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We left PokéJungle at the Daycare too long and we don’t know how it happened, but an egg appeared! After walking around with it for awhile it hatched into our gaming site Retry Level! After a tumultuous first year, we’ve breathed new life into it and want YOU to check it out! It is not a news site per se, but takes on gaming news and topics with the same irreverence and humor that we have here on PJ.

There’s satire, tech news, gaming politics and even POKÉMON! A little something for everyone! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and make ample use of Disqus.

Love you all and hope you support us on RL just as you have here!

<3 PJ

    1. I should write my own article
      I’ll call it “Raging Rhyperior”
      a rant/hate article containing all my various anger issues in today’s Pokemon world

  1. Found this in an old map containing the articles for Pokéjungle Magazine. Since I don’t think I can deliver before I graduate, I figured you could have it now.

    Credit: Chicolombia, John Hocker, Ithsme, Miniryu-Ninja, Ammy, thegreatcarbinkle

    Q: Since joining the PokeJungle staff, what has been your favourite memory and why?

    A: My favourite memory must be around the time of Black and White 2 Corocoro scans. It was the first rumour season I did as staff and the sheer craziness made it an immensely fun experience.

    The fake rumours, and even the fake magazine scans, Pokéjungle is at its best when the rumour mill is turning heavily.

    Q: How did you discover PokeJungle?

    A: I came to Pokéjungle around the time of the Pokéxperto leaks. They were the only site featuring the leaks (then thought to be some fake rumours) and since they had a nice comment system I decided to stay along.

    Q: Which articles do you have the most fun writing up?

    A: Daely Snack is the most fun to write since I have full creative freedom of expressing my opinion.

    Though, if some news breaks out and I have to write it, I mostly put my own spin on it to make things more interesting.

    Q: If you were to wake up one morning as a Pokémon (like in Mystery Dungeon), which Pokémon would you be?

    A: I’d definitely be an Eevee. The journey of finding out who you are and the flexibility to become who you want to be is an important aspect of life for me, and Eevee perfectly reflects that.

    Q: Which Pokémon game was your first and what was the first Pokémon you ever caught besides your starter?

    A: My first Pokémon game has to be Red or Blue. It’s so long ago I can’t even remember, since we had both in the house. That makes the first Pokémon I caught simply Pidgey.

    Q: How did you first get into Pokémon?

    A: My parents bought it for me when I was young for the holidays. I couldn’t read or speak English, but I still stuck with the series ever after.

    Q: What motivates/inspires your questions in Dae asks?

    A: Surprisingly, not much. Most of my questions are just a thought of the day and spontaneous reflections on the Pokémon Universe.

    Q: If your life were a motion picture, what would the title be?

    A: Inside Out (I added this answer in 2015)

    Q: How did you meet Paul and eventually became a staff member?

    A: I was rather active in the comments, and when Pokéjungle lost a staff member, I was called in as a replacement.

    The staff was considerably smaller back then, consisting of only five members me included, two of which were translators.

    Q: Any personal projects that you’re working on? For example Moving, PJ, and Sam are doing Retry Level, are you doing a big project yourself or with others?

    A: I pondered about making my own spin-off site, where I would only post satire and elaborative opinion pieces with a focus on gaming in general. The lack of time and initial financial funds held me back however.

    Q: What hobbies or activities do you enjoy in the minimal spare time you have (or is being staff a hobby in itself).

    A: I used to read a lot (read Song of Ice and Fire when I was 14), but with me having to study so much nowadays this is being held off a bit. Still have to finish all of Robin Hobb, I absolutely adore her writing style.

    Nowadays, I’m just hanging around with my friends and when I have some spare time on the internet you can find me on NeoGAF, and reading mostly opinion blogs. I also picked up archery more than a year ago, and I still shoot regularly, albeit not so good as Katniss.

    Q: What is your favourite spin-off game?

    A: Definitely Stadium. The battles in 3D were amazing, but what made it truly a fun game were the mini-games. Just playing them with a group of four in the basements is one of my favourite memories I had as a child.

    Q: As a player do you prefer casual or competitive gameplay and why?

    A: I used to play competitive at my own pace. Due to a lack of time and commitment, I don’t battle online anymore.

    Q: How does it feel to be a PJN mod? (especially when you’re being trolled by idiots like Tootles)

    A: Powerful, mostly due to the feel of the banhammer. Jokes aside, I absolutely love moderating such a nice community as Pokéjungle. I always believed that a community should regulate itself, with moderators only needed to steer it in the right direction. Pokéjungle reflects that perfectly.

    1. I don’t see Noibat, so either Noibat just gets benched this season or he’s goin’ the ol give back to the parents cliche
      and seriosuly a such a lack of Pokemon
      Ash: Pikachu, Greninja (inevitable) Talonflame (newly evolved) Hawlucha i really hope they give him a Bergmite, i can see it fighting Wulfric’s Avalugg in a Rapid spin/Gyro ball ice spinning battle on ice

      1. i think Goodra will return ……if that’s happen Ash have a good chance to win league championship and end he’s fuckiin journey .

      2. I don’t c Bunnelby either tho so even if this is some what of an indicator of events to come it may not mean that Bunnelby or Noibat r gone forever. It could just b a choice made by the maker of this page. Either way it’s also very possible that this means nothing. I guess we’ll c eventually anyway lol

  2. I swear The Mystery dungeon series has some kinda weird curse on me
    It always involves me being a Grass type
    First Mystery Dungeon I was a Treecko (i was a kid and i rolled with it)
    Explorers of Sky Turtwig (by choice)
    Gates to infinity granted i chose Tepig but after the game you control your partner IE Snivy
    Now in Super Mystery Dungeon i’m going to be a Chespin

        1. I have a ton of gifs saved on my phone just so I can send them to friends when the time is right lol

  3. Masuda is currently in France, about to get on transit for Paris. (Nothing special, but I don’t think he’d tweet the map for no reason)

    1. He did say “Bonjour France! Bonjour Kalos!” a while ago and also included a map. I think it’s actually happening. Or not.

    2. Oh my goodness, one more thing. Lyon, his starting destination in France, is located right around where Vaniville Town would be in Kalos. That’s no coincidence. He started his Kalos journey and now he’s planning on finishing it.

    3. He was in the UK last week, and was tweeting a lot about it. Masuda tweets everywhere he goes. I think he’s just being his usual self.

    1. Kalos anime going so fast
      They might have a year of filler
      Or ash might go to a kalos frontier

      1. I kind of wish they would do a Orange Island arc or something. I kno they tried with the Decolore Islands, but with no real story for them to go to each island other than they’re going to Kanto and need to fill episode it fell short……real short……They should do another season where Ash goes to an anime only region or archipelago and has to challenge people or something lol

    2. The Fat one….they make the fat one get a freaking dancing Blastoise….
      Well time to will myself out of this incorrect reality *grunts and strains*

        1. Can’t hear you trying to will myself out of reality *Grunts intensify and noticeable veins bulging out of forehead*

          1. u can doing workout, u shouldn’t eat anything before 5 hour form ur sleep that’s help a lot ….u shouldn’t be ashamed from ur self for any reason……, man i have hard time to understand local language , don’t forget i am not American.

          2. when i was typing here i should active active my english mode if i wasn’t in good mode i can’t focus in english language, u should appreciate that…..i will take ur words as advice but i will not use it here .

  4. I really hope that CoroCoro leaks on the 7th, as it has happened in past months. It will more realistically be next Friday, though. There’s no school on the 7th, which would make the leaks much more exciting.

    1. Much as I hate to keep being negative when people talk about wanting news, I feel that I’d better lower your expectations this time. I’ve never seen Corocoro leak more than five days in advance, and I’ve been following news since the first half of 2008. The reason it sometimes leaks early is that the September issues are released on August 10th or 11th (I forget which).

      tl;dr Realistically, unless we get a random announcement earlier, we’re not getting anything until the 11th (10th for America) when Corocoro starts to leak.

  5. So i just came up with a theory about Florges and its non grass typing
    After a extensive flame war with this jerk
    i theorized why Florges is not a Fairy/Grass type for myself (since i was deadset to disprove him) so yes Florges line revolves about flowers, but only one vague connection it it being a plant itself only the Dex entry stating “The flower Flabébé holds is most likely part of its body.” Most Likely but not directing stating its a part of its body, merely that it carries and draws power from the plant it holds
    Then it hit me, Florges gains all its power from flowers, and what would happen if you took flowers out of the equation I theorize that all its grass type moves are solely from drawing power from flowers, without Flowers its but a Fairy, so that means itself is not a Plant/Pixie hybrid just a Fairy that draws powers and abilities from nearby flowers
    ergo just a Pure Fairy Type

    1. I agree. I was firstly thinking Florges line should be Fairy/Grass. Well, considering Pokemon standarts, it could have been. But it’s mostly based on concept of fairies being associated with nature, like being protectors of the spirit of nature/forests etc. (missed opportunity to give grass type fairy resistance). As it seems flowers are what they carry, (florges making itself a flower neckdress) and not an actual part of their body. So, this makes sense for them to be solely Fairy type.

      Again, they could have had grass typing, considering Pokemon standarts as there are some examples like Burmy line and Sewaddle line.

      1. Actually Burmy is pure Bug
        But Sewaddle is Bug/Grass and is fucking adorable with its leafy hood so i guess it gets a pass
        But maybe because of so many generations of using leaves as clothing it could’ve slowly works its way into being a Insect/Plant Hybrid but whatever the type suits it

        1. Yeah, I was confused about Burmy line, deleted them in my comment. Actually Burmy is pure bug type and Wormadam dex entries say that things they carry becomes part of their actual body upon evolving, hence they gain additional typing.

          I think they wanted to create a pure Fairy type with Florges. I mean pure as both typing and concept, as fairies depicted in myths are being associated with nature.

          1. Well that’s solely through the power of evolution causing such a fast mutation and it kinda draws “inspiration” from nearby materials it biologically needed in order to survive thus melding with its body

    2. ur interested in some fairy type now ? … the way i think ur right i agree with belmad too when she/he talking about associated with nature …..for me Florges is my favorite fairy type she’s like gardener that’s represent tender and nature love ….. Fairy/Grass combination still useless for me .

    3. … Or maybe GF didn’t want to be d!cks and give it the grass typing so it didn’t have an uber amount of weaknesses so people would actually have a reason to use it in the meta and not just cast it with the other 500+ Pokemon that can’t survive in OU/UU.

      1. Whimsicott got the fairy curse
        Besides its a better theory then most who tried to figure out why it’s pure fairy

        Besides I don’t think GF create Pokemon for their competitive value
        That kinda stuff rolls out once they give their stats and moves

  6. there was a boy here i think his name Dija or something he alwys but May pic as his avatar ….. where is he ? anybody know .

  7. Hey everybody, I finally got my 3ds, and I want to add you all as friends again! Comment your friend codes and I’ll make sure I add you before the weekend is over 🙂 my fc is 0877-3861-1471

    1. Mine is 2191-7648-0558. Or at least, I think so. I committed it to memory two years ago 😛 I’ll get yours tomorrow!

  8. So, I just started a Black2 Randomizer Nuzlocke, and my starter is a Seadra named “Jetstream” with the ability Volt Absorb. xD

      1. Right? I’ve been pretty damn lucky with abilities, I caught a Dusclops with Filter and a Jirachi with No Guard xD

    1. Verlisify craves attentions, it’s how he got popular, the best thing to do is ignore him, even though what he did here was just trashy
      Verlisify would be a decent PokeTuber is he didn’t lie and crave so much attention it is to the point of him being a troll

  9. Pre Ordered my Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer New 3DS Bundle today! It’s smaller than what I have now, but way more convenient. And honestly the screens are like a fourth of an inch smaller than the screens on my 3DS XL like it’s not even that bad.

    1. That bundle’s already sold out on GameStop, so I have no idea what your tactics were to get that pre-order in. As for me, I’ll probably end up getting on in March for my birthday, seeing as there will probably be better color options at that point.

      1. My GameStop still had some available to pre order when I went in. You should try going to the store and asking or calling first.

        1. I have the equivalent of no money right now, so I couldn’t get one anyway. I’m sure one of our GameStops has some, though.

    2. Funny. They just sold out on preorders a few hours ago. I’m still waiting. I don’t like animal crossing THAT much.

      1. If they sell lots of these, they’ll most certainly release a standalone black model or another game bundle in the future. Exactly as you said, lots of people want the New 3DS but aren’t interested in Animal Crossing being plastered all over the system.

        1. I’m still hoping for a blue XL, but wouldn’t mind dishing out for a cheaper model. I just don’t like the cutsy designs for them. I need a manly man DS to with my Skitty on.

      2. They still had some available to pre order at my local GameStop, so I went ahead and bought it. And I’m obsessed with animal crossing, so I just had to get this.

      1. You build your own town with a bunch of lazy ass animals that don’t pay for shit. Then you wait like 14 days to unlike some other shit. You shake trees, fish, catch bugs, collect fruits, etc for bells, which is the currency. Alongside paying for all the public project donations, you also have to pay for your ridiculously large loans. The game goes by real time and different things happen each day. Everything opens and closes at certain times, which you can eventually change by enacting ordinances.

        I fucking hate it but it passes time. It’s such a slow game and it doesn’t have a story. Unless you want something that you can play when you’re extremely bored to pass the time, don’t bother buying it.

      2. It’s pretty much a town simulator in which real time events occur like sales and growing food and people moving in and out of your town. I personally think it’s very fun.

  10. I hope that I’ll wake up one day soon and see the new games announced. I feel like Pokemon is getting really, really quiet now, even with PSMD coming out in a few weeks in Japan. A hypothetical Big Bang may happen soon, starting with CoroCoro.

      1. Yeah, apparently they explicitly stated in last month’s issue that both the blob and that massive silhouette will be fully revealed in this issue. According to people on the Internet, CoroCoro always keeps their promises when it comes to statements like these. The real question is whether we’ll get a game announcement on or around the 15th: I personally don’t see how they could reveal two new Pokemon/forms at one time and not have an announcement paired with it. I imagine it’s going to be a lot like Zorua and Zoroark, which were also revealed at the same time, with the reveal of Black and White following about six weeks later.

        1. The question is if they do in fact decide to reveal the games, do they jump the gun by a few days and then do an update for the new mons/forms? If they do that I could totally c a Monday or Wednesday announcement with the CoroCoro info coming the next Monday(technically Tuesday the 15th in Japan, time zones and all). OR do they do it all in one big announcement using M Zygarde and de Blob as focal points and not really showing any real stuff about the games other than that

          1. We’ve basically narrowed it down to two scenarios now. Either they reveal the games next week, or they wait until October/November to reveal the games. There’s always the unlikely scenario that this huge, hyped reveal is just tied to the movie and the game won’t be announced until 2016. The chances of that are about 1%.

      1. I resent that immensely
        Rhyperior is the perfect combination of big bulky and powerfully built
        We don’t have that many burly Pokemon

      2. this eyes make him ugly ? !! …….i think u just don’t like the violence but some guys do…….maybe pokemon anime show target kids but i think most game audience as my age .

  11. Yo is afarr still making accounts to upvote himself still, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here :3c

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