Players Get to Choose November’s Competition Type

In a fun twist for Pokémon battlers, the choice of how November’s tournament will run is being determined by popular vote. There are

  • No Mega – Mega Evolutions are prohibited
  • Inverse Double Battles – Type effectiveness is reversed
  • Anything Goes – Triple battles which allow for duplicate Pokémon and items
  • Anti-Evolution – Pokémon are limited to those who have not yet evolved or do not have an evolution (in this case, Mega Evolutions do not count as an “evolution”)
  • Underdogs – Top 12 Pokémon from any 2015 Double Battle Online Competition are not allowed

What is YOUR choice? Each represents a unique competition style that breaks the dominant “meta”.

Oh yeah, and registration for the Primal Battle tournament, which allows the use of Primal Groudon and Kyogre, will be held September 17-24th, with battles taking place 25-27th. That is all.

<3 PJ

  1. I voted for Underdogs. I like seeing less-common Pokémon get used over the more commonly seen powerhouses. It gives new appreciation to Pokémon that may otherwise have been skipped over when team building.

  2. My vote is for Anything Goes. It sounds like the most exciting one and the one with different strategies and possibilities. Triple battles is one of the best things happened to Pokemon.

    Inverse Double Battles sounds good too. A little bit complicated and messy but interesting.

  3. Even though everyone wants underdogs
    I’m choosing anti evolution I would like seeing all the basic or stage 1 pokemon
    But if anti evolution or underdog wins I will enter

  4. Haha when I first read this I thought that the voting had already ended and all of the aforementioned rules would apply! 😛

        1. Sorry to be a smart mouth but if it’s only middle stage, it can’t be legend or have a mega anyway correct?

        2. I think anti evolution means pokemon who CANNOT evolve AND who haven’t evolved yet (like sigilyph) and megas are allowed (mawile, kanga)

          1. Their not using the X/Y models. They look different compared to them. Anyways, Gary’s Mod is a sandbox physics game. It gets really fun and creative when people put their own ideas into it. Such as the video above.

          2. Charizard and Bkastoise r pretty similar to xy models …..of course i am not talking about environment……, could we design model in this mod ?

  5. Underdogs.

    Anti evolution would meen that everyone would still be able to use Overused pokemon such as MegaKang.

    Anything Goes triple battle could be fun,but everyone would probably only use pokemon like mega Rayquaza and Arceus

    1. Oh yea thats true
      Anti would mean Mega Kanga would be in
      should have voted Underdogs
      Oh wailmer

    1. But Kanga went from horrible to super good
      It finally got some light, nerfing it wouldn’t be deserving because now it’s finally good

  6. Definitely Underdogs. Like most everyone else I’m getting pretty sick of all the people who use that SAME EXACT POKEMON. So I think that challenge will make it more fun for everyone bc they’ll use Pokemon that aren’t typically out on the battle field. I also chose it bc I’m not so sure I’d want to participate in inverse battles and the other choices still make it so everyone else uses the same over used or over powered Pokemon.

    1. 1. Kangaskhan
      2. Landorus T
      3. Thundurus I
      4. Heatran
      5. Amoonguss
      6. Aegislash
      7. Sylveon
      8. Charizard
      9. Gardevoir
      10. Salamence
      11. Talonflame
      12. Cresselia

      Pretty much what people expected, besides Rotom Wash. (All of these were directly taken from the Global Link’s rating battle doubles list.)

  7. No news today, at all. For anything. Yaaaaaawn. CoroCoro will leak any time from Monday until Friday though, which more than makes up for it.

    1. The person who this is drawn by does amazing art. All of the megas they draw r super awesome! It kind of makes me sad that if any of them do get mega evos they won’t b as cool as this person’s lol

      1. Internet is fakemon heaven. Lots of good stuff there but in the end, its their game, so they do what they want to do. Without them, there couldn’t be Pokemon afterall. Even Game Freak had no public email and strictly says they don’t accept public submissions of ideas for any of their projects, including Pokemon, in their contact page.

        What bugs me is that “chance” of there being yes men around designer team. If you want creation, you have to say no. It is a must.

        1. half of them make little sense
          Grass/Fire Sunflora
          Fire/Fairy Rapidash
          Anything remotely cute becoming a fairy

          Only a small handful of people who put in the work and not just try to turn it into a super fanboy dream

        2. They can’t accept submissions for the same reason writers and directors can’t read and consider the material that fans run up and try to push into their hands at conventions – because to do so would opens up all kinds of possibilities of them being sued over creative and intellectual property down the line. You can’t blame them for being cautious.

          I agree that criticism is part of the creative process, but GF have been in business for so long I’m sure the design team are mature enough to work together without ego to create the best Pokemon imaginable ^_^

  8. I’ll post this here for more people to see, so if you’re interested, here are the Pokémon that will be banned if the “Underdogs” format is used (besides already banned legendary and mythical Pokémon):

    1. Kangaskhan
    2. Landorus T
    3. Thundurus I
    4. Heatran
    5. Amoonguss
    6. Aegislash
    7. Sylveon
    8. Charizard
    9. Gardevoir
    10. Salamence
    11. Talonflame
    12. Cresselia

    Edit: and again, this list was taken directly from the Pokémon Global Link’s Rating Battle Doubles page for most used Pokémon. You can check it out by logging in at

    1. Interesting. I’m just hoping they’re wrong about it coming out next year. I’m not ready to switch from my Pikachu 3DSXL yet. I paid so darn much for it, I was being hopelessly optmimistic thinking we might get gen 7 on this platform, haha

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if we got a new handheld for the NX, but they just released the N3DS. It’d have to be a couple of years before it’s obsolete. It’d probably have limited compatibility.

      1. Actually, Nintendo has done it before. The DSi released in the same year the 3DS was announced; in 2010. The N3DS doesn’t have a huge user base compared to the base models. So, Nintendo could easily announce this system next year. Yet, Reggie did say the 3DS had a few more years. Even the rumor states that some games will still be releasing on the system. Yet, who knows; always take rumors with a grain of salt! :]

  9. Pokemon Get☆TV is being replaced by a new pokemon themed variety show on October 4th,they might celebrate the airing of the new show with something special…maybe a new game annoucement.

    1. It’s always replaced each year lol. It’s always the exact same things but a different title.

      1. Actually, no it isn’t, roughly every generation is more correct.

        From what I remember, and using Bulbapedia to fill in the gaps, there have only ever been 5 incarnations (Including the one that starts next month).

        Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station-Aired from October 15, 2002 to September 28, 2004 (Just before the start of Gen III, to halfway through).

        Pokemon Sunday-Aired from October 3rd, 2004 to September 26, 2010 (Halfway through Gen III until just after the start of Gen V)

        Pokemon Smash-Aired from October 3rd, 2010 to September 29, 2013 (Gen V, give or take a few weeks).

        Pokemon GetTV-Aired from October 6th, 2013 to September 27th, 2015 (Roughly two years, not sure why they’re replacing it before Gen VII)

        But yes, you’re right about them having the same format, at least from Pokemon Sunday onwards. A 30-minute rerun, then skits, then important/semi-important news. Apparently, the new show will only be 30 minutes, so I’m assuming that they’re skipping the rerun.

  10. So…who else is hyped for CoroCoro this coming week? What would you most like them to confirm? I’d settle for an explanation on whether Flubber truly is a new Pokemon or related to Zygarde in some way.

    1. We’ll definitely get info on megazarde and the blob,but I don’t think we’ll get a game annoucement.

      1. Blob possible types for me:
        Dragon (could be because it might have to do with zygarde), bug (maybe this thing is like a paracite to zygarde and plus it kinda looks like a bug) , grass (because its green and seemed to give chespin a green color aura)

        1. Chespin either absorbed some of the green energy around it or its Overgrow activating I could’ve been in a tough fight

          But one more thing is that these things are very small reaching up to a Chespin’s neck

    2. I am. I’m guessing that it will leak around Sept. 10 between Sept. 15. September is about to a good month! CoroCoro, MGS5: Phantom Pain, Mad Max, and the Tokyo Game Show! I’m looking forward to seeing Zygarde’s New Form more and the potential announcement of a New Game!

  11. I have an idea. Why don’t we ban all 12 of the most used pokemon in VGC from World’s the previous year until the next world’s. Then ban those the next year. Like this Yeah Kangaskhan was popular, ban it next year, and then unban it. By then there would be plenty of counters found that don’t involve wisping it.

    1. Well because still want to use those
      If you don’t like smogon enforcing bans this I’ll be basically The same thing, but worse. Its not these pokemons fault GF made them good.

      1. Comparing this to smogon rules is pretty crappy. It’s not the same. It’d actually make teams diverse. I don’t give a flying fuck about smogon bans because everything they ban is based on the crap ton of tiers they created themselves. If the bans were official I would be completely fine because they have every right to control the game. GF knew the Pokemon would be good. I don’t think they were exactly happy everyone used almost the exact same team this year. They’re bound to change something. If you have 720 released Pokemon, take out the babies, unusable legends, and the useless Pokemon, you still have a very wide variety to use. But people always only choose the same 12.

    2. I can definitely see certain Pokémon gaining more use this coming year. The good thing about having the same game represented at Worlds is that people will know what to expect, so maybe we’ll start to see old favorites or brand-new Pokémon used.

      However, I can’t see them banning the overused Pokémon from competitions.

  12. Anybody have a flabebe they could trade me? Doesn’t matter IV’s or nature or color, though blue would be appreciated. I have an event her across I could offer

  13. I’m kinda excited for this week because I think we’re bound to see something on the zygarde/green blob thing by the end of this week, assuming Corocoro leaks a few days early, which it always does.

  14. I don’t mean to be off topic, but I’d like to spark a discussion.

    So lately I’ve been stepping away from Smash more and more because of how tedious online is and how everyone and their moms play Sheik or Diddy Kong. Occasionally we see a Pikachu or Mario or whoever, but it’s getting really boring. This really has become a game for adults because kids can’t even get into the competitive side like they’re supposed to.

    Thoughts for and against this?

      1. I dont understand how kids will be able to get into the competitive side, firstly, most kids won’t play competitive and will just play with friends or cpus, secondly most kids don’t know much advance techniques nor have that much time to play that much to learn it. If you mean like tournaments and stuff, those tournaments are meant for advanced players which are mostly adults anyway because adults have much more time to play the game and can learn advance skills, much easier and faster. If one (kid or adult) want to become competitive you have to learn how counter the popular characters (this is for every game).

    1. I haven’t touched Smash online since last semester. My internet at home is too slow for it.

    2. It’s because of Diddy’s combo. They nerfed Diddy, but it didn’t help. Everyone uses him, Sheik, Ness, and Greninja. That’s why I never play online; it’s annoying. Wonder why many top players just hate Diddy users.

  15. While I’m not so sure we’ll get the leaks crazy early, I do wonder if theses leaks(being the most interesting leaks in a while I assume) will come sooner than the usual ones. Like we usually get leaks around the 10th or 11th, but maybe someone will get the issue of CoroCoro earlier this time and also leak earlier…..I suppose I can dream lol

  16. Trying to get my money back out of AC:NL by landscaping the town but there’s a damn rock in the way. I definitely won’t buy another one of these games.

    1. You can make 100k easily this time of year by fishing and diving on the island. It just takes patience. And yeah it kinda sucks that you can’t get rid of rocks but it’s not that bad.

        1. That’s the problem with AC. It’s very inviting and has some fun stuff to do, but in the end u stop playing bc u’d rather live ur real life or play something else. It gets me every time lol

          1. It’s not what I expected at all. I wish I hadn’t downloaded it so I could use my PowerSave….

          2. It’s not for everyone. Sometimes it’s nice to play around with it and sometimes it isn’t lol

  17. So what do You Guys Think The shadow thing is since cocoro is coming
    Mega Zygarde? (Probably the most reasonable idea)
    Primal Zygarde? (Likely buut not as likely)
    New pokemon? (I guess this could work seeing how we aready got one new pokemon but still not very likely)
    Zygarde evolution? (Least likely But very unique)
    And blobby? Do you think it has something to do with zygarde (too many theories and this to list them all) but what do you think blobby is and its relation to zygarde?

    1. I still kind of hope that the blob is its own Pokemon. Even if it’s related to Zygarde in some way I feel like it has too much character in those screenshots to b just a plot device. As for the shadow creature I’m 100% positive it’ll b Zygarde, but as for what way it’ll change is a mystery. Zygarde is suppose to b in the ME act 4 so that could hint to Mega Zygarde, but on the other hand Primal G and K were in the previous act so it’s possible it could b something else. Either way I hope CoroCoro leaks earlier than usual so we can finally find out!!! I’m so excited and hope that a game announcement doesn’t lag too far behind the Zygarde and blob reveal.

      1. I still find it so weird that we’re getting this Corocoro info and a new game hasnt even been announced yet lol.

        1. The way they’re going about this game is very strange. I find it weird we’d kno about this and all the merchandise b4 an official announcement too. lol

    2. I have a feeling the blobs are connected to Zygarde, BUT! They have could just revealed it to meddle with our minds. It my just be a “coincidence” that it looks like Zygarde by having the same colors, but is actually a completely different pokemon.

    3. Imo
      The shadow thing is primal zygarde
      The blob is a new pokemon with no relation to zygarde I think gf is just trying to fool us,

    4. Most likely Mega Zygarde
      But maybe it’ll have two based on the two hidden abilities
      Like a Vengeful and Guardian form based on what move you teach it it
      and as for Bloby (wild speculation) but this is living Mega Evolution
      maybe this thing is Zygardite manifested into a living form
      But that’s very unlikely since the Mega Evolution act four has shown that multiple of these things exist

    5. I think it’s Mega Zygarde. I believe him and the blobs are connected someway. We just have to wait a bit longer; to finally figure out the truth behind them!

      1. 24 hours… I’ll bite. If wishful thinking fails atleast there is CoroCoro to fall back on. Fifty Megas does seem far fetched though.

        1. It’s never a good sign for the poster if they give themselves a time limit lol It does make it more interesting tho. Definitely raises my excitement even if it’s fake lol

    1. I’m not going to get hype at all. We’ll wait and see in these upcoming 24 hours. If it’s not released; it’s fake. If it is true; then I’m hype. I’m currently taking this with a grain of salt!

          1. Oh you’re right
            You’re Gamefreak, duh how silly of me to forget you are GF, just so glad you are GF, I don’t know what we would do without you GF here telling us our hopes and dreams won’t happen 😀
            Thanks GF you are truly amazing

          2. jerk, at least i think like Gamefreak and make sure everything makes sense and ties up all loose ends

          3. The fact that Milotic is the counterpart of Gyarados, and M. Gyarados is Water/Dark, would mean that M. Milotic is Water/Fairy, no? Isn’t Fairy the counterpart of Dark?

          4. Maybe but in which point of view?

            I’ve always seen dark as fighting dastardly, so I see Fighting-Dark counterpart. But Fairy and Dark can be counterparts too in some sense.

          5. Dude. You love Ground, Rock, and Steel Types. Your not thinking like GameFreak. Your opinionated like everyone. A Water/Fairy Mega Milotic would be weak to Grass, Electric, and Poison. I think it would be Water/Fairy. Milotic is a good Pokemon; deal with it.

          6. That has no reason on why it should be one
            Explain how and why Milotic gains a fairy type without anything referring to its beauty

          7. I should be part of Gamefreak
            that way i can deny everyone what they want, so i can finally get some Megas i like

          8. Wait you mean to tell me you aren’t GF?
            But how do know what things are gonna happen in the next game?? are you part psychic?

          9. Because i don’t add outrageous ideas, i keep things sensible and believable
            Like linked Regions or absurd amount of Megas or mechanics
            HMs will always exist that’s whatb they’re there for
            and Megas unlock their true potential not just things we want them to be

          10. I should be, i think differently and have logic backing up my answers
            i don’t make Pokemon based on their competitive impact

          1. *Anger intensifies* Because just because Milotic is beautiful doesn’t make it a Fairy
            its stereotyping it to become something that it has no connection to anyway whatsoever
            Yeah it learned Disarming Voice this gen but that makes sense of its emotion quelling ways
            But it still not a Fairy type

          2. “All stereotypes are based off a real fact.”
            And it’s a pretty much real fact that most of the “majestic” “feminine” Pokemon fall into the fairy category,
            Just how gyrados released his most inner dark side
            Milotic will release her inner beauty and become fairy

          3. if i haven’t said that, you and every schmuck would be complaining that it should’ve been a Dragon type
            Would you not

          4. No, I actually could have clouded gyarados was evil and dark in the first place, all I said earlier was ‘It would have been cool if they made it water dragon to reference how it was originally meant’

          5. Dude. It doesn’t matter anymore. Your basically arguing with a brick wall. Earthen has hated this idea from the start. I think Milotic should be Water/Fairy personally due it being opposite to Gyarados. It could be Water/Dragon due it being a serpent or just a Water-Type so it wouldn’t get too OP. It’s all down to preferences.

          6. Hey that’s my line in the chat XD
            “No use of arguing with a wall”
            But sometimes I find my self arguing with it again and again lol I just need to stop

          7. But it doesn’t make sense of it being a fairy that’s my problem
            Like i said it barely learns any Fairy moves, and it has no business being one
            It’s a stupid fish that got lucky and turned into a serpent it’s not a divine magical mermaid its a Sea Serpent

          8. I don’t know this as I can’t see what was inside of the designer’s mind when he was designing. I say it may be or it may not be.

          9. it only shares one single quality that could be recognized as a Siren it being beautiful (two if you count its watery habitat) but Sirens lure wayward sailors to their death with their captivating beauty but Milotic is far from that, it only gets two moves based on that and one can be universally learned by everyone (attract) and Captivate, it’s very loosely a siren since the dex entries only tell of it being passive and quells negative emotions and referencing its beauty
            Nothing Siren like after that
            But still Sirens themselves aren’t entirely Fairies themselves either

          10. Yes, but not all Fairy type Pokemon is based on actual fairies. There are lots of them, who just happens to be a fairy type.

          11. That’s just a damn wild card

            If it was gonna be any real connection to it being a fairy Gamefreak would’ve given it a few Fairy Egg moves or even let it learn Dazzling Gleam (which makes shitloads of sense because of its rainbow scales) but it didn’t

          12. This battle changed so suddenly. I wasn’t ready for this. I’m in actual tears right now laughing.

      1. Yup. That’s where I doubt this rumor. As Earthen said; we have 50 Megas now. I could see 20 or 25 Megas being a possibility, but not 50. Still, who knows? The person might be telling the true. Yet, I think he’s lying.

    2. This jackass is fake or he will be after the 24 hours are up
      besides i find it very suspicious that the Blob thing is just a Ground Type because Zygarde is a Dragon/Ground Type and its no mystery that this thing is related it most likely be a Pure Dragon type
      we have exactly 50 right now (48 if you don’t count Char and Mewtwo) so makes this guy’s post a total fucking sham

      1. No, the Mega thing doesn’t disprove any part of this “leak”. It’s possible the Game Freak wants to give Mega Evolutions to as many Pokemon as possible, considering it might be a mechanic that stays with Gen 6.

        1. But if they give it to freaking any Pokemon then whats left to it being special
          we should be getting less Megas because with every new handful we lose the uniqueness
          then its just a regular old mechanic

        2. I never thought about Megas staying in gen 6. It would be pretty disappointing if they did something like that.

          1. I had a thought about it too, I’ve said what if this is a feature of Gen 6. It would be unfair though, I mean new gen Pokes may deserve megas too. Maybe they can skip a generation and introduce new ones at Gen 8. Just thinking.

          2. Mega Evolution is involved so much in the story of both ORAS and X/Y that I really do think that it’s a temporary mechanic. It would seem out of place if it was shoehorned into another generation. I feel like this part of the leak actually helps its credibility. (It’s still very unlikely to be real, though).

          3. It’s possible they can create a story where it’s just something you can use and not thrown all in our face.

          4. Imagine getting Generation 7 and trying to find mega stones like searching for gems in Gen 6. They are nowhere!

            But they should be there, I think. With the help of mega evolutions, remakes somehow had another meaning.

        3. It so does such a colossal amount of Megas just shows this guy is pandering to the weak minded sheep that is Pokemon fan boys
          We’ll have our answer tomorrow

    3. Anonymous:Fifty new Mega Evolutions are also going to be introduced
      Me: Geez, that’s a lot
      Anonymous:Yes, that seems like a lot.

      I love narrative and interactive posts like this, 8/10.

    4. I guess the good thing about this leak, is that it’s not like we will be waiting forever to see if it’s true, Just 24 hours, and no video then we can move on with our lives

    5. Something tells me they really tried on the grammar in that, because there was too many commas and some grammatical errors, but I always point that stuff out.

      I would very much enjoy everything in this, but the lack of Primal Reversions and too many Mega Evolutions in this leak is bothering me.

  18. Honestly, guys. I love seeing all these comments about Milotic, it makes my little Chico heart happy. :3

      1. And where’s your proof
        that thing is just a lame dud Pokemon gaining universal fame for being extremely useless
        Giving it a Mega would be a colossal waste of a slot

        1. Please don’t be a massive Negativatron. You’re making my job as a moderator very difficult, considering you’re pushing the limits of what I deem acceptable.

      1. then it would’ve happened in ORAS but that was glossed over to the equally disappointing Mega Altaria as the Contest Mega Poster Boy

    1. Additionally guys, I think I’m going to make some Pokemon related videos in regards to competitive battling because I don’t think there are enough quality and “beginner friendly” guides out there as well as it being a news channel with occasional battles. Would you guys care to help me come up with a name for the channel? I’d appreciate the help, I’m stumped.

      1. I’d definitely tune in if you’d start from the basics. I know pretty much nothing, so I’d be starting from the bottom. Call it Brainy Trainer or something.

        1. 🙂 I’ll have my first episode up sometime soon I’ll let you know. I know how hard it is to start off competitive battling, and a lot of resources are very… “meta heavy” and not creative, if that makes sense.

          1. Yeah, I mean the games themselves do a pretty good job with IVs and all that, with Super Training, but I’m not too clear on things like hold items and which Pokemon work well together for Double Battles and Baton Pass and such. It would be great if you could make a video on those!

          2. Sure! 😀 Those are great topics for me to start with because they’re pretty simple concepts for those that understand them so it can be like a “warm up” haha.

          3. My problem is, I just throw six Pokemon together randomly. I need to have a team that really works well AND has the appropriate enhancements.

          4. That’s definitely something that I can address in a video. 🙂 I usually just pick a Pokemon that I like first, then address weaknesses with the others making sure I have an even split of physical/special mons

          5. If im playing ingame I usually just throw some mons together. On showdown though obviously thats a whole different story.

          6. like to use the same exact Pokemon like everyone else
            and run all the same EVs or the Items or just be freaking Smogon

            If you want to help people you should teach them to break away to the meta just enough to be unique, inspire them to use their own combos and teams that they want to use instead of what wins

          7. Don’t I already do that when I battle you with my Milotic? 😛 It doesn’t get a lot of relative usage aside from Competitive in Doubles.

            Shots fired aside now, lmao, I’ll talk to Paul sometime and see if maybe I can make that a series here, like a weekly showcase, so PJN can have more stuff to post and I can keep pursuing my passion for videos lol.

          8. Why can’t you just die slowly in a alley filled with vermin
            Always shots fired at me or me being insulted
            Always everything against me at every freaking opportunity
            and it never freaking stops

  19. I can’t wait for tomorrow to roll around, so I can see how badly that 4chan “leaker” will be roasted online.

    Assuming he isn’t right. It’s not like I know…

  20. Seeing how ORAS is probably the last Hoenn game (Unless Z is Kalos+Hoenn because GF wants to tie things together “”There’s been a lot of demand from people to remake Ruby/Sapphire on social media, for example,” he said. “Right now really felt like a good time to do it, and instead of doing a direct sequel to X/Y we’re tying it together in some unique ways.”)
    I just want to say ORAS even though you had notable flaws I still loved you and I am glad you came out 🙂 thanks for helping me relive my childhood again I will miss you Hoenn only unique features (secret bases, hoenn contests etc)

    1. I loved the updated storyline with the Primals. Epic cutscenes (Emerald one is still my favourite).
      I liked how Magma and Aqua were a bit more fleshed out.
      I never got into any of the additional features…my only wish was for the BF to be present in the game. *sigh*

      1. Same, and how they gave Archie and Maxie even more unique personalities, and the Admins too
        I also liked how the explained the original RSE timeline too

    2. I have to completely agree with you. I’m quite sure GameFreak will re-remake the older games in the future. Yet, I started Pokemon with Ruby. So, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Hoenn Region. 😀

    1. The good news is it’ll only be a few more days until Corocoro leaks, so we won’t have that long to wait anyway. I’m hoping the leaks happen Friday morning, but Saturday or Sunday is more likely (in Japan time).

      Besides, the new mystery dungeon game comes out next thursday in Japan, that should be something concrete to get hyped about right? It looks really good to me, and it doesn’t look like it’ll have the same flaw as Gates of having a limited number of playable pokemon.

      1. Well obviously no matter what will be getting some sort of news in the next 2 weeks, but it is possible that they don’t reveal new games when they reveal the new Pokémon. They can wait a bit.

        1. On the one hand, I think that’s what’s likely to happen, to prolong the hype, but we haven’t had a pokemon reveal before the corresponding game since balck and white (in reverse chronological order, ORAS were revealed before the full reveal of the Primals, XY were revealed before the mascots were fully revealed and Black/White Kyurem were revealed alongside BW2).

  21. This is a big week. Apple announcements on Wednesday, CoroCoro any day now, and this weekend I’ll finally begin fixing all my extensive tech problems. Finally, all these things converge at once.

    1. This week is exciting. Can’t wait until Wednesday because I can finalize if I want the Sony Z5 Premium or the 6S Plus next. Then tomorrow I get to see someone fried and raped because they attempted to troll the community, and my parents are going out of town for the weekend!

    1. that’s clear bro , y he can’t reveal the title ?………28 new pkmn really ….that’s make the No of pkmn what? 100 ..GF didn’t care about this shit .

  22. Maybe it’ll be like that time that CoroCoro didn’t leak until the day it released in Japan?

    (That was a terrible week smh)

    1. I remember having a chubby electronic Pikachu doll which says:

      “Piiii-ka Piiii-ka Chuuuu, Pii-kah Piii-Kah Chuuuuuuh” in a melodramatic tone.

      It was creepy

      1. Well it blanked out (but it gave the the game card was removed warning)
        but i’m just gonna store this in the bank for now

  23. I honestly don’t know what GF is waiting on to announce this thing. Like you’e not gonna tell me that we’re really gonna have Corocoro reveal all that stuff, AND have a Mega Evolution special before a new game is revealed. I refuse to believe that. If that does happen, well I’m just gonna throw all logic out the window when it comes to them revealing stuff anymore lol.

    1. Well Sep. 15 is the official day, but it could leak as early as like thursday or friday in my opinion

    2. Sometime after 7am Friday morning JST, although it’s far more likely to leak a day or two later.

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