Pokémon Shuffle Updated with New Features, Events

Pokémon Shuffle, the latest Pokémon puzzler on Nintendo’s 3DS, has been improved with some much needed features which make the gaming experience much smoother: Hearts gained or bought above the normal 5 are now separate and you’ll still be able to regenerate the latter hearts (THANK YOU) Pokémon details are now available to see right … Read more

Win Mega Lucario in Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle, the free-to-pay 3DS puzzle game, has been updated with a new challenge event and daily Pokémon stages. This week’s challenge is against Mega Lucario and a Lucarionite will be awarded to the top 30,000 players in North America, 15,000 in Europe and 65,000 in Japan. Think you have what it takes to win … Read more

Pokémon Shuffle Updated with New Stages, Event

The free-to-play Pokémon Shuffle, a tile matching game for the 3DS, has been updated with brand new stages as well as a new event featuring Regirock. The latter rewards you with 1,000 coins after a successful clear and, of course, the chance to catch the legendary. You can download the game from the Nintendo 3DS … Read more