PJM February Contest – Round One

Want to have your own article featured in Pokéjungle Magazine and win a printed copy? Now’s your chance! We’re doing a contest a few months in advance so everyone has the time to write their articles and we have time to rate them all. How does this work? Well…

General Info

The contest consists of two rounds. Everyone can enter in the first round. We’ll then evaluate everyone and will send back mails to those who passed into the second round. After the second round one winner will be chosen and announced in advance of the magazine’s publication. His/her article will remain a ‘secret’ to the rest however. He’ll then have to manually mail (the paper kind) a letter we’ll send him/her granting us permission to publish the article. Stamps will be reimbursed from the ‘PJM Fund’. The winner will receive a printed copy of the magazine mailed to him by normal postage as a compensation!


There are no hard requirements except for having a knack at good and creative writing. Your English doesn’t need to be perfect, as we’ll edit out the kinks together if you happen to win. A sense for punctuation and logically sounding sentences are a plus though. There are no age requirements, you can live anywhere you want and you don’t even need to own XY!

Round One

In round one you will have to write a short bio introducing yourself and a not-too-long article (more than five sentences but less than a full page) about anything you want as long as it is Pokémon related. Be sure to provide us with your Disqus name and an email which we can use to get back to you. Your real name and other personal details are not necessary (although keep in mind that when you win we need your home address to send the magazine to).

Round Two

Round Two details will be sent to you once you pass round one, but it’ll mainly consist of writing a two-page article you want to see featured in the magazine. I’ll have more to share once we near December.

I’m in! What do I have to do?

Just email your bio and article to [email protected] with the subject “PJM February 2014 Submission #Nickname”. You have until November 24th to submit articles, which is quite enough time so take your time in writing! Expect a post on the contest the 25th and I’ll regularly remind everyone of the contest in my new posts.

As a bonus, check out the new logo!We also decided to just stick with PJM instead of PJNM, dropping the ‘Network’ from both logo and name. If you’ve got any questions you can always shoot them in the comments or use my new fancy email I put up above! See you 🙂