JungleTalk: Here’s my 3DS friend code, add me maybe?

There has been a TON of hype going on for Pokémon X & Y. In preparation for its launch in just over a week we’re dedicating a full post to sharing 3DS friend codes so that no one has to waste time networking after the game has been released. To make it easier to find people, here’s a small form you can use to post in the comment section:

  • Friend Code:
  • Favorite Games:

I think it might be helpful if we can get a taste for the games you like so that adding people who may play other games you have is a bit easier. There’s quite a large selection for Nintendo’s handheld now. Remember: both people have to add each other’s friend codes! Make sure to coordinate with those you exchange codes with!

Regarding Leaks

I’m going to be very open and honest about this: I want to post all information, including pictures, of what has surfaced. I am not personally a fan of these ridiculously careless leaks and I think that anyone who does get the game early should just enjoy it themselves and not post everything to the internet, but with that being said I also want to cover what does get posted and inform my visitors. Unfortunately, my site revolves around a Nintendo franchise and I don’t want to upset the company. We may start covering leaks in a limited fashion, but I’m definitely undecided as of now. It’s frustrating to watch Reddit, 4chan, and forums post and re-post images which may put me in a perilous position. Very much willing to take opinions on this, I read the comment section. Tell me what you think.

<3 PJ

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