Pokémon Get☆TV — October 6: FINISHED

While we are allowing discussion of Pokémon X & Y in the comments, out of respect for those who wish to not have the game spoiled, please mark all spoilers CLEARLY.

A new era begins!

Last week was the last ever Pokémon Smash episode on TV, and this week an all new show with a familiar face and all new cast members: Pokémon Get☆TV! The new show will be very similar to Pokémon Smash in terms of content and format so expect the usual craziness and more. It’s expected the show will run an X & Y segment, but whether we will receive any new information is unknown. Join us for the very first episode of Pokémon Get☆TV!

Live Stream

We are not providing our own stream this week, due to issues with timing, instead we will provide an external stream for our viewers to watch. Please click HERE to view it. Sadly mobile users may struggle to view the stream properly.  To hide public comments on the stream click the button with the 开 character on it. We also are not able to solve any issues with the stream. Please remember that if you are watching any stream hosted away from PokéJungle.net we are not able to moderate any comments or stream content, as such you do so at your own risk.

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