December CoroCoro Leaks

Leaked pages of Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro have leaked and they provide very little new information, save for the preview of a Zygarde core which sports a blue belly unlike the red bellies we’ve seen up until this point. Did you know I also use to have two red-bellied newts in Japan? Sorry, tangent.

As you can see there is some Super Mystery Dungeon coverage, but it isn’t anything special. We are just over a week away from its North American release so HYPE!

<3 PJ

  1. I would love to point out, just like I predicted there’d be 2 sequels when BW came out, I called this, I noticed there were two colors on Complete Zyguarde, I knew. Yet people (especially on here) told me it was just Yveltal and Xerneas

    So I think I know how I guessed something like this over the triple fusion thing, How many games did they make after putting Groudon and Kyogre into the same story? How many games did they get out of it when it required the presence of both Dialga and Palkia to summon Giritina? Just one, that’s only one extra game to sell people. But say you make a mechanic that results in two forms, or two “evolutionary” paths. then you can split that mechanic across more games and sell twice as many

    My next prediction is that Blue Core Zygarde might have different forms along the way, but will also end at the 50% form (another tip off that there’d be two Zygarde, at least in core form)

    1. Basically what I thought, the colors of zygarde 100% may be reflective of xerneas and yveltal just not in a fusion sense. My idea is the two zygarde core may have different 10% stages and slightly different 50% stages but come together to ultimately make 100%

      1. They have the exact same 50% stage, and it’s highly likely it will require all the cells and both cores to become the 100% zygarde.
        However,they could have different 10% forms.

  2. I said it in the Zoroark article, but I’ll say it here too. With this I think we’ll be waiting until 2016 in order to hear about the new game(s). I can’t see them revealing it in December and since there wasn’t even a hint at a reveal in this CoroCoro there most likely isn’t gonna b anything in the Direct tomorrow. Everybody get into time capsules and report back in 2016!!!

  3. Underwhelming. There is not really much that’s going on. Maybe, that’s a shiny Zygarde Core… I got nothing really. Well, there is the potential of the new games getting announced tomorrow at the Nintendo Direct.

    Still, we all know there is going to be on more Pokemon Game for the 6th Generation. Volcanion, J.C. Smith, Pyramid King Brandon, Battle Frontier, and these new Zygarde forms really make it apparent. I just waiting for them to announce it!

    1. J.C. Smth? Who dat? Also what do Brandon and the BF have to do with there being another game? Even if there is another game coming that doesn’t mean it’s gonna b in it.

      1. J.C. Smith is the Consumer Marketing Director of Pokemon International. He alluded to the next Pokemon games during some event.

        Brandon was hunting Volcanion in OR/AS and the Battle Frontier has not been built. The Pokemon Timeline goes like this: RBY = ORAS > DPPt = HGSS > BW > B2W2 > X/Y. I’m going off of the alternate universe theory (Zinnia talked about in OR/AS; it explains why Mega Evolution doesn’t exist in the previous games), if the next game takes place in Kalos, then the Battle Frontier will be built by then. Plus, Kalos and Hoenn aren’t far from each other since a swimmer swam the distance. So, it’s possible for a boat or plane to easily take you to the Battle Frontier. (Sorry for the lengthy explanation).

    2. There is going to be 37 more new Kalos Pokemon plus a few new Mega Evolutions. Volcanion and Floette Eternal Flower will be officially revealed along with the new Zygarde forms.

  4. ~sigh~ GF is starting to piss me off now…like…have they forgot how to build up hype? What they’re doing is just really confusing and doesn’t make any sense to me. Like I swear by the time they reveal this thing I’m probably not even gonna care about the game anymore.

  5. XZ Might be the blue core zygarde and YZ might be the red core zygarde. Maybe there is a form in between the 100 % Zygarde like Imperfect Zygarde which has only one coloured wing (One has the red wing and the other has the blue wing or something like that).

    I think there won’t be aany big announcement until january just like it was with x and y in 2013.

  6. Ok…..ok I know Masuda just tweeted that everyone should watch the direct tomorrow, BUT everyone keep calm!!!! Pokken Tournament comes out in the spring and the direct will prolly talk about it’s release date…….everyone take a deep breath! lol

        1. Like, legitimate rivers of tears streaming down my face, enough to satiate the drought in my poor old state. I need Pokemon in my life again.

          1. While I’m not certain we should hope for a main series announcement tomorrow I think this will b their last chance b4 2016 comes around. I highly doubt they’d announce it next month as it wouldn’t make sense to announce a game not slated for a number of months when they could be using their resources on promoting the games that R out for the holidays.

          2. Just……just stop man…….please don’t do this to me……I want to believe, but……..I’ve been hurt so much……hahaha

          3. We waited five months for a Direct and it came out of nowhere. At this point, this is the most convincing time for a reveal. But hey, tomorrow is going to be a blast regardless of whether Masuda and his accomplice are messing with us.

          4. please….PLEASE….i swear to god if i get my hopes up and its nothing (please ARCEUS PLEASE LET THEM ANNOUNCE THE GAME)

    1. See, but this is where I think you’re wrong.

      Gamefreak isn’t developing this game, it’s Bandai Namco and being produced by Harada, not Masuda.

      There’s nothing relevant between them other than that they work under the Pokemon franchise. But if someone can prove that Masuda has tweeted anything “news related” about Pokenn Tournament (other than official reveal or something) then you may have an argument.

      That being said, I still have low hopes.

      1. The point is it’s a Pokemon game and there would b no reason for Masuda to support it by telling us to watch the direct…….C?

        1. That’s what I’m trying to point out as a flaw in your argument though. Just because it’s a Pokemon game doesn’t really mean anything. GameFreak is strictly main-series Pokemon

          1. Sorry I meant for him NOT to support it. I don’t c how it being made by another company means he can’t push it. They may only make the main series games, but unlike the other spin offs, Pokken is the fist of it’s kind for Pokemon. It makes sense for them to support it any way they can even if it’s just tweeting for us to watch. Sorry I don’t mean to b a downer….just being cautious I guess lol

      2. I’m just as convinced as you are, but I’d like to point out that Masuda hyped up the Pokemon World Championships as well, and Pokken was announced for Wii U. To be fair, it’s the POKEMON World Championships, of course he would. But this is a Direct! It’s totally different! IT’S HAPPENING!

        You know, unless it’s Pokken again.

          1. I really do think that everything is aligning, though. Have we forgotten that Zygarde is being given away tomorrow in Japan? 😉

          2. Yooooooooooo. I didn’t even realize that, we may be legit up to something. Still keeping my hopes low but it is a pretty decent coincidence. It’s also about that time where Corocoro officially comes out (although nothing this month was news-worthy)

          3. I guess it would be weird for him to hype up more information about a game that was already announced/released. The internet is currently freaking out about everything connected to this Direct, so anything can happen. HYPE!

      3. Chico. This is why ur my nigga. I’m going to keep my hype low, yet I’m still going to be pumped. I want to see Serena’s booty in another game!

  7. 2 PM is the worst possible time for me. The whole event will be over by the time I get out of school at 3:05. I’m not going to look at my phone at all…all day…and when I get home, I will cover the parts of the screen that will spoil the contents of the Direct for me. I’ve tried doing this exactly one year ago (the November 2014 Direct) and got Majora’s Mask 3D spoiled for me. This is a challenge I’m willing to take!

    1. Yeah I would have class from 140 til about 3……I’d skip but I really shouldn’t hahaha

  8. BRUH I swear we better get an announcement tomorrow, I dont think my heart can take any more of this trolling from Gamefreak. If masuda trolled us with this retweet I think I would just die

    1. I hate that Pokken exists, because this would probably be a 100% chance of HAPPENING if it wasn’t. One thing about Pokken: IT’S ALREADY OUT IN JAPAN. He retweeted the Japanese Direct (of course). Worldwide Directs always have great announcements. Why would he retweet a Nintendo Direct to hype up a game that’s already out in his region? Not much of an exciting announcement…

  9. Masuda just causually tweeted for us to make sure that we watch the Nintendo Direct tomorrow.

    Causually of course.

    1. Interesting things to note: The beginning of the tweet says “Pokenchi” according to Google Translate, and the end asks “everyone” to watch.

  10. I believe that everything that needs to be said, has been said. Thank you for bringing hype back to our lives, Nintendo. I love you all, and I can’t wait to analyze all this madness tomorrow!

      1. I believe around 5 EST? I THINK thats what I heard the time for east coast was. I’m on the east coast as well (Florida also :D) so Ill post again here if I hear otherwise

  11. Does anyone know what happened to the Pikachu Detective Game? GameFreak isn’t developing it, so I know Masuda isn’t tweeting about it. The Pokemon Company’s President talked about the game. It was supposed to release in 2015. Not much as been said about, maybe we’ll see it at the Direct tomorrow! (Cue, Creepy Pikachu.)

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