February issue of CoroCoro LEAKING

UPD: Ammended some details below in bold

The February issue of popular children’s comic magazine CoroCoro is leaking in Japan. Details are just coming in so please bear with us as we update this post. Please refresh this article to see any updates.

Movie XY & Z 2016

  • The next Pokémon movie is set to release on July 16th and will feature Volcanion (something we already knew). Volcanion is said to hate humans and lives in a clockwork/mechanical land where Ash will meet him
  • An announcement that’ll “engulf the whole world” will be revealed in the next issue. It’s anyone’s guess as to why it’ll affect the whole world, care to guess?


  • Garchomp, Mewtwo and Braixen have all been confirmed as playable characters in the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, releasing March 18th. A new fighter is still set to revealed on the 15th!
  • Three distributions have been confirmed for March in Japan. The first is part of the Pokémon Scrap campaign and features Eevee in its Shiny form, next is a special distribution of the Legendary Bird Trio all featuring their previously unavailable Hidden Abilities and finally is a Master Ball distribution
  • Perfect Zygarde will be the Ultimate Tretta in the Japanese arcade game. Black and White Kyurem are also set to appear as Legend Tretta


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