RUMOUR: Three new Pokémon revealed?

You may remember a few months back we reported on some trademarks for Pokémon names that were uncovered, Dianshi, Borukenion and Fuupa. When X and Y were released the Pokémon names Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa were uncovered in the games, and suspiciously close to the names uncovered from trademark filings.

Now, recently an individual on Facebook has found a way to tinker with their copy of X and Y and has discovered the three Pokémon in their game. Apparantly they were found by using some kind of RAM editing with a fully hardware hacked 3DS and with the recent partial decryption of the file system. While the Levels are likely not representative of how they would actually appear we get a good look at the Pokémon, and it’s safe to say they appear to be based off types of energy creation.

We don’t know for sure if these are all event legendaries. Diancie looks awfully familiar, but Volcanion most likely is. All we know these Pokémon are hidden, but maybe there are more hidden Pokémon than just event legends?

Please remember these are not confirmed officially, and while there’s a chance they’re fake we know these Pokémon exist and it is likely these are the Pokémon.



UPD: Volcanion seems to be Fire/Water, Diancie Rock/Fairy and Hoopa Ghost/Psychic. The hacker also said there are no Pokémon after 721, as hacking 722 gave him a bad egg. He will also leak two new Mega’s soon. Maybe Sceptile and Swampert?

UPD2: From the same leaker, take it as you wish:

megalatias megalatios


Not sure why they are the same though, might be some error in the way they are hacked. Or they mega evolve into the same?

UPD3: A black flowered Floette? Where have I seen this before?