. Also in Littens evo where he’s laying down it looks like theres a Popplio and her middle evo. But idk, not entirely convinced these are real.

  25. Yes, and further more yes. This works, conceptually, and have very strong silhouettes. I’m TOTALLY on Team Real for this. Excellent work, Game Freak. Rowlet’s last evo looks EXTREMELY badass. He deserves every ounce of popularity he’s gotten. Also, it makes sense for a feral cat to become a bruiser.

        1. One of those things is spinning around another one. For what purpose, I have no clue.

          1. Yeah and I’m not sure what the white board looking thing litten’s evo is standing on on the left either…

        2. They’re at a wrestling match. Pikachu seems to be the judge at the table. Litten3 must’ve gotten angry and smashed the table onto Pikachu.

  26. Also, I frickin love all of these. Fire/fighting confirmed? Gosh I hope not. I was gonna choose rowlet anyways so I don’t really care. I am a little nervous that I’m gonna see the real evos (if these are indeed fake) and get bummed that they aren’t these awesome designs.

  27. Another small detail: remember how Littens fur goes red and spikes up? A same thing seems to be happening on its evos belt.

    Damn I’d really like that thing if it was JUST ON 4 LEGS

  28. The artist I honestly think is using the descriptions of the Starters from the official site and the Noivern concept art sheet to really fool us good. I mean, if these are fake, they’re the most convincing fakes I’ve seen yet. Knowing Game Freak and past rumors, right now, I say this has a 40% chance of being real and 60% chance of being fake. Those percents may change over time. I would bump them higher back in the day, but artists have become smarter since 2013, so you never know.

  29. Ok I will say like this, if this the Alola region starter pokemon final Evo, then I won´t be too upset for I like the design and Rowlet and Litten´s final evo looks cool, but Popplio´s evo looks a bit weird to me, is nice, but not for me, but I beg on my knees I don´t want anymore Fire/Fighting combo, I was hoping that Litten was going to be a Fire/Ground, for I don´t care that is 4X weak against water, but only time will tell and if Litten becomes the fourth fire/fighting starter then fine, I am a #TeamLitten all the way!

    1. Oh boy. Shit is gonna hit the fan once more of the community gets a hold of this leak. Why, leaks, why? How was this leaked? Where the hell did this even come from?! Was it Hirobyte or something? If he believes than my chances or if it came from him or Melkor, my chances will increase to being 80% real and 20% fake.

      1. Whoa, did I convince you? I have to say, I feel even more convinced now as well. It’s scary how well they fit.

        1. It is. I’m very scared. This info just came out of nowhere. And it matches the scheme of things. I still hate the final evolution of Litten, starting to love Popplio’s, and kind of a love and hate relationship for Rowlet, that’s my in-between.

        2. So are you just saying the formatting of what an image would be of the evos fits in the pokedex? Or what? Sorry… It’s late and my brain isn’t thinking.

          1. If you look at the poses of these starters, they match the allotted space given in these Pokedex images. Rowlet 3 is spread out horizontally, either through stretching out its bow or extending its wings. Litten 3 is given more vertical space due to it being a huge bipedal beast. Finally, Popplio 3 is given both vertical and horizontal space because it is both tall and long (due to its tail).

          2. While that’s an interesting observation, I have a couple of counter-points: firstly, it’s very doubtful that the Pokemon will be in the same poses and positioning in their Pokedex art as they are in the concept art. Secondly, and more importantly, allotting that amount of space for each of them is a given. Rowlet’s final evolution is bound to need space for a large wing span, as it is a big bird. Popplio’s final evolution is bound to need space for a long tail, as it is a sea lion. And Litten’s final evolution is bound to be bipedal because literally every single Fire Type starter final evolution has been bipedal. No, I’m not making that up. Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar and Delphox are ALL bipedal and tall. 😐

            Anyway, I’m not saying these are definitely fake images, I’m just saying that your reasoning that they “fit in the Pokedex” is a bit shaky, because the general shape of each final evo is pretty easy to assume.

        1. Can I ask for a link to this Japanese trailer plz? I’ve watched all of them, and I don’t remember seeing the image you posted.

    2. So i guess this proves that the mid evos are really small #100%real (not trying to be mean, its just that these dont make sense to me)

      1. Well yes, the second evos are indeed bigger than the basic stage and smaller than the third evos.

        1. Still rowlet’s and popplio’s seem to have very little space which make them seem smaller than their first evo in my head

  30. i think these are fake for 3 reasons:
    2.They use the “confidential” template from the first trailer that other trailers have shown
    3.Link plz

    1. Sorry i meant “they use the confidential template that other FAKES have used not trailers lel

  31. If these are indeed real, how long until game freak finds out we know and reveals them on the site/ in a trailer?

    1. Not sure. They usually don’t reveal the final evolutions until 1 to 2 months before the games release. And if these leaks are indeed real, it’s completely unprecendented for them to come out this early, so it would pretty much be a matter of when/if Game Freak finds out these were leaked and if they just want to say: “What the hell, we’ll show them”. But it doesn’t work that way. Pokemon is partially owned by The Pokemon Company International, which has things set on a schedule, so they could just keep it hush hush.

    2. I feel like there’s a reason why they decided to show us the screens of the Pokedex in the trailers. There’s a reason for everything, in theory, just like how they included just enough information to demonstrate the Hawaiian theme in the first teaser trailer. They may have plans to reveal these at E3.

  32. In the event that these are legit, what do you think the final typings are? I’m hoping for Grass/Flying, Fire/Dark or just Fire, and Water/Fairy.

    1. You just shined some light in me, I forgot that it could be a dark type but popplio’s final evo is really growing on me too. Better to take this with a grain of salt for now until it’s confirmed

  33. I honestly don’t really know how to feel about this now, I hate it when my plans are ruined! It’s like Unova all over again for me, I was gonna pick tepig but after seeing the final evos, I ended choosing Samurott because my friend stuck with snivy from the beginning and now it’s the exact same right now, he chose rowlet at the beginning now I’m stuck with the litten or popplio (which I don’t mind either) but I don’t want a fire/fighting so most likely, I will end up choosing popplio’s final

  34. the starters are based on the Circus theme but by the looks of it from the ringmaster,tiger and a clown to an Archer,wrestler and a mermaid what does it all mean?

  35. So i’m the only one here that thinks these are fakes? Idk something seems off the only one that “fits” is rowlet’s but litten’s and popplio’s are just weird i mean litten’s has giant hands that have ni proportion with the rest of its body and popplio’s is a mermaid…ok? A mermaid? What? Either way i will forever think these are fake until the end of dialga’s heart beats

  36. The only problem that completely could tear apart the leaks is the evidence in the coding of the official site. Rowlet becoming Grass/Ground, Litten remaining pure Fire type, and Popplio becoming Water/Fighting. None of these designs fit the scheme of the second typing. Litten’s final evolution obviously looks Fire/Fighting, Rowlet’s final evolution, I’m not sure, still looks part Flying type to me but could be Ground now. And Popplio’s final evolution looks part Fairy type. Other than that, based off of evidence we have now, I am almost convinced these are 100% real (50% now, % could change over time to up or down).

      1. They came from an unknown source. I’m very torn right now due to the fact, it is almost E3, and the Starter Final Evolution coming in the form of the Noivern-like concept sheets from the E3 2013 roundtable is throwing me off. But it could be real, that’s my paranoia that it is making me think on that other 50%. It would be lower normally.

    1. #TeamQuadpedial Every Generation has had the final Fire-type Starter Evo Bipedal. Would be nice for a change for once! Tepig had SO MUCH potential but Game Freak ruined that one. Could have been an awesome and badass looking quadpedial pig. But nope.

      1. Yes #teamquadpedial aswell for like you said tepig and fennekin had a lot of potential but all we got was a kind of good sumo wrestler and a disappointing mage

  37. AHA in noivern’s sheet the japanese characters are typed in while on these fakes they are drawn! Try and convince me now team “real” i dare you show me your evidence

    1. I didn’t notice that unti now! There are some differences. I would think the concept sheets would look a little more clean in terms of the writing. Problem is, #TeamReal could back that up saying that the Concept Art from the ORAS Guidebook was handwritten. But the handwritting did look a little cleaner. For this, it’s very hard to make out. Even so, that Paul had trouble translating the text from the sheets.

    2. Nice! Like I said, now game freak better knock it out of the park because these are all just too cool. I don’t want to be bummed when I see the actual evos…

      1. By that pic from a ringmaster to an Archer, a tiger to an wrestler and a clown to an mermaid the clues of Pokemon.

    1. Popplio appears to be taking that route. But for the other three I think that it will be different. For the 6th Generation, each Starter kinda had their own theme: Ninja, Warrior, and Sorcerer. Same with the 5th Generation: Chinese Pig, French Royality Snake, and Japanese Samurai Otter.

  38. I doubt it. I imagine they’d hear the hate for FIre/Fighting starters.

      1. I don’t think they’d code the typing for the starters into the site, though. It seems unnecessary to me.

        We’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t think we have any solid proof of the final typings.

        1. I think Rowlet will stay Grass/Flying. Just gotta hope it has decent attack stat.

      2. ? There’s no coding like that on the site. The people who maintain the site uploaded images that represent the types Grass, Flying, Ground, Fire, Water, Fighting, Psychic, Ghost, and Steel. None of these are tied to a specific page or Pokemon. They are intended to be used for any Pokemon, like stickers made to stick to the Pokemon that fit. Ground and Fighting could easily refer to any Pokemon, like Pokemon that are revealed at E3 or in CoroCoro this month. There is nothing specific to the starters, people just assumed they are for the starters.

    1. I must say though, I really like Rowlet’s final evo….
      Just don’t think it’d leak so early.

  39. So im gathering evidence to try and prove these as fake, i already have the japanese characters, now my next evidence is the names “owl3, tiger3 and seal3”. Why woulnt they just use the real name? The only thing is that i dont know japanese so i cant tell if noivern’s sheet has its name on it but i doubt it says “dragonbat2” or “wyvern2”

    1. Yeah, that’s what strikes me as odd now that you mention it. Why not at least use real names to try to be more convincing. Lol. I mean, it could be some kind of weird code GF uses but it doesn’t fit their MO.

      1. It has a bit more sea lion aspects then seal, but that’s just me looking into it.

      2. OMG its not! Its a sea lion! Thank you for reminding me now this gives more hope that they are fake

        1. I thought it was based on the Hawaiian Monk Seal? Can someone correct me, if I’m wrong/confirm this?

          1. Its category (in both English and Japanese) is “Sea Lion Pokémon”, though there’s no reason it couldn’t be taking some inspiration from Hawaiian Monk Seals as well.

        2. It actually says “sea lion 3” tho, not “seal 3” (Compare for yourself if you don’t believe me: Sea lion is アシカ, seal is アザラシ) – It’s the blue text near the middle, with a pink 3

  40. Well, I don’t really know what to think honestly about this overall. And I don’t want to harp too much on this. It’s just a leak. And it still could be fake. It’s WAY too early for even the leaks to leak. It’s normally 1 to 2 months beforehand before we even see the Starter Evolutions. I can’t see them revealing the Starter’s final evolutions officially this early without the middle evolutions being revealed beforehand. Game Freak usually likes to save the Starter Evolutions for the end.

    1. Yeah! I actually cant remember but i believe gen 6 starters final evos werent officially revealed until after the games release but at least i remember the greninja leak that happened around two weeks before release

      1. X and Y got leaked in Canada and Europe (not all countries, specifically Italy from what I remember) by a group of leakers two weeks before release. Everything was spoiled. It was terrible. I hope a leak that far in advance never happens again.

        1. Oh well i only remember the greninja hawlucha and binacle leaks but i really hope that what you are describing doesnt happen with these games

    2. The thing that makes this seem unlikely to me is the fact Litten turned Fire/Fighting

  41. I love all of these (although I am quite sad Litten is bipedal, as I wanted a tiger that was on all fours, but es nice). If these are real, I wouldn’t mind a single bit.
    I just rather not have Fire/Fighting. Please. No.
    But why now? Why reveal the final evos so soon? And before the middle evos? It doesn’t make sense to me.
    I’m on Team Neutral until it happens. It could be real, it could be fake, but I’m not holding out for either nor will I go looking for evidence for either side either. I’ll just wait for GF to say for sure

    1. I’d say there was a lot of lost potential if these are the final evolutions.

      1. I dunno, I just really like the designs, especially Rowlet’s and Popplio’s. I like the mermaid and archer concept.
        I’m a strange person, I’m content with a lot of things. All I really want for the starters is some good designs, and these are good designs to me.

        1. Rowlet’s is cool, but I still think it could be better.

          I don’t like Popplio’s or Litten’s at all. They look very… Unnatural.

          1. I definitely can see that with Litten. But maybe that’s just cause I really wanted a quadrupedal tiger.

          2. True, especially for a tiger. I dunno, being bipedal just doesn’t fit a tiger design for me.

          3. True, bit I never liked Tepig from the start, and when I saw Pignite and Emboar I was just so done. It’s the only fire starter I never cared for (cause I love me some fire starters, although Snivy and Piplup are huge favs of mine)

          4. I think the Unova starters are the worst so far. Every other region has been pretty solid.

          5. I’d argue that the Kanto starters are the weakest for me (and that’s coming from a Gen 1 girl). But I love almost every starter, so it’s hard coming up with a weak starter trio for me.

          6. I think the Gen 1 starters are the best. I have trouble thinking of which one to choose when I start up a Kanto game.

          7. I’m like that with Johto/Sinnoh. Both are like that to me, and if these designs go over well, I might add Alola starters to that top mark, since so far, I love all of them. Time will tell if I’ll continue feeling that way.

          8. I like the Alola starters too. It comes down to whether or not their final evolutions are good or not.

    2. Yep. Only Dialga will tell really at this point. I’m not going to harp on it too much. Paranoia aside, I say this has only a small chance of being real. It just seems too suspicious to me and well-timed with the Noivern-like concept sheets representing them (which was used as a sample at E3 2013). We’ve seen so many fake Starter Evolutions before and while these look the most convincing as of yet, true troller artists have gotten a lot better since 2013. If these are to be true for some reason, I’d use Popplio’s final evolution, it’s so majestic, reminds me of a dolphin/mermaid combo, while Litten’s I hate, and Rowlet is kinda a in-between choice for me.

      1. I have to say though, if these turn out to be fake, I will be very disappointed in whatever Game Freak has come up with. These designs and concepts are great, especially for Rowlet. Sometimes I take fakes to heart over the real counterparts.

        1. I would be too, especially with Rowlet’s. I really dunno how they can top that design, cause I really love the archer and hood design.

          1. I admit. I love Popplio’s final evolution design. I will hope that if this is fake, Game Freak will come up with up with something just as good or perhaps better, especially the case for Litten. God, I hate that final evolution, I’m sorry. And Rowlet, like I said, is my in-between, I could honestly care less for it. Anyways, only Dialga will truly tell us what lies ahead but we can not push forward the God of Time.

        2. After seeing so much fanart I’m bound to be disappointed.

          Anything but this though. Seriously.

        3. If rowlets design tops noctowls (which most likely it will) its good enough for me hehe

  42. Okay so the leafs on rowlets wings turned into arrows…but what happened to litten’s awesomely gross fire hairballs and popplios bubbles?

    1. Looks like the teal hair ball-type things are coming out in the topmost image for Litten. The bubbles are radiating off Popplio, possibly from the hair.

      1. But they arent lit on fire and popplios bubbles come from the nose…idk what to think anymore but i still lean towards fake

    2. Eh, what happened to Froakie’s soapy stones? Also, Litten is still spewing something or the other – look at the green stuff coming out of its mouth on its page, near the top.

    3. You can see in the fanart. The Little Popplio uses it’s bubbles as it’s hairbands, and removes them to attack.

      Littiger Mask still has the hairball fire, but it’s green for some reason now, and seems more a heel style spitting.

  43. Oh my god, I really hope that these are fake. Rowlet’s final evo looks awesome but the Litten evo is terrible. I don’t think that Popplio should be this “girly” in its final stage. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with mermaids or cute/majestic/whatever Pokémon in general but it just doesn’t fit the base form at all. When you looked at Fennekin last gen, you could pretty much tell that it would end up being feminine but it’s not the case with Popplio imo. Well, whatevs. Time will tell.

    1. I also don’t like the hair for Popplio’s evolution.
      I can understand feminine design but that’s a little far in my opinion.

      1. Yeah, I totally agree. The overall design is fine (not a fan though) but it just doesn’t make sense to me. Looking at Popplio, the only thing that I can think of is a little boy not… well… this. It would be great as a standalone Pokémon or a different line but I just don’t want my little Popplio to end up being this.

    2. Fennekin ending up “feminine” is something that really became clear with the middle stage, imo. We haven’t seen Popplio’s. Prior to that it was no different than Vulpix, Glameow, Growlithe, etc, just an animal.

      1. there is no justification for femmine pokemon, and even Delphox doesnt look like as feminine as this, this looks like a mermaid, its so out of place and bad, I dont know why they would do this, starters pokemon should look neutral, because anyone can have them whether boys or girls, this way little girls will choose the water pokemon just because it looks like a woman, not to mention that this is suppose to be a sea lion not a mermaid !!!

        1. “There is no justifcation for femmine pokemon” Uh… Why not? They’re fine, there’s a lot of Pokemon that don’t look neutral or look masculine and nobody seems to have a problem with that.

          1. unless they have gender diference, they are bad, especially when they look like a human, like this one, it doesnt just look femminine like chancey or clefairy or almost all fairy types, it looks like a human girl, with hair and stuff, this is bad becaus these pokemon have 50% of being male.

          2. Gardevoir . . . Gothitelle . . . etc. Why is it that we can have multiple masculine starters but not any feminine, regardless of the gender ratio?

  44. Well I must be going, Junglepeeps! It was nice conversing with everyone this evening. Brought back a lot of memories. It’s been a long time since I was last on here. Last time I was here to truly chat it up was back during the ORAS Demo Leak days (to those that knew me then, fun times. Lol). Anyways, hope to be more level-headed and have a less of a temper for Sun and Moon for things that don’t go as I hope. But for now, the game looks promising with the official content we have now. It’s fun to speculate, but it can really drive me crazy. Anyways, good night all!

    1. This whole fiasco has brought me back into the spirit of Pokemon that I’ve been missing for a while. I have a newfound hype for these titles, and I know that I will spend an unhealthy amount of time exploring Alola. I said the same thing about Kalos, but I couldn’t stand more than 250 hours.

    1. Yeah it has sort of an elegant mysterious vibe to it that makes me like it aswell

    2. This looks amazing too. Really reminds me of the owl in that library on Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, but that could just be the look it’s giving or the face, I dunno.

  45. I feel like people are hating on Litten’s final evolution just because it looks to be fire/fighting. I really don’t care if it is because I think it looks badass. Of course, this is if they’re real and I won’t believe them until they’re official released by Nintendo. People these days are just too good faking things.

      1. Lol “justifiable”. Sorry it all just comes across as immature whining to me. Please, you’re telling me if a fire starter has a really cool design according to your standards, you’ll still hate it because it’s fire/fighting?

        1. I don’t even think this is good design. I don’t like the fact a cat turned bipedal.

          And yes I’ll dislike it if it has a cool design, and I won’t bother to use it. I’ve had enough of Fire/Fighting pokemon.

        2. in my opinion, that’s a crap design. i dont want a fucking cat with 2 legs

    1. I personally want it to be fire/poison, 1st because its a type combination we’ve never seen before, and 2nd because the markings on its head are the alchemy symbols for sulphur. Although that could also easily make it fire/ground, because volcanoes contain sulphur.

  46. Haha, I can’t imagine these to be real.. The only one thats decent is owl 3, the other two are a joke….

    C-mon, gamefreak would not make Popplio such a girl.

      1. Haha someone offended?

        Well popplio isnt really girly so why change that so that most fans (i think guys play pkmn more than girls) wouldnt pick him anymore

        1. You still haven’t explained how a monster deisgn being pretty / elegant makes it “girly” and also why that’s inherently a bad thing. Guys still use Gardevoir, Sylveon, etc because they’re good Pokémon.

          Are you so offended by the fact that a species which is 7/8 male might be seen as Too Fancy for your weird gender views?? Do you think girls don’t use “masculine” Pokémon on their teams?

          1. I’m a 30-year-old woman, bro. You still can’t seem to articulate why you’re afraid a frilly sea lion will give you cooties.

  47. My current Platinum team (1 badge): Grotle, Staravia and Luxio.
    I have 3 spots left, I wanna add a Water type (probably Buizel) so which others should I add to my team?

      1. Torterra is grass/ground, so I probably wont add Hippowdon to my active team. Bronzong or Gallade is a tough one though, I’ve never had both before lol.

        1. Haha sorry forgot about torterra being a ground type. I love steel types but I personally love Gallade so I would go with him.

  48. well guys looks like we got a mystery on our hands and I think our first clue is the final evolution of these new starters what do we know about this mystery?

    1. You’d think it’s a cool idea at first, but players will cry once they need the female with its hidden ability for competitive. With a 1/8 gender ratio, it’s like about 1/4 as bad as shiny hunting.

      1. Wow really? These leaked a couple weeks ago i think. And yes i like them a lot aswell.

        Especially rowlets! Haha

  49. If those are real then I’m not using any of them. Wasn’t gonna pick Rowlet or Popplio anyway. Litten has so much potential that making it bipedal and fire/fighting is the worst decision ever. I’ll be PISSED. Can someone check if the Japanese used is correct?

  50. I actually like all of these designs, just not for Pokemon. They all feel a tad too Digimon/Ben 10 for me.
    Rowlet’s has the best design overall. Something about it is just…cool, and the colours for it look like legit for Pokemon
    Litten’s is interesting. It looks…fearsome? It’s very humanoid with is slightly odd but I’m sure it would look more normal in an official style of artwork? (I mean at least have one drawing of it on all 4s)
    Popplio’s grows on me the more I look at it, but I like it the least out of the 3. Something about the colour scheme just puts me off slightly and I really don’t like the tail + the weird pink spines coming out of it

    Who knows whether these are real or not? Gotta wait and find out

    1. I get the real Ben 10 vibe from the IF its Litten’s final Evo, as it looks a lot like Raff from Ben 10 (the Tiger Alien that has a Brooklyn Accent and gets angry every single damn time, LOVE THAT ALIEN!).


  51. I don’t like them. Because they are too human-like. That was also the problem with Gen 6 final evos(Greninja was fine). These are not what I have in my mind when I think of Pokemon. I mean we have a cute owl with grass features in the beginning, why is it turning into something like human superhero. More animal, less human please.

      1. I agree. What if the ultimate weapon was the inspiration to make Magearna and that’s how Kalos and Alola are linked? (would be fitting to link all 20 years of Pokemon in one game somehow, especially if these cloud legendary Pokemon are also another clue)

  52. Would be cool if these are true and the final types ended up Grass/Flying, Fire/Fighting and Water/Ice, which seem feasible from the pictures.

    That way there would be a reverse type match-up! Grass starter could beat Fire with its flying moves, Fire starter could be water with its fighting moves, and the Water starter would gain 4x effectiveness against Grass with its ice moves!

  53. Oh wow, these actually look incredibly legit.

    I’m absolutely in love with Rowlett’s amazing Robin-Hood esque evo (though the fact it’s not gone the ground type route saddens me)… All those little bells and whistles added just melt in perfectly into the excellent overall design. It gets five stars from me.

    The others are horrendous though. Their design is well thought out in a GF-esque fashion, but they’d have to grow on me.

    I’m not a big fan of feminine designs in general, and in this case I feel this is especially uncalled for. turning the cute but silly-looking circusy Popplio into an elegant poodle-like mermaid just removes all the clumsy, clowny charm of the original. And it’s not a direction I agree enough with to justify losing any additional capitalisation on it being an otary.

    As for Litten, though I can accept it’s pokémon-like enough it looks like it could belong in any kid’s cartoon, and that’s not usually a good sign. I also can’t fathom why, if it’s real, they’d go for the absolutely overdone and uninteresting bipedal fire/fighting route. At this point it invariably has less flavour than a quadrupedal alternative, instead just making a, hunky, bipedal, generic bore of a poseable action hero. HOW IS THIS BIPDEAL FURBAIT IN ANY WAY BETTER THAN A QUADRUPEDAL BEAST!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GAME FREAK???
    What has basically become a noxious design fetish (or general pattern, depending on point of view haha) really needs to stop. Someone needs to tell them this is not the way to go.

    So overall I’m completely torn between my undying love for this Rowlett evo, and how much the two others are a waste of an evolution line to my eyes.

    I’m gonna go team neutral, leaning on fake until proven otherwise because apart from the undeniable quality of these fakes, no concrete evidence backs them up. There’s also that type business on the official site which could be random error but I think has some merit, at least as much if not more than this.
    Only time will tell.

    A big part of me hopes these, and any further leaks we get, are just fakes though, because I’m sick of being spoiled way too much. I want us to have a lot to discover when the games come out.

  54. Ok, here are my 2 cents. I have to say, if these are real, and I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this, they look really solid.
    If Rowlet’s final evolution is this, and its Grass/Ground type, I can’t complain too much, I just wished they kept it Grass/Flying tbh. Design I LOVE IT. As an archer myself, I love the whole robin hood motif it’s getting, and it seems that if true, GameFreak is bringing back the classic RPG classes with Rowlet being the Archer class. I sure hope it get’s a signature Grass attack dedicated to arrows, but that would put the icing on the cake for me.
    Now, I know, Fire/Fighting is over used, but tbh I like it. I tend to use Fighting types and Fire types on most of my teams, so having a 2 in 1 is nice. And if this is Litten’s final evolution, let me just say, WOW I like it. It’s seems to be a very funny Pokemon in the likes of Pangoro, and can dish out some serious damage. I see it as a brute in an RPG so that would be nice, and the best of all, it looks like my favorite alien from Ben 10, Rath the Tiger, HOLY I’m gonna have fun with him, I know it!
    Poppplio’s final evo seems to be pure water type, and takes inspirations from a Pop Idol. With the rising popularity of Pop star Idols (Come on now, we all know things like Love Live! or Idolmasters are getting a LOT of popularity, especially with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE based on it) I see this as a big possibility why GameFreak would go that route. And to be frank, I hope its more so a special tank with special attack to boot (like Milotic), as maybe GameFreak intended it to be a healer of the team of sorts. However its design seems to be one sided for gender, kinda like how Chickorita’s line was to me. But is does bring me hope that MAYBE we will have gender differences in our starters for once! Too add just kinda wished it was part fairy as moves like Dazzling Gleam would make sense on it. Hopefully it’ll have a epic signature move to boost it self too!
    In all, it not sure to be real or fake, but if real, I like them, and I hope y’all don’t mind this text wall. Cheers!

    1. It’s totally Grass/Flying. There are now multiple sources for this to be true. My only issue, its typing does not completely serve as an opposite to the others – Fire/Dark & Water/Fairy.

  55. I have to say these all look very very well made
    Honestly anyone of these beasties would make a formidable ally

    Bowinowl’s sleek forest Hunter vibe graceful swooping tree to tree without a single ounce of sound uttered

    Heatigre’s macho and intimidating presence strikes fear and guarantees all contenders are in for a superheated smack down

    Zaluring’s bewitching beauty and grace can transform a torrential battle into a aquatic spectacle

    And I got to get this off my chest, the moment I say Popplio’s it immediately reminded of that Chubby Mermaid animation that has like 34M views

      1. The first two were easy I had to look up like so many things to get the last one
        Heat and Tigre (Spanish for tiger)
        Lastly I settled on Zalophus californianus and alluring

    1. I thought you’d hate Popplio’s evolution considering how girly and fairy like it looks

      1. Like I screamed the other night I was torn between repulsed and enchanted by the design
        So I’m very indifferent right now, but seeing how well these are made, these have my extremely limited respect….for now

        1. I do wonder what you would do, if Popplio’s evo turns out Water/Fairy? This is an honest question

          1. Still hoping Litten wil evolve fire/poison, simply because we haven’t seen that type combination before.

          2. I am very well aware of that, but I just want to see it happen for once. Like Poison/Electric, Dark/Electric, Dark/Bug, Electric/Fire, Fairy/Bug, Fairy/Ground (not sorry) to name a couple of others.

          3. We got a fairy/bug in cutiefly 😀 also salandlit is the fire/poison you been wanting

  56. Also one thing that I think I gotta say
    That Seal maiden is probably a dude…..

  57. The problem with Popplio’s is that this looks too feminine while the starters are probably goint to be 75% male like the other generations. Thats my reason for thinking this is fake

      1. Braixen and Delphox honestly aren’t that feminine looking though. I can still imagine them being male and not feel awkward but with with this Popplios evolution art it just feels really awkward to imagine this as male.

        1. Still works as either if you ask me, it’s not really much harder to imagine than a male Gardevoir or Gothitelle. Or, y’know, the Litten evo as a female. Sure it’s more likely to be male, but still. And who knows, maybe they’ll even have some dimorphism, like a male one might not have the long eyelashes for example.

  58. Absolutely love these, gonna say 99% real, and if not, probably the best fakes I’ve ever seen. Sure having another bipedal Fire/Fighting starter is a bit disappointing but it’s still a really good design.

    Also, something I haven’t seen anyone point out: Assuming these ARE real, they seem to also leak Ash’s new traveling companion. Doesn’t look like any of the characters we know so far, so she might be a new gym leader, maybe?

      1. It’s in the Litten evo picture, Ash and a girl with a flower in her hair is sitting next to the sleeping one, heating a kettle on its belt

        1. Oh, I see them. Does this mean between the two they will get all the starters?

          1. Probably. Of course they might have more traveling companions that aren’t seen in this picture though, so maybe a third person could get one. But either way it seems all three starters will be part of the group at least.

        1. fire/dragon? fire/psychic? fire/grass? fire/flying? fire/rock? pure fire? fire/steel? all those would be disappointing

    1. I’m okay with Fire/Dark, simply because I can’t stand the dual fighting anymore after so many starters had it. Personally still hoping for fire/poison though.

    2. I agree with you totally. Also I love all three designs and I will most likely pick litten I think or maybe Rowlett

  59. Interesting. Don’t much care for the Fire starter who will be the starter for my main game but I actually want them to be real because I do like the other two very much.

    On the fence though as to whether or not they are.

    They seem very Pokémon in general to me, and even seem to continue the theme of being based on classes/jobs in fantasy RPGs that Gen 6 had being ranger, berserker, and maybe bard (mermaid = siren = sang to draw people to their deaths = bard?).

    The last point could be a point against them though as it could just be a fan hoping they continue that trend of the starters being akin to RPG classes/jobs in their final evolutions.

    1. Tying them to RPG classes seems like a stretch if you ask me. Rowlet’s evo, sure, but not the other two. They’re just a wrestler and a mermaid.

  60. Okay on the one hand, another Fire/Fighting possibility has me terrified, but the Heel angle really makes me hope it’s just Fire/Dark with a ton of Fighting moves (A sort of inverse Toxicroak, a Fighting type with a ton of Dark moves)

    On the other hand, IT’S TIGER MASK.

    Rowlbin Hood is curious but it does possible include the ‘ancient’ aspect of grass starters, since it’s got crude ‘hand wings’ with it’s feathers, and it has the general build of Ornimegalonyx, a prehistoric owl who was notably long legged. I can safely say it would enforce Rowlett as my pick, barring another Grass type to tempt me away, since it is legit awesome and archers are the best.

    The Little Popplio…I think sub-type will decide exactly how much I like it, the possibility of Water/Psychic and Water/Fairy interests me, and it’s a unique design, and way to bring ‘mermaids’ moreso into Pokemon.

    As for whether they’re real or not and how I feel on that…the creative new angles for the starters (Mermaid for Popplio? Wrestler for Litten? Archer for Rowlett? Who could guess those?) and especially having the balls to even IMPLY with an attempt at seriousness that Litten becomes something that looks like a Fighting type makes me fall into my suspicions of the Black/White starter leaks, that it’s too hard to believe them, so they probably are legit.

    However I’m not going to jump the gun, that’s a good way to get shot. If these are legit, awesome (please still be Fire/Dark in that situation Litten plllleeeeaaassseee), if not, then kudos to the faker, this is some really creative work and very cool ideas.

  61. Well, I always thought that Solgaleo looked like something from an 80s kids TV show, and if Litten ends up turning into that thing, Pokemon is basically going to become Thundercats.

  62. Difference in quality and these “leaks” have written text instead of typed text. Not to mention they’re way too crowded. This not good design for a reference sheet.

  63. Def fake. Good impressions, but I doubt game freak would make a fire/fighting again. The owl is too technical of a Pokemon especially for a starter in that last form. And the final water type looks feminine compared to its male first form. No starter Pokemon is a repeat type.

  64. ohgod my feelings are so mixed on this..

    i hate the fire one and i hate that it’s likely *yet another* fire/fighting, but the owl looks seriously amazing

    ah well, we’ll see where this goes

  65. I dig the owl, but the other two… Yikes! If these are real, I feel like GF is really starting to overdesign. The starters are pretty simple/cartoony for the most part, why not keep it that way through their final evolutions like with the earlier gens? Plus, that final Popplio design is way too feminine for my taste. (Yes I’m sexist when it comes to my Pokemon.)

  66. These look legit and remind me of Wottergate all over again. I would be thrilled with all of these as long as that Litten isn’t Fire/Fighting. Fire/Dark, Poison, Ground or Pure Fire evil wrestler would be fine.

  67. I’m just not understanding these designs, other than Rowlet’s. Rowlet’s makes sense as a sort of assassin that takes out targets based on its orders (this meshes with its description of “turning its head to take instructions from its trainer” really well).
    However, Litten’s doesn’t make sense when taking its description into context, as Litten’s description states that it is passionate but “remains cool-headed.” I can’t see a cool-headed Pokemon turning into a wrestler, of all things.
    And Popplio’s REALLY doesn’t match its personality and behavior. Popplio is described as being big on “showmanship,” and its whole clownish, entertainer personality has really been played up in the trailers and in its art. It makes zero sense that it would turn into a mermaid.

    Starter Pokemon have always tended to retain their basic personalities or design aspects as they evolve, such as Piplup being a spoiled little princess penguin that ends up as a crowned emperor, or Froakie going from a saluting sort of foot-soldier to a full-blown ninja, or Chespin retaining its “hoodie.” It’s difficult to see Litten and Popplio changing so drastically.

    I will say that I quite like the designs of Rowlet’s and Popplio’s “final evos,” though

  68. Well damn if these are real I might need to pick the grass type after all. The fire type is pretty cool though to.

  69. I’ve done an evolution graph of how the new evolution for the new starter Pokemon should look. Note that the mid evolution Rowlet, I’ve discovered in leaks before the reveal of Rowlet, and by chance, alongside Rowlet when revealing the conspiracies over some fakes. I don’t know about you, but I feel that this midway pokemon is somehow connected between Rowlet and the final evolution.

    Also, I’ve altred El Tio Rexas’s graph of the final evolution’s graph in order to add the three new starters in, with Litten’s being based on the Tiger Zodiac, Rowlet’s based on the prehistoric bird, Haast’s Eagle, and Popplio’s mermaid tail fin being based on a club.

  70. I’ve already given the final evolution a nickname of ‘Owlinhoot’, a twist in name to both Owl and Robin hood.

    1. sorry mate, but those pictures you’re revealing to this site are obviously fake. The real deal is hard to get used to, I know, many here are trying to wrap their heads around them.

  71. Fake or not, I really like Rowlet’s final evo design. I do hope he gets a hooded/archer type theme.

    1. Well the confidential stamp does say it all. I’m surprise most skim right passed it! I believe that however this person got these from Game Freak, these are definitely the real deal. All we do now is to wait and see what typing and names they will be. Am hoping for a Robin Hood based name for Rowlet’s final evolution

  72. I pray that Fire/Fighting is not a possibility, we have three out of 7 fire starters that are fighting type. I think it would be cool if these new starters carry a secondary typing that is stronger than the previous gen. Since we know that Rowlett is a grass/flying, it is stronger than chesnaught final evol. Therefore, it would be cool to have fire/dark bc delphox was fire/psychic, and poplio as water/fairy since greninja was water/dark. The reverse would be cool as well for litten and poplio – water/psychic and fire/poison. But absolutely no fire/fighting. There are so many combination out there, why would fire always get match up with fighting, regardless of the theme.

    About the design, not too crazy about the water and fire, since they are so gender specific. However, we see the likes of milotic and chesnaught having male and female counterparts, respectively, so it is very possible that these will be the final evolution designs. All three do not look good, however. I like it when designs look similar to the animals they represents (gyarados, meganium, Arcanine) and less human like.

  73. hey pokejungle fix your article, noivern is a gen VI pokemon and its reference art is not for the anime, is from the games (that the anime series adapts later)

  74. all of the words for the noivern leaks were type and everything was neat and not drawn images so i think these are fake. Maybe i think that because i hate litten’s evolution and i was going to choose him but really nice try guys

  75. As i thought … they are fake .. they forgot the little details, the confidenial logo is compared to the quality of the designs just bad and only copy pasted .. the designs don’t match with the hidden icons when rowlet/litten/popplio were revealed (ground/flying/fight) … they don’t fit in the concept that there are always 2 pokemon on two legs and one on four legs … in the fake leak they used other letters (handwritten) … there is also no head to toe scale like in every other concept art from GF .. when GF uses the confidential logo it is always at the same place (left under corner; a logo is normaly always at the same place and they know that cause they are designers) .. and in the fake they didn’t use any guiding lines for the letters they are just placed anywhere .. so yeah .. that was all 😛

    1. The typing revealed in the Japanese Pokemon website is probably done on purpose to try and trip many people up from knowing their true typing. GF are known for their unexpected surprises. Plus, there is both the chinese and European leaks that seem to reveal them being accurate, being Archer/Wrestler/Siren. Such as riding the Pokemon, the Fire/Poison Lizard (Salandit), Rockruff evolving into a werewolf (hinted on Rockruff’s description), and the gem bracelet that increases the Pokemon’s attacks. Another thing to note is that these reference sheets have been mysteriously taken down on Google, possibly by GF because they are revealing their big surprise too soon. The writing may look like last minute sketches on the ref sheets, yes it got me too when comparing X and Y’s Noivern. But it maybe done by some else who works with GF. The Pokemon designs you do realise are not all done by the main illustrator, just a few.

      Did you know that one of the illustrator’s favorite animes is ‘Tiger Mask’, in which seems to be Panthster’s inspiration, like many a few Pokemon are.

      I personally believe that the scary clown one, the panther and the hooded figure leaks are all fake, because one they don’t look like the sort of thing that Game Freak would think up, it’ll be too obvious for a fake when comparing to the usual patterns GF does with the past evolutions. Don’t ask me how or why, it’s just a hunch. And two, I personally think Rowlet, Popplio and most especially Litten’s evolutions look way too off in compaired to the possible leaks of Robingroot, Panthster and Entermaid. The designs, the poses and the expressions (which is obviously for the upcoming Anime) are just too perfect to be fake. Only time will tell, we still have the mid evolutions yet to compare them to.

      I think this image below pretty much sums some Pokemon Fans up.

      1. The part with the Rockwuff evolution was just obvious (it’s says in the discription that it howls when it is evolving plus we haven’t seen its evolution) .. salandit was a lucky guess .. i’m pretty sure that they’ll leak a poison/fairy too ^^ the part with a bracletts and multiple gems to changes was preticted when they were first shown plus a 5th move because of pokken … he also stated that the next leak will include a beaver and a gorilla (it should have been the leak we got a few days ago) and he wasn’t right … the logos in the concept art is always in the left under edge (in the fakes they arent) .. the scary clown, panther and hooded rowlett were never in my mind to be real .. and at least .. the images of the fake final evolutions arent even taken down from google? there are still at least 50 × 9 pictures of the (searched them yesterday) soo yeah .. it is just an other fake 🙂

        1. well maybe the announcement was delayed, but at least he’d got the diamonds right of helping to increase the abilities of the Pokemon. And the whole reason of why the final evolutions are still on Google is because many are still posting them up, and who knows, perhaps if we keep posting them on the net, the more likely GF will have to reveal them. As for the hooded Rowlet, Scary Clown and panther, they don’t seem to fit very well to how GF would draw them, and if you look at this picture, you would see the obvious pattern that the starters would have to follow.

          The three pictures above however, you must remember that Ken rarely draws Pokemon, but only approves those who mostly draw them in the studio. These are obviously GF studio made.

      2. and the names in the fakes don’t say their names (normally in every pokemon design there is their name on the design) .. it only says owl3, tiger3, sealion3 ^^

  76. I really don’t really like litten final evolution. also popplio shouldn’t be a siren. i mean how is it going to look like as a male?

    1. I think Robingroot’s name was mistranslated by the european, because if it’s suppose to be a reference to Robin hood, it should’ve been Robinroot. The rest I find understandable. Though the announcement is yet to appear, he is right about the diamonds.

      Sorry friends, no Mega Stones this gen.

  77. i hope these are legit, a hunter archer owl that shoots feather arrows using its wing as a bow, that’s fucking badass unique design seriously

    also loving wrestling fire tiger looks great, okay sure sure it seems it would end up as another fire/fighting and we’re all sick of that fair enough but this designs seems so good i’d put up with it again just to use it

    was hoping water starter would be part fairy but in a masculine way not feminine, tho this design does look very beautiful nonetheless

    1. Actually, the fire tiger, Panthster, is a Fire/Dark Type, a heel wrestler, inspired by ‘Tiger Mask’, one of Ken’s favorite shows.

      Also, Entermaid being a feminine style Pokemon is not the only one

      Please read the description someone has just posted below.

  78. I hope litten’s final evolution won’t a fire/fighting type.Those are real maybe they’ll be scaped later.

  79. With the new video that came out today, I think these are confirmed real cuz you can see one of the trial captains, Mallow, in the artwork for the Litten evo, and these images showed up ages ago!

  80. Littens final evolution looks to much like Embaor, and how are you going from a cat from the start and it evolution then go to a evolution with it being to much like a previous generation!

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