Three More New Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Videos

Yet again, Pokemon of Japan’s YouTube channel has just revealed three brand new trailers for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that showcase some new and quite stunning footage.

The first trailer showcases footage of Maxie and Archie in the Oceanic Museum, alongside some remixed battle music. It also confirms that TV Reporters Gabby and Ty will be returning, and some remixed route music is also present at that portion of the trailer. Finally, some footage of Roxanne’s Gym and Sydney’s Elite 4 room are showcased.

The second trailer showcases the part of the game where the plater character is prompted to choose his or her starter Pokemon, as well as the very first battle with May.

Finally, the last trailer showcases the player character’s house, his/her first encounter with the rival, Cycling Road (the Trick House seems to be present), bike tricks, the Oceanic Museum again, and footage from Route 120 when Steven gives the player character the Devon Scope. You can also hear some some remixed Littleroot Town music.

What piece of footage did you guys most enjoy from these trailers? Leave a comment down below letting us know!