PJT ’14 – Pre-Start Update

As promised we’re now bringing the final update before the PokéJungle 2014 Tournament begins. This post contains the information you’ve all been waiting for: the groups and competitors assignments for the first stage of the tournament.

Below you will find each group, as well as the period in which these groups will be battling. During this period each competitor will have to battle every other person in their group once. This update is relatively short as we plan to have further details and a recap on all information on the day of the tournament starting (perhaps this wasn’t the final, final update!); don’t forget you can view all previous updates on the tournament by clicking HERE.

Group Listings

Lavender Group (July 23 – July 27)

FrostByte, Gangplank Olaf, Chandelure16, MenacingCascoon, RocketClauncher

Driftveil Group (July 23 – July 27)

LoarkHD , ShinyTrapinch , Yveltal’s Minion , Chicolombia , regidudeam 


Canalave Group (July 28 – August 1)

DefensiveBastiodon , MissMilotic , Chaos , Roksyth , primalwulf

Fallarbor Group (July 28 – August 1)

premiertrainer , Lasgorndalf , Miniryu-Ninja , rawbread , Rheneas 


Sunyshore Group (August 2 – August 6)

LaserDragonX , Marko XY , EarthenWarrior , jotawonka , Jordinite

Ecruteak Group (August 2 – August 6)

Gentleman of Sinnoh , Maple , AliceXVI , Spetsnaz , Zeromyraid


Undella Group (August 7 – August 11)

UmbreonLifts , simkenno , HeavyMetalFairy , Edgaroth , RIOspeedwagon

Lumiose Group (August 7 – August 11)

Themightywyvern , SilverRioluALPHA , ShinyLickitung , Sexystarbits , TCMets [/spoiler]

These group listings are now set and with exception to extreme circumstances we can no longer change the dates or groups competitors have been positioned in. As mentioned above we will provide an update on the day of the tournament beginning recapping the rules, code of conduct and tournament format. The tournament will the begin.

Stay tuned, and we’re incredibly excited to kick off our biggest tournament ever very, very soon!

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