Pokémon Shuffle Updated with New Features, Events

pokemon-shuffle-mega-venusaurPokémon Shuffle, the latest Pokémon puzzler on Nintendo’s 3DS, has been improved with some much needed features which make the gaming experience much smoother:

  • Hearts gained or bought above the normal 5 are now separate and you’ll still be able to regenerate the latter hearts (THANK YOU)
  • Pokémon details are now available to see right after capture
  • Mega Evolutions can now have their effects boosted
  • New ‘Super Catch Mode’ increases the likelihood of catching a Pokémon dramatically
  • Level & experience are now visible when optimizing your Pokémon team before a stage
  • Some anti-cheating measures added

In addition, there’s a new competition for Mega Venusaur! This is one Mega Evolution I don’t want to miss out on, which means I’ll have to spend some hard-earned gold on items in order to be competitive. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was more skill involved? Image courtesy of Serebii.

<3 PJ