PJT ’14 – Eliminations Round Begins

Later than expected, due to personal issues, I’m happy to bring you an updated regarding the final leg of our 2014 Tournament. Today marks the start of the Eliminations Round, where after 16 more battles we’ll have the very first PokéJungle Champion!

Pairings & Challonge

Earlier in the week we announced the initial list of competitors who had made it through to the Eliminations, today we can provide you with full pairings for each competitor. Sadly, we say good bye MissMilotic of Canalave Group. MINIRYUNINJA AND RHENEAS OF FALLARBOR GROUP NEED TO BATTLE ONE ANOTHER BEFORE RESULTS CAN BE CONFIRMED.

Below are the listings for the first set of battles, as soon as one pairing is complete in the second set of battles competitors may battle. These pairings were made using a random generator, and as such any group member crossovers are sadly unavoidable.

Competitors may begin battling right away, with a deadline for completion dates being made available soon.

Eliminations Pairings

For the Eliminations leg of the tournament we will be using the external tournament site, Challonge. This allows us to create an easily updatable, live bracket for everyone to view. The live bracket can be viewed by anyone by clicking HERE. We will update this as soon as possible after receiving battle results; all results will also be kept locally on my computer should they be lost on Challonge.

Format & Rules

The Eliminations Round in our tournament maintains the same rules and format as the Groups Stage. All battles should be carried out in the same manner, with results being submitted by both competitors using the form below. Arranging batles can either be done privately or by using the comments section on the site.

For a reminder of rules and format, please see below.



Winner/Loser Confirmation

Once again, competitors are required to declare the results of their battle by submitting them to us privately using a form. We ask that you include a battle video with your submission so we can check results or and claims of cheating if necessary.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and supported us over the course of our biggest tournament and we can’t wait to host more in the near future. Good luck to all competitors in the eliminations round, and we hope you all play your absolute best!

As always please ask any questions you may have and we will answer them ASAP. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter too!