Dae asks: Did you buy a 3DS for Pokémon?

I still remember the first year the 3DS launched. It was one rough year, with barely any worthwhile games released for the system. After half a year a massive price cut was issued and people thought Nintendo were doomed forever. Nintendo put all their effort in making the 3DS the success it should have been. After a lukewarm 2012 Nintendo tried to hit back with big hits in 2013, one of those being Pokémon X & Y.

People were saying for over two years that they would never the failure that is 3DS, but the tides seem to have turned looking back at the recent hardware sales. Now I ask you: did Pokémon pull you over? Or did you already have a 3DS well before Pokémon was even announced? Or were it multiple games that made you buy it but Pokémon was the decisive factor? Tell me all about it in the comments!

I’m currently busy with PJNM, so my review got put on hold but I’ll try to make sure it hits the coming week! Until then!