New Pokémon Project Announcement — Live Coverage

Live Coverage

  • Showing footage seen last year of Lucario fighting in a console game
  • Talking with Namco Bandai people
  • Pokkén tournament revealed!!
  • Coming to Japanese arcades in 2015

Today is the day The Pokémon Company announces its surprising new Pokémon Project, in partnership with Famitsu. The publication has previously announced that the new announcement is “earth shattering”. Our long-lost translator Kriffix is back and translated the whole snippet:

Each Pokémon game has brought us excitement and has moved us. This Summer, Pokémon Games will undergo a ‘super’ new-development* (direction, evolution etc). A Nico Live Show to be broadcast on the below date will provide you with information on an earth-shattering new project (!). Special guests include: President Ishihara & ‘???’ & ‘???’ (two yet-to-be announced guests). …Listen, for your own good. You MUST check this out!

Below we’ll be covering the announcement live as President and CEO of the Pokémon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara appears in the broadcast on niconico accompanied by special guests Nobuhiko Okamoto & Aoi Yuuki.

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