Train On with The 20th Anniversary of Pokémon!

The Pokémon Company has announced that it plans to hold a year-long celebration of 20 years of Pokémon! A new site called Pokémon20 has opened and contains tons of information on the celebration, some of which we’ve added below. Fans can also browse a Pokémon Timeline, share their stories, images, and videos using the hashtag #Pokemon20 on Twitter, Instgram or Facebook and much, more.

So, what’s coming up this year?


Pokemon203DSFirst up, limited Edition New Nintendo 3DS bundles will be released, coming with Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue preinstalled. The bundles will come with special faceplates featuring artwork from the original box art of Red and Blue version.

Europeans will also be able to purchase special 2DS bundles, featuring red, blue or yellow consoles and a copy of either Red, Blue or Yellow Nendoroid_Red_TrainerVersion preinstalled.

A series of new plush, figurines and accessories will be released throughout the year, including a new “Champion” version of the Pokémon Trainer Red Nendoroid figure, this time including Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise.


The first three Pokémon movies will be digitally remastered and available for download online later in the year from iTune, Google Play or Amazon Instant Video

Trading Card Game

The TCG hasn’t been left out and over the year new products will be released. Amongst these are Mythical Pokémon Collection booster boxes, Red & Blue Collection booster boxes featuring special Venusaur EX, Blastoise, Charizard EX and Pikachu EX cards and finally special 20th Anniversary TCG accessories.

Pokemon20 Generations

Games & Apps

The Pokémon Company has also confirmed the release of at least two new Pokémon games this year: Pokémon Go and Pokkén Tournament. Will there be more? Who knows!

The Pokémon Company has also announced that a new app called Pokémon Photo Booth will be released for iOS and Android devices at some point in the year, with no other details provided.


For each month of 2016 a Mystical Pokémon will be downloadable to Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Mew kicks off the run of distributions, starting next month.

Mystical Dist.


  1. Well thank god they’re finally doing stuff! Even if they don’t announce the next game yet at least we’ll have things to keep our attention until then. One thing I find interesting is I’ve been told that there’s supposedly a Super Bowl commercial in the works. Anyone else hear that? I was unaware of anything of the sort.

    1. An international big series showing a comercial in an america only thing? No way this could be a new game…

      1. It is a weird way of doing it, but maybe in the coming weeks we’ll hear of other big broadcasts around the world to coincide with the Super bowl and maybe just maybe they announce it through those commercials lol

  2. Finally a sprinkle of news…. I’m not seeing Pokemon Z or Zx Zy Zepslion or anything of the sorts
    But granted I’m more interested with replaying Red & Blue on a handheld at the moment

  3. ~ the fact that we still don’t have any main series game information and probably never will ~

      1. Glad you asked my friend. I’ve recently been watching all the episodes of A:TLA because I got them on DVD. It’s rekindled my love for the series, and Ty Lee is my favorite character.

        1. nice, i myself have been re-watching Samurai Jack
          and i too have a weakness for the bubbly ones
          (P.S you’re not my friend)

  4. Of course, right when I order a New 3DS XL they make this bundle. Oh well, I wouldn’t have got the smaller version anyway!

  5. And STILL no main game announcement. Really gotta wonder what’s going through these guy’s heads.

  6. Ah I can relax now we didn’t get news of a new game, but we got distributions so I got my fix for news so I’m good for the next couple of months.?

  7. I’m so hype for this year. This is about to be an amazing 20th Anniversary! At least Europe and North America are getting the special 2DS/3DS bundles. I thought they would stay as a Japanese Exclusives. Still, I’m just hoping for a new game announcement soon!

  8. Finally! Mythical Pokemon distribution. I hope they release Hoopa via Nintendo Network as well tho. Still don’t have one. -.-

      1. That would be my last resort, I just want to actually receive Hoopa for myself, it just feels like a more personal experience imo. If that makes any sense haha

  9. I’m happy about the event Pokemon coming……I’m not gonna lie……I have a shiny Shaymin that I hacked so I could get one……..It’s just they never release Shaymin other than those original events back during gen 4 and I WANTED ONE!!!!! Anyway……I’m glad I’ll b able to have a real Shaymin now with these events coming

  10. Guys! Pokemon XYZ airs in USA on February 20th! That’s exactly one week before the anniversary! I think we might get our reveal as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations.

  11. Yes! Event Pokemon!……………………………………… Wait…… These will be Wi-fi right?

        1. I mean it’s not like you’re going every week, just once a month I think it’s not as big a deal
          This is why I got a license

          1. But I’m 12…. I can’t get a lisence for like 4 years. Trust me, if I could, I would. Also, Xatu told me that only Darkrai, Mew and Arceus are In-store and the others are Wi-fi.

    1. I looked on the Pokemon game website, and apparently only Mew, Arceus, Darkrai and Genesect will be at GameStop. The rest of them, such as Jirachi, Shaymin and Manaphy, will be Wi-Fi.

      1. Damn, it figures the ones that are going to be most wanted are the ones you have to travel to a GameStop for, meh…

        1. It’s no coincidence. I’m just happy about Manaphy and Jirachi being over Wi-Fi, personally.

          1. Manaphy for me for sure lol, I bet we all have something to be happy about with this 20 year celebration!



    1. I literally just ordered a black New 3DS XL two days ago and it came in this afternoon. I haven’t even had time to open it. I may still get this Pokemon one, but I doubt it at this point. What bad timing all around.

      1. I almost bought an AC HHD N3DS after work a couple of days ago and was going to sell the game and faceplates. Sooo glad I didn’t.

  14. I strongly believe that we will get a trailer for a new REAL Animal Crossing game this year. They are usually revealed about 3 years after the last game is released, so the timing is right. It could still come out in 2018, but the first footage would be shown this year. And yes, I’m speaking about an NX version of the game. At E3 2010, they showed very early Animal Crossing 3DS footage, and that game didn’t release until June 2013. It’s going to happen.

  15. Yes!! Event pokemon!!! I could cry right now. I’m so excited to get Mew. Also, I really want to upgrade to a new 3ds but I feel I don’t wanna waste what little money I have. Do you guys think the next pokemon games will require a “new” 3ds?

    1. More than likely no. We’ll get at least one new generation on the 3DS. All the N3DS is is a DSi of this generation. I would like to see some N3DS exclusive features, like more 3D overworld and double battles, possibly camera rotation in the field or battle too.

      1. I feel like it could definitely have some of those special features but we’ll have to wait and see.

  16. so uh…”major announcement that will affect the entire world” in corocoro next month….thoughts?

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