New Pikachu Spin-Off Announced

NHK has finished airing and revealed a mysterious new Pokémon game, starring Dr Watso Pikachu! This spin-off seems to be some creepy detective game. Not much is known, except that it will feature a Blue Pikachu that apparently can talk (must be due to Fukushima) and who is the villain. The developers used motion capture to give Pikachu better facial expressions, but I have no idea where they got the Pikachu to do that from. More details will likely be released in the following months/years.

Also mentioned was a Pokémon Trozei (Link) sequel, but it appears to be abandoned, or maybe it will see life as an eShop only title. Stay tuned for that too!


OLD: The teaser trailer released last week and has teased an all new game with Tsunekazu Ishihara appearing on the show sharing some details on the game that is currently in development. We’ll provide details ASAP!

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