Super Mystery Dungeon Reviewed by Famitsu

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has reviewed the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, being released in Japan on September 17th and in North America on November 20th, and its score was a decent 36/40. Not too bad, but the much maligned Gates to Infinity actually scored two points higher (38/40) when it was released three years ago. This could be a worrying sign, but hopefully it won’t mean much. All four reviewers gave the game a 9/10.

When the text of the reviews is available I’ll be sure to translate it so we can see what they did and didn’t like about the game.

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ps- Yesterday was MMOnday!

    1. Is it really? The majority of the time I see someone talking about Famitsu reviews none of the reviewers give anything less than a 9.

      (Not to mention if Gates to Infinity got 38/40 then I can’t say I put much stock in their reviews)

  1. If i’m gonna be a Chespin that means the moves i’ll most likely have (and the one possible randomly learned one like in Gates)
    Vine Whip and Tackle the most used for attacking
    Rollout at level 8 is gonna be very promising as it strikes 2-5 times getting stronger and takes out 4 of its five weaknesses
    Bite for those pesky Ghost and Psychic types
    somewhere early mid game i’ll learn Pin Missile which is like Rollout but fires at a distance which is very good

    So it’s shaping to be a fantastic Mystery Dungeon
    And just because i feel like it
    Fennekin is gonna be lackluster with only Scratch and Ember and to only gain Flame Charge at lvl 14 and things will only get rolling once you learn Psybeam
    as For Froakie, Pound and Bubble until you get the powerful Water Pulse, lick will be semi good for Ghost and Psychic with a chance to save you with paralysis

    I might even go the extra mile and do every starter

    1. That’s interesting that they got that score and Gates to Infinity got 38/40. I thought the first two games were much more enjoyable.

      I guess that means this game is better than Gates to Infinity. :p

      1. I recently just played Gates i don’t understand how bad it was, sure its watered down, you had to do missions one at a time, but i found the story just as enjoyable

        1. Yeah. And the first two games (when I played them I was pretty young) were confusing to me when I played them. Hopefully these games aren’t watered down, but are more streamlined. I bet the story will be good

  2. If Gates of Infinity scored higher than Super, that can’t be good. Gates was awful. I couldn’t finish it.

  3. I was thinking about getting this game, then I thought against it. I’ll probably get it a few months after release when the price drops.

  4. Famitsu reviews are only decided on how much money the publisher paid, they are no indication of actual game quality. See previous reviews for proof.

    1. You can’t call it proof, that’s a big allegation. I’m letting Famitsu know your extravagant defamation. If you don’t have receipts, you are commiting a cybercrime by saying such things on internet.

    2. As belmad said, your claiming more of an allegation. There is no proof that IGN or Famitsu is paid to give good reviews. Still, it highly happens. That’s why I take their reviews lightly. I like to see other gamers review the games. Still, it’s nice to see a generalize review every once in a while.

      1. Being paid for reviews is not the same as sending a big bank transfer over, and saying ‘This enough for a 37?’. It’s about the publisher hiring lots of advertisement space, and giving exclusive information to Famitsu, thus boasting their redearship figures. If Famitsu would give a bad score, the publisher in question just wouldn’t buy advert space as much as they used to do. Same thing happen(s)(ed) with IGN. They develop a bias for certain publishers because they can’t afford doing bad press because it would dry up their revenue stream.
        There’s actually little correlation with Famitsu reviews and other (Japanese and non-Japanese) reviews. A game could get a 34 and still score 93%, but a game can also get a 38 and only score 75% from other outlets. You’ll also find that all the high scores are for big-name publishers like Nintendo, Square, Namco, Activision, Sega, Capcom, Konami, even though there are clearly very good games for smaller publishers released in the past that do cater to the Japanese audience.

  5. GtI probably scored a lil higher cause it’s the first Dungeon game to have 3D (and the first Pokemon game on the 3DS?)
    I’ve never played it but what I’ve read from reviews is that it’s short, I’m sure SMD has a better storyline which is quite lengthy + the greater choice of pokemon to choose as starters

        1. Have fun only using Tackle and Vine Whip for a few levels. Mystery Dungeon games typically deviate a bit from a Pokemon’s official move chart.

    1. I’m going to be Mudkip like I was in the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games (except Gates to Infinity, there I was a Oshawott).

      Gonna take Chespin as my partner ^_^.

  6. I’m probably not buying this game but it reminds me of being a Shinx when I had Explorers of Sky.

  7. Just so you know, the first three Pokemon movies are being released on Blu-ray in December and they’ll be beautiful. Haven’t seen the second one though.

    1. I don’t often buy DVD/Blu Rays, but I may have to in this instance for historical records lol

    2. I own 1-7 on dvd and also Rise of Darkrai. I wish they had the 4-in-one bundles for the movies for 8-11 and so on…

    3. Speaking of that, the third Pokemon movie is available to watch for free on the Pokemon TV website! I just watched it the other day, I forgot how good it was.

          1. Notice how she says “You’ve got Gameboy” several times and then at the end she says “You’ve got game”; she knows you can’t play Gameboy withouth a game catridge. Mind=blown!

          2. I still think ur over thinking it, but then again who am I to say what she meant and what she didn’t? lol

  8. So tomorrow is the first legitimate day we could get the leaks! Anyone think we’ll get them tonight?

    1. I doubt Sunday will be the date of the leaks; due games typically not being revealed on Sundays. Tuesday between Saturday are the best days to do it. Still, it’s a leak. It could literally get on the internet at anytime. We just have to wait for these few days and see!

    1. Hello guys,
      I got luckily an early copy of the next CoroCoro issue and it really provides awesome information. Here’s a small summarize of the important things:
      – Official artworks for the green blob and the shadowy kaiju will be shown. The green blob is directly connected to Zygarde and isn’t a separate Pokémon like a lot of fans believed. It’s send by Zygarde to observe and explore Kalos. If there’s big danger, it will call Zygarde for help in order to protect the ecosystem. The blobs can fuse with Zygarde to awake his special powers, so it can perform “Z Evolution”, which is different to a regular Mega Evolution. More information to be revealed in the next issue.

      Totally called the Scouting cell theory

      and the rest sounds right
      Iris is bound to come to Kalos and Drasna kinda makes a good reason why since they’re both Dragon trainers

      Normally I don’t agree with 4Chan but this sounds very possible (there’s no crackpot accusations or massive crap

      1. Yeah this sounds very possible but what you have quoted in your post isn’t ANYTHING new. We’ve ALL pretty much come to that conclusion using common sense. It sounds plausible which makes people think it’s legit, but at the same time it’s nothing new and people still believe this stuff and fall for it again and again.

    2. It’s worth noting that S/he might be using December’s TCG Set to make it more reliable, as that part is correct (the set was officially revealed to be called “Rage of the Torn Heavens” a few days ago, and will feature Shiny Mega Gyarados). If it’s fake, that it is. I do agree that it does sound realistic though.

    3. Most of this stuff already was announced (that TCG set already was), and CoroCoro doesn’t cover the anime. Like ever.

  9. Although it’d be nice to get the leaks tomorrow, I hope they come Friday as a birthday gift to me!

  10. I know this is off-topic… but, I think the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus are the most boring iPhones we have ever gotten. These phones are lame! All they added was Force Touch (Apple calls it 3D Touch), 12MP Camera, Rose Gold Colour, and slightly Faster Processor. The iPhone 6S isn’t worth upgrading to. I rather wait for the impending iPhone 7 next year.

  11. Dear Everyone,

    Please keep in mind. Corocoro is a Japanese product. 99% OF THE TIME leaks will be posted on 2ch, NOT 4CHAN. Essentially 4chan can be viewed as the Americanized version of 2ch, so leaks from a JAPANESE source will more than likely NEVER happen on 4chan. I don’t EVER remember a time where 4chan was a reliable source for leaks, it’s all trolls.

    Also please live by the motto of “No Pics, don’t believe” because I mean seriously… why would someone take the time to write a detailed description of what’s in the magazine, instead of just posting the damn pictures in the first place?

    Thanks for your attention

    Much Love,

    – Chico

          1. It’s at 11PM my time, so I’ll watch it live! Lots of people on 4chan are setting themselves up for disappointment, thinking this may include a new game announcement. I want to see that.

          2. I gotta get up for class tomorrow so I guess I’ll b sleeping. At least I’ll have plenty of time in between my 2 classes tomorrow to freak out about what is talked about lol

          3. The motto I live by: Welcome to the Pokemon world, where everything means nothing and nothing means everything.

  12. Hmmm the thing that gets me is they say they’ll talk about new partner companies at some point in this conference. I wonder what that means…..I wouldn’t mind more peripheral apps. Something that would make the mobile versions of the Pokedexes actually feel like Pokedex would b cool. lol

    1. So the conference isn’t exclusively about new partner companies? I can’t imagine that warranting a live stream on NicoNico, of all places.

      1. Well it says that new partners will b introduced, but I can’t c them doing an impromptu conference just to say “Hey! We’re working with so and so now on these side games!” there has to b more to it right? Especially with this months CoroCoro going to b about blobby and shadow guy……..I don’t’ I just don’t want to get my hopes up too much lol

  13. Take a look at this picture somebody just posted with no context on 4chan. Just for fun, let’s speculate with the 2 hours we have left!

      1. I know, I’m just excited and wanted to post something. I’m really scared about what we’re going to hear. It’s either going to be REALLY good or REALLY, REALLY bad.

        1. OR…or it could b straight down the middle and not b anything terribly bad or good…eh? eh? lol Either way I suppose we’ll know in about 3 hrs hahaha

          1. Pay2play? They just completely get rid of the free2play advertising and say up front that “Yes u will have many transactions to pay throughout ur journey” It’s just like real life!!!! lol

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