Guest Submission: Baton Pass It On

Today we bring you an article by our very own RocketClauncher. It was his submission for the PJM Writing Contest and the rules stated that everyone who didn’t win could get a second chance. So here it is!

Baton Pass It On

Pokémon is timeless. Who knew back in the 90’s that this whole thing would take off? What started as some fancy animals that could change forms and learn different fighting moves is now a complex system of monsters that vary in endless ways. We started out with Scratches, Mega Punches, Double Kicks, and Bites. Nowadays, we have Parting Shots, Dazzling Gleams, Oblivion Wings, and more. We have gone from brown colored rats to aerodynamic blue frogs that sport their tongues as scarfs. No matter how much the series has changed and will continue to change, there is one thing that is certain: we aren’t gonna play these games forever. Now stick with me, I know that may sound a tad depressing, but it’s the truth. Some of us will get that big job, move far away, and start a family. Others will stay where they are and go on with their normal lives. Some will stay in their mother’s basements (won’t mention any names). Nonetheless, we will eventually part our ways with the series, giving up Pokémon. I know that may sound unfathomable, but trust me, I was obsessed with toy trains when I was younger, but you don’t see me playing with them anymore do you? Okay maybe a little from time to time but you get my point. Eventually we will take a broad look at our journeys as Pokémon masters, admiring all the fun times we had with our friends. It seems like a sad ending, but in reality it will be filled with bliss. The only thing better than playing the series is getting to see the next generation play it. We will have left our mark, and will pass it on.


Here, here. The first stage, denial, is the hardest. We’ll get through it together though. I’m not saying Pokémon will be something that’s locked away in the depths of your memory. Nostalgia, despite fueling “genwunners”, is a beautiful thing. Imagine a situation, years from now, where something as simple as hearing a Pokémon song, or starting up that Gameboy Color again, could give you chills. It strikes a nerve in you like a crisp harp string, sending a sweet melody throughout your soul. How about that, huh? Who knew giving up Pokémon could promote such imagery? It’s not all bad. Imagine telling your children about all the adventures you went on, all the people you met. No matter how you think about it, you will always be remembered as a Pokémon master. You’re in the Hall of Fame.

Okay…I guess I’ll accept that I will retire from Pokémon…

Good, I’ve convinced you. I’m sure you are wondering what’s next. Is there a retirement ceremony? Do I have to sign up? Is Sudowoodo really a Rock Type? Take it slow now, no need to rush your fate. If I were you, I would stick it out as much as you want. I gave up Pokémon after Ruby and Sapphire, but here I am, writing an article about it. You never know what will happen. I’m sure one day; I’ll truly have that moment. I will look back at everything, appreciate all that I was able to do, and let it go. It won’t be a long thought out process, it won’t be sad or painful, so don’t worry. One day I will happen to walk into the store, having not really paid attention to Pokémon as much as I used to. I will walk up to the gaming section and spot the latest Pokémon game or spinoff. I’ll pause for about half a second, and then come to peace. I don’t really need that. I think I’ve enjoyed it all so much; it’s time to let someone else experience everything I did. I’ll see a little kid walk up with his mom, grab the game, and purchase it. I’ll take a few seconds to look over and smile. All of the great things I have felt from a Pokémon game…this kid gets to feel for the very first time. If that’s not reassurance, I don’t know what is. I’m expecting my retirement to go something like that. But, maybe not.

So here’s my story, the story of my retirement from Pokémon:

It was the middle of March, 2013. I had just recently found out that there would be a new Pokémon game: Pokémon X and Y. I had been disappointed by Diamond and Pearl, so really didn’t play Black and White until shortly before the release of X and Y. However, Black and White really got me pretty pumped up. I loved them. For the first time in a while, I was excited about a new Pokémon game. There was a brief moment where I thought to myself, maybe I should stop now? I wanted to end on a good note. After a little thought, I decided to get a new Pikachu 3DS XL, and that I would maybe get the new Pokémon games when they came out. So off I went, to the store.

I walked over to the gaming aisle, and saw one of the Pikachu 3DS XL systems left. Just as I walked to the counter, I overheard a kid asking his mom if they had any Pikachu ones left. I turned and immediately realized the right thing to do. I bent down and told the little guy that he could have mine. I thought this way my glorious moment. I had passed on the wonderful gift of Pokémon. He was ecstatic. I smiled and he told his mom that he wanted to pick a game. As I started walking away I saw what game he had picked.


Who am I kidding? We can’t ever retire. These little punks will never appreciate Pokémon like we do.