X & Y Reviews and Pokémon Bank Info

The first reviews for Pokémon X&Y are being put online. We’ll be updating this post throughout the day to keep track of the games and what new reviews there are for you to read. Let’s get started!


  • Mashable: “‘Pokémon X’ and ‘Y’ Are Polished But Play It Too Safe”
    • The much-anticipated 3DS addition to the Pokémon series will not disappoint fans of the franchise. 3D has been a long time coming, and I’m glad it turned out so well. While the battles are as fun as ever, I wish developers would had taken more risks with its structure and story. Still, whether you just want to casually battle friends or enter tournaments, Pokémon X and Y will give you enough to chew on for many, many hours of fun.
  • IGN: “Pokemon X and Y Review: A Mega Evolution” (9/10)
    • “Every so often, evolution takes a significant leap. Pokemon X and Y is smarter, better, and faster than its predecessors, but it’s the impressive online social features and fantastic new 3D look that make the latest game in the 15-year-old RPG series amazing. As long as you’re within the range of Wi-Fi, you’re never alone in Pokemon X and Y, and we finally have the tools to express ourselves over the course of this 35-hour adventure.”
  • GameInformer: “Seeing Pokemon From a New Angle” (8.75/10)
    • “Pokémon hasn’t made a concerted effort to step outside of its comfort zone ever since it first released in Japan in 1996 – and for good reason. It found its hook nearly 20 years ago and has held on firm for better and worse. In this way, changing things in Pokémon presents a certain degree of uncomfortable risk. X & Y offer no significant changes in direction to the Pokémon series, but this is the most drastic step the series has ever taken. “
  • Digital Spy: ‘Pokemon X’ review (3DS): As engaging and addictive as ever”
    • “Pokemon X and accompanying game Pokemon Y represent what is perhaps the biggest evolution of the Pokemon series since it debuted to a huge following in the mid-nineties.
      Receiving a graphical overhaul, new ways to connect, customisation options and Mega Evolutions, not to mention a wealth of new Pokemon to catch, the games are packed with first-time features and fresh new ideas.At its core, however, Pokemon X doesn’t stray too far from the original ‘gotta catch ’em all’ concept that has made the series so addictive and engaging.”

Still waiting on the outright negative review!

Pokemon Bank

In other news, it has been confirmed that Pokemon Bank will be released in the US  on December 27th, 2013 with a yearly fee of $4.99 ! You do get one free month of the service, however, and only need to start paying past the 30 day trial. It has also been shown that items do not transfer with the Pokemon.

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