New game could change Pokémon forever

Pokémon is close to 20 years old now, having been started in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri, and the main series which began the franchise has changed only marginally overall. There are more Pokémon, more types, more characters and more ways to “Catch ’em All!”, but fundamentally each iteration has remained close to the formula introduced in Pokémon Red & Green.

new-pokemon-projectThis could change. We already know a new Pokémon project will be unveiled on August 26th, but fans have no idea what to expect. The print edition of Famitsu recently revealed, however, that this announcement is of a “very new development” for the series and described it as “earth-shattering” news. The image was shared by Japanese fan karubiimunomono.

We’re only days away, but this is our chance to discuss what could be coming to the Pokémon franchise and whether or not it will ever be the same again. Is it the start of a second main series? Is Pokémon re-tooling the core RPG? Will we finally get a Wii U game or a console addition to the main series? …or could it just be another spin-off title?

We want to hear your thoughts, opinions, guesses and hopes! Comment or tweet at us (follow us if you don’t!) and let the community know!

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