Free Zoroark Courtesy of Pokémon TCG: XY—BREAKthrough

The newest Pokémon TCG expansion has been released in North America and it has a new feature. You might even call it a breakthrough in trading card technology. Ok, ok, I’ll stop. The new feature being added to the card game is the “BREAK” ability, which essentially gives Pokémon more HP and an extra attack. These powerful modifiers are somewhat reminiscent of Mega Evolutions, which also exist within the TCG, but are more of a steroid injections versus full-on transformation. Most striking is the way they’re played: you lay the card down horizontally over the top half of the Pokémon being modified. Looks cool!

Pokémon TCG Online, playable both from your computer and iOS, has also been updated to support the new mechanic and also sports some new graphical improvements to make playing that much better. If you haven’t updated it, make sure to!

Read this far and ready to hear about that free Zoroark?! It’s available to download for North Americans from today until the 20th of November. You’ll need one of the Gen VI games (XY/ORAS), but that probably doesn’t come as a surprise. For those in the United Kingdom, GAME will be giving out codes from the 6th to 26th. Other European countries have yet to have an event announced, but it is expected.

<3 PJ