PJT ’14 – Tournament Format Update & Participant Confirmation

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Much, much later than we wished to, we’re bringing our readers the penultimate update on the 2014 PokéJungle Tournament before the first battles commence. We’ve decided to make some changes to the format of the tournament to help with how it’ll run when we begin later this month.

PJT ’14 Format Changes

At the end of May we announced that our tournament would run over five rounds, with players earning points in each round and the top 8 players after all rounds proceeding to three elimination rounds, this has now changed.

The changes we’ve made have been done so to remove the pressure of having to be available for the entire period of the tournament. Players will now be placed into groups, in these groups every player will battle one another once. When all battles have been completed (and tie-breakers completed if necessary) the top player from each group will move forward into the elimination rounds.

Players will need to confirm participation below so we can finalise groups and group balancing before the start date of the tournament. Group stage battles will take place over the same dates as the Rounds were previously planned to take place, with a maximum of three groups battling at any time. All match-ups posted before now are to be ignored.

As it stands any drop outs will no longer be filled by stand-ins, until we announce otherwise.

We have also decided to push the tournament start date back. This is to allow participants time to confirm their entry (see below) and for us to finalise players in each group.

Lavender, Camphrier & Driftveil Group Battles – July 23 — July 27
 Canalave, Sunyshore & Cinnabar  Group Battles – July 28 — August 1
Ecruteak, Fallarbor & Lumiose Group Battles – August 2 — August 6
Goldenrod, Undella. & Rustboro Group Battles – August 7 — August 11

Final Elimination Rounds – August 13 onwards.

Participant Entry Confirmation

It has been a while since we first opened sign-ups to the tournament, and it’s likely some of those who signed-up are now unable to take part, or simply do not wish to. As such we’ve decided that participants must now confirm their entry using the form below by July 17. Those who do not do so will be removed from the tournament and unable to participate. If you have changed your username since this list was created please inform us and we will change it accordingly.

The following participants are required to fill out the form:

weavileforthewin   •   EarthenWarrior   •   Javi Wonka ツ   •   Miniryu-NInja   •   RocketClauncher

simkenno   •   Roksyth   •   ShinyLickitung   •   Pokeminion   •   UmbreonLifts   •   Edgaroth   •   Rheneas

primalwulf   •   Jordinite   •   Riki_Arias0211   •   premiertrainer   •    Jiro Uchiha   •   rawbread   •   FrostByte

defensivebastiodon   •   Dude-e   •    MenacingCascoon   •   regidudeam   •   Gangplank Olaf   •   MissMilotic

Lasgorndalf   •   Maple   •   AliceXVI   •   gamergreg   •   Justin   •   ABSOLute Metalhead   •   HeavyMetalFairy

willy410   •   Themightywyvern   •   Gentleman of Hoenn   •   Spetsnaz   •   Vrdnt25   •   DarkVoidShedinja

LoarkHD   •   Marko XY   •   RIOspeedwagon   •   Chaos   •   Chandelure16   •   Yveltal’s Minion

blossombranch   •   Chicolombia   •   ShinyTrapinch   •   SlipperySceptile   •   Dicie   •   TCMets


Full Group listings and participant assignments will be made available in our final pre-tournament update by July 18 at the latest. The sooner participants fill out the above form the sooner we can announce final groups and match-ups!

As always we invite our readers to ask any questions they may have about the tournament or raise any problems or issues they may have. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter where you can contact us and get the latest Pokémon news and updates!