August CoroCoro LEAKING — Part Deux

Continuing from yesterday, a few days ahead of its official street date this month’s issue of CoroCoro has begun leaking online. The issue features new information on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, including new revelations relating to the game. Don’t forget to check out the first batch of leaks from yesterday HERE.



  • Much like yesterday the images feature new artwork of Hoenn Gym Leaders. Brawly is featured alongside a Makuhita
  • Professor Birch is back and will give you your starting Pokémon
  • Returning Gym Leaders are also shown with their Pokémon
  • Steven is the Champion and Sidney and Phoebe appear to be wearing Mega Evolution items


  • The new Pokédex is shown and takes on an appearance that is similar to both the original Hoenn Pokédex and a GameBoy Advance
  • The Pokémon Amie feature (or one with the same functions) will make a return to the games


  • Pikachu is shown with different outfits for the Pokémon Contests. The outfits shown are Idol, Doctor, Masked, Madam, and Hard Rocker
  • Next month’s CoroCoro will feature more about Contests

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