PJT ’14 – The Games. They Begin.

7 months of planning. 3 months of waiting after sign-ups closed. 40 participants. Three weeks of hardcore battling. This is it. The PokéJungle Tournament of 2014 begins today.


Before we begin, the following people still need to confirm their teams before they can take part in any battles. If this is not done ASAP you will be disqualified and your opponents will receive the win. Roksyth, primalwulf, premiertrainer, Miniryu-Ninja, rawbread, Marko XY, AliceXVI, Spetsnaz, simkenno. Please use the form in this post to submit you final teams. If you do not fill this form out we will make attempts to contact you privately soon.

Our tournament is now officially open and all participants who have submitted their teams can begin to battle those in their groups. To do this battles will either need to be arranged privately, or by using Disqus comments. In our comments we will provide each group with a comment thread to post in. Each participant should reply to the comment that corresponds to their group, with their Friend Code and any other relevant information (contact details such as Twitter, for example).

Please remember not to disclose the teams of people you battle. Sharing of battle videos shouldn’t be done until each group has completed the Groups Stage battles, or we say it is acceptable to do so.

Winner/Loser Confirmation

When players have completed a battle we will ask that both parties fill out the form below to announce the winner. As this is anonymous and only staff can view the submissions we will be able to be certain of anyone providing false results. We can ONLY accept results submitted through this form, any other will be ignored. We also recommend you communicate with your opponent about disclosing scores, while we’re happy for participants to openly announce who won or lost, common courtesy is expected – remember to record ALL battle videos!

Once the groups stage battles are complete we will tally up the scores and announce those who have successfully made it through to the elimination rounds. Tie-breaks will need to be carried out if necessary. For confirmation THREE points will be awarded for a win and ONE for a loss. This form will be made present on all future tournament posts over the next two weeks.


Participant Refreshment

No, this isn’t some sort of odd energy drink made from the juices of our participants. We’ve had a lot of updates over the past three months regarding the tournament, so we thought it best to provide a quick set of posts for them to read up on any information they may need.

First off, we’d like to remind all participants that you conduct yourselves with respect. Everyone in this tournament comes from the same PokéJungle Community as you do, and each and every person deserves the same amount of support as everyone else. Chivalry isn’t dead, and your actions should prove thusly.





Battle On!

Our tournament has begun and soon all 40 of our competitors will be fighting it out to find the 2014 PokéJungle Tournament, but the work doesn’t stop there! We’d like to thank every single one of our readers for the support and patience they’ve given us over the past few months, we can’t express how happy we are to have such a great community (even with the little ups and downs) and we hope to see you all for years to come.

On PokéJungle we’ve never really had much of a competitive scene, we’d like to consider changing that. While we can’t confirm any plans or say that something will happen for definite, we can share they’re we’re discussing how we can bring competitive battling to the site. We will continue to hold an annual tournament for all of our readers, but we’re also considering other options and hosting smaller tournaments to give more people the opportunity to take part in a such a huge community event. Stay tuned and we look forward to sharing more details with you as soon as we can.

Thank you all. And good luck to everyone!

As always please ask any questions you may have and we will answer them ASAP. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter too!