English Pokémon Battle Trozei Mini-Site Opens

A mini-site for the upcoming puzzle game Pokémon Battle Trozei has now opened for English-speaking audiences, accessible here. The site features a brief rundown of the game’s features as well as screenshots of the gameplay. The download-only title will hit Japan on March 12 for ¥800, with a European launch, under the name Pokémon Link: Battle!, following closely on March 13 for £7.19 (UK) & €7.99 (EU). Americans will be able to play a week after their European counterparts on March 20 for $7.99.

I’d also like to touch upon the game’s name. What is a ‘trozei’ anyways?! I’ll quickly explain: toru (取る) is the Japanese word for “get”. In Japanese the game’s title is ポケモンバトルトローゼ, or Pokémon Battoru Torouze; this roughly translates to Pokémon Battle: Let’s Get! It makes more sense with Japanese grammatical structure, but in English we’d flip it around and say “let’s get Pokémon”. You may be wondering why it’s “torouze” and not “toru” as I brought up, but this is a colloquial verb conjugation in the ‘let’s do’ form with “ze”, an exclamatory, at the end. Hope that made sense 😀


<3 PJ

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