New Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Trailer Released

In addition to showing off the newly revealed Mega Evolutions of Altaria, Salamence and Lopunny, we also get our first look at Horde Battles against Team Magma! The official site has also been updated with screenshots and more information.

The Pikachu which can wear outfits is called ‘Cosplay Pikachu’ and has a distinctive tail different than normal Pikachus. It has a dark heart-shaped mark and is the only Pikachu able to use costumes.

Contests will have an Introduction Round which judges your Pokémon’s conditions, which can be improved through the use of Pokéblocks, and then a Talent Round in which you have 5 turns to use moves. There are also combos which can give your score a boost, such as Focus Energy followed by Stone Edge. Through your performances you can also amass a fan following which you’ll see at the Hall entrances.


In a new feature, you can also take pictures with your Pokémon during the contest, as seen above.

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