PJT ‘14 — Dates & Competitive Announcements

PokéJungle Tournament 2014 Dates

It’s been over a week since we last gave you all updates on the PokéJungle Tournament. When we published that last update we told ourselves that within two weeks of it being live we’d decide on a time period for the tournament to run.

Up until now we’ve only declared that’ll it would take place over summer. Today however, we can give you a slightly (and sadly only very slightly) narrower time frame: Mid-July through Mid-August. This period means the majority of competitors are able to easily arrange and partake in battle, thanks to summer break.

Within another two weeks from now we plan to have a firm start and finish date, as well as dates for individual round periods. We will also announce the final formats and layouts for each round in the next update; we’ve made some changes since we initially announced them!

Competitive Announcements

Sticking with the competitive side of news, yesterday a handful of Competitions were announced for International and Japanese territories, running over the course of the year.

Think Fast Competition: Single Battle — June 6th – June 8th
International Challenge June — Late June ‘14
Eevee Friendly Match* — July
All Star Battle* — July
Think Fast Competition: Double Battle — August
Fairy-Type Cup* — Fall
Halloween Party* — Fall

*Final names are currently unannounced.

For those taking part in the 2014 May International Challenge, battles have now begun and run until May 19th.


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