PokéJungle Tournament Survey

Plans for launching our first Official PokéJungle Tournament are moving along swiftly, and we’re steadily laying down ideas behind the scenes ready for a full summary and rules set soon. While the majority of the organisation for this tournament is down to us staff, we still want some key input from our readers and potential competitors. As such we have created quick survey for our readers to fill out, the results of which will shape how this tournament will work, so please answer as best you can! Once we have received a reasonable amount of replies, we will review the results, finalise the tournament rules and publicly open sign-ups. So waste no time in getting your responses in!

You can find the survey by clicking here, or by revealing it in the spoiler below.


As always, feel free to discuss openly in the comments, and voice any issues or concerns you may have. Stay tuned for more!

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