February issue of CoroCoro LEAKING

UPD: Ammended some details below in bold

The February issue of popular children’s comic magazine CoroCoro is leaking in Japan. Details are just coming in so please bear with us as we update this post. Please refresh this article to see any updates.

Movie XY & Z 2016

  • The next Pokémon movie is set to release on July 16th and will feature Volcanion (something we already knew). Volcanion is said to hate humans and lives in a clockwork/mechanical land where Ash will meet him
  • An announcement that’ll “engulf the whole world” will be revealed in the next issue. It’s anyone’s guess as to why it’ll affect the whole world, care to guess?


  • Garchomp, Mewtwo and Braixen have all been confirmed as playable characters in the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, releasing March 18th. A new fighter is still set to revealed on the 15th!
  • Three distributions have been confirmed for March in Japan. The first is part of the Pokémon Scrap campaign and features Eevee in its Shiny form, next is a special distribution of the Legendary Bird Trio all featuring their previously unavailable Hidden Abilities and finally is a Master Ball distribution
  • Perfect Zygarde will be the Ultimate Tretta in the Japanese arcade game. Black and White Kyurem are also set to appear as Legend Tretta


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  1. my thought to be completely honest i have this strange feeling if its for the anime that pikachu is gonna evolve….like or hate? idk but something advertised like that i can’t even think of what else…Ash finally grows up? Ash is done being the main character? i have no idea none of this makes much sense so pikachu is all i got

  2. I’ve kinda lost hope of a new game, it is said that next month will be a huge announcement that will effect the entire world, so Pokemon stops making games sounds like an announcement that will effect the world, a new Pokemon game does not effect the world imo, hopefully I’m wrong

    1. “The new announcement will affect the entire world FOR THE MOVIE”
      Pretty much confirmed not to be a new game title. And as i always say, Pokemon NEVER announces new games through corocoro. Dont worry about it too much, we will get a new game eventually.

    2. Depends on what exactly they mean by that though, like whether they’re referring to the real world or just the world of Pokémon

  3. Worth pointing out, neither Garchomp, Braixen or Mewtwo has ‘ra’ in their JP names, meaning we still have one more Pokkén reveal this week as well

      1. Maybe. Just seems odd since (other than pikachu who is unevolved for obvious reasons) this is the first unevolved playable pokemon. Delphox could do everything Braixen can and it’s stronger.

  4. I wonder what this major announcement could be. Obviously it’s not a not a new game, but if it’s suppose to affect the entire world as they say, obviously it’s something big. Really excited as to what it is!

  5. Hmmm I wonder what the whole Volcanion dealie is with it hating humans we don’t get too many human haters nowadays
    Either it just a hot tempered cantankerous brute or the humans of the surrounding area are jerks

        1. Actually i just hate a stupidity of humanity u know human being think they’re the most clever creatures on the plant and still kill themself for stupid reason and still ruin this planet.
          not just me Ho-oh on the list too.

  6. Some sources say Volcanion hates humans but other sources tell the opposite. Or is the feeling of hate just mutual?

    “…who is said to be a Pokémon strongly disliked by the inhabitants of the country it resides it.” Is country just another word for region or is a kingdom placed within a region? It has occurred in previous movies but it still confuses me :p

    Also, if it used as a synonym for region, then why didn’t they just say Kalos? New region? :p

  7. I think that by the term “the entire world” they’re subtly implying the physical earth, as in terms of countries, and that indicates Pokemon Go to me. So i think Pokemon Go will somehow have a simultaneous release in the movie, and the game might just tie in with the movie, as in just as the movie releases, a WORLDWIDE event will occur inside Pokemon Go that somehow unites the world in some objective (like the time square scene of everybody capturing mewtwo). Then again, we haven’t seen any pokemon outside gen 1 in Go right? :/

    1. I don’t think it’ll have anything to do with GO in the least……GO will likely come out much earlier this year rather than in July when the movie airs in Japan. I think the the affect on “the entire world” will likely have to do with the content of the movie rather than it connecting 2 unrelated products together. It could b a new form for Volcanion, a new Pokemon altogether, or whatever. Either way it’ll have to do with the the story of the movie and if they show off something new that very well could “affect” the entire world by introducing a new element that’s later added to the main series games.

      1. oh like mega mewtwo in the genesect movie? but don’t you think thatll be a bit much? the movie already has zygarde, its various formes, and then they’ve added volcanion, who seems like the secret pokemon already… another reveal would just clutter up the movie.

        1. To b fair we still don’t have solid confirmation on whether Zygarde is actually in the movie. It could b, but they haven’t actually come out and said it yet. Also again it doesn’t have to b a new Pokemon or even a new form that would b in the next gen. If Volcanion got a new form for z(or whatever) I don’t think that would clutter anything up at all. I just think something like that makes more sense than trying to connect the movie to GO which at this point are completely unrelated and have no reason to connected.

  8. I honestly think this is hilarious! News that affects the entire world!!!!!………but for the movie……..It’s like one last jab at everyone who was expecting a hint towards a game, but instead we got another hint towards the movie. I suppose the news could b in some way connected to the games in one way or another, but I just find this kind of funny. As for Braxien and Garchomp being in Pokken I’m happy about it honestly. The more the merrier! It makes the cast even larger and with it now being clear that mid level Pokemon into the fray. I think maybe the number of spots for the game are dwindling as now there are a ton of Pokemon in it already, but a few more mons couldn’t hurt lol Looking forward to tomorrow when the other Pokemon is revealed for it. My guess is Heracross.

  9. How can movie news “affect the world”?
    If it was a game annoucement,or something related to Pokemon GO,then that would be something different.
    Pokemon movies reveal new Pokemon at the most,so the only news that could be this big could be a new gen 7 pokemon.

    1. It could still be Go related since Go was already announced and so it’s not technically new, but it could tie in to the movie

    2. I think whatever this news is, it’s going to b one of multiple possibilities. It could b a new form(or whatever) for Volcanion, and new Pokemon altogether, or maybe some new plot elements that will b integrated in the next game.

    3. Apparently the thing about the movie and the big announcement were separated but serebii sorta grouped them together, from what I’ve been reading on 4chan( I know, kill me now). So there’s a chance this big news could be a new game.

      1. Hmmmmm, but then why would the article above say the same thing? Paul(Pokejungle) can read Japanese too so it’s not like he just took the info from Serebii. It’s likely an announcement for the movie rather than just one in general.

        1. I actually published this post, just has Paul/PJ’s name on it.

          I’m actually waiting for clarification on whether the movie news and other big news are separate, or both related to movie.

          Stay tuned!

    4. The news is solely movie related
      But it could be but not limited to or guaranteed
      -Just reminding us what Perfect Zygarde can do
      – the extremely off chance of a Volcanion form or Mega Evolution
      -some bull anime bull crap like half the globe rigged to blow up if Volcanion blows
      -an unknown Pokemon appearing hinting the continuation of the series

  10. Braixen is such a random choice. The only explanation is fanservice for them damn furries out there.

    1. I think it’s more of an anime appeal, besides its not too bad kinda like how all fighting games have a few young fighters instead of all adults or final forms I’m certain we’ll get at least 2 more mid staged fighters or the very least one more

  11. It would be kinda cool if we went to the region beside Kalos for the next installment, then go back to not only Kalos, but also Kanto.

  12. For those who haven’t seen: post was updated a while ago. Parts in bold are new. Seems it’s actually Volcanion that hate people, not people hating Volcanion.

    Also, as I said below: still waiting for clarification on exactly what the scans say regarding the “big” news. Will update ASAP.

  13. I think the big news that eill change the world for the movie is that it will launch globaly on the same day? This would be the 1 time isnt it?
    This or pikachu will evolve….

  14. I’m glad to see normal Mewtwo as a fighter. Shadow Mewtwo looks to be an up-close fighter, hopefully it’s the opposite for Mewtwo. Anyway, Braixen is a weird (but good IMO) choice and I’m surprised Garchomp took this long to be announced.

  15. Braxien, Mewtwo, and my favorite Pokemon: Garchomp! I seriously love these fighters! Anyways, I hope that Brandon from the Battle Frontier would be in the movie! He might be the cause of why Volcanion doesn’t like humans.

  16. Some people are theorizing that the “major announcement” will be a new Gen 7 Pokemon being introduced in the movie. I think we’re absolutely guaranteed a Gen 7 game next year, so it could happen.

  17. So, Kriffix managed to find the source of the big announcement… announcement. It is in relation to the movie. That doesn’t mean it can’t be something big though.

    New Pokémon? New game/s? GUESS AWAY.

    1. We are getting a new Pokémon for Pokkén soon. It will either be a NEW new Pokémon or an old new Pokémon. It might coincide. Oh well.

    2. I figured it was in relation to the movie. It’s either going to b a gen 7 Pokemon, a new from for Volcanion, or something plot related maybe spills over the games in some way. Either way it’ll b in the movie b4 the next game comes out.

  18. The New 3DS is up for Preorder at Gamestop for $199.99! That’s not bad for two games, two sets of cover plates, and no charger.

  19. The only way Pokemon could “affect the entire world” is if the main series games go mobile/pc.

      1. I wasn’t sure at first, but I suppose it could happen. I feel like that wouldn’t b big to the Japanese tho. They’re getting it in July no matter what so I feel like it would only b big to the rest of the world

      2. I guess that’s true, that would definitely affect the entire world. But I feel like the Pokemon anime caters to a very certain demographic, some Pokemon players don’t even watch the anime. So it would be like a “major announcement… for some people”

  20. Whatever the announcement is im getting my hopes up cause I haven’t had my hopes up in awhile even if it’s lame I’ll be ok with it. lol

  21. I can’t wait for Red and Blue
    but what’s everyone gonna catch
    i need to have at least Rhydon, Nidoking or Aerodactyl but i need a little variety

  22. -At the first look i think Garchomp is the one have the Japanese character “ラ” on his name and ask my self y i had a dream on Swampert pic 2 days ago before that announcement ?……but i get it now it’s will be him.

    – I think Delphox is sutible to this game may be they prefer Braxien cuz she has uncovered legs idk.

    -Hating human is not new in pkmn world like Mewtow and Ho-oh.

    1. Garchomp has a similar character, but it’s not the one they teased. There will still b another Pokemon revealed tomorrow.So ur dream about Swampert could b true still. I’m still of the side that it’ll b Heracross tho. lol

      1. i still think Swampert because the blue and orange but that would just piss me off because Hoenn is getting all these free rides

          1. i really don’t think that’s the case
            I would love Heracross to get the spot but lets face it, Gamefreak is milking the Hoenn Pokemon to death because they crapped out ORAS
            and besides Mega Heracross is blue and bloody red-orange and yellow not the iconic Bright Orange that is undoubtedly associated with Swampert’s Gills

          2. I don’t know if you saw it, but there was a graph where 50 people working on the game (who somehow did not know the Pokemon but were told afterwards) predicted the Pokemon. Only 1 person out of the 50 got the prediction right. I feel like Swampert would have been a popular choice, but I’m not sure.

      1. Alright, good to hear. I hope you guys keep me posted in case news sites are slow to report it.

      1. Yeah, but still. It used to be unique. I don’t think Reshiram and Zekrom should have it, I don’t think Diance should have it and I definitely don’t think Volcanion should have it.

        1. Well when you think about it nearly any psychic type Pokemon could project it’s thoughts into anothers subconscious as a form of communication

          But you’re going to have to let this one slide it’s Pokemon Movies 101 that all protagnistic/antagonistic Legendary/Mythical Pokemon utilize Telepathy for plot and character convenience

          I just hope that this instance Volcanion actually is just a jerk for once and not the cliche betrayed, hurt or runaway experiment like all the others to make it hate humans

          But judging by the given “mechanical land” setting I can theorize that the people either depended or abused Volcanion’s steam as a means of powering their technology and Volcanion had enough of it and flew the coop or that it was asked by the natives to blow apart the land to clear out a place to live then they got greedy. So many kinds of reasons to hate

        2. I don’t think any pokemon should talk. It’s stupid. I liked how it was in origins when they made animal sounds. It’s understandable that Digimon can talk because they’re programed to. But that’s the reason I hate the anime and movies. The Mewtwo one and the 4 Ever and the Entei movies were good though.


    1. It’s tomorrow. I suspect that by tonight we will have the fighter revealed as it’ll b the 15th in Japan by then.

    1. they did this for the first time I mean the rule is get the game bfore the anime .. what happen in this year is really special.

  23. Chandelure is the new playable Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament?

    Yes sir, please take all of my money. All of it.

    1. This literally shocked me!! Sure it’s a great addition, but compared to all of everyone’s guesses (including my own of Heracross) it’s so different!! I’m really looking forward to how it plays

  24. That’s pretty cool putting chandelure in like that now gengar isn’t the only ghost type in there.

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