Announcing PJT ’15: Who will be our next Champion?

In 2014 we held our first network-wide PokéJungle Tournament. We received a great turnout for the tournament, with 40 competitors battling it out to take the crown of our 2014 Champion, which Maple of the Ecruteak Group eventually took. Later in the year we held our smaller, Halloween tournament that followed a ‘spooky’ theme.

We’ve taken what was great from these previous two tournaments, mixed things up a little and now, we’re very, very excited to announce the PokéJungle Tournament 2015. We invite all visitors of our site to take part in our second annual tournament and try their hand at becoming our next Champion.


Over the next couple of days and weeks we will be providing announcements and updates for the tournament; including an official rules set and full format announcement (once we’ve heard what you guys would like to see, of course!).

Format & Rules

Largely, the format and rules for this tournament will remain that same as they were in PJT ’14, meaning we will be closely following the Official VGC rules with our own changes and modifications thrown into the mix. Our full set of rules will be made available over the next few days.

We will also be following a similar format to our 2014 format, with each player having a team of six Pokémon, all of which can enter into battle. At the start of the tournament the thirty competitors will be placed into six groups (Ground, Fire, Steel, Electric, Ice & Water – can anyone guess the theme? Note: the tournament is not limited to just these types, they are solely for group purposes). Within these groups each participant must battle everyone else within their group once, racking up points along the way. After the groups stage players will progress in a slightly different way to PJT ’14, but we’ll announce that soon!

As mentioned above, full details will be released over the coming days, but feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below!

Tournament Supervisors

Running the tournament as a one man team can be a little difficult. As such, I’m looking for a small group of people to help manage PJT ’15 with me. Supervisors may participate in the tournament, but they do not have to. If you’re interested and want to supervise, giving me help completing WLD forms, confirming teams and participants and more (who knows, you might get a behind-the-scenes looks at how PJN is run!), either let me know via Twitter (@its_moving or @pokejungle) or in through the comments.


While we haven’t announced our full rule set yet, or given dates on when PJT ’15 will run, we would like to open sign-ups early so we can make any adjustments sooner rather than later. There will be an initial 30 slots up for grabs, with a 10 slot buffer for stand-ins (with further stand-in slots becoming available at a later date).

To sign-up you simply have to fill out the form below as accurately as possible. We’ll announce when sign-ups are closed and the 30 participants as soon as possible, so keep your eyes peeled.

Please don’t sign-up if you know you won’t be available over summer to complete your battles, it’s pointless! Deliberately providing false or misleading information will also have consequences for you and your account.

As with PJT ’15 we will be providing frequent updates for our readers as we grow closer to the start of the tournament, with several updates coming over the next few days, including rules, full formats and initial date outlines. As we always do, we invite our readers to put forward any questions or queries they have, and we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

    1. A common misconception is that VGC is only doubles, when in fact VGC 3v3 singles actually exists. What is meant by VGC rules is basically battle spot rules, no double items, species clause and no legends. It’s actually mentioned in the article that it is a 6v6 tournament if you read it all. :3

  1. Additionally, do we have to stick to one team or can we stick to multiple teams to spice things up HOWEVER we can only stick to a range of like 10-12 pokemons Max and we alternate each match

    1. THIS!! Especially when it came to rematches with trainers in our group… happened quite a bit especially in my group. Would certainly make it more exciting.

  2. I think it would be cool if more of an event was made of the tournament. Last year a LOT seemed to happen fast and some bits dragged and there were luls while the tournament was ongoing.

    It would be cool if after each round all teh battle videos were put on the site for everyone to watch and then for the later rounds the matches could be scheduled a bit more and could be uploaded onto the site afterwards so people can see the battles shortly after them happening. Almost like the Pokemon League in the anime where even if you are not battling you can see what it going on and even once you are knocked out you can still watch as it is happening rather than everything only becoming known afterwards.

    I realise this could eliminate some element of surprise team wise after the first round but @slipperysceptile:disqus idea of allowing each competitor to register more than 6 (maybe 8-10) Pokemon for the tournament would make the battles much more interesting and would alleviate this problem.

    I just think it would make for a much more exciting and involving tournament even for those not taking part.

  3. So, to clear it up for me and some others who might be confused, this is battle spot singles, picking 3 pokemon to battle out of a team of 6, correct?

    Also, by no legends, I’m assuming you are banning the battle spot banned legends such as kyogre and darkrai(BST680 box art legends and event legends), and that BST600 legends such as zapdos and landorus-therian are allowed. Would this be a correct assumption to make?

    1. It’s basically 6v6 battle spot. Idk where so much confusion is coming from… :/

      1. 6v6 means you bring 6 out on the field. battle spot singles is 3v3, because you can only choose 3 from a team of 6.

          1. Alright, thanks. When you started talking about 3v3 VGC Singles it was hard to know if you were talking about the number of team members or the number of choose-able pokemon. That’s how I was confused, anyway.

      2. I think the confusion is stemming from you saying “A common misconception is that VGC is only doubles”
        VGC is purely doubles and has been doubles since RSE, so VGC 3v3 does not exist (unless you were talking about RBGY which I highly doubt)

    2. 6v6 no box art legends. You can use like Landorus and stuff because they have stats like megas. No duplicate items, ect… Sleep clause…. Evasion… You’ll get rules in a few days.

  4. WOOO!!! I am pumped! I just rebred a few pokemon so maybe they will get some use 😛 I’m getting farther than my second game this time hopefully!

  5. I think we should change the rules up a bit from last time to make it interesting.
    Maybe enter 10 Pokemon and pick 6 to make a team for each match.

    Or something like that. Anyway I doubt I can participate. Haven’t played in so long.

    1. Also Why does so many people say they don’t want to participate because they haven’t played in so long.
      You used to play, so just participate for funsies and not to win

      1. That’s a good point. I might do. If we can use X/Y cartridges, since I never transfered them to ORAS. We’ll see

        1. Oh I doubt that because that wouldn’t allow allow ORAS mega evolutions… You can pick 6 to transfer though

    2. I tried to get that last year. It would’ve been too hectic.

      1. I can help if you need. I have a lot of free time. And I’m good at keeping things organised.

  6. This sounds really fun so I’ll be sure to enter. Also does anyone know if old serial codes from events can still be used.

  7. I would still like it if a MOD can confirm if:
    you choose 3 pokemon against the opponent choosing 3
    both players choose 6 pokemon on the field

    1. Both chose six like I said earlier. And like last summer’s Tourney.

  8. I will sign up as soon as i can get my 3ds to check my friend code. I would also like to be a supervisor. The King is back.

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