Pokémon Sun & Moon: A visit to Azoth? — Discussion

NOTE: This article is purely speculative and should be treated as such. It is not fact!

With the release of the latest round of Pokémon news, we’ve got an excellent look at (some of) the Alola Region in Sun & Moon. The archipelago seems to contain a number of great locations for trainers to visit and discover new Pokémon in, but one place in particular has caught our attention…

Visit to Azoth

This walled location one the regions south-east — and largest — region… Could is be the Azoth Kingdom? Azoth is said to be a mechanical fortress town, where Magearna was created 500 years ago. There’s not a huge amount to go on here, but the location certainly could pass as a “mechanical fortress”! This would also mean that the upcoming movie could be set in the Alola region, where Azoth is found (see below for screenshots of what we believe to be Azoth in the movie).

Readers can expect a full speculation article and a video taking a closer look at some of the points of interest on the Alola region map in the coming days! For now though, we want you to discuss whether or not you think this could be the mechanical kingdom of Azoth and what this could mean for trainers in Sun & Moon!

  1. No because then that implies that Ash and co. are in the Alola region in the movie, which makes absolutely no sense. I get that the movies have their differences compared to the games, but the same city in two different regions? Nah. It may have relevance, but in no way is it Azoth.

    1. It’s a mechanical/artificial city. If Golurk can fly, who’s to say a city can’t? Haha

      1. Golurk has a limitless amount of eternal energy that it can discharge as a combustible exhaust strong enough to achieve flight

  2. Azoth is mentioned in the game cannon and the above map does resemble the shots of Azoth as seen in the movie. https://youtu.be/nkQUuhfvdjU

    The only issue is the idea that the tv show characters are already in Alola when this movie is out. Then again, they’re not exactly sticklers for continuity in the anime so they could just gloss over it.

    I’m pretty convinced they’re once and the same at this point – regardless of potential anime issues.

  3. I also thought about the idea, but the city in the map seems small compared to the move one… But I would like the idea to have a quest based on the movie

  4. Kinda small for a kingdom, wouldnt you agree? The first trailer showed a port town that looks about the same size as the map. What im speculating, is that town is hiding from something in the woods, like kyurem in black and white.

  5. The article mentions the map only being some of the region. Is this referring to post game or do people truly think this is only part of the region?

  6. No, I seriously do doubt this theory. Ash is not in Alola as of yet. It would displace the entire region. I think that Azoth will potential stay mythical or not be completely explained. I do not think we’re going to Azoth in Sun & Moon. Yet, there is still a chance with Volcanion likely becoming a major part of the games.

  7. No, they have put things in different regions just to match the setting. IE Battle Frontier was in Kanto even though in games it’s in Hoenn. Im sure it’s just one of those things. But it does make me wonder will they go to this bordered place, in the Anime, if it is Azoth.

  8. PROJECT AZOTH File No. 1 The goal of Project AZOTH is to return the world—return everything—to the beginning. In order to further the project, we must proceed with research on Groudon’s Primal ReversionOR/Kyogre’s Primal ReversionAS. Primal Reversion is a potential of Pokémon Evolution, a potential different from Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is made possible by the energy of people and Pokémon. Primal Reversion is made possible by natural energy. In Primal Reversion, GroudonOR/KyogreAS absorbs natural energy into its body, thereby increasing its power dramatically. Both states significantly enhance Pokémon’s power: the difference lies in the source of the required energy.”
    “PROJECT AZOTH File No. 2 We intend to analyze the power of the ultimate weapon used in Kalos 3,000 years ago and work on the development of a drill weapon utilizing the technology. The Seafloor Cavern is sealed by the power of a Legendary Pokémon. The only way to gain access to the cavern is to break the seal with power that exceeds that of the Pokémon. According to the report from the Petalburg recon team, Devon Corporation holds the secret of the technology of the ultimate weapon. We will dedicate all our resources to obtain this technology.”

      1. I think this kinda power ploy would be considered taboo in the Pokemon world

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with a Zorua/Zoroark event where to take Event Pokemon and bring it the site where Magearna is

    But in order to have this all flow nicely into the region, I want to say time capsule or dormant escape pod containing the Artificial Pokemon

    But let me go even further then just a simple trade up and acquire
    I want this to be a nice long side-quest, Like movie Pokemon-bring to special NPC-NPC tells of an area related to the Movie Pokemon-Find area and contains a map to find an item-go to place to find key item-item unlocks a dormant pod-Magearna appears-reacts to the movie Pokemon and agrees to join you

    I know it’s a stretch but honestly I grow tired of just getting the event poke without nary any work other than having the key item

  10. Wow didn’t think about this…..I’m sure if it’s anything like the Azoth kingdom in the movie it’ll be more in the spirit of it than the actual place. Either way I’m loving how it looks like it’s from Attack on Titan lol

  11. AZ, Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire, Azoth… I wonder how they’ll tie it all up.

    1. AZoth. People probably already pointed it out though, I never really pay much attention to the lore.

      1. yes I did intend to suggest the AZ AZoth in my original message. But you like fairy types, and more importantly gardevoir ( I wanted it to be broken in pokken but its not 🙁 )

  12. I must say, the artists that do the map have really improved. Look at the Kalos map, and then look at Alola. It’s crazy how detailed the map is.

    Kalos seems so empty compared to Alola!!

    1. Eh. Whilst I agree that the artwork of Alola is wayyyy better than
      anything from the past, I think the emptiness of Kalos can largely be
      attributed to conceptually different art styles. The Unova and Kalos map
      art was quite minimalist, showing only key buildings. I remember when the Unova map was first revealed – a lot of people were
      confused as to where all the buildings were, some theorising we’d have a very different game. Compare this to Johto artwork from HGSS (or even ORAS artwork for Hoenn) where essentially all buildings are accounted for within the artwork.

      Edit: I had image links but they were failing and I don’t know how to fix it lol >.< (oh lol – some of them posted haha)

  13. Hey i believe that if “marshadow” is real it will probably be a legendary pokemon encountered on the platform near the swamp on the big island

  14. I would Love that .. I don’t think we’ve Ever had such a dedicated movie location in game before. Which adds to my doubt.. especially because it would be odd for them to join Super far away then back.. but who knows

  15. What do you think about Solgaleo and Lunala’s competetive viablity? Lunala looks amazing in battle, glistening blue… But 4 times weakness to Ghost and dark.. Maybe it has a move like ‘Shining sky’ which makes them immunities… One can hope…. But it also has 2 immunities and resistances, so if you just keep it away from Ghosts and darks I think it’s okay right? Also Shadowshield is different to multiscale isn’t it, because it protects both from special and defensive attacks?

    Then Solgaleo has one of the best defensive typings there is!

    1. Multiscale protects from all attacks too, so far it’s ability is estienally the same,But I don’t think Lunala will be as viable as Sungaleo. Sungaleo seems pretty good for Ubers, idk for Lunala

      1. Really I think it’s the opposite. Psychic/steel type isn’t that good anymore now with it losing ghost and dark resistance. Isn’t that why metagross is UU with no mega ?☕

        1. Mess I know psychic ghost is a horrible defneisve typing and lunala looks frail but shadow sheild will give it some bulk. Plus psychic ghost is a great offensive typing

          1. is it though? it can stab super effective hit ghost types, psychic types, fighting types and poison types.

          2. Don’t forget Roost and Shadowshield
            As many stated if invested defensively one can bulk up and tap into recovery to reactivate Shadowshield

            Also I don’t anyone said it might have access to Cosmic Power

    2. All tea all shade, lunala is such a mess. good defensive abilty but with terrible defensive typing so messy!!

      1. I mean to be honest it’s only 2 weaknesses… If someone sends out a wash rotom to my infernape, I’m gunna switch out anyway ( which, as a ghost, lunala can do, mean look shadow tag etc, won’t work) But it can switch into focus blasts and poison jabs…..

  16. Also regarding this being Azoth I don’t see it, the inside city looks very different to the castley look of Azoth’s buildings

  17. ~ Solgaleo, the beast who devours the sun… maybe he’ll devour the sun in the Pokemon games and bring forth eternal darkness.
    ~ Lunala, the beast who calls forth the moon… maybe she’ll call forth the moon and bring about eternal darkness.

    Either way, both bring forth darkness, so it seems it won’t be a linear progression thing where Solgaleo does something and you need Lunala to balance it out or vice-versa. I mean, maybe the ancient people of Alola summoned the beasts and the antagonistic team is trying to summon them back, but remembering the legend(s) of what happened during the age of the ancients, your player and his friends have to stop the evil team from summoning the beasts at all costs.

  18. Nah probably not. I do think a technological city made with ancient gears and such is possible tough.

  19. Who do you think is gong to be the standout starter Pokémon? My vote is KWEEN litten. She’s obviously going to evolve into a tiger Pokemon and tigers are badass.Y’all rowlet friends better hope the regional bird isn’t amazing like staraptor or talonflame cause that can split votes not to mention grass/flying isn’t a good typing competitively. FLOPlilo only has fans because people want to be Edgy and hipster by picking the hated started like they did with chespin. And it will probably have a tragic design because I don’t know any clown Pokemon that are cool. KWEEN litten is the dark horse and will come out on top! (Rf) https://media2.giphy.com/media/14e9CpQheeH0VG/giphy.gif

    1. Here’s my prediction for their final evo stats. Kitten: mix attacker, glass cannon but super fast. Rowlet: high HP, high special attack, high special defense. Popillio: all around good Pokemon similar to samurwott

    2. Honestly I don’t care how competitive starters are, nor do I care how many weaknesses they have. If they are good competitive that’s just a plus. Starter wise I just look at the design and typing, but thats just me

        1. #TeamRowlett not no ugly sea lion. And lets not forget some basic Fire starter that probably won’t even gain a type and be as basic as typhlosion. Where’s my tea at??

          1. I really don’t understand why Poppilo is getting a lot of hate :/. I just praying to Arceus that it has a amazing final evolution so us Poppilo fans can gloat about it later.

          2. People take one look at that bulbous nose and the fact it has ties to clowns and starts hating
            Honestly when did everyone hate clowns

    3. Team Litten all the way. Rowlet has potential and I really don’t like Pooplio. The only water Starter I’ve ever liked was Totodile and probably won’t like another one until they hopefully make an octopus

    4. Also don’t count on getting a Female Litten so easily, 12.5%
      So get ready to SR, inb4 its nature is bad

      1. On this topic I honestly usually get female starter Black and X and ORAS were the only three games I got male starter

          1. I know you don’t, but I think it’s just a little thing I noticed with RNG luck. as a matter of fact most of pokemon are female for the most part. I guess I just attract female pokemon *inb4 female insult*

          2. I mean it is a slim chance for starters
            But the others are usually a flip of a coin
            And it’s easier just to huck a brick at you

  20. I said this yesterday, it definitely think they will be one in the same

    1. but then again that would mean ash would already be in the new region before the new anime starts for this gen… so maybe not

      1. That’s just a very long stretch
        Also the Azoth Kingdom and Project AZOTH
        One: the absolute fact that Movie Location are strictly non-game canon I cannot stress this enough
        Dos: as stated below Project AZOTH does in fact faintly state that it is technology used to increase the power of a Pokemon with the idea of a great energy source and a machine similar to the ultimate weapon, but we cannot truly state if this whole Magearna thing is truly linked, I mean outside the fact it’s a man-made Pokemon we know absolutely nothing about it, and I do not trust Movies to provide game factoids

        So in the meantime they are not similar….yet

        1. k…. I already revoked my previous thought that they were the same place though. but thanks

    1. Was a pretty boring video. Less with the chatting and discussing of opinions and more with the actual analysis that I find interesting

  21. I really, REALLY don’t understand the need to relate XY with Sun & Moon. I know that the Zygardes formes suggested a continuity to XY’s story, but in my opinion, these formes and the Ash-Greninja are features created for the anime. We need to remember that the anime is based on the games and sometimes it diverges from the original content (example, the baby Lugia on Whirl Islands). So, yeah, the 6th gen was X/Y/OR/AS and that’s it. The anime creates different locations, characters, badges, Pokémons as needed and that’s it.

    1. While I realize much of this could be solely for the anime, we still need to get the Zygarde forms somehow.

    2. While yes, I agree that WAY too many people are pushing the whole return to Kalos and X and Y’s story will be continued in Sun and moon, I think that the Zygarde is way too big of a thing to go unnoticed in the games. It could just be a simple event and it’s over. But eventually we will have to receive Zygarde.

      1. We think that the new forms are big because this is the first time the anime created a Pokémon for it, right. It’s in our brains, as a tradition passed through generations, the only media that introduce new Pokémon are the games. But, and it’s a theory of mine, the anime is “inovating” to get more audience in general, the lost audience. The anime was always dependent on the game release cycles to get new fuel, and they are breaking the mold. They created forms (not original Pokémons) for the anime, as the manga merged Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres or made a Eevee that can shift on its 3 original evolutions.

        1. I see what you mean. But I still have some kind of gut feeling that we have Zygarde in the next games (probably just an event). It just seems to complicated to be anime exclusive.

          But, the reason why right now they are focusing on it in the anime is because, like you said, anyone who is interested in the games will look towards the anime to find out the secrets of Zygarde’s formes.

          1. I would like to add that the Zygarde forms do appear in-game… in Pokemon Shuffle (that counts, right? right?). Ash-Greninja appears too though lol.

  22. GUYS. GUYS. I HAVE A THEORY. You know lillie?

    You know what seems odd about her?

    She doesn’t look native to Alola. Somethin’ seem strange about her attire? Yah, it looks like something straight out of Kalos.

    Could she have come from the Kalos region and is in Alola for some kind of purpose? Or am I going insane from hype?

    1. Second time i heard this theory. Its very interesting. I could see it though but what does her coming from kalos bring? Just a neat backstory

      1. Lol, second time? Thought I was original lol. Well, I guess there are a lot of people out there XD

        But, in terms of what she brings? I don’t know. Maybe she’s in the Alola region to learn something. Or maybe she is the daughter of a previous character?? I don’t know, just thinking out loud 😀

        1. I’m with you, I thought it too the first time I saw her. There’s something odd about her, she looks like if she’s acting to be kind to steal some info from the professor. Maybe she’s from Kalos, but I dont think she’s good to trust.

    2. This is definitely possible – remember in the very first sun and moon announcement trailer, there were concept drawings on the board? One of them was a building which resembled a hotel of some sort and a girl was standing in front of it – she resembled an early design of Lillie


      It’s also on the map


  23. A bit off topic but what do you guys think about “Synchro Evolution” in Sun and Moon? There are those weird revive like crystals on the bracelets and they don’t really seem like Key Stones to me. Having another evolution method besides Mega Evolution would be pretty interesting in my opinion but it feels like they haven’t explained the concept of megas enough yet to introduce something brand new. To be honest I think Ash-Greninja in the anime is so much cooler than Mega Pokémon, they should’ve started with “Synchro Evolution” instead of megas. This whole Ash-Greninja thing seems much more personal than holding 2 random pieces of rock.

    1. As I said before the concept of this alleged Synchro Evolution and Mega Evolution are virtually identical down to the label
      Both utilizing bonds to achieve a new form and higher strength
      But you are all blinded by just the idea of the Pokemon taking form similar to the trainer or vise-versa
      And everyone consistently brings up Ash-Greninja as your only defense but as clearly stated by both the Anime’s site that this phenomenon only has occurred once every 100 years to “Special Greninja” clearly referring to the Ninja Hero’s Greninja but honestly none follow the anime anyone and just jump to conclusions

      And also I stated this is a way the writers can give Ash a Pseudo-Mega to compete with the trio of rivals aka Alain’s Charizard and Sawyer’s Sceptile and therefore each rival has a mega of a starter type which makes so much sense

      But this… “Synchro Evolution” is basically Mega Evolution with a fancier name, Yes the Protagonist hold very peculiar watches/bracelets but immediately jumping to Synchro Evolution is nothing less then foolhardy, it could be a PSS Device or just a Mega Bracelet but I truly do not think Pokemon Fusing with Humans will EVER be promptly displayed in a main series game

      And I truly cannot stress this enough these are not Burst Hearts or Burst Attack as those are non canon

      1. Also if we were to have this “Synchro-evolution” surely the professor would be studying it, like sycamore studied mega evolution.

          1. Yes, but if they require different stones to achieve this evolution I would have assumed there would be different research/story behind it. But yeah their the same thing pretty much.

          2. Look don’t muck up this with But Ifs, we truly do not need this weaboo crapola

          1. Fehhhh I don’t like excessive Dual Type moves
            Flying Press makes sense but then it just kinda goes out of hand

          2. I agree now also. It was a fun concept with flying press, but it seems like it would over complicate things.

  24. Alright guys, I’ve been looking at the map for a long time and noticed a couple of things. There are some buildings (other than pokemon centers) that appear multiple times around the region.

    The first are these blue buildings: http://i.imgur.com/RRUjzFQ.png
    My first thought was that they separated the pokemart from the pokemon center, but I think in the first trailer they showed them still together (?), but I’m not 100% sure on that because the last place I found it is far away from any town.

    The second are these orange-ish roofed buildings: http://i.imgur.com/0CwRXXA.png
    Now I thought these could be the gyms, but there’s a couple problems. The first is that I only found two, and the second is that the Kalos region map didn’t show any gyms.
    So what do you all think? Are these just random placeholder buildings scattered across the map? Do they have any significance?

    1. Hm…idk. I think the gyms could be in special buildings this time around. The orange roof buildings could be some new type of facility or something. Maybe the blue roofed ones are specialized shops different from a pokemart?

  25. My guess is that Lillie has something to do with AZ and the great pokemon war. Maybe that’s why she hates pokemon battling. She is also named after a flower….perhaps she could be AZ’s daughter or descendant.

    1. Who even cares about legendary typings. People usually don’t even use them…

      1. Apparently a majority of the Pokémon community. People are complaining about how stupid Solgaleo is because it’s not a Fire Type yet it has a relation to the sun.

        1. I like the typing. Maybe those people can just handover their Beldum and Jirachi

    2. I know, I mean where does it state it has to BE the sun,
      We just don’t know enough lore yet

    3. I actually like that its psychic/steel. Lunala was always my favorite of the two, but solgaleo’s typing makes me like it more than i did.

      1. Yeah but when you think about Solgaleo might have more in common with Iron Meteorites then the sun,
        As with most extraterrestrial Pokemon they are very different, and natives often just go by looks and its legend when doing this kinda stuff

        1. I like this meteorite things. Steel for the elements that make it up and psychic for space?

    4. Just did some research into this picture. Its connected to alchemy, where the lion represents Mercury, a toxic, liquid like metal, and the sun represents gold. I feel the alchemy aspect is where its psychic typing comes from, and steel from mercury. Also, i’d like to point out that Azoth is another alchemical term. Im going to go research lunala’s origin now.

    5. I don’t complain about the types, I do think it’s weird for the sun legendary that his weakness is fire and that the weakness of Lunala is dark x4 xD

      Alanis Morissette – Ironic

      An old man turned ninety-eight
      He won the lottery and died the next day
      It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay
      It’s a death row pardon two minutes too late
      Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think

      It’s like rain on your wedding day
      It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
      It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
      Who would’ve thought, it figures XD

    6. I love Solgaleo’s typings! It’s so different and cool and unexpected. It also solidified me having my starter as Litten on the Sun version rather than the Moon version.

    7. I think honestly who cares it kind of looks like metal but I’m choosing Moon with Popplio!

    8. I find this sad… I mean the sun in plasma nit fire… And steel is such an Awsome type. I mean I loved the suprise! Lunaala was depressing because apparently it isn’t even viable for Ubers :,(

    1. I noticed that too and I must say I’m enchanted
      I do enjoy areas of perpetual rain

  26. Even more confirmation that Solgaleo is actually a Living Meteorite
    “Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike, an attack that charges at an opponent with the force of a meteor, disregarding the target’s Ability.”
    Which explains why so much of Solgaleo’s attacks and ability is related to metals
    It is a Iron Meteorite,
    And always the psychic as cosmic rays and what not

    It’s goal is to use its extremely durable body to withstand the atmospheric hazards and even more so to withstand the immense heat of the sun to literally consume its power as it says its body draws strength from solar radiation and rays

    Who know maybe Lunala is actually a protector since if it calls the moon to cast the planet into nightfall Solgaleo cannot have enough strength to achieve its goal, but maybe the charging process and how it does it is still shrouded in mystery

  27. Hmm… I having a hard time finding anything that connects lunala to alchemy. I will keep looking into this, its not as easy to connect as solgaleo haha

    1. Alchemy seems to be a theme. Since the movie mentioned “mystery science” (I know it’s not always canon with the games), I was actually wondering if it was pokemon’s version of alchemy. Maybe the whole kalos medieval theme (alchemy was popular during those time – turn lead into gold, etc) connects with this mystery science?

      Nah…I’m looking too far into it lol

    2. Also I think there could be a connection with X and Y afterall.


      “Moon is “”death””, sleep, dream, imagination; Sun is “”life””, awakening, logic.”

      Also it talks about how moon transforms what it receives from the sun. As Lunala’s entry suggests “it constantly absorbs light to convert into energy”.

      Maybe, with a proper research, someone could find Lunala’s actual origins.

        1. Huh this is interesting. I wonder if this will turn into a sort of “myth vs science” story.

  28. I like how many people are rambling about solgaleo and how it should be fire, because if it was fire they would probably be rambling that its pyroar 2.0 and that gf has 0 originality. I actually like solgaleos typing because it was unexpected and brings forth speculation as to why it has this typing.

    1. If people have even a little knowledge about physics, they’d know that the sun doesn’t actually contain fire. Thus Solgaleo not being part Fire makes total sense, as strange as it sounds.

      1. Actually, you bring up a good point. Doesn’t the sun produce a lot of heavy metals (around the atomic # for iron, iirc)? If that’s the case, then it makes sense that it’d be a steel type.

    1. Hmmm…. This could be true, but I don’t think a connection will be revealed until later. Like the connection between Cynthia and Caitlin.

    2. I’m telling you, Lillie looks like she is from Kalos. LOOK AT HER CLOTHES!!!!

      I think she will definitely be connected to some kind of important plot that has to do with Kalos. It has to be. Masuda even hinted at this!!!!

    3. All these flower connections 🙂 I love it! (Considering I love flowers xD)

  29. ok but i hope solgaleo and lunala are the last psychic legendaries for a while. enough is enough

  30. So about the weird platforms on the map, I count eight. Eight gyms anyone? Maybe you have to get through the gym full of trainers and the puzzle to reach the leader, and then meet them outside.

    1. Hmmmmm interesting idea. Maybe Hala is a gym leader then as he also has that platform.

      1. I’m not saying that the platform is exclusive to the leader, though, as we have images of battling Hau on that platform. I like your idea, though. What type would he be?

    2. I’ve commented about it. I also think it’s a possibility considering how nature is an important theme in this region + from what I remember Ash had some battles outdoors in the Orange Island saga so why not have that in the games?

      1. This map image is so freaking huge it takes a minute to resize hahaha

    1. I don’t love it, but the hat is actually a flower. So now that I realized that, I like it better.

    2. I like it actually ….some ppl just repeat wat other says without understanding.

  31. Warning, will get into tl:dr but sorry. Tl:DR Translated Japanese clips, basically introductions and various other things. Rough translations.
    I dunno if anyone has done this yet, but I’m trying to roughly translate the dialogue in the Japanese clips, just cause (although, es a rough translation mind you as I’m using all that I learned and google translate) I was bored and this kind of helps me with my Japanese, so I don’t care if I’m wrong, it helps and it’s a starting point. If someone wants to elaborate or help, that would be awesome!
    I’ll start off with Lillie as she was the one who got me started on this quest.
    Lille’s dialogue starts off with ‘Eh? Ah, Nice to meet you, I am called Lille’ (This I am really confident in). Then it moves on to her saying something about returning something or giving something (there’s also a comment about her as an assistant although google translate sucks) then her talking about Pokemon are being hurt and are weak but she will cheer. Maybe it’s before the first battle with Hau, due to the scenario I see in the trailer. I believe it will be translated to something like ‘I don’t like Pokemon being hurt and these ones are weak, but I will cheer you guys on!’
    Kukui starts off with another introduction. The first sentence is a bit rough, but it has words like accident and introduce, but I dunno what he would be trying to say clearly. But the last two I do know, which is ‘I am Kukui! Nice to meet you!’ (different wording than Lillie’s but still the same greeting). Then it moves onto dialogue we saw before, so I’ll skip that. Then, in the fishtank scene, the first word he says is Yup, or yes, along with something about examining his Pokemon work takes him island hopping and it’s his hope/wish to encounter various Pokemon.
    For Hau, the first scene is another introduction, although I’m having a hard time figuring out what orene means.But I do think it’s something like ‘Hey’, I just don’t know the exact translation. Then he says something about how each of them are having fun now, then it will be a good battle (although I don’t see the word battle, I have to assume that’s what’s being talked about since they are on the stage) Then the word on the thing I’m guessing is the usual ‘Pokemon Trainer Hau would like to battle’ and ‘Pokemon Trainer Hau sends out Popplio’ since that is normally the case, and the first line in both has ‘Pokemon Trainer Hau’
    So yeah, really rough, but it’s a starting point, and I thought it would be cool to do.

    1. Nice!
      I imagine it’d be Rival Hau? We must be getting another rival if that’s not the case.

      1. No, the Katakana on the line says ‘Pokemon Trainer Hau’ not Rival or something else.
        I could be translated to Rival later, but that’s what it says on the clip, so I dunno.

      2. I just looked up that all rivals, excluding Blue and Silver, have all been called Pokemon Trainer as their class, while Blue and SIlver were the only ones in the ‘Rival’ class. So it will be Pokemon Trainer.

          1. I thought all of them were called Rival too, so I was confused as well, but looking back, I do remember them never being called ‘Rival’ out right.

      3. Hau looks like Sawyer, am I the only one who noticed that? Could they be related?

  32. I don’t know if anyone discussed this but I wonder if the PSS, Amie, and Super-training are coming back.

    1. I’m sure they’ll be around. The three of them are very integral to the series now and the features are basically a must. they may not be out in th open anymore like in XY, but I’m sure in the menu there will be an option to access them.

  33. I think Solgaleo and Lunala’s abilities will do something more than be a fancy clear body/multiscale. Maybe protect them from Fire/Dark moves respectively?

    1. Not a chance
      Lunala is the only one with a defensive ability

      And I honestly don’t understand why so many are pushing for a updated ability
      It’s over, you know that’s their abilities and nothing more

      1. Because they are literally a fancy clear body/multiscale. There has to be something more to them.

        1. So is turboblaze but did that protect them from Ground, noooooo so beat it

          1. It doesn’t make sense how Solgaleo is weak to fire and Lunala is weak to dark though.
            Well, it kind of does for Lunala but I still think their abilities do more than that, considering Lunala’s ability is named shadow shield, it can protect it from the darkness?

          2. I guess that’s why shadow shield is like multiscale? It provides somewhat of a protection…..somewhat

          3. It’s a shield made of nightfall, doesn’t mean evil can’t try to penetrate it
            We already figured it out
            Solgaleo is either a dying star or a meteorite
            Both are extraterrestrial celestial objects that at one point are filled with space metal, but I’m leaning towards the Meteorite theory as it is nothing but appraisal to its steel, Full Metal Body and Sunsteel Strike “which involves Solgaleo crashing into the opponent like a meteor” Which some meteorites contain high amounts of nickel and iron which is also produced by the sun at the end of its cycle and also the planet’s core, and then I thought of the whole devoured of the sun thing, it probably requires a carapace strong enough to withstand such heat to absorb energy

          4. Going to have to agree with the meteorite and deviate a bit into how protein relates to energy.

            Maybe Liger Zero accumulates energy like how a protein does when it binds to another protein(s), molecule(s), atom(s), etc. Sunsteel Strike could be the release of that energy (ie the 3D structure of a protein changes when it binds to something and the physical properties change due to new bonds being made and old bonds being broken resulting in a release of energy)

          5. Release the energy! I actually really like the whole Solgaleo being a meteorite.

          6. I know it just came to me this morning and the idea is sorta spreading

          7. GameFreak will always want to improve their games and incorporate new things. Why couldn’t they give Solgaleo and Lunala’s abilities an additional effect? Just because it wasn’t in previous games, doesn’t mean it wont be either in Sun/Moon. Think outside the box lol

      2. For some reason I thought full metal body was a mash up of clear body and mold breaker… Hmm

    2. Since Solgaleo absorbs solar energy (which would be categorized as fire in the pkmn universe I guess) and Lunala absorb Lunar energy, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit tbh.

  34. I just want to point out, that I would love it if they return the gym battle rematch options. Absolutely loved that feature in Emerald.

    1. It was in HGSS as well.
      Hopefully without the schedule thing, that was awful.

      I’d also like to see E4 rematches again. They were in ORAS so I think they’ll add it in in Sun/Moon too.

  35. Hau looks like a person I would beat with a shovel
    Something tells me his upbeat attitude would get on the nerves fast

    And if little miss Lillie is getting a starter I unfortunately can’t get her to have Litten
    Lillie-Litten because stereotype
    Hau-Rowlet just fits

    But She’ll end up with Rowlet and dare if I make a Twilight and Owlowiscious connection
    And the Doughnut loving knucklehead with the fire cat

    Who knows I’m rambling at this point

    Team Popplio

    1. FINALLY! Someone else who loves Popplio, Honestly, I dont get all the stick it receives. Its freakin adorable, and something tells me it’ll turn out a quite powerful mon.

      1. I love the ideas I can incorporate from its bubble blowing
        -Bubble Bouncing
        -Bubble Rolling (Dives into the bubble as it inflates)
        -Bubble slapping, knocking the bubble as a projectile
        -And if can learn icy wind, Ice Balls it can ride on and absorb a single attack

  36. So I see several farm looking plots across the region. I would guess that berry plants are going to make a return. It is a tropical region after all

    1. I never use berries, so I would probably wont be using the patches anyway.

  37. Black and White, possibly the greatest Pokemon games in terms of story, depth, lore, and characters truly redefined Pokemon from what many perceived as a children’s plaything to one that, if it wanted to, could tell a riveting tale of love, passion, and choice! Sun and Moon have many things in their favor from the sheer marketing appeal to the amount of exposure the games have had many months prior to their release! If these games do not live up to expectations, Pokemon could lose a plethora of their returning and stagnant players who only probably returned due to the 20th anniversary, the hype, and the level of publicity these games have had. I’m not going to go on and say Sun/Moon will be as groundbreaking as Black/White in terms of story/plot because we’ve had ZERO details revealed in regards to the tales of Sun/Moon, but all I’m saying is: I hope they deliver and I hope they don’t return to uninspired and non-creative writing. Pokemon has SO many talented and passionate people working everyday to provide the best in handheld games and their main goal is to make fans happy, but at the same time continue to gradually let Pokemon evolve. Thus, I have hopes for Sun/Moon and I truly, TRULY want them to deliver! 😀

    1. I completely agree. I really want a deep and thick plot that involves all the characters and there will be so much devlopment that our minds will explode. I really love the story/lore aspect of the games, and I really hope Sun and Moon even come close to being a little like Black and White with the story.

    1. They obviously checked out Verlis’s vid, because they too mentioned the silhouettes of Lugia and Ho-Oh in the clouds.

      1. I believe the first one mentions that is a one of our community but ppl make fun of him …..and I believe many of video maker take a look PJ before they did their video.

  38. @exeledus:disqus brought up a really good point about the possibility of Sun/Moon’s central plot: what if it centers around science VS legend/religion? Mystery science, the ruins of an ancient civilization in Alola, a sun devouring beast and a moon calling creature, mysterious new form of evolution that doesn’t seem to be Mega-evolution, etc… and how flowers in certain legends and myths voice the concerns and emotions of the human race… Sooooo many possibilities it’s insane and I WANT NEW INFORMATION! 😀

      1. I can wait ten more days for my KH3, Zelda and (hopefully new) Sun/Moon info

  39. Alright everyone, I’m back with another map of Alola. This time, I have a better outlook of the possible routes. Color changes indicate a different path.
    There seems to be some linearity in the first, third, and fourth islands; The second one remains more ambiguous. It was kind hard to find all the connections on it, because some parts looked like forest/cave entrances/exits, but not always.

    1. one thing that bothers me is the snowy looking mountain lol, least favorite part of dppt, snowpoint city and the cave to get there

  40. this is interesting. ill be honest i want to get away from kalos lol because clearly azoth and az are related i think in some way or another and az is kalos and all that. as for the whole thing with solgaleo and lunaala. i dont think theres anything wrong with being confused or annoyed with the typings. the legendaries in pokemon games are sorta like the mascots of each game. rse dealt with earth air and the sea. groudon kyogre and rayquaza play these roles, they are the legendaries of the games, the mascots, and they fit the games’ theme. and others are like this too. diamon and pearl, dialga and palkia are diamond and pearl and also space and time theme. gen 7 in sun and moon, the legends are solgaleo and lunaala, they are on the boxes which makes them the mascots of the games and they fit the theme of sun and moon. sol = sun, luna= moon. im surprised sol didnt get fire, but at the same time, the moon and tides and we didnt get a water lunaala but fire and water again? no thanks. but my point is, the typings to me are strange and come on, solgaleo which is the sun (sunne, the e bothers me) pokemon and didnt get fire but instead is weak to it? and lunaala, being weak to dark 4x when its the moon (moone) pokemon? the moon is out at night when its dark. its odd to me. sorry for this being too long 🙂

  41. I don’t know why but I”m seeing so many Johto like areas. The tower, the lighthouse, the japanese style town, the farm (looks like the miltank ranch).

    1. Well, XY were spiritual succesors to Red and Blue. It would make sense if Sun and Moon are spiritual succesors to Gold and Silver.

      1. Sun provides energy for trees (Xerneas)

        … Moon => dark type



  42. GameXplain’s latest vid suggest Alola might be located close to Johto. Any thoughts on this? Personally, I still think its south of Kalos and that it once was part of Hoenn.

    1. Thought the backpacker/hiker dude said he was from a “far away region that’s not Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kalos”

        1. The one from XY.

          The whole far away thing made me think that Alola isn’t close to any of the known regions

          1. He didn’t say that it wasn’t close to Johto, he only said it wasn’t close to Kalos, and that it wasn’t Johto.

    1. These are so ugly, especially that Litten mess!! I’ll fight Masuda if these are real sdhfjs

        1. Yeah, Rowlet looks really cool. But the others two are just terrible.

      1. I don’t like fire/fighting compo any more but this character is really successful.

    2. I would to share Litten evolution but ur faster bro …..where did u find these? i want to look closer on them.

      1. honestly, the only one I dislike is Litten’s. People have been saying that Popplio’s is too feminine, but Game Freak could very well be changing the starter gender ratios this gen

        1. even if this was real why would they have to change the gender ratio’s? feminine pokemon can be male, masculine pokemon can be female. Tbh whenever i have a gardevoir i always have a male one because i see too many people dismiss male gardevoirs because they think it should only be female

    3. Litten reminds me of the beast from The Boy and the Beast, Popplio Ariel, and Rowlet Hawkeye… LOL!

    4. I love these designs! Not only are they creative, they ooze so much character and originality! Popplio’s is very feminine and Fairy-esque, Rowlet is superbly designed with enough accessories to cater to its inspirations, but at the same time remains not overtly designed, and Litten seems like tough guy on the outside but soft on the inside type of Pokemon! Overall, if these designs even come close to the actual evolutions I would be VERY happy!

    5. by the looks of these designs i say the Archer grass/flying,the wrestler fire/fighting and the mermaid water/fairy.

    6. Holy crap. I thought these were just standard crappy fakes when first scrolling down, but they look a lot more convincing now. They’re most likely fake, but they’re damn good ones.

    7. I uh…..I cannot…..what is up with Popplio….I can’t tell if I’m repulsed or enchanted……..MIXED SIGNALS AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHH
      *Dives underground*

    8. the only one of these that i like is the Popplio one, which is ironic because its my least favourite starter atm. But the first two just look a little too intense for me. But hey who am I to judge. If these were real though I would skip on picking Rowlette and pick Popplio instead, especially since it has a fairy kinda vibe.

  43. It’s interesting, I noticed that all of the foreign pokemon we’ve seen are from only 2 regions, Hoenn and Kanto. From what I’ve seen, there’s been meowth, salamence, slowpoke, luvdisc, horsea, and meowth. I thought that was interesting, and might hint at a larger number of new pokemon, as there’s fewer ones from past generations.

    1. Typically the odd number generations have a larger number of new Pokemon. So it’s possible we could be in for a real treat as far as variety goes. Anyway where is there a horsea?

        1. Oooooooooh!!!! Right right….when you’re right you’re right and your sir are right lol

      1. I think we’ll definitely go above 800 this time, but the real question is how far above. I’m personally going to guess the 820-830 range.

          1. It’s not a reboot-worthy amount (like Unova’s ~150 Pokemon), but it’s significantly more than Kalos. I’d like to believe that Kalos will become a distant memory in every way 😛

  44. So here’s an interesting detail that I’m just now noticing while watching GameXplain’s most recent analysis. The PokeDex shows 1 caught and 3 seen. More importantly, however, it is 1% complete with this quantity. Since 100 Pokemon seems like far too few, especially considering how we’ll have a combination of new and old Pokemon, we’re likely going to have around 300 Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex. This reminds me of BW2, as its Pokedex had…300 POKEMON AS WELL! With this in mind, we could certainly be in for anywhere between 100-150 new Pokemon and the rest being older ones.

    1. They wouldn’t have decimals for the pokedex completion percent. Doesn’t mean anything, really.

    1. First time I’m seeing it. I think all the art of the starter evolutions are cool, but far too premature. Typically we don’t get the first evolutions of the starters until the month before the release of the games and that’s earliest it’s been. At this point I’d say any art of starter evos can be waved off as fake.

    2. Fake. Starter art looks good, but it’s too early, and the layout doesn’t look like what we’ve seen in the past with corocoro. The font is off, it’s a little too plain for corocoro purpose, and most telling is that there are no furigana (hiragana under the kanji that make it easier for kids to read.) So, fake.

  45. Hawaii and Japan have a very close relationship but a rocky one in the recent century (World War II). A lot of Tourists come in from Japan each year and there’s a couple of sites in Hawaii in real life with Japanese influences that I researched that relate to locations on the Alola Region map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byodo-In_Temple This is where the the Japanese town is with the Tower and the large tower that looks like the Tin/Bell Tower, with the garden and bridge.

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