Pokémon Origins ENG DUB Release

Just a friendly reminder that the first episode of the English Dubbed Pokémon Origins has been released on Pokémon TV! The approximately two  hour long special will be released in four parts – with Part One coming out today, Part Two on the 18th, Part Three on the 20th, and Part Four on the 22nd. You can watch this nostalgia-filled adventure through the Kanto Region on the Pokémon TV website as well as the mobile app!

For those who haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it; it’s everything you could want, hope, and dream for in a Pokémon anime. To put it simply, the special is pure undilluted fanservice for those who enjoyed RBY – It fast forwards through Red’s adventure in the Kanto Region without wasting a single second. The easter eggs and how the game meta is visible alone should be a reason to watch it!