PokéJungle Friend Safari

First of all, we hope all of our readers are enjoying their copy of X & Y, and for those of you who haven’t yet got the games here’s hoping that changes soon! We recently ended out live coverage of X & Y in preparation for the launch of our next big project. It’s not ready to be revealed or spoken about publicly yet, but some of you may have already had access to an older version of it. We’re hoping to start talking about it and to launch it very soon, as well as many, many future plans! As usual if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see on the site let us know!

PokéJungle Friend Safari

Now that X & Y are out, our readers have been swapping friend codes like crazy, we already had one post specifically for trading codes, and this makes the second. This time however we’re hoping to allow users to fill their Friend Safaris with new types and Pokémon as well as making new friends!

When sharing your Friend Code please remember to list what type your Safari is and what Pokémon can be found in your Safari. If you don’t know it’s no problem! Just ask someone to keep a look out, and you can update with your typing and Pokémon as soon as you find out! If you add someone don’t forget to let them know so they can add you back!

We’re hoping to eventually create a Friend Code database alongside some new features, so keep an eye out!

Staff Codes & Safari Details

  • Sammydodger — 2148-8136-3243 — Ghost — ???

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