Dae asks: Fan fiction

Dae was calmly sitting behind his desk on this sunny Spring day. What article shall I write next, he thought to himself. Oh, I know, and he opened WordPress and clicked on New Article. From there he wrote: Dae was  calmly sitting…

Let’s quit this recursion, shall we? I doubt my writing is even good enough to make something better than your run-of-the-mill fanfic, so I won’t even bother.

But back on topic: fan fiction. Some love it, some hate, some write themselves and others wish it to burn in hell. You have the story padding type, the type of questionable content and those that never should fall into a kid’s hands. But I really want your opinion on it. Do you write yourselves, and if so, would you mind to share it with us? And if you read, what are some of your favorites, and what are some examples that should be put on the wall-of-shame for setting the genre in a bad light? Keep examples PG-13, or else your post will be punitively deleted and I might temporarily ban if you if I’m in a bad mood.

If I can find the time next week I’ll write my entry in Meet the team, a new series where you can get to know every team member a bit more personal. In the meantime, be nice to each other in the comments, quit mentioning the device and quit asking if someone’s there. It will become obvious if someone’s there when they reply to you.

~Daedardus~, exhausted but alive and well