PokéJungle Tournament Discussion

Recently, the comment section has been engaging in discussion of a PJN tournament, where we go all out and fight for #1, whether it be with the best Pokémon or with your favorites. As such, the staff chat has been bustling with discussion over it, with all of us bouncing and throwing ideas out at each other. The idea of a PJN tournament is definitely not a new one, but with the advent of Super Training, and other advances in the way you raise Pokemon (special thanks to Destiny Knot!), we think that this is the perfect time for us to see who really has the best battling skills in our community

Right now, details are  still in the works but we hope to share more information with you soon. However, we would like to  share a few anticipated questions, for better discussion in the comments.

When will this be held?
We don’t have an exact date.  Expect it to be around the holiday season this year though.

Is this a Competitive-centric tournament?
Yes. With Super Training, we believe that even those who have no idea how to EV train the old-fashion way can still participate, and we see no reason as to splitting tiers and such. We understand some readers would like us to host this tournament using online Battle Simulators, at this point we will use only Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. It is possible we will allow the use of online battle simulators in future tournaments.

What are the Tournament Rules/Banned Pokemon and moves/Clauses/Tiers?
We’re still throwing ideas around at this point. Most of the staff are pushing for just the standard flat rules and clauses present in the game, with a hope of maybe doing 4 on 4 doubles and not 6 on 6/ 3 on 3 singles. Discussion would be widely appreciated regarding this.

Will there be any prizes for the winners?
Again, in the works. We  would like to hear what you guys would like for a prize 🙂

How can I help out?
Tell your friends and share your ideas or concerns in the comments!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s safe to let the comments begin. Input on anything regarding this tournament is welcome and very appreciated, we all look forward to reading them! 🙂


Note from moving: Some of you may have been involved in the initial discussion with me about this a few days back, that small chat was what has kickstarted this into action. The sooner more of your express your interest in participation in this tournament the sooner sign-ups will be opened and we can begin sorting battle arrangements. Ideally we would open sign-ups this coming weekend and begin formatting early next week.