JungleTalk: Competitive

With our final update for PJT scheduled tomorrow, what better time than now to talk about the competitive scene in Pokémon?

Competitive Battling in Pokémon really is a huge deal, there’s an annual World Championship tournament to find the world’s best Pokémon trainer, entire websites dedicated to battling and much, much more.

This JungleTalk is a relatively simple an broad one, just focusing on the competitive aspect of Pokémon as a whole. We want to know any memorable battles you’ve had, any cool sweeps or times you’ve fallen victim to an effective sweep, your favorite Pokémon you like to use in battle…

Anything! Tell us about your competitive experiences! We’re looking forward to hosting our biggest tournament (the first of many to come, no less!) and can’t wait to begin in just a few days! 😀

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