PJT ’14 – Round Dates & Round 1 Match-Ups

A little over two weeks ago we delivered the latest updates on the progression we’re making on the PokéJungle tournament, now it’s time for the next! A little later than we hoped to bring it to you due to some issues behind-the-scenes; better late than never though, right?

PJT ’14 Round Dates

As previously announced, our tournament will run on a Swiss, round-based format. Each play will accumulate point across 5 rounds, with no eliminations until after the fifth round is completed. After the fifth round points will be totalled and the 8 best players will proceed to three elimination rounds until a champion is found. Should there be a tie for places in the final 8 we will ask those with matching point scores to partake in a tie-breaker battle. Our first Champion will be named by the end of August.

Round 1 – July 18  — July 22
Round 2 – July 23 — July 27
Round 3 – July 28 — August 1
Round 4 – August 2 — August 6
Round 5 – August 7 — August 11

Final Elimination Rounds – August 13 onwards

As mentioned previously we have decided on these dates to provide the best timing for our readers and competitors over summer. Should you become unavailable during one of these rounds or unable to complete your battle in time, we will attempt to provide an extension for you to complete it; sadly we can’t shift the entire tournament for one individual, so it’s likely inability to battle will have to result in a forfeit!

Round 1 Match-Ups

In the first round of the tournament match-ups will be completely random, decided by a random name generator. After Round 1 players will be paired with others of a similar ‘skill’ (determined by the number of points you have accumulated). Below are the current match-ups for the first round of the tournament, these are subject to change should people back out.

The match-ups for Round 1 of the tournament can be found below, these are subject to change without notice in advance of the tournament starting; regardless of whether changes occur or not we will provide the match-ups again nearer the tournament starting.

weavileforthewin   VS.   EarthenWarrior

Javi Wonka ツ   VS.   Miniryu-NInja

RocketClauncher   VS.   simkenno*

Roksyth   VS.   ShinyLickitung

Pokeminion   VS.   UmbreonLifts*

Edgaroth   VS.   Rheneas

primalwulf    VS.   Jordinite

Riki_Arias0211   VS.   premiertrainer

Jiro Uchiha   VS.   rawbread

FrostByte   VS.   Dude-e

MenacingCascoon   VS.   defensivebastiodon

regidudeam   VS.   Gangplank Style

MissMilotic   VS.   Lasgorndalf

Maple   VS.   AliceXVI

gamergreg   VS.   Justin

ABSOLute Metalhead   VS.   HeavyMetalFairy

willy410   VS  . Themightywyvern*

Gentleman of Hoenn   VS.   Spetsnaz

Vrdnt25   VS.   DarkVoidShedinja

LoarkHD   VS.   Marko XY

RIOspeedwagon   VS.   Chaos

Chandelure16   VS.   Yveltal’s Minion

blossombranch   VS.   Chicolombia

ShinyTrapinch   VS.   SlipperySceptile

Dicie   VS.   TCMets

*this player was entered through sign-up to our reserves list.
Red text means this player is likely to back out.


Nearer to the tournament starting we’ll be asking all competitors to confirm they can take part across the 5 initial rounds, and calling in reserves to fill the slots of those who are unable to compete. Once the tournament commences articles will provided only for those taking part in battles to arrange battles and declare the results of each battle, we will detail these plans further once Round 1 commences.

As a final note we ask all of our readers to take this opportunity to ask us any question your have about the tournament, or anything related to it. Who knows, you might be able to squeeze some top-secret information out of us before we announce it proper!


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