Pokémon Go Announced! Slated for 2016 Release

Pokémon has announced a press conference being held today to announce new business strategies and company partnerships. This unexpected development could mean anything for the series and fans are eagerly awaiting what it could mean.

The conference is being held on Japanese video site NicoNico and we’ll be updating this post with the information that comes from it. Make sure to refresh!

  • The stream has started! Does anybody have any guesses as to what’s going to be announced??
  • New Nintendo  collaboration with Niantic, Inc. featuring a product based on Augmented Reality for mobile devices.
  • Pokemon Go will be making its way to iPhone and Android devices in 2016.
  • I have included a link for the new Pokemon Go trailer at the bottom of this article.
  • Junichi Masuda is now on the stage.
  • Mr. Masuda mentioned how he thought 2016 was going to be a big year for Pokemon considering it’d be Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. No sign of main-series game, however.
  • Pokemon Go Plus revealed. It’s a device that connects via Blue Tooth with Pokemon Go and notifies you of what’s happening around you in the game via LED lights.
  • Aaaaand that’s a wrap! No new main-series game announcements, unfortunately. Be sure to watch the trailer for Pokemon Go that is posted below and let us know in the comments if you’ll be playing it on your smartphone device in 2016.

Update: Pokemon Go will be free to play but will also feature in-app purchases.

Thank you PJ for letting me cover this news conference and I hope to return to cover some more news in the near future!

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<33 Chico

  1. Pokemon coming to PS4!

    That would be the worst they could announce. Or maybe a tell-tale Detective Pikachu game.

  2. Apparently it has the “PC and Smartphone” and “green spin-off” tags on the stream site, whatever that means. Can we seriously never get what we want around here?

  3. I don’t want to get my hopes up, because the last time I got my hopes up for a NicoNico stream we got Arcade only pokken tournament and the detective game that was never mentioned.

    1. You don’t. You wait for me to update the article because I’m working hard behind the scenes huehuehue. Streams are too mainstream. It’s all about spamming the refresh button.

  4. Well, the transition to mobile was inevitable. I’m just happy there’s no sign of free-to-play, but an app to supplement the main series is a great idea!

  5. They made it SO clear that a main series announcement is coming. A timeline with an empty space! That’s a new one. Masuda also said that it connects to the next main series games. GAMES.

  6. Everyone wants a new main series game,the 20th anniversary is near,CoroCoro is going to get leaked soon,a pokemon press Conference is held,Shigeru Miyamato and Junichi Masuda are present…
    And they announce a crappy mobile game..

    Pokemon never fails to dissapoint

  7. I think some of you all are forgetting a couple of things. Yes, it is a bit disappointing that there is no main game announcement TODAY, however, the concept of Pokemon Go is amazing! Even if it will not look as good as the trailer lol. I digressed a bit =p What some of you are forgetting is that the pokemon creators love trolling. Remember when they announced that the kanto starter evolutions would have megas, but then Charizard did not receive the long coveted dragon type everyone thought it deserved? Only for them to reveal it later?

    They just love keeping their fans on their toes. They knew we would expect a main game announcement from this, so they threw a curveball. However, keep in mind that it is the 20th pokemon anniversary, they promised some revelations about the Blobgarde and the shadowy figure in that pic in corocoro and they want it to be a big year for pokemon. Can that be done with just Pokken and Pokemon Go? From a business standpoint, possibly, but I believe the Pokemon Go announcement is just the 1 in a soon-to-be 1-2 punch! =D

  8. Hey guys! Long time no see/speak! First of all I think this idea and concept is absolutely cool mainly cuz I actually had a convo with earthen about Pokemon being real lol. Now we can find them in real life lol. Also guys this isn’t corocoro news yet so there is still hope. It’s so obvious that with the new Pokemon (booger) and zygarde form in the upcoming mega evolution episode that we are getting some kind of main game announcement really soon. Let’s just hope that corocoro doesn’t “announce” this.

        1. Why does muk give you the finger in Snap? Why can pikachu learn fly on the pokewalker? Why can wooper learn ice punch? Why don’t the professors know your gender??? All these questions lol

        2. False advertising? They teaching people that one throw of a great ball can catch a Charizard. Or that a Bulbasaur is worth a Vulpix…or that cute girls play Pokemon XD

          1. Lmao what I’m having trouble believing was the Mewtwo part where everyone wasn’t self-conscious that they’re using an app to catch non-existent creatures

          2. The part where they are all running like it’s Black Friday, or there is wedding dress sale in Taiwan or someone is handing out fried chickens out there.

    1. I actually thought something similar lol. That new thing that is gonna be used with minecraft later. That like brings the game to life lol

  9. Bae: Come over
    Me: I can’t
    Bae: My parents aren’t home
    Me: …I have to catch Caterpie

    Seriously, this looks amazing, and I can see it really take off and be successful. Just please don’t go down any dark alleys to try and catch any Pokemon (even if there are biker or punk class “trainers”) down there.
    This is basically one step further to real life Pokemon, its a conspiracy that the Japanese Government won’t tell us

    1. It’s a free to play game. I have to say this because there are people who don’t like free to play games that have in app purchases. Just remember that free to play doesn’t mean you have to pay.

        1. I have a feeling that you can earn Pokeballs everyday or something but Great/Ultra will cost you
          That’s how they get ya

        2. I was thinking that but again you never have to pay. It will probably be either you wait a few hours or you can pay to get a lot right away

          1. I’ll definitely download this but unless there’s some rad exclusives, I don’t think I’m going to invest too much in it.

          2. I’m downloading this no questions asked. I love mobile games and I am really excited. Crossing my fingers that you can catch togepi!!!!!!

  10. I really hope that the app works for everyone, I don’t want to be notified that a pikachu is near by and a friend can go and take it…

  11. I’d be more excited if this was a game that would be connectable with google glass and you could see the AR like it was actually there. But then again, you’d be spending a fortune on a game just for the devices so ehhh. Still cool tho

  12. Omg that’s why they are working on so much!!!! It’s the 20th anniversary!!! I was gonna say wow they are working on too much but that explains it. I’d say expect more. Pokken, Pokemon go, Pokemon main series game, pikachu detective maybe.

  13. Also, one other query I have about this is how to you get the lil device thingy? I’m assuming you have to register your details on the app then enter your address and they’ll send it to you…?

  14. So, is this the ‘other’ thing of 2016 we were hinted at before and we all hoped would be a main game? I hope this isn’t all there is. We need a new main game soon, XY was so long ago and many of us have played ORAS to death already.

    1. Not trying to insult anyone or something, but I really don’t mind how long it takes for the new main series games to be revealed. I don’t think we *need* a new main game soon. Do I want a announcement? Absolutely, but I don’t *need* an announcement.

      I don’t know, but I was raised with the idea that “the longer something takes, the better the results will be”. The longer the production of a new main series takes, the bigger the chance it will be awesome. They shouldn’t rush the main games out, especially when people say “XY and ORAS are boring” because then it’s exactly the sign that they need to take some more time to make the next games better.

      Besides, our wait really means nothing compared to other franchises (The Metroid fanbase for example needed to wait 5 years for a new game and it isn’t even the game they wanted), so a wait wouldn’t hurt.

      This is coming from someone who doesn’t even get Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (which I really want) this year because I live in Europe.

      1. You’re not insulting anyone, you’re allowed an opinion ^_^

        D’you know, I wouldn’t mind if the hypothetical “Z” came out late next year…except if that’s the case, why give us Blobby and Megagarde now? It’s really hyped everyone up, and they must know that. It’d be so weird if they now didn’t give us a main game until fall next year.

        I agree with you that it would be better to wait for a decent game than have a bad one released early, but ORAS only spent a year in development and that was fantastic, so they can do it in a year if they wanted to…

    1. Interesting concept though. It’s like a combination of that Google maps thing and the Pokemon shuffle pokemon catching sequence.

          1. yeah i know ….i told i want to love it but i can’t maybe i can if i play it for free hehe could i ? ….i am not joking i didn’t know how i can get it .

          2. Eshop on 3DS or the app store if you have a smartphone. I think Google Chrome can play android games too so there’s that.

  15. This is definitely the most exciting image of the whole event. Is it me, or does it look like they’re implying Generation 7 is coming next year?

    1. My theory is this: Gen 7 and Pokemon Z are the same thing. Think about it, people keep talking about “Gen 6.5” and “Southern Kalos”. Well, couldnt you call Johto “Western Kanto”? And isnt Gen 2 kind of like Gen 1.5? I think the next main games, coming late next year, will be Gen 7, but will also continue the story of X and Y like Gold and Silver to Red and Green.

      1. That does seem plausible, but then why would Zygarde be in the next movie with new forms? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a new generation, and this timeline does appear to be a strong hint, but shouldn’t at the very least Kaijugarde get it’s own game first?

        1. His games will probably be the next games. I’m not sure how that would work exactly, but i’m gonna stick with my new idea until proven wrong.

      2. I’ve been thinking that for a long while now as well. It’s possible that we could go through an improved Kalos, then after the game travel to an entirely new region with new Pokemon.

        1. That would solve the Zygarde problem too! It would basically be like 2 games in one, starting in Kalos with Zygarde as the main legend, and then continuing your journey to thd southern region with new pokemon and the new box legendary for Gen 7.

        2. I like this idea. If they get the levelling right between the two regions (like causing a temporary drop in levels when you travel to the new region), then it could be a really good game.

        3. Interesting. I think it’s more plausible that we travel in southern Kalos first, in what would be spain, then go back to Kalos.

    2. I was thinking the same thing and Masuda did say the 20th anniversary was very special to him, but I feel it’s special to everyone so I’m thinking something big is gonna happen. I can’t wait for corocoro to leak!!!!

      1. I got the impression that he’s gearing us up for a new game announcement soon. That slide was absolutely unnecessary in this presentation, yet it was there and clear as ever. I feel like they may hint at a new game announcement for next month within this CoroCoro…which will hopefully leak tonight!

        1. I hope so and I know I shouldn’t get all hyped up for next year cause GF is unpredictable but I just can’t help it.

      2. I HIGHLY doubt we’ll get a main series game leak now. Pokemon Go is more likely to be in it. Why else would they announce it right before Coro Coro?

    3. Ooh! I’m hype! I seriously want to know what’s in store for 2016. It might be the 7th Generation or new games in Kalos. Honestly, it’s any man’s guess at this point. I hope the CoroCoro leaks soon!

  16. It seems like this is what they really had in mind when they did that Google maps thing a while back. Well I’ll certainly buy I guess! Lol Either way this seem like it’ll b something that u can use to add more to the main series games that will come out next year. I think of it similar to Dream radar where u catch Pokemon and then transfer them to the actual game.

    1. I expect CoroCoro will have some kind of teaser for an announcement next month. I really don’t know, though. I can’t wait until next year when we can analyze what kind of odd pattern Game Freak has been following this year. It’s just so strange.

  17. I know this is slightly off-topic, but I’ve heard that there’s going to be a big anime announcement next month, does anyone know the exact date?

  18. Apparently, that poster supposedly was to say and show in a fancy way that the 20th Anniversary is coming up next year. Masuda just said: “I’m thinking about “how” this game will connect with titles in the main series of Pokémon games.”

      1. That could mean anything. Z or whatever is already likely done. Just waiting for an announcement time. He probably means how he’s gonna incorporate it into the 7th Generation games, as those are probably still in development.

      2. And connecting the main series games to phone apps is a big move, hopefully they do really cool events on go, to transfer to gen 7 games 🙂

  19. Before he showed the graph, Masuda said that next year is a very meaningful year to him because it’s the 20th Anniversary and that’s really excited to be working on a project on such a momentous occasion. Z or whatever is already likely done. It is just waiting for an announcement time. Masuda probably means how he’s gonna connect it to the 7th Generation games, as those games are probably still in development.

  20. 3 day from hell ….it’s like horde of Tyranitar and Hippowdon surrounding my house i am breathing sand ……any body have Rayquaza number ?

  21. This will only be amazing if I get to see Mewtwo just fucking wail on small pokemon while having nerdgasms with other people.

    Seriously, this looks great. I hope we get something very close to the trailer, atleast with the battles. As for the times square scene, that is very plausible due to the Nintendo store in the city. I got high hopes!

  22. Let this sink in:

    You will now be able to catch, battle, and trade Pokémon with people who have easy access of the game within their smart devices. You can easily pull out your phone, do a quick battle, then leave.

    And to think, you can find Pokémon no matter where you are in the world. This is the definition of Pokémon existing in the real world.

    And if you think a bit harder, this is what GameFreak always wanted Pokémon to be; a game where you could easily battle, trade, and collect Pokémon with people anywhere in the world easily and efficiently.

    This is a huge milestone for all Pokémon fans and the Pokémon community itself, and I hope it turns out as great as it sounds.

  23. OMG!!!!! I just realized Masuda is in the video!!!! hahaha At 1:31 those guys that r biking and skate boarding fly past him lol

    1. How can he stay young like that? I believe in occult societies cutting virgins and drinking their pure blood for the sake of Satan but he doesn’t seem like a guy that is into things like this.

      1. Some people age very gracefully…..Plus he’s only like 47 so over all he’s really not that old lol

    1. I was just talking about this to one of my friends, but instead of walking everywhere I would drive lol.

  24. Well, I suppose I’ll be getting a lot of Venusaur, Executor, and Carnivine… Yay, more plant buddies!

  25. This sounds really cool! I wonder if we’ll be able to transfer the pokemon to our handheld games? This will probably be the thing that actually makes me go outside for once. Man, I haven’t been on here for a while.

  26. This looks incredible, I want like nooooowww
    Another thing, the time line highlighted important dates of new generations, it also had 2016 so will 2016 be a year of new region?
    The possibilities of next game are large!
    It could be:
    1. Kalos again just remade
    2. East Kalos making a gen 6.5 with 70 more pokemon (or could be 7th gen but like johto and kanto, kalos and 7th-gen-region are connected and includes 70 more pokemon)
    3. Kalos+Hoenn since masuda said he planned on tying things together and mentioned hoenn in the same quote
    4. Kalos+Kanto, since GF is making a big deal about 20th aniversary, so they could be including kanto with kalos
    5. Kanto- same with the aniverssary thing
    6. 7th generation, I mentioned this earlier about the timeline
    With these options what do you guys WANT to happen and what do you guys THINK will happen?

    1. Personally, I HOPE for Kalos+Hoenn because then we would hopefully get bf and the story could be nice
      But I THINK we will get kalos+kanto or east kalos

    2. I think that Kalos Hoenn thing was the transition to XY to ORAS via Primals and more Mega Evolutions, that kinda ties

    3. I wouldn’t think we would get Kanto remakes, but they are very likely to be remade during Gen 7, mainly because that’s the only generation that can’t be played on a 3DS without installing homebrew. I would think a throw back to Kanto would be interesting for Gen 7. Like Gen 2 was basically a sequel to Gen 1, let us go the Eastern Region beside Kalos, probably Germany, and then revisit Kalos for the Z story. Gen one and two are the only generations connected in that way and GF isn’t going by their usual formula anymore…

    4. I don’t get why do many people think Kanto remakes are going to happen. Just because there’s an anniversary does not mean there’s going to be a remake. Plus, we’ve already had a remake this generation. And in any case, we’d be overdue for a Colosseum remake, and nearly overdue for a Gale of Darkness remake, right?

  27. CoroCoro has to leak tonight. The wait has been intense. Maybe we’ll finally have the main series answers we’ve been waiting for.

          1. Well no, that can’t be right. The issue itself releases on the 15th, and there’s no way Serebii could know exactly what day between the 7th-14th it will leak.

    1. This month has gone by quickly. With Go announced today, I think that’s all we’ll get game wise…

    2. I feel like Pokemon GO sucked the enthusiasm from everyone for a game announcement this month. lol I just hope CoroCoro’s promise isn’t gonna b lackluster in it’s own right. Bc while I think Pokemon GO is really cool, I don’t feel like it’s a substitute for real info. If they hadn’t announced GO I wonder what we would think about the CoroCoro info (assuming it’s not what we hope it is). I guess thinking about this kind of stuff is useless until we kno what’s actually in CoroCoro hahaha

      1. I literally woke up this morning, checked youtube, and thought GO WAS the main series. I got so excited, until I found out what it really was..I mean it still looks cool and all, but…

    3. how could u sense this …….i can’t sense any leak for toady …we will know who have the real 3rd eye .

      1. I originally thought it would be today, but it turns out I was analyzing a closely parallel reality. I believe that tonight will really be it.

        1. u still thinking it will happen tonight ??…..u make me confuse i think i have to take deep meditation To cut the doubt .

  28. Actually, thinking about it, this would be nice to have. Future games wouldn’t have as many older pokemon and they could really focus on new designs WHILE having a way for us to have easier access to older pokemon. I do believe I read these pokemon would be transferable, however I won’t be completely sold until we get more info.

    1. Yeah I can definitely c this playing apart in how they stock the future games. I kind of c it more like the Dream radar where u can transfer the Pokemon u catch in it to the main games.Only I c this being more fun and like a game rather than that lol It’s funny, I woke up for a min after the conference b4 going back to sleep and even without seeing that the Pokemon were transferable I was thinking about how they should make PokeBank integrated into the app for easy transfer. Now I don’t kno if that’s what they have in mind, but I gotta say it’s not a bad idea hahaha

  29. this video is cool actually ….when the players decide to beat Mewtwo that’s remind me of pokemon MMO.

  30. If you can transfer your Pokémon from the new games to this game where it looks like Gen 1 Pokémon are exclusively available, will it add those Pokémon to the world? Or would you just be special?

  31. Well, looks like I may have been right about CoroCoro possibly not leaking until the day it is officially released in Japan.

    Someone give me a cookie now.

    1. Well, it’s 9:30pm JST on Friday now, there’s still hope that it could leak over the weekend. From memory, Corocoro usually leaks on the 12th or 13th, so there’s still hope.

        1. I’m everything you want me to be, baby. I can be good, i can be bad, I can be anything, I can be everything as long as you pay me.

          1. so u should change ur name to ishtar These descriptions fit with her more and i don’t like the last part .

          2. that’s more suitable …i am glad you did it that’s far better than belmad , know it’s the time to change ur picture .

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