Pokémon: The Origin – New XY Details Incoming!

Pokémon: The Origin will be airing tonight in Japan (look out for our live stream post later today!), and it has been recently revealed the the broadcast will provide new details on Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. The Official Pokémon website recently updated and sent out a press release, which simply said “New XY info to be revealed!?” in reference to Pokémon: Origins. Junichi Masuda has also tweeted about the new information that will be revealed tomorrow, urging everyone to watch the episode.

Whilst a little scarce on details, there’s a chance we could get a reveal of some sort (although no promises!). We will provide details on The Origin as well as details on whatever the Pokémon Company are referring to as new information tomorrow.

Pokemon: Origins will air 7pm JST, which translates to 3am PST,  6am EST, 11am UK, 12pm Mainland Europe.

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