Players Get to Choose November’s Competition Type

In a fun twist for Pokémon battlers, the choice of how November’s tournament will run is being determined by popular vote. There are

  • No Mega – Mega Evolutions are prohibited
  • Inverse Double Battles – Type effectiveness is reversed
  • Anything Goes – Triple battles which allow for duplicate Pokémon and items
  • Anti-Evolution – Pokémon are limited to those who have not yet evolved or do not have an evolution (in this case, Mega Evolutions do not count as an “evolution”)
  • Underdogs – Top 12 Pokémon from any 2015 Double Battle Online Competition are not allowed

What is YOUR choice? Each represents a unique competition style that breaks the dominant “meta”.

Oh yeah, and registration for the Primal Battle tournament, which allows the use of Primal Groudon and Kyogre, will be held September 17-24th, with battles taking place 25-27th. That is all.

<3 PJ